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英语完形填空解题技巧指导 高考常考点: 考点 1 上下文语境 考点 2 逻辑推理 考点 3 词语辨析 考点 4 固定搭配 考点 5 文化背景和常识推理 实例解读:完成下列短文,并在题号前标明所考查的是哪一考点。 Two brothers, Herbert and James, lived with their mother and a cat named Edgar. James

particularly liked the cat, and as he had to_41_ for several days, he left Herbert _42_instructions(指示,说明) about the pet’s _43_. At the end of his_44_ day away, James telephoned his brother. “_45_ is Edgar?” he asked. “Edgar is_46_,” Herbert answered. There was a _47_ . Then James said,” Herbert, you are insensitive(没有同情心). You know how _48_ we were to each other. You should have _49_ the news to me slowly. When I _50_ about Edgar tonight, you should have said ‘ Edgar is on the roof, but I have called the fire department to get him _51_.’ And if I call again tomorrow, you should say the firemen are having _52_ getting Edgar down, but you think they will _53_ . Then when I call the _54_ time you could tell me that the firemen had done their best, but_55_ Edgar had fallen off the _56_ and is at the veterinarian ’s(兽医). Then when I call the last time, you could say he has_57_. That’s the _58_ a sensitive man would have told me about Edgar. “And, oh, before I forget” James _59_, “how is mother?” “ Oh,” Herbert said, pausing for a moment , “she is on the _60_.” A B C D 41. reach be away leave be 42. beautiful terrible wonderful careful 43. care 44. last 45. Where 46. dying 47. pause 48. lovely 49. made 50. asked 51. up 52. problem life first What alive break close caused talked in trouble action second Who dead rest polite got worried down interest habits third How gone stop kind broken mentioned round surprise

53. finish 54. third 55. unfortunately 56. tree 57. gone 58. way 59. said 60. air

complete last suddenly wall died reason asked roof

fail finally unexpectedly roof left progress talked heaven

succeed firstly unlucky house run fact added bed

高考命题原则: 1.首句不设空,用以提供语境。 不设空是为了让学生有路可寻,以便打开思路,进入语境。要求考生认真读好,读 懂首句。 2.定位语篇,侧重上下文语境。 要求考生在选取答案时做到瞻前顾后,谨记“文中无闲句,句中无闲字”的做题原 则。切忌遇空就圈定答案,不顾前后语境。这样做往往是答案孤立于行文之外,正确 率很低。 3.设空以动词,名词为主,兼顾形副词或其他。 4.结构完整,选材新颖,寓意深刻。 一般以记叙文为主,兼顾说明文和夹叙夹议。构思巧妙,一般是我们平时接触不到 的内容,这样可以避免押题猜题现象,对每位考生都是公平的,考生可以从中学到做 人或其他方面的道理。 解题步骤 1、通读全文,领会大意(2-3 分钟) 跳过空格、通读全文、把握大意。做到弄清文脉、抓住主旨,切忌仓促下笔。 2、逐句阅读,选出答案 (6-7 分钟) 在理解全文意思的基础上,再结合所给备选项细读全文,联系上、下文内容, 动笔时要瞻前顾后、通篇考虑、先易后难。对比较明显直接的、自己最有把握的答案 先做,一下子不能确定答案的,先跳过这一空格,继续往下做,最后回过头来再集中 精力解决难点。 3、猜测难点、整体复查(2-3 分钟) 复读全文、逐空验证、弥补疏漏。完成各道题选择后,把所选的答案代入原文, 再把全文通读一篇,逐空认真复查。看所选定的答案是否使短文意思前后连贯、顺理 成章,语法结构是否正确,是否符合习惯表达法。如发现错误答案或有疑问的,应再 次推敲、反复斟酌、做出修正。 九大解题技巧 1.利用 ----来解题①利用首句把握文章的体裁; ②分析首句信息, 预测下文内容。 I did very badly at school. My headmaster thought I was 36 and when I was 14, he said, “You’re never going to be 37(anything) but a failure. ”

36.A. bright B. useless C. simple D. hopeful 2. 根据 ----语境,合理推断来解题①注意上下文的信息提示;②通读全文,利用 重复出现的词语。 (1) 运用“前置信息”(2009 山东) Even though it was only October, my students were already whispering about Christmas plans. With each passing day everyone became more 36 , waiting for the final school bell. Upon its 37 everyone would run for their coats and go home, everyone except David. 36. A. anxious B. courageous C. serious D. cautious 37. A. warning B. ringing C. calling D. yelling (2) 运用“后置信息” Stevenson, a Scotsman, had lived 37 for many years. In 1881 he returned to Scotland for a 38 . With him were his American wife Fanny and his son 39 . 37. A. alone B. next door C. at home D. abroad 3. 利用语篇的标志性词语解题(2009 全国) 。She told the front-desk clerk she had had a(n) __1_vacation, but was heart-broken about losing several rolls of Kodak color film she had not yet developed. 1.A. disappointing B. wonderful C. uncomfortable D. important 4. 根据 ----推理解题 …and the officers then began to eat their meal, saying that the mushrooms had a very strange__37_quite pleasant taste. 37. A. besides B. but C. and D. or Practice: Students generally appreciate these special 50 opportunities. They are almost always fun and interesting, and professgrs 51 them too because students learn so much in just a few short months. 50. A. working B. living C. teaching D. learning 51. A. hold B. like C. dislike D. discover 5. 根据 ----来选择 The amount of usable water has always been of great interest in the world. 36(Owning) springs and streams sometimes means control , particularly in the 37 areas like the desert. A.dry B.distant C.deserted D.wild 6.从 ----角度来解题①把握文章脉络,偏重观点、态度,谨慎地边读边做;②学 好语法知识,积累句型句式 I went into a café and asked for a coffee. 21 I was waiting for my drink, I realized that there were other people in the place , but I sensed 22 (loneliness). A.Before B.Since C.Although D.While 7.从 ---方面来解题

1) He was only fourteen and was not good at swimming__1_.So he shouldn’t have gone into that place. 1. A. after all B. in all C. at all D. for all 2) So I tried hard with my writing and went to college. My first novel 45 while I was at college. 45. A. came on B. came in C. came out D. came back 8.利用词汇的 ----解题 How does a tooth go bad? The 51 begins in a little crack in the enamel (珐琅) covering of the tooth. This happens after germs and bits of food have collected there. Then the decay slowly spreads inside the tooth. In the end, poison goes into blood, and we may feel quite ill. 51. A. destruction B. decay C. fault D. hurt 9.利用语气副词的情景解题 ….I raised the pistol and fired. The animal fell backwards with an angry cry. Father took the ___38____ smoking pistol from my hand, and fired another shot, which killed the gorilla. 38. A. still B. yet C. even D. already (三)即学即练 When I come across a good article in reading newspapers, I often want to cut and keep it. But just as I am about to do so, I find the article on the____ side is also interesting… A. each B. other C. another D. either All of a sudden I started to feel rather__1__. She wondered why I was looking for this sort of__2___. I felt even more hopeless when she told me that it would be difficult to get a job without experience. 1. A. encouraged B. dissatisfied C. hopeless D. pleased 2. A. place B. job C. advice D. help There was only one way to get money, and that was to ____1___ it. He would have to find a job. ____2____ who would hire him and what could he do? He decided to ask Mr. Clay for advice, who usually had ____3____ on most things. 1. A. borrow B. earn C. raise D. collect 2. A. Or B. So C. For D. But 3. A. decisions B. experience C. opinions D. knowledge



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