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1. 定义:
主语和谓语在人称和数上 保持一致叫做主谓一致。

2.三个基本原则: ? 语法一致 主语为单数形式,谓语动词也采 用单数形式;主语为复数形式, 谓语动词也采用复数形式。
eg (1)I am a boy. (2)The desks are green. (3)You like swimming, but she likes



意义一致 主语形式虽是单数,但表示复数 意义,谓语动词采用复数形式; 主语形式虽是复数但表示单数意 义,谓语动词也采用单数形式。

eg:(1)His family are waiting for him. (2)My family is a large one.

C) family, team, audience, class, club, company, crew, crowd, enemy, government, group, party, public等集体名 词做主语时,如强调整体,谓语 动词用单数形式,如果强调集体 中的成员,谓语动词用复数形式。

eg:(1)Our family were having supper at that time. (2)Our family is a big one.


就近原则 谓语动词的人称和数由最靠近它 的主语决定。
eg:(1)You or he is wrong. (2)Only one out of five were present. 只有五分之一的人出席。

1、主语为一个从句、动名词、 不定式或其他非谓语动词时。
eg: Getting up early is a good habit.

2、当两个单数名词连接,指 同一个人或事物时。
eg:The singer and poet is to attend the evening party.

is 9)The writer and worker______ (be) coming to our school tomorrow. are 10)The writer and the worker _____ (be) coming to our school tomorrow.

11) The engineer and writer works ______(work) in their factory. 12).A cart and horse (马 was/is seen (see) in the distance. 车)__________ like 13) Mary and Rose ____________(like) English. 14) Bread and butter ______ is (be) my favorite food.

3、单数名词后跟介词短语做 主语时。
eg:Maths as well as other subjects are hard to study.

no less than

rather than
like; more than


with (together with)
but; unlike except; including besides; as well as

+B +V.( 与A一致)

…percent (two-thirds) the rest all; a part; some most; a lot; lots
表整体的名词/不可数 of 名词+v.(单)

n.(pl.) +v.(pl.)

plenty; part

each; any;
many a; every;

the number of
either; neither; no…and no… each…and each… every…and every…
+ 单数名词+单数动词

a number of (= many) +复数名词+v.(pl.)
the + adj.


or A+

not only…but also

+v.(与靠近的主 +B 语一致,即B一 致)

4、主语为表示长度、重量、 时间、或是价值的复数时, 应看作是整体。
eg:Two years is a short moment in history.

5、学科名称physics, maths, politics,及其他几个特殊名词 means(方法),news, works(工 厂)做主语时。
eg: Every means has been tried to save the rare animal.

6、(1)every+n. and (every)+n. (2)each+n. and(each)+n. (3)no.+n.(单数)and (no)+n.(单数)

eg: (1)Every girl and (every)boy likes sports. (2)No dancer and (no)singer will turn up at the party.


当主语为peple,police, cattle, clothes时或当主语为 the+ 形容词/姓氏/国籍的形容词时。
eg:(1)The Smiths are moving to Canada next month. (2)The sick are taken good care of in the hospital.


either…or… not only..but also.. not…but…

连接两个并列主语时 要根据就近原则

D)当主语为all时,如指人则 谓语动词用复数形式;如指 物则谓语动词用单数形式; What引导的主语从句看具 体情况而定。

eg: (1)Let’s start the meeting since all are here . (2)All he said is wrong. (3)What the need is more water. (4)What her father left her are only some books.

12.当主语为两个或两个以上人的共同拥有物 时,如 Tom and Mike’s 作主语时,v.根据 后面的n.决定。

Tom and Mike’s room is the cleanest.
如指分别拥有v. →复

Tom’s and Mike’s rooms are the cleanest.

13.动词不定式,或wh…+不定式,动名词, 主语从句作主语时,v. →单数
a. When and where to have the meeting isn’t decided. b. Who will go doesn’t make any difference. 补:When we’ll start and where we’ll go haven’t been discussed.

Rule 7 当each, either, one, another, the other, neither作主语时,谓语动词 用单数形式。
20)Each takes a cup of tea.

21)Either is correct.
22)Neither of them likes this picture.

Rule 8
关系代词who, that, which等在定 语从句中作主语时,其谓语动词 的数应与句中先行词的数一致。

want (want) to go please 23)Those who ____ sign their names here.

is (be) against this 24 ) Anyone who ___ opinion may speak out.
25 ) H e is one of the st udents who were _____ (be) praised at the meeting. ? He is the only one of the students who ____ was (be) praised at the meeting.

Rule 9
表示时间、距离、价格、度量衡等的复数 名词或短语作为一个整体看待时,其谓 语动词常用单数形式。

is 26 ) Three years _____ not a long time. is 27)Ten dollars _____ what he needs.
is 28)Five hundred miles _____ a long distance.


More than fifty years have passed since they got married.

2.There_____three bottles of ink on the are desk.
? 不可数名词前面有表数量的名词时。

E.g: Three million tons of coal were exported last year.

agree 3.One or two persons_______with him.
? One or two +复数名词作主语时。

like 4.Few of us______the book.
? few 或a few,many作主语时。

Rule 10:
若or, either…or…, neither…nor…, whether…or, not only…but (also)连接 的是主语,谓语动词与后一个主语一致。

am 29)Either you or I ____ going to the movies.
is wrong. 30)Not only you but also he ___ 31)Neither the students nor the teacher knows _______(know) anything about it. have 32)He or you _______ (have)taken my pen.

Rule 11:
形复意单名词如news; means, politics, physics, plastics; mathematics, economics;等作主语时,谓语动词用单 数形式.

Rule 12: one and a half +n.(复)

V. →(单)
One and a half bananas is left on the table.

is 33)Politics _____(be) very important. is 34)Physics ____(be) very interesting. seems 35)Mathematics _________(seem) to be difficult to learn. has Every means ______ (have)been tried.

Rule 4:

many a (n.), more than one + 单数名词(表复数意义:许多) +动 词用单数形式

5. Many a student ______ that mistake before. A has made C is making B have made D are making

6.More than one student has _______(have ) been to Beijing.

7. More than one answer _____ to the question.
A have been given C were given B has been given D had given

8.Many a student ______ collecting stamps. A.like C. is like B. liking D. likes

Rule 6:

在倒装句中,动词的数应和它后 面的主语的数一致。如以 here,there开头,be 动词与后 面第一个名词一致。

is 15) There ______ a dog near the door. were 16) There ______ no schools in this area before liberation. 17) Here _______ (come)the bus. comes 1 8 ) O n t h e w a l l are/were _____ two famous paintings. is 1 9 ) H er e _ _ _ _ _ M r . Br ow n an d hi s children.


1.a. He is the only one of the students that _______ got full mark. has

b. He is one of the students that ______ have got full mark. A. is B. are C. has D. have

2. a. Three fourths of the teachers B D against the plan. present _____ b. Three fourths of the surface of A the earth ______ covered with water.
A. is B. are C. was D. were

is more time. 3. a. What she wants ____ are more b. What she wants ____ sheep. A. has B. have C. is D. are

4. a. I can work out two of the five problems, but the rest ______ are too difficult for me. b. I have finished one third of the work and the rest _____ left for you. is A. is B. are C. has D. have

5. a. The population of the small is country _____ 600,000.

b. Two thirds of the population in are farmers. this small country ____ A. has B. have C. is D. are

are having 6. a. The basketball team ______ baths now. has b. The basketball team ______ 5 members. A. has C. are having B. is having D. have



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