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Part 1. Warming up 1.Festivals are meant to celebrate important times of year. 节日的目的是纪念一年中重要的事 件。 阅读下列句子,注意 mean 的搭配及意思 (1)I didn't mean you to do anything to hurt her.(要求某人做) (2)You are

meant to pay before you come in.(被要求做) (3)Learning English well sometimes means_having more chances.(意味着) (4)—Why haven't you bought any butter? —I meant to,but I forgot about it.(打算做,企图) A.选用上述单词或短语完成下列小片段 When I was young , Mother always (1)________me to do extra exercises and my brother(2)________ practice playing the piano.We (3)________give up , but Dad told us persistence (4)________success while laziness (5)________losing good chances and failure,so my brother and I had to do as we were told. 答案:(1)meant(要求某人做) (2)was meant to(被要求做) (3)meant to(打算做) (4)meant(意味着) (5)meant 词语辨析 celebrate;congratulate ①celebrate 指举行盛大仪式庆祝或纪念有意义的日子或时刻。 ②congratulate 指“就某事祝贺某人” ,搭配是 congratulate sb. On sth.。 ③congratulations 指“恭喜”“恭贺” 、 B.选用上述单词完成下列句子 (1)We ______________National Day with a dance party. (2)______________!You've come out the first in the competition! (3)______________ you on your winning the gold medal in the 100?meter dash! 答案:(1)celebrated (2)Congratulations (3)Congratulate 2.Discuss when they take place,what they celebrate and what people do at that time (P1)讨论它 们(节日)的时间、庆祝的内容以及人们在节日要做的事情。 take place 发生,不能带宾语,也没有被动语态。 take the place of 代替 take one’s place 代替某人 in place 在适当的位置 in place of=instead of 代替 A.翻译下列句子 (1)自二十世纪八十年代以来,我国发生了巨大变化。 _________________________________________________ (2)春节通常在每年的一月或二月。 ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:(1)Great changes have taken place in our country since 1980s. (2)The Spring Festival usually takes place in January or February every year. 词语辨析 take place;happen;occur;break out;come about 它们都没有被动语态。 ①take place 事先计划安排好或者预想到的事情。 ②happen 一切客观事物或者偶然的未能遇见的事件。

③occur 同 happen,指偶然的未能预见的事情。 ④break out 多指有负面影响的事情发生,如灾难、战争等。 ⑤come about 中性词,通常要与 how 连用。 B.选用上述单词或短语完成下列句子 (1)I ____________to be at the gate when the guests arrived. (2)Just then an idea ____________to me. (3)Can you tell me how the accident ____________? (4)World War II ____________ in 1939. (5)The meeting ____________ at 8∶00 as planned. 答案:(1)happened (2)occurred (3)came about (4)broke out (5)took place ?句型:It (so) happens that...(这么)碰巧??, 偶然?? It occurs to sb.that...某人突然想到?? C.翻译下列句子 (1)非常凑巧它就是我一直在找的书。 ________________________________________________________________________ (2)我突然想起我们应该去征求老师的意见。 ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:(1)It so happened that it was the right book I had been looking for. (2)It occurred to me suddenly that we should ask for the teacher's advice. Part 2. Pre-reading, reading and comprehending 1.At that time people would starve if food was difficult to find,especially during the cold winter months.那时,特别是在冬季寒冷的日子里,如果难以找到食物,人们就会挨饿。 (1)starve for 渴望得到…… starve to death 饿死 be starved of 极需,缺乏 starve to do 渴望做?? starve sb. into sth./ doing sth.使某人挨饿以迫使其做某事 The plants are starving for water.这些植物极需要水。 They got lost in the desert and starved to death.他们在沙漠中迷了路而被饿死了。 The engine was starved of petrol and wouldn’t start.发动机缺油,发动不起来。 联想拓展 starvation n. 挨饿;饿死 (2) find 为动词不定式, to 作_状语___, 修饰表语形容词 difficult, 并且 find 与逻辑主语 food 之间构成动宾关系,这时,动词不定式用主动形式表示被动意义。如后面的动词是不及物动 词,则要加上适当的介词或副词。 The sofa i s very comfortable to sit in.这沙发坐上去很舒服。 (2010· 川 卷 )In many people’s opinion , that company , though relatively small , is 四 pleasant________. A.to deal with B.dealing with C.to be dealt with D.dealt with 解析: 句意为:在很多人看来,尽管那家公司相对来说较小,人们却能够与之愉快合作。 该句可还原成 To deal with that company is pleasant。答案: A 2.Some festivals are held to honor the dead or satisfy the ancestors,who might return either to help or to do harm.有些节日,是为了纪念死者,或者使祖先得到满足,因为祖先们有可能回

