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? 纯空格填空题主要是填冠词、介词、代词、 连接词(含从属连词和并列连词)等虚词。 ? 首先,分析句子结构,根据句子所缺成分 确定填哪类词。然后,根据句子意思,确 定具体填什么词;或根据两句间的逻辑关 系确定具体用哪个连词。共有以下6个技巧:


主语或宾语,一定是填代词。 例1.I can send a message to Kenya whenever I want to, and it gets there almost in a second.

技巧2:名词前面,若没有限定词(冠词、形容 词性物主代词、不定代词等),很可 能 是填限定词。 例2.It is said that a short-tempered man in the Song Dynasty was very anxious to help his rice crop grow up quickly. 例3.…the head of the village was tying up his horse to my car to pull it to the small town some 20 kilometers away where there was a garage.

技巧3:名词或代词在句中不作主语、表 语或动词的宾语时,其前面, 一定是填介词。 例4.…who should have the honor of as a guest in their receiving me house.

技巧4: 若两个或几个单词或短语之间没有连 词,可能是填连词。 例5.…two world-famous artists, Pablo Picasso and Cabdido Poitinari, which are worth millions of dollars. 例6…all I saw was this beautiful girls, whose smile just melted me and almost instantly gave me a completely new sense of what life is all about.

技巧5: 若两个句子(即两个主谓结构)之间 没有连词,也没有分号或句号,一定 是填并列连词(连接并列的句子)或从 属连词(连接定语从句、名词性从句和 状语从句)。 例7:The greatest magician of all time was Harry Houdini who died in 1926. 例8:In Japan, for example, it is normal for the woman to send chocolates to the man but in Korea April 14th is known as “Black Day”. 例9:He was very tired after doing this for a but whole day, ____ he felt very happy.

技巧6: 由特殊句式结构来判断空格应填的词。 (1) 由it is/was … that… 强调结构的形式,判断it 还是 that。判断方法:去掉it is/was … that…结构,句 子还是一个完整的句子就是强调句型。 (2) 由it 作形式主语或形式宾语的句式判断,空格是否 填it. 例10:…and it was only after I heard she become sick that I learned she couldn’t eat MSG (味精). 例11:… as it took them just three minutes to steal paintings by two world-famous artists.. 例12:Dating sites also makes it easy to avoid someone whom you are not interested in.

(3) 在倒装句式中通常填only, so, neither, nor, never, hardly, seldom, not…until等词。 Only with hard work can you expect to get 例13: pay rise. (4) so / such …that…句型 that it began 例14:This made the goat so jealous _ plotting against the donkey. (5) more …than…(与其说……不如说……,比…… 更……)句型。 例15:Cynthia’s story shows vividly that people remember more how much a manager cares more how much he pays.

二、给出提示词的语法填空题 语法填空题的括号中所提供的词通常是动词、 形容词、副词和名词。 (一)、给出了动词的试题解题技巧 首先,判断要填的动词是谓语动词还是非谓 语动词。然后按照以下两点进行思考。

技巧7:若句子没有别的谓语动词,或者虽然已有谓语 动词,但需填的动词与之是并列关系时,所给动 词就是谓语动词;若是谓语动词,就要考虑时态 语态。 would give 例16:When I die, I (give) everything to you. 例17:That was definitely not an attractive idea so I politely declined her invitation, closed (close) my book and walked away. 例18:In Loganm three people were taken(take) to a hospital, while others were treated at a local clinic. 例19: Being too anxious to help an event develop results often (result) the contrary(相反) to our intention. 例20: Now, Valentine’s Dayis celebrated(celebrate) in many countries around the world.

技巧8: 若句中已有谓语动词,又不是并列谓语 时, 所给动词就是非谓语动词。若是非谓语动词 就要确 定是v-ing形式,-ed形式,还是 不定 式,确定的方 法主要有: (1) 作主语或宾语,通常用v-ing 形式表示习惯或一般情 况,用不定式表示具体情况。 to memorize 例21:…but it is not enough only (memorize) rules from a grammar book. speaking (speak) out your inner feeling won’t 例22: make you feel ashamed, on the contrary… 例23: He wasn’t used to being taken (take) care of like that.

