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Book7Unit3 Under the sea Warming up & Reading

Unit 3

Under the sea

Let’s enjoy the wonderful world under the sea!!

Now, we are on a snorkeling trip under the sea.

Later, we’ll come across a great variety of marine animals.
Guess what we’ll see?

What are those?


What’s this?

A Jellyfish

Angel fish 天使鱼

Anemone fish


parrotfish 鹦鹉鱼

Look~ ~ It’s coming towards us.

That is

Sea turtle.

That looks beautiful!!!

It’s a sea horse.

A shark is coming ~ Dangerous!

He notices us~ We must go now. ^^^^^^^

We are safe now.
And I catch a sea star near the shore~

If you like, you can go to see more about the ocean life at an aquarium,

on a boat trip,

or, in books, on the Internet, in the Ocean Park, on TV etc.

Guess what is the name of this animal?
A Killer Whale !

White whale白鲸

Killer whale虎鲸

baleen whale

baleen whale

What do you know about killer whales?
Common name: Killer Whale Scientific name: Orcinus Orca

Introduction: Males can reach lengths up to 27 feet and can weigh up to 12,000 lb. You can tell an adult male from an adult female by the shape of their dorsal fin (male’s longer, up to 6 feet tall). killer whales are found in all oceans of the world. As a group, killer whales are known to eat fish, squid, seals, sea lions, penguins, even other whales. Thus, they are called “Killer Whales”

New words
? annual ? witness

v. 目击,做证 n. 目击者,证人,证词

? accommodation: somewhere to live or stay, often also providing food or other services 住宿

? depths: distance from the top to the down 深度 the depth of the ocean 海洋深处 ? shore: the land along the edge of the sea or ocean 岸,滨 ? flee ? pack ? abandon

逃跑, 消失 一群;打包, 收拾行李 遗弃, 抛弃

Read the text in the page 19 and then complete the chart.
type of the article : (文体) writer : anecdote an old man called Clancy a whaler on the southeastern of Australia at the beginning of the 20th century Killer whales helped whalers catch the baleen whales.

job :
place : time : Plot :(情节)

The whaler hunting at the beginning of 20th century

killer _______whales


______ baleen whale
help catch/kill


捕鲸(whale hunting),将系有绳索的铦或 叉、镖等,采用射击或投掷方式刺入鲸体进 行猎捕。猎捕对象有须鲸和齿鲸两类,以蓝 鲸、长须鲸、露脊鲸、抹香鲸、座头鲸、北 极鲸、灰鲸、鳁鲸、小鳁鲸等为主。由于鲸 油是贵重的工业原料,历史上欧洲和美洲一 些国家的捕鲸活动长盛不衰。自20世纪中叶 起,由于过度猎捕导致资源衰退以及国际上 对捕鲸的限制,捕鲸业已趋衰落。

传统捕鲸方法:6名捕鲸者离开大船,乘小艇追 逐鲸鱼,小艇通常长8.5公尺,装备有具倒钩 的捕鲸铦和长索。鲸一旦被铦刺中,便带着绳 索逃遁,直到筋疲力尽浮出水面,人们在那儿 用捕鲸枪(一种更长的捕鲸铦)将它杀死,用绳 索拖到大船边,用有刃的长枪割取油脂,并把 尸体抛弃。 现代捕鲸业肇: 挪威人福伊恩发明了一种 捕鲸炮,用来发射内充炸药的标枪。后来又使 用了动力船,与捕鲸炮相得益彰,这些方法使 用至今几乎没有什么变化。


Task 1 : Read the text and then fill in the blanks with their names.

Clancy 1._______ was 16 years of age when he went to work at the whaling station. George 2._______ ordered Clancy to go to the boat as there was a whale out there in the bay. Old Tom 3._________ was swimming by the boat,showing the whalers the way. Jack 4._____ told Clancy that they would return the next day to bring in the body of the whale. James 5.______ was carried by the waves further and further away from the whalers. Red 6._____ knew that Old Tom would protect James.

Task 2 : Main idea 2 The passage is mainly about ____ parts.

helped Old Tom ______ the whalers to hunt the whales.

Old Tom protected ________ the whaler from the shark


Part 1
Put the following sentences in order.

( 3 ) He ran down to the shore and saw a huge animal in the water, which was Old Tom, the killer whale. ( 5 ) The killer whale guided the team to the hunt. ( 7 ) The killers ate the lips and tongue of the baleen whale. ( 1 ) Clancy arrived at the whaling station. ( 2 ) He heard a loud noise coming from the bay as he was sorting out his accommodation. ( 4 ) The men went to the boat and headed out for a whale hunt. ( 6 ) Clancy and his men killed the baleen whale with the help of the killers. ( 8 ) The men returned for the baleen whale the next day.

Questions: What did the killer whale do in the whale-hunt?
Tell the whalers there’s whale a ________ out there.

_________itself Throwing out of the water _______and then crashing down _______________ again.

Lead the whalers to the hunt.

Swimming by the boat ____________ showing the the way whalers________

Help the whalers kill the whale

Throwing themselves on top of the whale’s blow _____________________ ____________________; hole to stop it breathing diving Stopping it______ and fleeing out to sea ________________

have a good lips feed on its_____ tongue and ________

drag the body swiftly depths down to the ______ of the sea.

What may happen to the man ?

Part 2
T or F
1. Because Old Tom and the other killers were too fierce, they also would harm or attacked people.

2.James was afraid of being abandoned by us.

3.No one saved James, and he was killed by a shark. F

Accident James was ___________ the boat washed off
Situation 1. The sea was ______ that day and it was rough ________to handle the boat. The ______ were difficult waves carrying James further and further away . 2. Suddenly there was a shark over there. ________ terrified Feeling He was_________of being abandoned by us. Help 1. Old Tom won’t let itnear _______James. held up 2. James was firmly ________in the water by Old Tom pulled back James was __________ into the boat.


Discuss the relationship between Old Tom and the whalers. What other animals do you know help out humans in hunting?


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