到世上(给人们)提供帮助,也有可能带来危害。 (1)honor vt.敬重,尊敬 n. 敬重,尊敬;荣幸;人格,荣誉,信誉 honored guests 贵宾 in honor of 向。。表示敬意 。 do sb. honor/do honor to sb. 向某人致敬 pay a debt of honor 偿还信用贷款 have the honor of doing/to do 有做。。的荣幸 。 do the honors 尽地主之谊 (2)satisfy vt. 使满意 Nothing satisfies him; he is always complaining. The government tries its best to satisfy people’s needs. satisfaction n. 满意、令人满意的人/物 satisfied (人)满意的 satisfying/ satisfactory 令人满意的 The teacher was satisfied with his satisfying/satisfactory answer. (3)harm : n. damage, injury 损坏,伤害 do harm to ?= harm Smoking does harm to our health. do more harm than good 弊大于利 If we try to solve the problem in this way, it will do more harm than good. vt. cause harm to The event harmed his reputation. (4)句式提取:either...or... either...or...连接句子中两个并列的成分, “或者??或者??; 意为 不是??就是??” ; 若连接两个主语时,其谓语动词应与最近的一个主语在人称和数上保持一致,即取“就近原 则” 。 当 either...or...,neither...nor...,not only...but also...,not...but...等连接两个主语时, 其谓语动词通常 和邻近的主语在人称和数上保持一致。 即学即用 (1)你和他有一方完全正确。 _________________ is wholly right. (2)不仅他的父母,而且他最好的朋友都鼓励他出国。 ______________________________________________ encourages him to go abroad. Either you or he Not only his parents but also his best friend 3.For the Japanese festival Oban, people should go to clean graves and light incense in memory of their ancestors. in memory of 纪念;追念 归纳拓展 (1)to the memory of=in memory of 为了纪念 have a good/bad memory for sth.善于记??/不善于记?? bring back good memories 引起对美好往事的回忆 within sb.'s memory 就某人记忆所及 (2)相似短语:

in favor of 支持,赞同,对某人有利 in support of 支持 in face of 面临,面对 in honor of 向??表示敬意 in need of 需要 in place of 代替 in case of 万一 in charge of 负责;掌管 in search of 寻找 in terms of 谈及;就??而言 in praise of 歌颂 in possession of 拥有 He wrote a poem to the memory of/in memory of those who died in Sichuan earthquake. 他写了这首诗以纪念那些在四川地震中死去的人们。 Not everyone has a good memory for English words.并非每个人都善于记英语单词。 In case of fire,ring the alarm bell.万一失火,请按报警器。 【链接训练】 ①A ceremony was held________those who had died in the Yushu earthquake on April 21, 2010. A.in need of B.in search of C.with the help of D.in memory of 【解析】 句意为:2010 年 4 月 21 日举行的仪式来纪念在玉树大地震中死去的人。in need of“需要” search of“寻找” ;in ;with the help of“在??帮助下” memory of“纪念,追 ;in 念” 。由句意可知选 D 项。 ②______the numbers in employment,the hotel industry was the second largest industry in this country last year. A.In spite of B.In case of C.In terms of D.In praise of 【解析】 考查介词短语的用法。 spite of 尽管” in case of 以防万一” in terms of 就?? in “ ; “ ; “ 而言” ;in praise of“为赞扬??” 。根据题意可知答案为 C。 4. They offered food,flowers and gifts to the dead (P2)词语归纳 offer 主动提供;出价 offer sb. sth./offer sth. to sb.给某人提供某物 offer to do sth. 表示愿意做某事 supply sb. with sth./supply sth. to sb.给某人提供某物 provide sb. with sth./provide sth. for sb.给某人提供某物 water supply=supply of water 供水 food supply 食品供应 electricity supply 供电 5.It’s now a children’s festival, when they can dress up and go to their neighbors’ homes to ask for sweets. dress up 穿上盛装;(乔装)打扮;装饰 归纳拓展 dress vt.&vi.(给??)穿衣服 dress sb.up 给某人化妆打扮 dress sb./oneself 给某人/自己穿衣 be dressed in 穿着??衣服(表状态)

