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2015 黑龙江哈尔滨高考英语语法填空和阅读能力自选训练(7)有答 案
阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Christmas is no fun when you're poor . Twenty years ago I was a young, 61 (struggle),substitute(替补) teac

her whose calls into work had been few.Money was tight, bills were due 62 my wife and I couldn't even afford to get Christmas gifts for each other.The only gifts we could get for our children were a few soft toys that I had found 63 (sell)at half price in the supermarket.I opened the door and brought in the gifts I 64 (hide) in our old car's trunk.Then I handed 65 to my son and daughter.I watched with a sad smile as they did their best to tear off the wrapping(包装) paper. As they pulled out their toys, though, I noticed their 66 lit up and they jumped up and down . My daughter 67 (happy) hugged her toy and then hugged her Mom and me as well.I laughed as I watched my children play with their toys _ 68 _ hours, and Thanked God for the . 69 _ (great) bifilar ever been given.Till today I still treasure 70 gift of pure love that my son and d 【参考答案】语法填空: 61. struggling 62. so/and 63. sold 64. had hidden 65. them/the gifts 66. eyes/faces 67. happily 68. for 69. greatest 70. the

完形填空 Every country has its heroes. The heroes are the people the nation and especially the young people 1 . If you get a list of the heroes of a nation, it will tell you the potential( 潜 质 ; 潜 力 )of that nation. For example, the youngsters in China nowadays take Yang Liwei as a 2 ever since the launch(发射)of ShenzhouⅤ. If today in America you ask the high school students to list their heroes, their 3 would probably fall into three groups. The first group of heroes would be the rock stars—the people 4 with rock music. There’s no doubt that such people have talent but one often wonders if one should 5 rock stars as a model. The rock stars too often are mixed with drugs and their personal life is not all that 6 . The rock stars are rich and they wear the latest fashion styles. 7 , one should put more in a hero than such things 8 money and fine clothes. The second type of heroes for the American youth are sports stars. 9 , you have a person who has a talent in one area—sports. However, too often the personal life of the sports stars is a bit 10 . Too frequent drugs and drinking are a part of 11 of the sports stars. The third group of heroes are TV or movie stars. These people may have lots of 12 talent and are quite handsome. However, the personal life of too many actors is quite sad and 13 not be held up as a model for young people.


Today, the rock stars, the sportsmen and the actors have 14 become the models of the youth in America. Really, do you hear a young person say that his 15 is a doctor, a teacher or a scientist? These people are not 16 and do not wear fashionable clothes. However, they are 17 people who work hard to make the world a better place for everyone. What is really sad is that the young try to 18 their heroes. They like to wear the same clothes as theirs. If the heroes of today for the American youth are 19 only to rock stars, sports stars and actors, the future does not look too 20 . 【文章大意】本文主要讲了每个国家都有自己的英雄 , 尤其是年轻人, 那么美国年轻人心中 的英雄是谁? 1. A. respect B. admire C. satisfy D. hold 【解析】选 B。逻辑推理题。句意: 英雄就是全国人民, 特别是年轻人所钦佩(admire)的人。 2. A. sportsman B. model C. astronaut D. pilot 【解析】选 B。习语搭配题。take sb. as a model 表示以某人为榜样。 3. A. choice B. conclusion C. majority D. suggestion 【解析】选 A。逻辑推理题。根据下文可知, 此处指年轻人对英雄的选择可能会归为三类。 4. A. interested B. connected C. excited D. pleased 【解析】选 B。习语搭配题。词组“connected with”是过去分词短语作后置定语, 意思是 “与??有联系”。 5. A. take on B. think up C. put on D. hold up 【解析】选 D。习语搭配题和词汇复现题。根据第四段的. . . be held up as a model for young people 可知。“hold up”为固定短语, 意思是“推举某人/某物作为实例、示范”。 6. A. simple B. mixed C. good D. bad 【解析】选 C。逻辑推理题和背景常识题。句意: 那些摇滚歌星经常吸毒而且私人生活不是那 么好(good)。根据常识得出此答案。 7. A. However B. Therefore C. Thus D. Instead 【解析】选 A。逻辑推理题。此句和前面的内容是转折关系, 所以选 A。 8. A. like B. besides C. with D. as 【解析】选 D。习语搭配题。such. . . as. . . 为固定短语, 用于列举事物/人, 意思是“诸 如??之类的人或者事物”。 9. A. Otherwise B. Or C. Yet D. Again 【解析】选 D。逻辑推理题。此处 again 相当于 furthermore/besides/what’s more, 表示 “此外, 而且, 再者”。句意: 此外你也有一位在体育这一领域有天赋的英雄。 10. A. special B. disordered C. ordinary D. happy 【解析】选 B。逻辑推理题。句意: 那些体育明星的个人生活有点混乱、不正常。disordered 混乱的。 11. A. sports B. life C. clothes D. talent 【解析】选 B。词汇复现题。根据上一句中的 the personal life of the sports stars 可知 此处选 B。


