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2017高考英语一轮复习 Unit 4 Pygmalion练习

Unit 4 Pygmalion
一、单句语法填空 1.Most of the students are willing ________ (condemn) his deed in the class as lack of manners. 2.You should realize that your________ (remarkable)may hurt the

feelings of people around you. 3.People who harm others to benefit themselves are really ________ (disgust). 4.I would have no ________ (hesitate)in declining the position. 5.It was at a wedding that I first made the ________ (acquaint)of him. 6.Yesterday her old mother________ me for her daughter.That means I was ________ for her daughter.In fact she often makes the same________.(mistake) 7.Tom is often________.Last year he went to Shanghai to try his ________.________ he met and married his girlfriend there.(fortune) 8.The children ____________ (classify) into different groups according to how much they know. 9.You should look up the right ________ (pronounce)of this word in the dictionary. 答案 1.to condemn 2.remarks 3.disgusting 4.hesitation 5.acquaintance 6.mistook;mistaken;mistake 7.fortunate;fortune;Fortunately 8.were classified 9.pronunciation 二、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从以下题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 The computer is fast, and never makes a mistake, while people are too slow, and full of mistakes sometimes. That’s __1__ people often say when __2__ talk about computers. For over a quarter of a century, scientists have been __3__ better and better computers. Now a computer can __4__ a lot of __5__ jobs wonderfully. It is __6__ used in factories, hospitals, post offices and airports. A computer can report, decide and control in


almost __7__ field. Many computer scientists are thinking of __8__ the computer “think” like a man. With the help of a person, a computer can __9__ pictures, write music, talk with people, play chess, recognize voices, translate languages and so on. Perhaps computers will __10__ really think and feel. Do you think the people will be afraid __11__ they find that the computer is too clever to listen to and serve the people? No, people will __12__ better use of the computers in __13__ future. Man is __14__ the master of the computer. The computer works only __15__ the help of man. It cannot take the place of man.

名师点评 本文讲述了电脑在人类工作与生活等方面起着越来越大的作用, 并告诉人们不必担心不断发展 的电脑会威胁人类的安全,因为它永远处于人类的操纵之中。 (B)1. A. that B. what C. how D. why

【解析】 B。 这里需要一个表语从句的引导词, 并在从句中作 say 的宾语, 代替上文的内容。what 从意思和语法上都合乎文意,为正确选项。 (B)2. A. we B. they C. you D. people

【解析】B。替代前文的 people 应用 they。 (C)3. A. loving B. taking C. making D. thinking

【解析】C。科学家们一直在制造越来越好的电脑,故选择 making。 (C)4. A. have B. get C. do D. offer

【解析】C。do a lot of jobs 意思为“干许多事情”。其余三个动词皆不合文意。 (A)5. A. everyday B. every day C. each day D. some day

【解析】 A。 词组 every day 意思为“每天”; some day 指将来的“某一天”; 形容词 everyday 意思为“日常的”,合乎文意,为正确选项。 (A)6. A. widely B. wide C. great D. deeply

【解析】A。这里应选择一个副词,表示电脑应用的程度。widely 意思是“广泛地”,为正确 选项。


(D)7. A. either

B. all

C. both

D. every

【解析】D。下文中的 field 是可数名词单数形式,意思为“领域”,而 either 指两者中的任 意一个,不合文意,故选择 every。 (C)8. A. producing B. ordering C. making D. building

【解析】C。make 作使役动词时,后面应接不定式的复合结构,且不定式省去 to,即 make sb. do sth.,故选择 make。 (C)9. A. take B. look at C. draw D. put

【解析】C。draw 意思为“画图”,合乎文意。 (A)10.A. one day B. a day C. any day D. the other day

【解析】A。the other day 指过去的某一天;one day 既可指过去的某一天,也可指将来的某 一天。这里讲的是将来的设想,故选 one day。 (A)11.A. when B. that C. how D. while

【解析】A。这是一个时间状语从句。while 引导的从句中的动词必须是延续性动词;when 引 导的从句中,动词既可以是延续性动词,也可以是瞬间动词,故 when 为正确选项。 (D)12.A. chose B. get C. take D. make

【解析】D。固定结构 make use of 意思为“利用”。 (C)13.A. a B. an C. the D. /

【解析】C。in the future 意思为“将来”,为正确选项。而 in future 意思为“今后”, 不合文意。 (C)14.A. often B. never C. always D. sometimes

【解析】 C。根据上下文,电脑是不可能取代人类的,而人类应永远是电脑的操纵者,故选 always (A)15.A. with B. under C. by D. for

【解析】A。固定结构 with the help of 意思为“在??的帮助下”。 三、阅读理解 A段 【2016 模拟题】阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项中(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 (2015·江苏)


