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山东德州 2014 届高考英语一轮复习完形填空加强训练 18
The Town of Pressure and the Town of Pleasure were neighbors but had nothing in common. Residents built walls to In Pressure, 37 36 influence from the other town. 38

struggled to be the very best. When women gave birth, they would

to have the baby with the loudest cry. There was violent competition in every aspect of life. Because with 41 39 was the index (指数) of success, people were 40 busy making money,

for relaxation. Some young people couldn’t bear the intensity and resorted to drink

or drugs to escape.

42 , over in Pleasure, the motto was ―As long as you like it, do it.‖ People grew up without 43 and 44 do anything they liked. Children played computer games day and 45 whether students showed up or not. Workers might sit 47 the lack of regulations, 49

night. At school, teachers didn’t around the office 46

sipping coffee and doing nothing. 48

nobody worried about losing their jobs. It was

that mattered. No one had the

thought of moving forward, either for themselves or for the town. The computers they used were 50 models from Pressure. Some of the young were addicted to 51 because of the meaninglessness of their lives. 52 for?‖ But, just before

Then, people in the two towns began asking themselves, ―What is life in the two towns completely 53

, there came a saint – Mr. Reason. He went from door to 54 with what

door, talking with people and giving advice. People in Pressure learnt to be they had, while people in Pleasure began to make plans. They 55

the walls between them

and built a road to connect the two. The towns’ people came to realize the truth—there is no space between Pressure and Pleasure if they don’t go to extremes. 36. A. connect 37. A. everyone 38. A. have 39. A. health 40. A. seldom B. keep B. anyone B. like B. joy B. always C. keep out C. nobody C. compete C. children C. hardly D. prevent D. somebody D. try D. wealth D. sometimes

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41. A. much time 42. A. Meanwhile 43. A. pleasure 44. A. must 45. A. know 46. A. in the morning 47. A. Thanks to 48. A. money 49. A. strongest 50. A. the old 51. A. books 52. A. pressure 53. A. improved 54. A. content 55. A. built

B. no reason B. At the same time B. pressure B. need B. find B. in the evening B. Regardless of B. time B. slightest B. the new B. work B. life B. failed B. surprised B. put down

C. many reasons C. Therefore C. work C. could C. recognize C. all day long C. Owe to C. pleasure C. most C. the best C. money C. pleasure C. succeeded C. patient C. pulled down

D. no time D. Virtually D. happiness D. dared D. care D. in the afternoon D. According to D. pressure D. smallest D. the same D. drugs D. money D. lived D. angry D. set up

2.阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出可以填入空白处
的最佳选项。 My wife, Kathy and I moved with our two-year-old son, Nate, to a small native village in Alaska. The small three- and four-passenger plane we took so 36 our little boy that he took his favorite blanket and covered his head until we 37 on the small dirt landing strips. During the everywhere. He couldn’ fall asleep until t

months that followed, my son carried his security 38 he had it.

The second year, I had a chance to guest speak in Seattle. While I was


for the trip, my

son followed me around the room. Fine-tuning my speech in my mind, I was a little distracted. My son seemed most 40 about my having to fly out in bad weather on one of those small planes he 41 so much. I reassured him that I would be 42 . When I got to the hotel in Seatde, I didn’t have time to was 44 43 until later that evening, and I my

when I opened my luggage and found my son’s security blanket inside. I 45

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wife trying 46

to find the lost blanket as she prepared our son for 47 . I immediately 48

to the phone to call Kathy. When I began to explain that I had no idea how the blanket had 49 been packed, Kathy

50 me down with the news that she already knew where the blanket was. She told me that she had held Nate by the window to let him 51 house. She had suggested that they pray for“Daddy to have a safe me drive away from the

52 .”Knowing that our son 54

would be most 53 the small plane ride, she prayed,“Dear Lord, please help Daddy feel on the litile plane.” When the prayer was over, our son Nate I gave Daddy my blanket to keep him safe.” 36. A. attracted 37. A. set about 38. A. plane 39. A. packing 40. A. curious 41. A. enjoyed 42. A. fine 43. A. call 44. A. shocked 45. A. thought 46. A. gladly 47. A. food 48. A. asked 49. A. accidentally 50. A. let 5l. A. bless 52. A. speech 53. A. afraid of 54. A. wonderful 55. A. annoyed B. cheered B. set down B. books B. reading B. excited B. feared B. happy B. rest B. satisfied B. pictured B. sincerely B. school B. rushed B. carelessly B. calmed B. think B. hotel B. tired of B. excellent B. answered C. took C. watch C. job C. impressed C. set in C. blanket C. writing C. worried C. prayed C. hard-working C. unpack C. amused C. talked C. hurriedly C. bed C. ordered C. deliberately D. blew D. check D. trip D. interested in D. great D. comforted D. terrified D. set out D. prayer D. discussing D. confused D. flew D. easy D. examine D. disappointed D. hated D. desperately D. work D. walked D. casually

55 his mom, “Don’ worry, Mom, t

C. worrn out C. safe C. pleased

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3.阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。
It was a lazy morning during the Christmas week. We were enjoying breakfast when the doorbell rang. It was a little girl, standing at the doorway with a piece of paper and a face that carried an expression of want, rather a common 1 during Christmas. 2 for her.

