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【志鸿优化设计】2014届高考英语一轮复习 Module1 OurBodyandHealthyHabits 外研版必修2

《志鸿优化设计》2014 届高考英语(外研版 全国)一轮复习题 库:必修 2Module1 OurBodyandHealthyHabits
Ⅰ.完成句子 1.她很少做这样的事情。 Rarely ______ ______ ______ things like this. 2.我们的人员将竭尽全力确保您的旅途愉快。 Our staff will do their best

to ______ ______ you enjoy your visit. 3.许多学生迷恋网聊,浪费了他们大量的时间。 Many students ______ ______ ______ chatting online,which wastes them plenty of time. 4.英文字母表从 A 开始,以 Z 结束。 The English alphabet ______ ______ “A” and ______ ______ “Z”. 5.顺着马路走到邮局,你在拐弯处就能看到图书馆。 ______ the road until you come to the post office, ______ you will find the library around the corner. Ⅱ.单项填空 1. You wouldn't have caught such ______ bad cold if you hadn't been caught in ______ rain. A.a;/ B.a;a C.a;the D./;/ 2.—How was the televised debate last night? —Super! Rarely ______ so much media attention. A.a debate attracted B.did a debate attract C.a de bate did attract D.attracted a debate 3.My father always gets a bit ______ if you don't arrive when you say you will. A.anxious B.ashamed C.weak D.patient 4.The boy was last seen ______ by the river before he was lost. A.play B.playing C.played D.to play 5.I have changed it ______ you suggested. A.like B.as C.just like D.as like 6.As a mother,she always takes great ______ to make her family members eat healthily. A.effect B.pain C.effort D.pains 7.—Mr Smith was really helpful when you were in financial difficulty during those days. —Definitely.I can never appreciate his kindness ______. A.seriously B.enough C.well D.properly 8.Can you think of any Chinese proverbs ______ with health? A.connect B.connected C.connecting D.to connect 9.A study shows that students living in non?smoking dorms are less likely to ______ the habit of smoking. A.turn up B.show up C.pick up D.make up 10.A new Ministry of Education report says about half of middle school students do not weigh a ______ amount. A.common B.usual C.ordinary D.normal 11. (2012 山东实验中学二模,22)Stop the child ______ he will be falling over. A.and B.but C.or D.for 12.It won't work;______,it would take too long,and secondly it would co st too much.


A.start with B.to start with C.at first D.begin with 13.“We can't go out in this weather,” said Bob,______ out of the window. A.looking B.to look C.looked D.having looked 14.The child dreamed that he had once lived in a ______ house in the forest. A.white wooden pretty little B.little white pretty wooden C.pretty little white wooden D.wooden little pretty white 15.Coming into the room,I found them ______ at the table,______ chess. A.seated;playing B.seating;playing C.seat;play D.seated;played Ⅲ.完形填空 A violinist stood at a station in Washington DC with a box in front of him.He __1__ six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes.__2__ that time,about thousands of people __3__ the station,but most of them were on their way to work. Three minutes went by and a young man __4__ there was a violinist playing.So he walked __5__ and then stopped to enjoy it for a few seconds.A minute later, the violinist __6__ his first dollar tip:a woman threw the money in the __7__ without stopping.After a little while a middle?aged man stood near the wall to __8__ him, but a few minutes later the man looked at his watch.He would be late __9__ he must go.The one who paid the most __10__ was a three?year?old boy.Finally his mother pulled him hard and the child __11__ to walk.This __12__ was repeated by several other children.All the parents,without exception,__13__ them to move on. In the 45 minutes the violinist played,only 6 people stopped and stayed for a while and 20 people gave him money.He __14__ $32.When he finished playing,the station became __15__,but no one noticed it.The violinist felt __16__ very much. No one knew this was Joshua Bell,one of the best __17__ in the world.Two days before his playing in the station,Joshua Bell __18__ all the tickets at a theatre in Boston.There was no empty seat and the seats average $100.00 each. Do we sense beauty?Do we stop to enjoy it?__19__ we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world playing the best music, how many other things are we __20__? 1.A.wrote B.danced C.sang D.played 2.A.Before B.During C.After D.By 3.A.went back B.came across C.passed through D.ran over 4.A.noticed B.announced C.showed D.dreamed 5.A.carefully B.sadly C.lazily D.slowly 6.A.received B.found C.lost D.gave 7.A.bag B.box C.pool D.hole 8.A.wait for B.talk with C.listen to D.look for 9.A.or B.but C.so D.as 10.A.money B.attention C.rent D.cost 11.A.stopped B.appeared C.wanted D.continued 12.A.music B.action C.suggestion D.question 13.A.forced B.advised C.invited D.refused 14.A.borro wed B.asked C.collected D.begged 15.A.beautiful B.dangerous C.clean D.quiet 16.A.disappointed B.happy C.comfortable D.excited 17.A.teachers B.musicians C.businessmen D.drivers

