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2015 南通三模卷英语

? 23.We came to the point at the last moment_____the coach had laid stress on. ? A.where B.that

? 1.I have reached a point in my life ______ I am supposed to make decisions of my own. ? A. which B. where C. how D. why ? 2. She’s in a hopeless situation, _____ we will keep a very close eye on. ? A. where B. when C. which D. that

? 24.---What has made Tina excited recently? ? ---_____ into a key university. ? A.Admitted B.Being admitted Ving作主语 Being admittedinto a key university has ? _____________ made Tina excited recently . 作状语 Admitted into a key university,he felt very _________ happy about the news.

24---.What did David demand in the meeting? ? ----____a chance to join the Debating Club. ? A.Being offered C.To be offered ----- David demand_______ a chance to join the Debating Club in the meeting.

V/n : 1.demand + n/pron As is known, fishing is a job that demands great patience. 2. demand + to do She demanded to be told everything about it.

Demand 用法

3. demand sth. from / of sb. Yesterday evening, the couple came to my house and demanded help from / of me.
4. demand +从句 demand后接宾语从句时,从句谓语一般要用虚拟语气,即 "should + 动词原形"; 其中should可以省略。例如: The manager demanded that the workers (should) work extra hours to complete the task ahead of time.

? 26. ? Don’t worry. When he kept silent, Mr. White____ his approval for our plan. A. would show C. was showing

非谓语做状语看和句子逻辑主语主被动 和谓语比较时间
32.____,the environment of our city has been greatly improved. ? A.Paid attention to B.Being paid attention to ? C.Paying attention

? 29.—Mum,my mobile phone is nowhere to be found. ? ---____it in the locker room of the gym? ? A.May you leave ? B.Can you have left ? C.Could you leave ? 词义+时间区分

30.1.for good measure额外的量,外加的项目 ? After I'd weighed the apples, I put in another one for good measure. – 我称过苹果后又另外加上一个. ? 2.Cost :词组 ? at any cost无论如何; 不惜代价 This book is of such importance that it must be published at any cost. – 这本书非常重要,无论如何也要出版

living costs 生活费用,物价。 at all costs = at any cost 无论如何,不惜任何牺牲。 at sb.‘s cost 某人出钱;损及某人 at the cost of 以…为牺牲, 3. beyond one’s reach 某人够不到;超出某人的范围 4. on one’s own 靠自己,自食其力

? 37. as with sth正如;与…一样;就…来说
? As with other great innovations, however, huma nbeings and social institutions need time to adjust to this new reality. ? 然而,和其他的重大创新一样,人类和社会机构 需要时间来适应这个新的现实。

? As with any 37_____ , the cross-country team has its ―star‖ as well as its less 38. gifted athletes.
A: entertainment B: competition C: sport D: course

? 43. ______ in the race, Albert was dead last. ? dead adv. completely; exactly 完全的 ? You are dead right! ? 你完全正确。 ? He’s dead against the idea. ? 他坚决反对这个想法。
A: Early B: Finally C: Exactly D: Surprisingly

? All of the other racers were 44. finishing the race when he was just at the end of his second lap. Albert thought he was 45 ____ near the end.

A: even

B: also

C: merely

D: hardly

? When Ethan, Micharl and Kenji saw Albert in a 47.black mood in the middle of the field, they didn’t even 48 ______. All three of them immediately went out on the field to run Albert’s last lap 49. with him.
A: rest B: pause C: confirm D: arrange


? Both other teams hung around and waited for Albert to finish. When he managed to 52 _____ the finish line, all three schools cheered for him.
A: approach B: touch C: break D: cross

? After my daughter told me this sweet story quit the i said: ―i hope Albert doesn’t 53 _____ team after this.‖ She replied, ―No! He’ll get help better, he just needs some 54 ____.‖
53 A: join B: hate C: quit D: pick 54 A: help B: strength C: confidence D: challenge

? And that is why i 55 _____ middle school children. ? award 查字典?

? Task-based reading

Understand the title Is Your Ambition Holding You Back?

Negative aspects of ambition 71. _________
?Ambition may force you to do more.

Ambition is the driving force behind every great
accomplishment yet, on the other hand, it’s a

constant voice urging you to do more.
?Your worry is from not living up to your potential

instead of from _____

?Your worry is from not living up to your

failure potential instead of from _____
You fear not because you are unsuccessful

but because you are unsatisfied with

distinguish/ tell/ discriminate/ differentiate 73. You should ________________________ immediate goals from short-term or longterm ones. adjusted 74. Goals can be _______according to present circumstances and priorities. During this meeting, review your goals, analyze your performance over the period, find what you wish to accomplish and what can wait and then make necessary adjustments to your goals.

comparing/ comparisonswith others. 75. Avoid _____________________ 76. Trying to catch up with them may become burden/ pressure your mental ____________ tough the success of others is not your roadmap or path to happiness. while others need your help.

quickly/ instantly/ 77. Some things can’t be done _________

Certain things take time, regardless of how much you’d like them to move quicker. Other things can move with your help.

yourself/ 78. You can feel satisfied with _________ on yourselves the base of knowing the point.

Seeing the difference between the two is where selective complacency comes into play. 开始起作用

79. You should be __focused? patient? _____ and pay special attention to them. Some things take patience so you have to focus on the things that need your attention without the distraction of what’s to come.

80. Ambition means power. Ambition is ____________ powerful

? 1、文章概要(5分); ? 概要分为: 一是文章内容的概述(2分); 二是提升主题(3分) 如,要正视问题/困难、问题/困难能激励我们 (奋发向上)等。 ?

? 2、举出你生活中遇到的问题,至少两例 (8分); ? 学生至少举出两个例子。原则上每个例子4 分(例子本身2分,所举的例子(即生活中 遇到的问题)给生活带来的影响或造成的 后果2分)。如果学生虽列举了两个事例, 语言上出现错误照样扣分。 ?

? 3、你对问题的理解和做法(解决的方法) (10分) ? 第三小节须涉及到理解和做法两个要点,原 则上每个要点5分,如有要点遗漏,则扣分。

? 4、卷面(2分) ? 1).三处乱涂扣1分,五处乱涂扣2分。 ? (乱涂的鉴定:如在写错的单词上划上1-2道 线的不算乱涂,三道线以上以及不规则的乱花 算乱涂); ? 2)书写较差,以至影响交际,将分数降低1个 档次。



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