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attributive clauses

Learning aims: 1. To go over the attributive clause. 2.To learn about non-restrictive attributive clauses. 3. To tell the differences between restrictive and non-restrictive attributive clauses and use them correctly.

1.定义: 在复合句中用来用来修饰名词或代词的从 句叫定语从句(the attributive clause)。
被定语从句所修饰的名词或代词叫先行 2.先行词: 词(antecedent)。 3.关系代词/副词: 引导定语从句的词 relative pronouns and adverbs

关系代词:who, whom, whose, which, that, as
关系副词: when, where, why

Though I can’t remember everything ____ happened in university, I still remember some that people and things __________ were related to Miss Brown.She used to be monitor in our class. If you want to know more about the lady , I can tell you a story _____________ that/which makes me remember Miss Brown until now. One afternoon______she and I arrived in New York,we went to the biggest which there were different kinds of bookstore in ______ books to be sold. There,

she persuaded me to read every grammar book that ______ is for beginners and buy a dictionary _______ I could look up the new words . Miss where as Brown also bought the same books _____ I did. Just when we were to leave, a big man stopped us and robbed(抢) me of my necklace. Miss Brown tried her best to help me out. I’ll never forget her!

Non-restrictive attributive clauses 非限制性定语从句:

Unit 3 P42:

1. My mother, who you met last year, keeps
telling me not to take them because they are dangerous 2. I’m taking weight-loss pills called Fat-Less, which are quite popular among young women here.


3. My mother insisted on sending me to the
hospital, where I received good medical treatment. 4. It’s the same in China—many people, some of whom are not overweight at all, are always going on diet or taking weight-loss pills, which are often dangerous.

定语从句分为: 限制性(restrictive )和非限制性定语从 (non-restrictive):限制性定语从句紧




限制性定语从句是先行词不可缺少的修 饰成分,否则主句的意思不完整。非限制性定语从 句只对先行词作进一步的补充说明,去掉之后主句 的意思照样完整。 Translate the following: 1.My mother, who(m) you met last year, keeps telling me not to take them(weight-loss pills).
2.This note was left by Mr Hu, who was here just now. 3. Yesterday Mr Brown visited Hangzhou, which is famous for its West Lake.

Conclusion 3: 先行词是人名、地名及家中独一无二的成 员时,多使用非限制性定语从句。

I was born in changsha, which is the capital of Hunan Province.

1.You are wearing the same school uniform as _______ your classmates are wearing. 2.Amy is taking such weight-loss pills______ are popular among young people. 3.I have as many questions ______ you have. But: 4.My sister is wearing the same school uniform that _______ I wore before, since she has lost her own. As 5._______ is known to us all, our school has a history of 90 years. as/ which Our school has a history of 90 years,_________ is known to us all.

Conlusion 4: as和which 的用法 1、当限制性定语从句中,先行词被the same/such/as/so等修饰时,要用特殊关系代词 as,其中,the same?as?“与??一样”; the same?that?“与??同一”。 2、 as 和which在引导非限制性定语从句时, 两者都可代替整个主句,as 引导的非限制 性定语从句可置于句首(也可后置),而 which(及其它关系词)引导的定语从句不 可放在句首。 as常有“正如”的意思。

Conclusion 5

一些数词或不定代词如 all/ some/
one/ both/ neither/ none/ most等可与 of which/whom一起引导非限制性定语从句,此时关 系代词不可用that。 1.He has told us many stories, all of which are about his school life in the UK. 2. The students of Class 9, some of whom are from the countryside, are very active in class.

Think it over
只用which 的情况?
1、介词提前,且先行词指事或物; 2、在 all/ some/ one/ both/ neither/ none/ most…+of _________结构中, 且先行词指事或物; 3、非限制性定语从句先行词指物 且从句中需要代词做主语、宾语和 表语时。

Practice (高考题)
1.________ is known to everybody, the moon travels round the B earth once every month.

A. It

B. As

C. That

D. What

A 2.He made another wonderful discovery, ________ of great importance to science.
A. which is
C. who is

B. where is
D. that is

B I lived in the country 3. I shall never forget those years ______ with the farmers, __________ has a great effect on my life.
A. that; which B. when; which C. which; that D.when; who

4. He was educated at a local grammar school, C ______ he went on to Cambridge.

A. from which B. after that C. after which D. from this 5.I have many friends ,_____ D some are businessmen A.of them B.from which C.who of D.of whom.

who Amy,________is my friend, likes everything ____looks beautiful, because she is an actress. I that were about know some people and stories _____ her. Once she took weight-loss pills,________were which popular among young women. She became slimmer and slimmer, so she was very satisfied. who(m) you met last year, However, her mother,_______ stopped her from taking them,since they could damage health. As a matter of fact, Amy is in which hospital , in ______she is suffering liver failure! Luckily,she is recovering and she is willing to which makes all of us follow the doctor’s advice,______ happy .

归 纳 总 结

as 特殊关系代词!

指代人 who, whom, that, as 指代事物 which, that, as 所属关系 whose(+n.)—人或物 指地点 where 关 指时间 when 系 指原因 why 副 词

关 系 代 词

as 与which的用法

1. Finish the paper. 2. Finish Part A and B on P51 in your textbook. 3. Recite P42-43.


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