In the United States alone,over 100 million cell?phones are thrown away each year.Cell?phones are part of a growing mountain of electronic waste like computers and personal digital assistants.The electronic waste stream is increasing three times faster than traditional garbage as a whole. Electronic devices contain valuable metals such as gold and silver.A Swiss study reported that while the weight of electronic goods represented by precious metals was relatively small in comparison to total waste,the concentration(含量)of gold and other precious metals was higher in so?called e?waste than in naturally occurring minerals. Electronic wastes also contain many poisonous metals.Even when the machines are recycled and the harmful metals removed,the recycling process often is carried out in poor countries,in practically uncontrolled ways which allow many poisonous substances to escape into the environment. Creating products out of raw materials creates much more waste material,up to 100 times more,than the material contained in the finished products.Consider again the cell?phone,and imagine the mines that produced those metals,the factories needed to make the box and packaging(包装)it came in.Many wastes produced in the producing process are harmful as well. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency notes that most waste is dangerous in that“the production,distribution,and use of products—as well as management of the resulting waste—all result in greenhouse gas release.”Individuals can reduce their contribution by creating less waste at the start—for instance, buying reusable products and recycling. In many countries the concept of extended producer responsibility is being considered or has been put in place as an incentive(动机)for reducing waste.If producers are required to take back packaging they use to sell their products, would they reduce the packaging in the first place? Governments' incentive to require producers to take responsibility for the packaging they produce is usually based on money.Why,they ask,should cities or towns be responsible for paying to deal with the bubble wrap(气泡垫)that encased your television?


From the governments' point of view,a primary goal of laws requiring extended producer responsibility is to transfer both the costs and the physical responsibility of waste management from the government and tax?payers back to the producers. 文章大意:文章主要讲述了电子垃圾的产生、危害以及相关解决措施。 1.By mentioning the Swiss study,the author intends to tell us that________. A.the weight of e?goods is rather small B.e?waste deserves to be made good use of C.natural minerals contain more precious metals D.the percentage of precious metals is heavy in e?waste 答案:B 推断判断题。结合第二段第一句“Electronic devices contain valuable metals such as gold and silver.”可知,该段主要讲述电子设备中包含有很多贵重的金属;下文 引用瑞士的研究进一步论证电子垃圾中的贵重金属含量比自然矿产中的高。 由此可知, 作者 提及瑞士的研究旨在告诉我们电子垃圾应该得到很好的利用。故正确答案为 B。 2.The responsibility of e?waste treatment should be extended________. A.from producers to governments B.from governments to producers C.from individuals to distributors D.from distributors to governments 答案: B 细节理解题。 结合文章最后一句“...a primary goal of laws requiring extended producer responsibility is to transfer both the costs and the physical responsibility of waste management from the government and tax?payers back to the producers.”可知,电子垃圾的责任应该从政府延伸到生产者。故正确答案为 B。 3.What does the passage mainly talk about? A.The increase in e?waste. B.The creation of e?waste. C.The seriousness of e?waste. D.The management of e?waste. 答案:D 主旨大意题。本文从电子垃圾与日俱增这一现象出发,分析了电子垃圾治理的必 要性, 并对一些国家政府将电子垃圾治理的责任延伸到生产者这一考虑进行评述。 由此可知, 本文通篇是围绕着电子垃圾治理这一话题展开的。故正确答案为 D。


B段 【2016 高考训练题】阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选 项。 One hometown owner in Detroit is intending to exchange his villa for the latest iPhone 6. The owner has dropped the asking price from $ 5,000 to a new iPhone 6 as the owner is desperate to sell before the tax auction (拍卖) season where “thousands” of homes near foreclosure (房屋止赎权) will flood into the market, a real estate broker (房 地产经纪人) called Larry Else told ABC News. “This house is really not worth much at all,” Else said. The windows are broken and there is no front door. The broker himself has not been inside the home because his company has a policy of not going in unsecured houses alone. Detroit’s declining fortunes have left its population about a third of what it used to be in its peak, according to the U.S. Census Bureau(人口普查办公室). Now, the property has accrued (拖欠) more than $6,000 in back taxes (退税款) and will enter foreclosure next year if that debt is not settled. So while the owner is asking for an iPhone 6, the true cost of the sale comes from the buyer including the cost of the back taxes. That attracted great interest in the property, as Else said that he received four offers today alone. One woman said she was interested in the house for the wood. Another said that they would be willing to hand over an iPhone 5, and another offered $ 850. But Else hinted that the most likely buyer is someone who already lives on the block and put in a $ 700 bid(出价), and their familiarity with the area appeared to put them at the head of the pack. He said he expects one of the four offers to work out, and may even confirm the sale tonight. This is not the end of his bartering (物物交换) business, however, as Else said that


he’s already gotten another call from a homeowner who has had trouble selling their property. 1、Why did the owner drop his price for the house? A. B. C. D. Because the house was too old. Because there is a boom in economy. Because he wanted to sell the house quickly. Because the population in Detroit is small.