(2) 作目的状语或在形容词后作状语,一般用不 定式。 To complete (complete) the project as 例24: planed, we’ll have to work two more hours a day. 例25:Some people say that oldest children, who are smart and strong-willed, are very likely to succeed (succeed).

(3) 作伴随状语,通常用分词,若与逻辑主语 是主动关系,用现在分词(v-ing);若是被 动关系,用过去分词(-ed)。 例26:He saw the stone, saying(say) to himself: “the night will be very dark.” 例27:The headmaster went into the lab, followed (follow) by the foreign guests. depending 例28:Problems, (depend) on their nature, cause us sadness or loneliness or regret or anger or fear.

(4) 无论非谓语动词在句子作何种成分,若判断得出其需 要用分词时,分词与逻辑主语是主动关系,用现在分词 (v-ing);是被动关系,用过去分词(-ed)。 settled 例29:While she was getting me (settle) into a tiny but clean room,… 例30:Lessons learned (learn) in sports can help us in our dealing with other people. 例31: The dinosaur was forced to adapt and evolved into a smaller animal needing (need) less space and food. 例32:A room is full of candidates for a state timed examination (time) exactly by electronic clocks. delivered 例33:It was a presidential talk ( deliver) at a time of…

其次,若所给动词既不做谓语也不做非谓语,那就是词的 转换题。 技巧9: 动词的词类转换主要做主语、宾语和定语。 uncomfortable 例34:There are (comfort) feelings often as any kind of physical pain. 例35:It came into existence(exist) with the great increase in population and the development of modern industry. 例36:They entered the Credit Lyonnais branch using building equipment (equip) to dig holes 例37:But a mother in North Cardina said she thought speech (speak) could have a positive impact. the 例38:We can have the most supportive (support) parents and the best schools in the world

例39:When China’s ancient scientific and technological achievements (achieve) are mentioned, the nation will generally prefer to the Four Great Inventions. contributions 例40:These people have made great (contribute) to China with their work.

例41:…instructors expect students to be familiar
with information (inform) in the reading. 例42:But Jane knew from past experience that her choice (choose) of ties hardly ever pleased her father.

(二)、给出了形容词、副词、名词的试题 解题技巧 ? 这类题主要是考查名词、形容词和副词, 根据该词在句中所作句子成分确定用那种 形式,具体技巧有以下4种。

技巧10: 作表语(在系动词之后)、定语(修饰名词) 或宾补(表性质状态),通常用形容词形式。 例43:The youngster immediately felt silent (silence)

as tears flew down from his big blue eyes. 例44:In a dangerous (danger ) part of the sea off the
coast of New Zealand, they leant to… 例45:Teachers must try their best to make most of their students interested (interest) in the subject.

例46:This proverb is saying we have to let things go in their natural (nature) course.

技巧11: 修饰动词、形容词、副词,或整个句 子,作状语,用副词形式。 例47:As I looked _ closely (close) at this girl, I found that… 例48:There must be something seriously (serious) wrong with our society. 例49:Singles are flocking(涌向) to the Internet _ mainly (main) because their busy lifestyles leave them little time… 例50: Fortuantely (fortune), the guest escaped unharmed.

技巧12: 有的词义转换题,词类或词性不一定要变,主要 是考查具有与词根意义相反的派生词,需要句子意思及 前后逻辑关系,在词根前加un-, im-, in-等,在词根后加 -less等。 例51: People certainly have a variety of reasons for going back to school but one important thing to know is, no knowledge is _ useless _(use). 例52:Your mistake caused a lot of _ unnecessary _(necessary) work in the office. unclear (clear) and hidden in 例53:Its origins are the river of time.

技巧13: 括号中所给词若是形容词或副词, 有可能考查其比较级或最高级。
例54:The other frog went on jumping as hard as he could… he jumped even harder (hard) and nearly made himself out.

例55:Guangzhou is the third largest (large) city in China. 例56:…,but he felt very happy since the crop did “grow” higher (high)



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