She murmured that the paper was her booklist and that she was going around money to buy her schoolbooks. My children went inside and brought some This kind of incident happens very often in my hometown, 4 3

during Christmas.

From where I was seated, I could see her clearly. She looked about ten years old and she wore a dress too big for her. She spoke in a Something made me get up and 6 her. 7 them 5 voice and looked at me straight in the eye.

In answer to my questions, she said that her mother made hoppers and she before going to school. But the hopper money was not adequate to she was going from house to house asking for help. Her voice told me the story; her eyes told me that it was was on the list. We drove to a nearby bookstore. She sat 10 9 8

the list; therefore,

. I said I'd buy her what

, with a strange look on her face. When

the clerk was taking all the things on the list, the little girl kept staring as if confused. Perhaps she had never 11 so many new things before. They were merely exercise books, pencils, pens 12 to us. Strange, I hadn't been aware that giving such

and such things. She whispered her 13

things to one in need, could bring me such a lot of happiness. As we drove back, I could see the little girl in the mirror. All the gifts I had given in my life

never 14 up a face so much. She was grasping the parcel, smiling to herself. The total event 15 . Our Christmas became more meaningful. B. sight B. receiving B. books B. casually B. polite C. moment C. begging C. food C. especially C. serious D. experience D. lending D. coins D. hardly D. loud

made us all very 1 2 3 4 5 A. problem A. borrowing A. clothes A. absolutely A. strange

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6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

A. care for A. sold A. buy A. painful A. happily A. possessed A. surprise A. simple A. lit A.confused

B. speak to B. needed B. make B. true B. eagerly B. bought B. satisfaction B. wonderful B. made B. delighted

C. smile at C. collected C. cover C. moving C. anxiously C. seen C. thanks C. expensive C. put C. amazed

D. hold to D. used D. control D. interesting D. silently D. accepted D. pleasure D. useful D. shut D. relieved

4.阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中。选出最
佳选项。 There Was a Greek shopkeeper in a small comer shop in London.She taught me about the 36_ of an act of kindness, which has motivated me to give. On the day I went to that shop. was I days and I had 38 37 with a very high fever. had been off work for I to

out of food.Because I had been working so hard since I had _39

town, I also had no friends who could help. So I went out to get some food. 40 ,1 would have gone to the supermarket, but on this 41_, I went into the Greek shop because it was closer.I revealed (透露) the 43 42 a few things, from the looks of which 44 them to the shopkeeper, who

that I lived alone.Then I 45

told me, "You are unwell." I

rather shyly.She pointed at the things I was buying and

46 ."I can make you a sandwich, so you don't have to do it yourself. So, she made the sandwich and asked me to 47 a moment.She went in the back room 48 you up," she said with a smile. 50 that told me she

and reappeared with a container of hot soup."It will What really wanned me up,

49 ,was not the soup.It was her

cared.Her kindness made me feel cared for when I was particularly And it 52 me. made me want to be as It 53

51 .

as the shopkeeper. had been' quite shy, I random acts of kindness.

but, from that day on, I did not let shyness prevent me from 54

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I was determined to 36.A.lesson 37.A.sick 38.A.made 39.A.arrived 40.A.Normally 41.A.chance 42.A.made out 43.A.news 44.A.handed 45.A.paid 46.A.promised 47.A.leave 48.A.warm 49.A.thus 50.A.permission 51.A.bored 52.A.surprised 53.A.patient 54.A.performing 55.A.hold


the joy ..and I haven't felt lonely since! . C.power C.satisfied C.sold C.toured C.Formally C.occasion C.gave off C.secret C.returned C.nodded C.introduced C.wait C.put C.though C.view C.guilty C.inspired C.lovely C.accepting C.enjoy D.cause D.nervous D.eaten D.moved D.Probably D.reason D.picked up D.idea D.threw D.followed D.wondered D.last D.catch D.still D.smile D.curious D.punished D.pure D.helping D.spread

B.method B.angry B.run B.turned B.Officially B.point B.took in B.fact B.lent B.listened B.offered B.stop B.take B.even B.choice B.lonely B.developed B.kind B.judging B.value

5.阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出最佳
选项。 The first day of school our professor introduced himself and challenged us to get to know someone we didn’t already know. I stood up to look around, when a gentle hand 36 my shoulder. I turned around to find a

37 , little old lady looking at me with smile that 38 her entire being. She said, “Hi. My name is Rose. I’m 87 years old. Can I give you a 39 ?” I laughed and enthu- siastically 40 ,

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“Or course you may!,and she gave me a giant squeeze. I was ” her to be taking on this 42 at her age. “I always 43


what may have motivated

having a college education and now

I’m getting one! ” she told me. After class we walked to the student union building and shared a chocolate milkshake. We became 44 friends. I was always fascinated listening to this “time

machine” as she 45 her wisdom and experience with me. I’ll never forget what she taught us. “You have to laugh and find 46 every day. You’ve got to have a dream. When you 47 your dreams, you die. There is a huge 48 between

growing older and growing up. Anybody can grow older That doesn’t 49 The idea is to grow up by always 50

any talent or ability.

the opportunity in change. Have no regrets. The elderly 51 rather for things we did not do. The only people

usually don’t have regrets for what we did, who fear death are those with 52 .”

