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【步步高】2017高考英语一轮复习 Unit 5 Theme parks习题 新人教版必修4

Unit 5

Theme parks

1.I’d prefer to ______ my judgement until I find all the evidence. A.show C.pass B.express D.reserve

解析 考查动词词义辨析。句意:我宁愿保留我的判断直到找到所有证据。reserve 保 存,保留;show 出示;express 表达;pass 传递,传达。根据句意可知,正确答案为 D 项。 答案 D 2.The UK____ Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is a country famous___its history. A.consisted of;for C.consisting of;for B.consisting of;as D.consisted of;as

解析 考查非谓语动词和固定搭配。consist of 由??构成,不用于被动语态,故句中 应用 v.?ing 形式作后置定语; be famous for...以??而闻名; be famous as...作为?? 而闻名。 答案 C 3 . You can't camp________you like these days.Many natural areas are now under protection. A.whichever B.wherever C.what D.when

解析 考查状语从句引导词。 wherever 引导让步地点状语从句, 相当于 no matter where。 答案 B 4.The lawyer seldom wears anything other than a suit______the season. A.whatever C.whenever B.wherever D.however

解析 句意:无论什么季节,这位律师除了一套西装以外,很少穿其他的。 whatever 引导让步状语从句,whatever the season 即 whatever the season is。wherever 无 论什么地方; whenever 无论什么时候;however 无论怎样,均不符合语境要求。 答案 A 5 . Tiangong?1 is reported________on Sep.28 in China, which________worldwide attention. A.being launched; attaches B.to be launched; attracted C.having been launched; attached D.to have been launched; attracts

解析 句意:据报道,中国于 9 月 28 号发射了天宫一号,引起了全世界的广泛关注。 sb/sth is reported to do...“据报道某人/某物做某事”。 答案 D 6.More and more people choose to shop in a supermarket as it offers a great _____of goods. A.variety C.mixture B.extension D.combination

解析 a great variety of 各种各样的;B 项 extension 扩大,延伸,不合题意;C 项 mixture 混合,混合物,不合题意;D 项 combination 联合。 答案 A 7.More than one teacher________thought highly of the boy. A.has 解析 B.have C.is D.are

“more than one+单数名词”或“many a+单数名词”作主语时,谓语动词用

单数形式。 答案 A 8.The five?year?old boy often says what children________will say. A.twice his age B.twice as old as his age C.twice older than his age D.twice age more than his age 解析 句意:这个五岁大的男孩经常说那些年龄是他两倍的孩子所说的话。as...as... 像??一样, 及 more...than...前后比较的对象应该一致, 这里的 his age 和 children 是不同类事物,不能比较。A 项中 twice 修饰 his age。整个名词词组 twice his age 作定语修饰 children。 答案 A 9.I'm not a little tired today after giving the room a thorough cleaning and I have never had________today. A.as tiring a day as C.tiring as a day as B.as a tiring day D.day as a tiring as

解析 在同级比较的结构中,第一个 as 是副词,在本句中修饰 tiring,故选 A。 答案 A 10.Yao Ming is________a basketball player. A.famous for C.famous with B.famous as D.famous in


be famous for/with... 因??而著名; be famous as... 作为??而出名; be

famous in...在??是著名的。 答案 B 11.—Do they charge for________? —Yes,if you want to attend the concert,you'll have to pay $ 50. A.deed B.function C.flight D.admission

解析 考查名词辨析。admission 入场费。句意:进入场内你们收费吗? 答案 D 12.The sands have led to a sharp increase in sandstorms,________can travel as far as the western United States. A.that B.which C.where D.when

解析 考查定语从句。which 引导非限制性定语从句,修饰 sandstorms。 答案 B 13.The boy was paid $ 20 to clean the windows,________hadn't been cleaned for a year. A.most of them C.most of which B.most of that D.most of whom

解析 考查定语从句。先行词是物,所以用 most of which 引导非限制性定语从句。 答案 C 14.The book has been translated into thirty languages since it ______on the market in 1973. A.had come C.came B.has come D.comes

