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Ⅰ.单词荟萃 1.accommodate v. 提供住处;容纳;适应 → _____________ n. 住宿, 住所;适应 2. _____________ n. 建设 → construct v. 建设 3.historical adj. 历史的, 有关历史的→ ________ adj. 有历史意义的 → ________

n. 历史

narrow adj. 狭窄的, 狭隘的 v. (使)变窄→ ________ adv. 狭隘地, 勉强地 5. ________ adj. 全球的 → globe n. 全球, 地球 6.observatory n. 观察台 → ________ v. 观察 → observation n. 观察 7. 8. _____ adj. 有雾的 → fog n. 雾 ________ v. 迁移;除去, 拿走→ removal n.除去, 消除;移动, 搬迁 10.飞越……上空 date back to/date from of great importance dream of hold back come true provide…for use… for (doing) sth. bring an end to make sense fly over

Ⅱ.短语检测 1.起源于 2.非常重要 3.渴望;梦想 4.阻止;退缩 5.变为现实;实现 6.为……提供 7.把……用于(做)某事 8.结束;终止 9.讲得通;有意义 Ⅲ.佳句再现 1.Mao Zedong wrote a poem ____________________ “walls of stone to ________ clouds and rain till a smooth lake rises in the narrow gorges”. 毛泽东写过一首词, 在 这首词中, 他表达了“更立西江石壁, 截断巫山云雨, 高峡出平湖”的理想。 2.The dam will generate electricity ________ about 40 million tons of coal ______________ so much air pollution. 大坝将要产生相当于燃烧 4000 万吨煤所产生的电量, 但是却不会造成那么严 重的空气污染。 3.Lighting ______ the Empire State Building about ______________. 闪电一年大 约袭击帝国大厦 500 次。 Ⅳ.词汇学习 1 date

n.日期;时期;约会 vt.注明日期;约会
up to date 现代的;时新的 date back to/from 追溯到;始于

out of date 过时的;废弃的 to date 到目前为止 【温馨提示】

date back to 和 date from 作谓语时无被动语态, 而且往往用于一般现在时。

【活学活用】 The church can ____________ the 13th century. 这座教堂的历史可以追溯到 13 世 纪。 2 accommodate v. 容纳;适应 accommodate sb. for the night 留某人过夜 accommodation n.住处,适应 【活学活用】 (1)He soon _______________ the new environment. 他很快适应了新环境。 (2)How many people ______________________? 大厅能容纳多少人? 3 remove v.移开, 去掉, 清除;开除;迁移 【易混辨析】 remove 和 move remove 和 move 都表示“移动”。区别是:move 强调位置和姿态的改变;remove 则 指“拿走, 撤走, 去除(take away from/get rid of)”等义, 强调完全放弃原来的地方 而达到新的位置。表示“迁居”时, 二者均可。如: Who moved my cheese? 谁动了我的奶酪? Please remove the dishes (from the table). 请把碗碟(从餐桌上)拿走。 【活学活用】 用 move 或 remove 的适当形式填空 (1)The danger was suddenly ________. (2)He tried to _______ the dirty marks on the wall. (3)Please______ your chair closer to me. Ⅴ.短语学习 1 make sense 有意义;有道理 make sense of in a/some sense sense sth./that 【经典句式】 It makes sense to do sth. 做某事是合情合理的/有道理的。 There is no sense (in) doing sth. 做某事没有意义。 【活学活用】 (1) ________________ keep cattle on the hillside. 在山坡上养牛是明智之举。 (2)Can you ____________ this poem?你看得懂这首诗吗? (3)What you say is true _________. 你的话在某种意义上属实。 了解……的意义;懂得 在某个意义上 意识到, 感觉到

accommodate (oneself) to doing/sth. (使自己)适应……

sense of humour/direction/shame/responsibility 幽默感/方向感/羞耻感/责任感


hold back 阻挡;抑制, 控制;隐瞒;退缩, 犹豫;阻碍进步或发展 hold on to hold up 抓住不放, 留住不卖 延误;使耽搁(常用于被动语态) 伸出;维持, 坚持