12. A. teaching B. running C. acting D. speaking 【解析】选 C。逻辑推理题。承接上文“The third group of heroes are TV or movie stars”, 可知应该选择 C 项。本句意思是“这些电视、电影明星有很高的表演(acting)才能”。 13. A. should B. would C. need D. may 【解析】选 A。逻辑推理题和背景常识题。根据常识, 这些人的个人生活太消极、悲伤, 因此 不应该(should not)成为年轻人的榜样。 14. A. both B. each C. all D. none 【解析】选 C。逻辑推理题。表示三者以上用 all, 本句意思是“这三类人都(all)已成为美 国年轻人的榜样”。none 也指三者以上, 但它是否定意义, 与上下文逻辑关系不符。 15. A. dream B. husband C. wife D. hero 【解析】选 D。词汇复现题。根据上下文多处出现的 hero 可知。句意: 你听说过一个年轻人 说他的英雄是医生、教师或科学家吗? 16. A. rich B. poor C. healthy D. kind 【解析】选 A。逻辑推理题。句意: 这些人都不富裕, 不穿时尚的衣服。 17. A. stupid B. talented C. terrible D. weak 【解析】选 B。背景常识题。根据常识, 医生、教师和科学家都是有才能的(talented)人。 18. A . persuade B. praise C. remember D. follo w 【解析】选 D。逻辑推理题。此处指这些年轻人试图追随他们的英雄。follow sb. 表示追随 某人。persuade sb. 说服某人; praise sb. 赞扬某人; remember sb. 怀念某人。 19. A. enough B. limited C. powerful D. great 【解析】选 B。习语搭配题。be limited to 限定于。limited 的意思是“限定的”。 20. A. bright B. usual C. necessary D. important 【解析】选 A。逻辑推理题。句意: 如果美国年轻人的英雄只限定于摇滚明星、体育明星和演 员, 那么他们的未来看起来很不光明。bright 表示“光明的”。

阅读下列短文, 从给的四个选项 (A、B、C 和 D) 中, 选出最佳选项。 (2013·四川,B) On a sunny day last August, Tim heard some shouting. Looking out to the sea carefully, he saw a couple of kids in a rowboat were being pulled out to sea. Two 12 yearold boys, Christian and Jack, rowed out a boat to search for a football. Once they'd rowed beyond the calm waters, a beach umbrella tied to the boat caught the wind and pulled the boat into open water. The pair panicked and tried to row back to shore. But they were no match for it and the boat was out of control. Tim knew it would soon be swallowed by the waves. “Everything went quiet in my head, ” Tim recalls (回忆).“I was trying to figure out how to swim to the boys in a straight line.” Tim took off his clothes and jumped into the water. Every 500 yards or so, he raised his head to judge his progress.“At one point, I considered turning back, ” he says.