18.A.packed away B.handed over C.picked out D.sold out 19.A.Though B.While C.If D.Since 20.A.missing B.liking C.wasting D.failing Ⅳ.根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为 多余选项。 (2013 甘肃定西渭源二中期中) __1__ Home can be a great place for children to study.It's important to provide a workspace of their own where they can read books or just write a letter to their friends. ●Loca tion(位置) __2__ Kitchen and dining room are not so well suited for regular study,since books and pens get in the way of the day?to?day uses of those areas.Set up a place where a child can settle in and leave papers and pens at hand without having to clear everything away each night.For a child that likes being alone,set aside a corner of his bedroom,but keep it separate from things like games,music and other hobbies not related to studying. ●Keeping Things in Order Parents should encourage their child to spread out,but to leave it neat and orderly when he isn't using his workspace.Ownership is very important for self?respect.__3__ The workplace should be personal,but not another part of the playroom. ●__4__ Encourage the whole family to help build a supportive environment that children need for success in school.Give them a good example of how to deal with problems, how to manage time and get things done in the right way. ●__5__ Study will be more enjoyable and effective when supported by the whole family. A.Attitude Is Everything B.Bring Organization into Your Home C.Here are several ways to choose a locat ion. D.Building a Good Home Learning Environment. E.Hold a can?do attitude and your child will follow your example. F.Setting up a space in a common area of your home can be a good idea for children. G.A child who learns to organize his space will carry organization into every corner of his life. Ⅴ.短文改错 (2013 黑龙江哈师大附中月考) Dear Jack, I am Li Hua,one of your student in China.It's a month since you left us.We all miss you and are very grateful for what you did it for us. We are still very busy.We had the English speech contest the another day.I won the first prize,as again reminded me your great help.Do you still remember the trees we plant together on the hill behind our school?Yesterday,they went there and watered them.The tree you planted yourself is growing good,and we've decided to name it Jack Wood.Will you come back to see Jack Wood some day in the future? We hope to know much about you and let's keep in close touch.