解析 考查动词时态的用法。此类题目要注意完成时态中的时间意义。句意:自从 1973 年上市以来,这本书已经被翻译成了 30 种语言。主句是现在完成时,since 引导的时 间状语从句用一般过去时,表示动作发生在过去并延续到现在。 答案 C 15.—Do you mind if I park here? —________.Look at the sign“No Parking”. A.Of course not C.Help yourself B.I'd rather you didn't D.That's right

解析 考查交际用语。根据后面的“禁止停车”判断,应选 B 项,表示委婉的拒绝。A、 C 两项都表示同意;D 项的意思是“对了”。 答案 B

Ⅱ.阅读理解 Actually we have known a lot of examples and meaningful words to support the fact that we should try our best to ease the bad impression of others. Just like the old saying goes, we should give a better assumption to the one than we think he was. But many of us always fail to do this. Take the situation of my class for example. Right at the beginning of the first semester when we were freshmen we all showed great favor to each other. And when there was an activity that needed some people to join, we would be willing to attend whether it was interesting or not. And we were really like

brothers and sisters, and our class was just like a family, a warm family. But now, I feel tired of those meaningless activities not only because of the boring activities themselves but also the cool response of our classmates. I think the reasons why the passion of most classmates is so low may be as follows: To start with, many of us take part in more than one organization, which will certainly make us tired. Also, in the study fields, many of us may find that our courses are sometimes difficult to understand or comprehend,

especially the specialized subjects. Moreover,“history” teaches us that if one does not study hard, it is

possible to fail in the exams. So it is a big and good excuse to say that “I do really want to attend, but I have a lot of homework to do, so...”. Last but not least, some people believe that some of our leaders should not be regarded as a leader, maybe I should say we, as leaders, lost the reputation, support and trust of yours. At least I am the warm?hearted one, although I cannot

promise you that your advice will be adopted surely, at least I will spare no effort to “give” you the right to be heard, and to serve you. Be active to show your talents and abilities and to create a better image of our class. Most important of all, work pains takingly for a better condition that we should have reached. 【语篇解读】 昔日热衷于参加各类活动的雀跃而又温馨的场面已成为美好的回忆, 如今取而代之的是冷漠。创建优秀的班集体需要全体学生的共同努力,班干部要起好带 头作用。 1.At the beginning of the first semester the students were________each other. A.quite curious about B.active and kind to

C.full of sympathy to

D.specially tired of

解析 细节理解题。结合第二段第二、三、四句的内容可知,学生在第一学期开始的时 候非常活跃,并且彼此之间非常友好。 答案 B 2.Now the students are unwilling to get involved in the activities because they are________. A.not easy to organize C.difficult to comprehend B.costing too much time D.meaningless and boring

解析 细节理解题。根据第二段最后一句的内容可知,现在学生不愿参加各种活动的原 因是这些活动既没有意义又枯燥乏味。 答案 D 3.Which of the following statements is TRUE? A.Students' passion for activities was high at first but weakened gradually. B. Students' passion for activities grew gradually because they were interesting. C.Students were too busy to take part in activities after their classes. D.Students were unwilling to participate in activities because of their leaders. 解析 推理判断题。第二段提到新生在第一学期开始的时候热衷于各种各样的活动,而 现在已对这些活动毫无兴趣,由此可推断学生对活动的热情度起初很高,但是后来逐渐 减弱了。 答案 A 4.We can infer from the passage that the writer must be________. A.a supporter of activities C.a top student in class 解析 B.a responsible teacher D.a devoted class leader

推理判断题。结合倒数第二段前半部分中的“...maybe I should say we,as

leaders...”以及本段后半部分的内容可推知,作者是一位忠诚的班干部。 答案 D Ⅲ.书面表达 Ⅳ.短文改错 I joined in a program call the “Happy School” in the holidays.It was given

to some volunteers from the universities

in our city.There were many courses,

including photography, painting,∧ basketball training for us to choose from.These

courses were intended to help us left?behind middle school student in



countryside,our parents are working in other cities,make use of our holidays.The

volunteers took good care of us,showed them how to do our homework and make sure
us made

of our

safety.I learned a lot from the interested program.I will attend


programs again the—— next summer if there is some.



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