2、Larry Else hasn’t come into the house because _______. A. B. C. D. it is dangerous to enter it the owner doesn’t permit it he is not familiar with the area it will break the company’s rule

3、The house will most possibly be sold at the price of _______. A. $ 5,000 B. $ 850 C. $ 700 D. an iPhone 6

4、The passage is most probably taken from ________. A. a story book C. an economy report 参考答案 1—4、CDCB B. a news report D. a tourist brochure

四、七选五 (2015·山东济南市 5 月针对性训练) For some people,the warmest memories from childhood come from being read a great story.__1__ It develops children's language skills and increases their ability to succeed in school and,later,work. A new report by the American Academy of Pediatrics says reading aloud is so important that parents should start as soon as their children are born and continue to read aloud even after their children can read by themselves.They say parents should also point to and talk about pictures in books for infants(婴幼儿).__2__


The company Scholastic is a major U.S.publisher of children's books.Every two years,Scholastic publishes a report on American reading attitudes and habits.The 2015 report says only 31 percent of children in the U.S.read a book for fun almost every day. __3__ One is simply to have books in the home.Elizabeth Lyttleton,the mother of three,is lucky.Her mother once wrote and illustrated children's books,so the family always have plenty to read.She says all her children learn from books but in different ways.__4__ Researchers from the Scholastic company found that 80%of children surveyed of all ages say they love being read to.And children ages 6 to 11 whose parents do not read to them anymore say they miss it. __5__ Of all the six to 17?year?olds in the Scholastic study,more than 90%said their favorite books are the ones they chose for themselves. A.The Scholastic report also suggests permitting children to choose their own books. B.Scholastic also identifies some ways to develop a love of reading in a child. C.A book does not have to be serious to be good for kids. D.For young children,parents should ask questions about the book. E.Do children still read for fun? F.Another way to develop a reading habit in children is to read to them. G.But reading to children does more than create warm memories. 文章大意:作者主要介绍父母们给孩子读书的好处,帮助孩子养成良好的读书习惯,喜 欢读书,让孩子受益一生。 1.G 根据空前后与 G 中的关键词 warm memories,reading,being read,children, childhood 等可知答案。 But 是关键提示词,首句意思是:对于很多人来说,童年最温暖的 回忆(the warmest memory)就是有人给读故事(being read a great story)。选项 G 的“warm memories”对应空格前的“the warmest memory”;“reading to children”对应空格前 的“being read a great story”和空格后的“it”。并且,选项 G 中的“more than”对 应空格后的“It develops children's language skills(开发孩子的语言能力)and increases their ability to succeed in school, and later, work(并且增强孩子的学习 能力和日后的职场能力)”。说明给孩子读故事的好处,不只是空格前的一句,还有空格后 的两大好处,故选 G。


2.D 根据空前后与 D 中的关键词:parents,questions,children,book,questions 等。根据第二段的“start as soon as their children are born”和“infants(婴儿)” 等词可以看出。本段讲的是要尽早开始培养阅读兴趣。D 选项提到了“young children(幼 儿)”一词, 可以与本段的上文形成照应。 而且, 选项 D 的“ask questions”与上文的“point to”和“talk about”都是给幼儿读书时可以用到的方法,是并列关系。可知答案选 D。 3.B 根据空前后与 B 中的关键词 ways,love for reading 等判断。 空格后的“One” 是重点提示词。根据对本段结构的分析,后文有方法之一“One”,所以就会有方法之二。 而 3 题位于本段开头,所以极有可能是总起本段。选项 B 中的“some ways”就能起到总起 全段的作用。而且选项 B 的“develop a love of reading in a child”(开发孩子对阅读 的热爱之情)在意思上也能统帅后文,都是讲的培养孩子阅读热情的方法。故答案选 B。 4.F 根据空前后与 F 中的关键词 another,one,read to them,being read 等。3 空格后的“One”是重要提示词。3 空格后“One”一句是说方法之一是“to have books in the home”(家里有书)。 那么下文就应该会有方法之二。 在结构上形成对应上的只有 F 选项, 因为 F 选项有“Another”一词。 而且, F 选项的“to develop a reading habit in children” 在意思上顺承前一句,且能领起下一句,照应下句的“they love being read to”。可知 答案选 F。 5. A 根据空前后与 A 中的关键词: choose, own, themselves 等。 空格后的一句说“their favorite books are the ones they chose for themselves”(孩子们最喜欢的书是他们自 己选择的那些书), 说的是自主选择对于培养阅读兴趣的重要性。 选项 A 中的“choose their own books”正好对应空格后的“chose”。 空格后的一句是对于选项 A 的进一步阐释。 而且, 选项 A 中的“The Scholastic report”对应上文的“Scholastic”。由此可知答案选 A。



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