参考答案 Ⅰ. has she done 2. 1. make sure 3. are crazy about/are addicted to 4. begins with;ends with 5.Follow;and Ⅱ.1.C catch a cold 是固定短语;the rain 指“那场雨”,双方皆知的雨。 2.B rarely 为否定意义的副词,位于句首时句子要部分倒装,故选 B 项。句意:—— 昨天晚上电视直播的辩论赛怎么样?——太棒了! 很少有一场辩论赛会吸引这么多媒体的关 注。 3.A anxious 意为“焦急的;担心的”;ashamed 意为“羞愧的”;weak 意为“虚弱 的”;patient 意为“耐心的”。句意:如果你不能按你说的时间到达,我父亲总是会有点 焦急。 4.B 在 see/hear/feel/watch/notice/observe 等感官动词后,用现在分词作补语表 示动作正在进行,用不带 to 的不定式作补语表示动作发生了,被动语态中 to 要还原,用过 去分词短语作补语表示“某事被做”,故本题选 B 项。 5.B as 作连词,引导方式状语从句,意为“正如;恰似”。like 为介词,不能接句 子。 6.D take great pains to do...意为“尽力做??”。 7.B enough 用于否定句时,表示“再??也不够”,即“非常??”。I can never appreciate his kindness enough.意为“他对我的帮助我感激不尽”。 8.B be connected with 为固定短语,意为“与??有联系”,该题应用过去分词形 式作定语,相当于定语从句 which are connected with health。 9.C turn up 意为“出现;露面”;show up 意为“暴露;显露”;pick up 意为“学 会;学到”;make up 意为“组成;构成”。该题应选 C 项,表示“染上(学会)吸烟的习 惯”。 10.D common 用于物时指“常见的;普通的;平常的”,用于人时指“很平凡的;没 有职位的; 不高贵的”; usual 指“惯常的; 一贯如此的”; ordinary 指“平凡的; 平常的”; normal 指“正常的”。该题应选 D 项,指学生们的正常体重。 11.C 该题为“祈使句+连词+陈述句”句式,根据句意判断应选 or 表示“否则”。 12.B to start with 意为“首先”,相当于 first 或 firstly,表示事情发生的先后 顺序。begin/start with 意为“从??开始”;at first 意为“起初;起先”。 13.A 鲍勃说话的同时在看着窗外,所以应用现在分词的一般式表示伴随情况。 14.C 考查名词前多个形容词的排列顺序。在一般情况下,其顺序为:限定词(包括 冠词、物主代词、指示代词、不定代词等)+数词+描绘性形容词+特征性形容词+颜色类 的形容词+材料质地类的形容词+名词性定语+名词。故答案为 C 项。 15.A seat 是及物动词,意为“使坐下”,与前面的宾语 them 为动宾关系,所以第 一个空应用过去分词形式作补语,表示被动;第二个空应用现在分词形式作伴随状语,因为 them 与 play 是主动关系。 Ⅲ.1.D 根据下文中的“there was a violinist playing”可知,此处要表达的是 一位小提琴演奏者在车站演奏。 2.B 表达“在演奏期间”,要用 during。 3.C 在演奏期间,成千上万的人“经过”(pass through)车站。 4. 根据下文中这位年轻人“停下来欣赏音乐”可知, A 此处是指他“注意” (notice) 到有人在演奏。 5.D “发现有人 演奏——放慢脚步——停下来欣赏”一系列动作符合常 理。 6. 根据上文可知, A 这位演奏者扮成一位街头卖艺的人, 由此推出, 此处是他“收到” (receive)了第一份小费。 7.B 根据文章第一段中的“with a box in front of him”可知答案。 8.C 一位中年男人站在墙边,一定是在“听”(listen to)他的演奏。 9.C 上文“He would be late”和下文“he must go”属因果关系,应该用 so 来引 导。 1 0.B 对于一位三岁的孩子来说,他不可能是花费最多钱或租金的人。根据下文孩子 的母亲强迫孩子离开的行动可知,这个孩子是给予演奏者最多关注的人。

11.D 根据上文中的“his mother pulled him hard”可知,孩子的母亲使劲地拉他, 所以孩子停止观看而“继续”(continue)走路。 12.B 根据下文对其他父母的描述可知,上文中的这种情景不只出现一次,由此可知 答案为 B 项。 13.A 根据前文的语境限制“without exception”可知,所有的父母都“强迫”他们 的孩子继续前行。 14.C 45 分钟的表演期间,共有 20 个人给他钱。他一共“筹得”(collect)32 美元。 15.D 演奏者的表演结束了,车站应该变得“安静了”(quiet) 。 16 . A 因 为 很 少 有 人 关 注 他 的 演 奏 , 所 以 演 奏 者 应 该 感 到 非 常 “ 失 望 ” (disappointed) 。 17.B 根据文章最后一段中的“listen to one of the best musicians in the world playing the best music”可知答案为 B 项。 18.D 根据下文中的“There was no empty seat”可知答案为 D 项。 19.C “如果”我们没有时间停下来听世界上最好的一位音乐家演奏最好的音乐,那 我们“错过”了多少其他的事情呢? 20.A 参考上题解析。 Ⅳ.1~5 DFGAE Ⅴ.第一句:student→students 第三句:去掉 it 第五句:第一个 the→an;another→other 第六句:as→which;me 后加 of 第七句:plant→planted 第八句:they→we 第九句:good→well 第十一句:much→more




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