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Brother Sharp is
very popular __________

strange “Brother Sharp” now is not a _______ name for netizens. Almost everybody knows him. ______, So a lot of information can be

found on the net. beggar in Ningbo, fact As a matter of _______, he is a _______ whom can be seen begging in the Tianyi Square taken and posted online always. A photo ______ accidentally by a resident in Ningbo has won him fans His rag clothes are thousands of online ______. regarded as well co-ordinated(合理混搭). “deep and penetrating(敏锐的) eyes”even _____ one fan described fan him this way. high prices on The clothes of his style are sold at _____ Taobao, and the whole designs on him are even followed by many famous film stars stars. Brother Sharp, is star . the real shiny_____

高考中完形填空题是对考生英语综合 运用能力的考查,既考查考生对语篇的 理解能力,根据上下文的逻辑推理能力, 又在语篇层面上考查学生在一定的语 境中准确,恰当,得体运用词汇的能力。

三种主要解题技巧: 词汇运用 推理判断 紧抓主旨

1.More and more students want to study in “ hot majors”. 1 a result, many students want to 2 their interests and study in these areas such as foreign languages,international business and law. 1.A. Being B. For C. Having D. As 2.A. give up B. appear C. give D. master

2. He told me I needed to relax because I looked nervous . After I 1 down, I played better. A. fell B. stepped C. slowed D. calmed

二、推理判断类 根据语境分析,进行推理判断,是 做完形填空题的必备的素质。因为 完形填空中的任何一句话往往都不是 孤立存在的,而是要靠上下文作依托, 看前因后果才能确立的。

(2005NMET)My sister and I grew up in a little village in England.Our father was a struggling 36 , but I always knew he was 37 . … he never criticized us ,but used 38 (praise) to bring out our best …father said: “when I was 23, my dad persuaded me to go into law”. 36. A. biologist B. manager C. lawyer D. gardener 37. A. strict B. honest C. special D. learned

2).通读全文, 利用复现词语
All of a sudden I started to feel rather ___. 1 She 2 wondered why I was looking for this sort of __. I felt even more hopeless when she told me that it would be difficult to get a job without experience. 1. A. encouraged B. dissatisfied C. hopeless D. pleased 2. A. place B. job C. advice D. help

If he could replace his great pain with a feeling of love for others, then I should be ____ to give up my small irritation(恼火). A. ready B. likely C. free D. able Students generally appreciate these special learning opportunities . They are almost always fun and interesting , and Professors 51 them too because students learn so much in just a few short months. 51. A. hold B. like C. dislike D. discover

At the table next to mine sat an attractive, 38 couple, waiting for service.(06全国1) A. lonely B. curious C. well-dressed D. bad-tempered Before setting out, I told Barrett this trip would be tiring and 17. A. rough B. dirty C. anxious D. violent

She was small in figure but strong in 29. A.brain B. wish C. will D. health

Although the happiest time for many students is getting letters from home, my mailbox was frequently 25. A. empty B. full C. closed D. open

连词(and, but, although) 确定选项。 5).根据______________________

(06北京3)I learned how to accept life as it is from my father. 36, he did not teach me acceptance when he was strong and healthy. A. Afterwards B. Therefore C. However D. Meanwhile
上下文 确定连词 6).根据________

三、主旨大意题 在做完形填空时,我们要理清文章思 路,把握作者的态度或思想感情,这对 做好一篇完形有着不可估量的作用,否 则可能导致几个空格的连续选填失误。

Bedtime stories are one of the delights of early childhood. According to Dr. Julie Spreadbury from Queensland University, Parents should not 1 up reading to their children 2 they enter primary School. 1.A. speed 2.A. after B. keep B. until C. give C. if D. hold D. unless

跳过空格,通读全文, 把握大意 结合选项,综合考虑,初定答案 瞻前顾后,先易后难, 各个击破


Read the whole passage, and make clear:
1. which people are mentioned? How about the relationship among them?
2. What does the writer want to express?

People mentioned
I , Mike, Dale Meyer

relationship among them
I and Mike Dale Meyer girl friend and boy friend
the owner of the Ford

Mike and I want I,Mike and Dale Meyer to buy the Ford

What does the writer want to express?

the tough work bad weather and__________, Because ofthe __________ carStrangely, I am eager to buy asecondhand ____ _____. the owner of the ________ ________ secondhand car a dollar only charges me _________! Can you tell us why?

做完形填空时,除了依据所学语言知识和解题技 巧外,还应避免几个误区。 1、单纯求快,忽略语篇理解,只看局部的词义辨析、 搭配和语法结构,试图用语言知识解决所有问题。很 多考生一拿到完形填空题就急于选择答案,不认真分 析通篇文章。表面上解题速度挺快,但是这种见树不 见林的做法只会影响解题的质量的效率。

2、时间安排不当,在几个选项上过分纠缠,追求完 美,导致许多本可以做出的题来不及做。正确的做法 是由易到难,先做会的。

1. Finish the Clozes15 from the 《5+3》 on Page156 2. vocabulary P101-102



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