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Read the following sentences and see what they have in common.
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1. The children came running toward us, with flowers in their hands. 2. They pretended to be working hard all night with their lights burning. 3. He had to walked home with his bike stolen. 4. Don’t sleep with the light on. 5. He sleeps with the window open. 6. I can’t go with you with so much work to do. 介词短语 现在分词 过去分词 with + 名词/代词 + 副词/形容词 不定式

一、with结构 作状语或定语
1. 有这么多人帮助你, 你不必担心。
With so many people helping you, you needn’t worry.

2. 最后我选了一套有三个窗户朝南的公寓。
At last , I chose a flat with three windows facing south.

3. 由于我的耳机坏了, 我不能做听力练习。
With my earphone broken, I can’t do the listening exercises.

二. 用定语从句和现在分词表结果/ 限定
1. 有80个国家踢足球,使它成为最受欢迎的运动。 Football is played in 80 countries, which makes it the most popular game. Football is played in 80 countries,_______ (make) it making the most popular game. 2. 工厂排出大量废水和废气,严重污染了环境。 The factories poured out large quantities of waste water and polluted gas, which polluted the environment seriously. =The factories poured out large quantities of waste water and polluted gas, polluting the environment seriously .

1. 他环顾四周,注意到一扇门,门后面挂着一幅画。

He looked around and took notice of a door, behind which hung a picture.
2. 在教学楼前面有八个篮球场,我们经常在那打球。

In front of the classroom building lie four basketball courts, where we often play basketball.

1. 他导演了很多电影和电视剧,其中一部分得到了大家的好评。

1.He directed many films and TV plays, and some of them were well received. =He directed many films and TV plays, some of which were well received.
2. 如今,代沟引起了广泛了社会关注,并成为一个社会问题。

Nowadays, generation gap , which has aroused close social attention, is becoming a social problem.

1. After he finished the homework, he went out for a walk. = Having finished the homework, he went out for a walk. 2. If he doesn’t invite me , I won’t attend his wedding. = Unless invited, I won’t attend his wedding.

六、 WHAT结构作主语和宾语

What the students have done makes the teacher angry. The government will do what they can to solve the problem. What I don’t understand is that he should have left without a word.




Time permitting , I plan to spent more time in reading to improve my English.
There being many problems to solve, the president had a difficult time. The water polluted, the villagers now regret what they have done before.




Only after the river was polluted did the villagers begin to take action. Not only do they plant more trees, but they spend more money to hire people to look after the trees.


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

一. WITH 结构作状语或定语 二. 用定语从句和现在分词表结果/限定 三. 用定语从句和倒装来表方位 四. 用非限制性定语从句表并列或附属关系 五. 用非谓语动词替代状语从句和并列的动词 六. WHAT结构做主语和宾语 七. 独立主格结构作状语 八. 常用倒装结构

与外国人一块旅游,成为许多中学生暑假活动.假如今年你要去西 藏旅游,想邀请一个在华外国朋友一同前往.

出发地 及时间
到达地 逗留时间 活动 人员要求 费用

广州10月1日晚6点 西藏拉萨(Lhasa) 7天 参观布达拉宫, 参加当地活动 女, 身体健康, 不抽烟, 会说英语 自理



[写作内容] 1.说明同行的原因 2.说明活动的安排要求 3.提示:布达拉宫:Potala Palace

1.逗留七天,参观布达拉宫, 参加当地活动 (非限制性定语从句表并列或附属关系 ) I’m planning to visit the Potala Palace and attend the local celebrations, which may take us 7 days. We may stay there for 7 days, during which we will visit the Potala Palace and attend the local celebrations. 2.西藏拉萨(Lhasa), 逗留七天 (用定语从句或现在分词表限定) I am looking for a travel partner to Lhasa, Tibet, where we’ll stay for seven days.

3.参观布达拉宫, 参加当地活动 (常用倒装结构/用非谓语动词替代状语从句) 1) Not only will we visit the Potala Palace but attend the local celebrations. 2) When staying there, we will visit the Potala Palace and attend the local celebrations. 4.女, 身体健康, 不抽烟, 会说英语 (用定语从句或现在分词表限定) 1) I’d like to go with a foreign girl, who is a nonsmoker in a good condition and who speaks good English. 2) If you’re a girl sharing the same interest, in a good condition, speaking good English and a nonsmoker, please email at Jouney@126.com

5.同行的原因 (用非谓语动词替代状语从句) Considering my personal security and a desire to make friends with a foreigner, I’d like to look for a travel partner to Lhasa, Tibet.

Writing 2
请根据下面表格里的提示内容, 写一篇短文. 时间 昨天上午
地点 事情 经过

John, Miss. Green
公共汽车站 1. John上课迟到20分钟,向Green小姐道歉,并予 以解释 2.在公共汽车站等车上学时,站在不远的一位老人 忽然晕倒在地 3.猜想老人一定是犯了心脏病(heart attack),给附 近的警察局打了电话,让他们把老人送往医院 Green小姐听后,弄清了情况,夸奖了John




(用非谓语动词替代状语从句/ what结构做宾语) Being late for school for 20 minutes, John apologized to his teacher, Miss Green what had happened on his way to school. 2.在公车站等车上学时,站在不远的一位老人忽然晕倒在地 (用非谓语动词替代状语从句/定语从句) When waiting at the bus station, he found an old man standing nearby fell to the ground, senseless. 3.猜想老人一定是犯了心脏病,给附近的警察局打了电话,让 他们把老人送往医院. (主语从句/常用倒装结构/ WITH 结构作状语) It occurred to him that the old man must have a heart attack. Hardly had he thought of it when he called the police station. With the help of the police, the old man was sent to the hospital in time.

4. Green小姐听后,弄清了情况,夸奖了John

(用现在分词表结果) Having heard of these, Miss Green praised John for his good deeds.

Writing 3
请用英语为学生英语报写一段人物介绍,介绍游泳运动 员罗雪鹃.内容要点如下: 1. 罗雪鹃,女,23岁,浙江人 2. 从小接受游泳训练,2000年,崭露头角 3. 取得成绩:2003年在巴塞罗那世界锦标赛 中获三枚金牌,2004年雅典奥运会打破纪录, 夺得100米游泳冠军 4. 其他情况:由于身体原因,现宣布退役,将到 北京大学读书


1.罗雪鹃,女,23岁,浙江人 , 中国女子奥运游泳冠军.

Born in Zhejiang province, Luoxuejuan is a 23-yearold Chinese female Olympic swimming champion.
2. 从小接受游泳训练,2000年,崭露头角

She went in for swimming at an early age and with her great efforts, she began to show her great talent in 2000.

Three years later, she received wide public attention by getting three gold medal at the Barcelona World Championship.

At Athens 2004 Olympics, she broke the world record , becoming women’s 100 meters swimming championship.



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