At the year’s end Rose 53 the college degree she had begun all those years ago. One week after graduation Rose died 54 in her sleep. Over 2,000 college students attended her funeral to 55 to be all you can

salute the wonderful woman who taught by example that it’s never too possibly be. 36.A. struck 37.A. wrinkled 38.A. gave up 39.A. lift 40.A. responded 41.A. anxious 42.A. possibility 43.A. looked for 44.A. proud 45.A. explored 46.A. humor 47.A. try 48.A. barrier 49.A. take 50.A. quitting
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B. touched B. burnt B. took up B. hand B. commented B. curious B. challenge B. talked about B. generous B. developed B. peace B. lose B. fight B. get B. finding

C. covered C. puzzled C. lit up C. lesson C. praised C. upset C. opportunity C. dreamed of C. strange C. shared C. reason C. achieve C. difference C. aim C. expecting

D. surrounded D. frightened D. kept up D. hug D. explained D. certain D. experiment D. dealt with D. instant D. possessed D. fault D. continue D. problem D. lack D. missing

51.A. and 52.A. hopes 53.A. stopped 54.A. hopefully 55.A. late

B. or B. regrets B. prepared B. joyfully B. hard

C. so C. rewards C. finished C. shamefully C. easy

D. but D. efforts D. rejected D. peacefully D. early

6.阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白
处的最佳选项。 Years ago, if a teenager had some problems in his life, he might go home and write in his diary; now, a teenager with 26 problems might go onto the Internet and write about them in a

blog 博客)In many ways, a diary and a blog are very 27 . what makes blogging different ( . But from writing in a(n) 28 diary? The biggest difference is that a blog is much more treats his diary like a book full of 30 29 than a diary. Usually, a teenager 31 with others.

that he does not want to

It’s interesting that someone who writes in a blog the same information.

32 a diary will probably write nearly

I have a little sister, and sometimes I go online to read her

33 . She writes about things 34

like waking up early for swimming practice and not studying enough for her chemistry test. I was her age, I wrote about the same things, but

35 in my dairy. Then, after I had finished 36 that my sister might read it.

writing, I would hide my diary in a secret place because I was The biggest 37

with blogging is that anyone can read what you write. If I was angry 38 about him in my diary, he would

with a friend during high school and wrote something never know.

39 , if my sister ever wrote something bad about a friend, that friend might

40 her blog and get angry. There are also 41 to blogging, of course. If I was feeling sad one day and wrote in my 42 about it. However, if my sister 43 and tell her how

diary, ― Nobody cares about me‖, because no one would

wrote the same sentence in her blog, her best friends would quickly much they 44 her. Blogs help people

45 in contact with their friends and know what the

people around them are doing.

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27. A.simple 28. A.personal l 29. A.attractive 30. A.thoughts 31. A.tell 32. A.instead of 33. A.blog 34. A.Although 35. A.only 36. A.angry 37. A. problem 38. A.boring 39. A.So 40. A.steal 41. A. reasons 42. A. care 43. A. prepare 44. A. like 45. A. lose

B.special B.ordinary B.public B.puzzles B.sh4re B. as well as B.diary B.Since B.already B.sad B. doubt B.wrong B.However B.break B. wishes B. know B. begin B. miss B. stay

C.similar C.meaningful C.exciting C.ideas C.publish C.except for C.report C.When C.still C.glad C. question C.mean C.Therefore C.write C. shortcomings C. think C. respond C. need C. leave

D.different D.traditional D.quick D.secrets D.solve D. besides D.web D.Because D.never D.worried D. mistake D.funny D.Then D.read D. advantages D. ask D. feel D. stand D. find

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1.36-40 CDACDB 41-45 DABCD 46-50 CACBA 51-55 DBBAC

2.36-40 DBCAC

41-45 BACAB

46-50 DCBAB 51-55 CDACD

3.1—5 BCDCB

6—10 BACBD

11—15 ACAAB

4.36-40 CABDA 41-45 CDBAC

46-50 BCACD

51-55 BCBAD

5.36-40 BACDA 41-45 BBCDC

46-50 ABCAB

51-55 DBCDA

6.26-30 ACDBD 31-35 BAACA

36-40 DACBD

41-45 DBCAB

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