“I wondered if I was putting my life at risk.” After 30 minutes of struggling, he was close enough to yell to the boys, “Take down the umbrella! ” Christian made much effort to take down the umbrella. Then Tim was able to catch up and climb aboard the boat. He took over rowing, but the waves were almost too strong for him. “Let's aim for the pier (码头), ” Jack said. Tim turned the boat toward it. Soon afterward, waves crashed over the boat, and it began to sink. “Can you guys swim?” he cried. “A little bit, ” the boys said. Once they were in the water, Tim decided it would be safer and faster for him to pull the boys toward the pier. Christian and Jack were wearing life jackets and floated on their backs. Tim swam toward land as water washed over the boys' faces. “Are we almost there?” they asked again and again.“Yes, ” Tim told them each time. After 30 minutes, they reached the pier. 文章大意:为了寻找足球,两个男孩驾船进入大海,却不料遇到了危险,在 Tim 的帮助下, 他们终于化险为夷。 5.Why did the two boys go to the sea? A.To go boat rowing. B.To get back their football. C.To swim in the open water. D.To test the umbrella as a sail. 答案:B 细节理解题,由第二段第一句话可知,两个 12 岁的男孩出海是为了寻找一个足球。 6. W hat does “it” in Paragraph 2 refer to? A.The beach. B.The water. C.The boat. D.The wind. 答案:D 代词指代题,由第二段第二、三句话可知 it 指代 the wind。 7.Why did Tim raise his head regularly? A.To take in enough fresh air. B.To consider turning back or not. C.To check his distance from the boys. D.To ask the boys to take down the umbrella. 答案:C 细节理解题,由文章第五段第二句话可知,他每隔 500 码就抬头判断他前进的情况。 8.How did the two boys finally reach the pier? A.They were dragged to the pier by Tim. B.They swam to the pier all by themselves. C.They were washed to the pier by the waves. D.They were carried to the pier by Tim on his back. 答案:A 细节理解题,由文章倒数第三段 Tim decided it would be safer and faster for him to pull the boys toward the pier 可知。

阅读下列四篇短文,从每小题后所给的 A,B,C 或 D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 For many of us, aspirin, one of the most common nonprescription drugs, is a constant companion. It is the most effective drug that we have, and if we eliminated all but


three drugs, aspirin would definitely be one of the three drugs we should keep. Even with all the new drugs available, it still has a place in many of our medicine cabinets, as a “miracle drug” in its ability to fight pain and inflammation (炎症) and even more amazing in its ability to reduce heart attack and stroke risk. Aspirin is the first member of a class of substances called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs 非甾体抗炎药). These drugs reduce pain, fever and inflammation, and are used to treat a variety of conditions. Many believe that aspirin has many benefits not yet fully understood. Media reports on the use of aspirin to prevent or treat diseases such as heart attacks and cancer leave many people struggling to keep all the facts straight. Others who cannot tolerate aspirin might feel a bit left out as new uses and benefits of aspirin continue to appear in the news. In all cases, more researches are needed to determine what benefits aspirin may provide and whether these benefits would outweigh the potential side effects. Aspirin, for example, is known to cause gastrointestinal (胃肠的) bleeding with heavy use, and there is research that indicates an increased risk of bleeding-related stroke in people who use it regularly. In some cases, these reactions can be killers. Another potentially deadly problem is aspirin poisoning and most people don’t know about it. Before you start taking any of these over-the-counter (不需处方也可出售的) drugs on a long-term basis, it’s a good idea to discuss it with your health care provider. 1. From the second paragraph we know . A. Humans have fully understood the benefits of aspirin. B. Aspirin is the only member of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. C. Not every one of us can take aspirin. D. Aspirin can be used to stop bleeding. 2. What’s the third paragraph mainly about? A. Many researches about aspirin. B. Aspirin’s side effects. C. New uses of aspirin. D. The unknown aspects about aspirin. 3. The underlined word in the first paragraph means . A. kept B. saved C. investigated D. removed 4. According to the passage, which of the following is TRUE? A. Aspirin can cure us of most diseases. B. Aspirin is important in reducing pain and heart attack. C. The side effects of aspirin outweigh its benefits. D. We can buy some aspirin and take it immediately if we don’t feel well. 【参考答案】1—4、CBDB




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