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民勤四中高三英语第二学期纠错卷第二期 命题人:程浩芹
第一节 阅读理解

What makes a gift special? Is it the price you see on the gift receipt? Or is it the look on the recipient's face when they rec

eive it that determines the true value? What gift is worth the most? This Christmas I was debating what to give my father. My dad is a hard person to buy for because he never wants anything. I pulled out my phone to read a text message from my mom saying that we were leaving for Christmas shopping for him when I came across a message on my phone that I had locked. The message was from my father. My eyes fell on a photo of a flower taken in Wyoming. and underneath a poem by William Blake. The flower, a lone dandelion standing against the bright blue sky, inspired me. My dad had been reciting those words to me since I was a kid. That may even be the reason why I love writing. I decided that those words would be my gift to my father. I called back. I told my mom to go without me and that I already created my gift. I sent the photo of the cream-colored flower to my computer and typed the poem on top of it. As I was arranging the details another poem came to mind. The poem was written by Edgar Allan Poe; my dad recited it as much as he did the other. I typed that out as well and searched online for a background to the words of it. The poem was focused around dreaming, and after searching I found the perfect picture. The image was painted with blues and greens and purples, twisting together to create the theme and wonder of a dream. As I watched both poems passing through the printer, the white paper coloring with words that shaped my childhood. I felt that this was a gift that my father would truly appreciate. Christmas soon arrived. The minute I saw the look on my dad's face as he unwrapped those swirling black letters carefully placed in a cheap frame, I knew I had given the perfect gift. 1. The idea for a special gift began to form when the author was______.
A. doing shopping B. having a debate C. reading a message D. leaving for Wyoming

2. The author's inspiration for the gift came from_____. A. a photo of a flower B. a story about a kid C. a call from the mother D. a text about Christmas 3. The underlined word "it" in Paragraph 3 refers to a poem by_____. A. the father B. the author C. William Blake D. Edgar Allan Poe 4. The author made the gift by_____. A. searching for the poems online B. drawing the background by hand C. painting the letters in three colors D. matching the words with pictures 5. What is the main purpose of the passage? A. To show how to design images for gifts. B. To suggest making gifts from one's heart.

C. To explain how computers help create gifts. D. To describe the gifts the author has received B Sports account for a growing amount of income made on the sales of commercial time by television companies. Many television companies have used sports to attract viewers from particular sections of the general public, and then they have sold audiences to advertisers. An attraction of sport programs for the major U.S. media companies is that events are often held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons—the slowest time periods of the week for general television viewing. Sport events are the most popular weekend programs, especially among male viewers who may not watch much television at other times during the week. This means the television networks are able to sell advertising time at relatively high prices during what normally would be dead time for programming. Media corporations also use sports to attract commercial sponsors that might take their advertising dollars elsewhere if television stations did not report certain sports. The people in the advertising departments of major corporations realize that sports attract made viewers. They also realize that most business travelers are men and that many men make family decisions on the purchases of computers, cars and life insurance. Golf and tennis are special cases for television programming. These sports attract few viewers, and the ratings(收视率)are unusually low. However, the audience for these sports is attractive to certain advertisers. It is made up of people from the highest income groups in the United States, to certain advertisers. It is made up of people from the highest income groups in the United States, including many lawyers and business managers. This is why television reporting of golf and tennis is sponsored by companies selling high-priced cars. business and personal computer, and holiday trips .This is also why the networks continue to carry these programs regardless of low ratings. Advertisers are willing to pay high fees to reach high-income consumers and those managers who make decisions to buy thousands of “company cars” and computer, with such viewers, these programs don’t need high ratings to stay on the air. 6.Television sport programs on weekend afternoons_________ .
A. result in more sport event B. get more viewers to play sports C. make more people interested in television D. bring more money to the television networks

7.Why would weekend afternoons become dead time without sport programs? A. Because there would be few viewers B. Because the advertisers would be off work C. Because television programs would go slowly D. Because viewers would pay less for watching television 8.In many families, men make decision on .