hold on 不挂断(电话);坚持住 hold out get/catch/take hold of 抓住, 握住 【活学活用】

1.根据语境为 hold back 选择合适的英语释义 a. to make someone or something stop moving forward b. to stop yourself from feeling or showing a particular emotion c. to keep sth. secret d. to be unwilling to do sth. because of fear or being careful or to make sb. unwilling to do sth. e. to prevent someone or something from making progress (1)Tell me all about it—don’t hold anything back! ____ (2)She wanted to tell him but pride held her back. ____ (3)Anger flooded through her. She couldn’t hold it back. ___ (4)The dam was not strong enough to hold back the flood waters. ____ (5)They felt the economy in this country was being held back by too many government controls. ___ 2.用 hold 相关短语的适当形式填空 (1)She just managed ___________ her anger. (2)She _________, not knowing how to break the terrible news. (3)supplies couldn’t _________ long. (4)They managed _________ until help arrived. (5)Our flight ___________ by fog. As a result, I was late for an important meeting. These books are of great help to you. =These books are very helpful to you. 这些书对你很有帮助。 Ⅵ句型学习 A temple is a place of great importance to Buddhists. 要的地方。 【句式点拨】 be + of + value/use/help/difference/importance 等抽象名词, 可用其同根形容词 valuable/useful/helpful/different/important 等替换, 且这些抽象名词前可用 little, some, any, no, great 等修饰。如: These books are of great help to you. =These books are very helpful to you. 这些书对你很有帮助。 【相关拓展】 (1)be + of + color/age/size/shape 等普通名词。如: Coins may be of different sizes, weights, shapes and of different metals. 硬币可能大小、重量、形状不同, 所用金属材料不同。 (2)be + of +a(n)/one + 名词, 表示“同一的”。如: They are of a color. 他们的颜色一样。 寺庙对于佛教徒来说是一个重

(3)be + of +普通名词或物质名词, 表示“由……制成”,“由……组成”。如: The small bridge is of stone. =The small bridge is made of stone. 小桥是由石头做成的。 【活学活用】 (1)It is ________ to you. =It is_______ to you. 这个东西对你没用。 (2)These cars are ____________. 这些车大小一样。 Ⅱ.选词填空 in particular, dream of, hold back, come true, bring…to an end 1.No one can __________ the wheel of history. 2.The risk is that Europe will get hit harder, ____________ its financial system. 3.I used to ________ becoming an actor, now I have realized I will never. 4.I believe my dream will ________ one day. 5.That our father came _______ our discussion _________. Ⅲ.单项填空 1.[2010·湖北卷] After the earthquake,the first thing the local government did was to provide ________ for the homeless families. A. accommodation B. occupation C. equipment D. furniture 【解析】 A 考查名词词义辨析。accommodation 食宿。由句意知道,地震后,政府 首先要做的事情当然是给无家可归者提供食宿。 2.They’ve won their last three matches, __________ I find a bit surprising actually. A.that B.when C.what D.which 【解析】 D 考查非限定性定语从句。由前面的逗号可以排除 A 项;而 what 同样不能 引导非限制性定语从句;从句中 find 缺少宾语,从而排除 B 项。which 引导非限制性 定语从句。 3.I wish your dream would ________ one day. A.come truly B.come true C.be come true D.came true 【解析】 B 考查动词短语的用法。come true 意思是“实现”, 不能用于被动语态, 且由 would 可知应用动词原形。 4.Winning the competition ________ her financial problems. A.put on end B.came to an end C.brought an end to D.was an end 【解析】 C 考查动词短语。句意:在比赛中获胜使她的财政问题迎刃而解。bring an end to sth.意为“使某事/物结束”,符合句意。而 be an end 后面不跟宾语;come to an end 意为“结束”,是不及物动词短语,不跟宾语;put sth. on end 意为“将某物 竖起来”,不符合句意。 5.What do you advise for ________ ink from my jacket? A.moving B.getting C.bringing D.removing 【解析】 D 句意:你认为我应该采取什么方式清除衣服上的墨渍?remove = get rid of,意为“除去,清除”,符合句意。

6.Yesterday we visited a temple, ________ the 13th century. A.dating from B.dating back C.dated from D.dates back to 【解析】 A 分析句子结构可知,逗号后面的是非谓语作定语,先行词 temple 和 date back to/date from 是主动关系,因此用现在分词。 7.I ’d ________ that house for the time being; house prices are rising sharply at the moment. A.stick to B.insist on C.hold on to D.apply to 【解析】 C stick to 坚持(原则、诺言等);insist on 坚持要求;hold on to 抓住不放, 留住不卖;apply to 向……申请,应用于。句意:目前我不能出让那所房子, 此刻房价 正在急剧上涨。 8.No one can give a speech without an outline, which will give you a good ________ to base your speech on. A.construction B.structure C.building D.form 【解析】 B 考查名词辨析。句意:没有人离开纲要作报告的,那是演讲的基 本结构。表示“结构,构架”应该用 structure。而 construction 意为“建设,建 造”,不符合句意。 9.In my opinion, what he told us just now about the affair simply doesn’t make any ________ . A.idea B.meaning C.sense D.point 【解析】 C 考查固定搭配。make sense 是固定搭配,意为“有道理,有意义”。 10.—How about talking with native speakers if I know little about French? — ________ . You should learn it for several months. A.That’s all right B.It’s out of the question C.It’s up to you D.It makes sense 【解析】 B 考查交际用语。答语句意为:不可能的,你应该学上几个月时间的法语 才可以。故选 B,意为“那是不可能的”。A 项意为“可以”,C 项意为“由你来 定”,D 项意为“那有意义”,都不符合句意。



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