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外研版Book 4 Module 5复习课件

必修4 Module 5 A Trip Along the Three Gorges

Ⅰ. 单词?分类记忆 【核心单词】不可不记

这个有很多狭窄街道的 城镇是与外国人做生意

trade vi. ) 1. _____(
2. narrow _______(vi. ) (adj. )

做生意 变狭窄 狭窄的

The town which has many narrow streets is

3. exploit ______(vt. )
4.spot ____(n. )


地点; 场所 an ideal spot to trade

5. view ____(n. )

景色; 风景 with foreigners.

6.varied ______(adj. )多变化的→various _______(adj. )各种各

variety n. )种类, 多样性 样的→_______( surround vt. )围绕; 环绕→surrounding 7. _________( ___________(adj. ) surroundings 周围的→ ____________(n. )环境 8.distant ______(adj. )遥远的→distance ________(n. )距离
9. ______( forbid vt. )禁止→_________( forbidden adj. )被禁止的

1. They climbed upward along the steep cliffssurrounding ___________ the village. 2. He tried to run away but gave up when surrounded he found himself ___________. 3. They love __________________ being surrounded by familiar possessions.

distance 1. The theatre was within walking __________ distant of their house, that is, it was not _________ at all. 2. To their delight, they eventually found a distance cottage in the ________

10. _____(n. ) plain 平原

11. valley ______(n. )
12.flat ___(adj. )

平坦的 多山的; 丘陵起伏的

colleague 13. ________(n. ) 同事
14.hilly ____(adj. )


immenseadj. ) 15. ________( goodsn. ) 17. _____(

极大的 货物

remote adj. ) 遥远的 16. _______(
natural 18.naturally ________(adv. )自然地→ _______(adj. )自然 naturen. )自然 ______(

Ⅱ. 短语?双语互译 1. 在……的边缘

at____________ the edge of _______ at least
____________ be heavy with in the distance _____________ 有四周的假期 _____________

2. 至少
3. 有大量的…… 4. 远处的

5. 敲竹杠; 敲诈 ______ rip off
6. have four weeks off

7. go through

穿过,__________ 通过

利用 8. take advantage of _____ 9. get a kick out of (俚语 ______________________ )从……中得到乐趣
10. be against


Shandong is an immense ________ (极大的) region in the east of China, with a varied ______ (多变化的) landscape

plains (平原) to hilly from ______ ____ (多山的) areas. The
natural (自然的)surroundings beautiful _______ ____________ (环境), a narrow (狭窄的), wide variety of green plants and _______ winding lanes make it an ideal spot ____ (地点) for holidays.

Ⅲ. 句型?超级仿写 1. be to do sth. 将要做某事 to spend two years (将 He and a colleague were _____________________ 度过两年)there teaching English at a teacher training college.

is to arrive Beijing at 5:00 pm. The train __________in

2. see+宾语+doing sth. 看见某人/物正在做某事 We could see ________________( 看见太阳西下) the sun setting

behind the white pagoda.
【仿写】我们看见他在为屋子四周的花浇水。 him watering flowers around the house. We saw ________________the

3. 表地点的介词短语位于句首句子用完全倒装 On a distant mountain was ________________________( 在远处的山上是) a
sign in 20-foot characters.

__________________________________ On the top of the hill is/stands a tower.

4. 独立主格结构 Nearly 100 million people live here,

_____________________( most of them in the east 他们中的大多数在东部).
【仿写】很多专家参加了这次会议,其中大多数 来自中国。

Many experts attended the conference,
most of them from China _____________________.

5. only if 引导条件状语从句 I’m allowed to stick one in

only if I’ve been in a place _______________________
(只有当我待在一个地方) for more than 24 hours.

You can make progress only if you are modest

【重点单词】 1. surround vt. 围绕;环绕 【填一填?激活思维】 ①(2013· 北京高考)Some stars stay calm by themselves ____ ___________ surrounding __________ with trusted friends and family. 一些明星身边围着可信任的朋友和家人才 会保持平静。

【重点单词】 1. surround vt. 围绕;环绕 【填一填?激活思维】 ②The city __ ___ mountains on all is___________ surrounded by


【记一记?构建知识】 (1)surround sb. /sth. with/by. . . 用……包围某人或某物

(2)surrounding adj. (只作定语)周围的;附近的
surroundings n. 周围环境

The house is surrounded by/with trees, and the surroundings are pleasant.



surroundings 专 指 自 然 环 境 ;
environment 既可指自然环境也可指精神


2. forbid vt. 禁止;不准 【填一填?激活思维】

①The local regulations ______ _______ _____ in forbid playing balls
the garden. 地方法规规定任何人不得在花园打球或踢球。

②High school boys in the country ___ _________ are forbidden to wear __ _____ long hair. 在这个国家, 中学男生不得留长

【记一记?构建知识】 (1)forbid doing sth. 禁止做某事

forbid sb. to do sth.
forbid sb. from doing sth. forbid sb. sth.



adj. 被禁止

*(2013· 天津高考)Please note that food and fruit are forbidden in the library, but you are allowed to

have drinks and sweets with you.
请注意,图书馆内禁止(带)食物和水果,但你可带 饮料和糖果。

*I forbid you the use of my tape recorder.

【拓展延伸】 用动名词作宾语,而用不定式作宾语补足

语的动词除 forbid 外还有 permit , allow, advise 。
*He didn’t permit your entering the classroom. =He didn’t permit you to enter the classroom.


3. view n. 景色;风景;观点;见解 vt. 把……视为……;观看 【填一填?激活思维】 ①As the car approached the town center, several tall

came into view buildings _____ ____ ____.

my ____, view you are a giant both physically and ②In __ ___
mentally. 在我看来, 无论从身体上还是从精神上你都是一个巨人。

【记一记?构建知识】 (1)come into view 看得见,进入视野

in view
have a good view of (2)in view of in one’s view point of view

清楚地看到;饱览 鉴于;考虑到 在某人看来 观点,看法

(3)view. . . as. . .


*You have a good view of the beautiful sunrise and sunset from here.

*In view of the present situation, we’ll have to change our original plan. 基于目前这种情况 , 我们不得不改变原来 的计划。


view scene


指展现在眼前的情景, 也可以指scenery
的一部分, 大多包括景物中的人及活动 乡间景色

scener 指某地总的自然风景或景色, 尤指美丽的

既可以指场景、眼前看到的景观, 又可以
sight 指名胜、风景, 表示后者的含义时, 常用


【核心短语】4. go through 通过;经历;搜寻;检查, 查看;用完;完成 ①When he was a child, he went through one hardship after another. (经历;遭受) ②They went through our luggage at the customs. (仔细检查 ) ③We’ve gone through all those envelopes I bought last week. ( 用完 )


【核心短语】4. go through 通过;经历;搜寻;检查, 查看;用完;完成 ④How long will it take to go through the book? ( 完成 ) ⑤Such complaints must go through the proper channels. ( 通过 )


2. spot n. 地点;场所;斑点;污点 v. 发现;认出;弄脏 【填一填?激活思维】

something spotted _________ ①I had just sat down to work when I _______ moving on the wall. _______
②The doctor was ___ on ___ the ____ spota few minutes after the


*I think you have put him on the spot.
我认为你使他陷入了困境。 *His boots were spotted with mud.


【悟一悟?参透误区】 spot 作先行词时,引导定语从句的关

*This is the very spot where the accident happened.



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