A. holiday B. sports viewing C. television shopping D. expensive purchases 9.The ratings are not important for golf and tennis programs because . A. their advertisers are carmakers B. their viewers are attracted by sports
C. their advertisers target at rich people D. their viewers can afford expensive cars

10.What is the passage mainly about? A. Television viewers are determined by male viewers B. Rich viewers contribute most to television companies C. Sports are gaining importance in advertising on television D. Commercial advertisers are the major sponsors of sport event 第二节 完形填空 I tend to accept any idea put forward by experts on TV. One day, a
sociologist proposed that the 11 society has been consuming modern humans little by little. For fear that I would become a victim of the consumer society, I 12 hurried to a bicycle shop in my neighborhood. 13 the shopkeeper Mr. Johnson was selling me the bicycle, he said, “This is the best thing you 14 have done. Life has become hopelessly 15 . A bicycle is simple, and it brings to you 16 things: fresh air, sunshine and exercise.” I agreed. Happy as a child, I got on the bicycle and headed out onto the streets. After some time, I 17 at the other end of the town. I was 18 that this simple vehicle could let me 19 long distances in a fairly short time. But how 20 did I really go?Since I hated to be 21 , I went back to Mr. Johnson and asked him to 22 an odometer (里程表) on my bicycle. He agreed, but 23 , “An odometer without a speedometer (速度计) is like a 24 without a knife.” I admitted he was right and in a few minutes, the two devices (装置) were 25 to the handlebars of my bicycle. “What about a horn?” he then asked. “Look, this horn is no larger than a matchbox and has many 26 .” Attracted by these functions, I bought the horn.“You can’t leave the back part 27 ,” noted Mr. Johnson. He fixed a metal box with buttons 28 the seat, and said, “Is there anything better than this oven when you feel 29 on your way? I can give you a special discount.” I was not strong enough to 20 the offer.“I congratulate you once more; this is the best thing you could have done,” said Mr. Johnson in the end.

31. A. adult 32. A. eventually 33. A. Although 34. A. would 35. A. boring 36. A. natural 37. A. gave up 38. A. amazed 39. A. march 40. A. far

B. human B. immediately B. Because B. should B. complicated B. mysterious B. broke down B. amused B. drive B. long

C. consumer C. reluctantly C. As C. must C. stressful C. complex C. calmed down C. confused C. cover C. fast

D. bachelor D. gratefully D. Unless D. could D. tough D. unique D. ended up D. concerned D. measure D. deep

41. A. unreliable 42. A. fix 43. A. swore 44. A. pencil 45. A. distributed 46. A. shapes 47. A. loose 48. A. beside 49. A. sick 50. A. consider

B. impractical B. check B. added B. fork B. converted B. sizes B. blank B. before B. hungry B. withdraw

C. unprepared C. repair C. replied C. box C. applied C. functions C. bare C. below C. hot C. make

D. inaccurate D. lay D. concluded D. cake D. attached D. models D. incomplete D. behind D. thirsty D. resist


根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,选 项中有两项为多余选项。 (答案填写在答题卡 71-75 上)

第四节 语法填空
第一节 语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的 词或者括号中词语的正确形式填空

One day, Nick invited his friends to supper. He was cooking some delicious food in the kitchen. Suddenly, he 1 (find) that he had run out of salt. So Nick called to his son, “Go to the village and buy some salt, but pay a fair price for it: neither too much 2 too little.” His son looked surprised. “I can understand why I shouldn’t pay too much, Father, but if I can pay less, 3 not save a bit of money?” “That would be a very 4 (reason) thing to do in a big city, but it could destroy a small village like ours,” Nick said. Nick’s guests, 5 had heard their conversation, asked why they should not buy salt more cheaply if they could. Nick replied, “The only re ason a man would sell salt 6 a lower price would be because he was desperate for money. And anyone who took advantage of that situation would be showing a lack of respect 7 the sweat and struggle of the man who worked very hard to produce it.” “But such a small thing couldn’t 8 (possible) destroy a village.” “In the beginning, there was only 9 very small amount of unfairness in the world, but everyone added a little, always 10 (think) that it was only small and not very important, and look where we have ended up today.”


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阅读 1.C 2.A 3.D 4.D 5.B 6.D 7.A 8. D9.C 10.C 完型 11.C12.B13.C14.D15.B16.A17.D18.A19.C20.A 21.D22.A23.B24.B25.D26.C27.C28.D29.B30D 语法填空 16. found 21. at 17. nor 22. for 18. why 23. possibly 19.reasonable 24. a 20. who 25. thinking



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