The boy is old enough to dress himself.这男孩足够大了,已经可以自己穿衣服了。 Don't bother to dress up—come as you are.用不着穿讲究的衣服,就穿平常的衣服来吧。 The bride was dressed in a white silk dress.新娘穿着一件白色的丝质礼服。 【链接训练】 ①On Halloween,children in America like to ________ as ghosts to frighten people. A.take up B.make up C.dress up D.turn up 【解析】 考查动词短语的用法。dress up as 意为“装扮成” 。make up 意为“构成;编造” ; take up 意为“占据;开始从事” ;turn up 意为“出现;把声音调大” 。由句意可知选 C。 【答案】 C ②She has to ________ her little son and get everything ready for lunch before going to work. A.get up B.dress C.put on D.wear 【解析】 dress sb.“给某人穿衣服” 。 【答案】 B ③______in a white uniform, he looks more like a cook than a doctor. A. Dressed B. To dress C. Dressing D. Having dressed 【解析】D 考查 dress 的状态形式。掌握 dress 的用法。be dressed in …穿……,表示一种状 态。 6.If the neighbors do not give any sweets, the children might play a trick on them. trick n.诡计,恶作剧;窍门;vt.欺骗,诈骗 play a trick/tricks on sb.捉弄某人 have a trick of doing sth.有做某事的习惯 trick sb.into doing sth.哄骗某人做某事 trick sb.out of sth.骗取某人某物 laugh at sb.嘲笑某人 play a joke/jokes on sb. = make fun of sb. 开某人的玩笑 look down upon sb.歧视某人 be up to one’s old tricks 故伎重演 (1)Some politicians often use this trick.一些政客常用这个伎俩。 (2008·全国Ⅱ,阅读理解 C) (2)The girls were always playing tricks on their teacher.这些女孩子总是捉弄她们的老师。 (3)Watch out for Joe;for he is up to his old tricks again.小心乔,他又要耍旧花招了。 (4)She has a trick of raising her eyebrows at the end of a question.她有一个习惯,在提问题结 束时总要扬起眉毛。 7.India has a national festival on October 2 to honor Mohandas Gandhi,the leader who helped gain India's independence from Britain 在印度, 月 2 日是纪念马哈特马· 10 甘地的全国性节日, 他是帮助印度推翻英国而独立的领袖。 (1)gain n. 获得;增加;获利,获得物;收益;利润; vt. 得到;获得,赢得,增加,增添,到达; (钟、表等)快 该词有三种含义: 1). 表示经过努力一点一点地获得自己渴望的东西 He has gained rich experience in these years. 这些年他已获取了丰富的经验。 2). 表示速度、重量等慢慢增加 He gained weight after recovery from his illness. 康复后他的体重增加了。 3).(钟,表)走快 This clock gains five minutes a day. 这只钟每天快 5 分钟。 [拓展]

gain experience / fame / independence 获得经验/名望/独立 gain sth. from 从……处获得某物 gain other’ s respect / love / trust 获得别人的尊敬/爱戴/信任 No pains, no gains. 一分耕耘,一分收获。 【链接训练】 The Bull team ________the football match and they ________much experience in playing football. A.gained;got B.won;gained C.won;won D.gained;obtained 【解析】 gain 主要指通过斗争、竞争或劳动得到的优势、经验等;win 一般指在竞争中获 胜,其宾语多为比赛、竞争等。 【答案】 B (2)depend on 看……而定,依赖 gain independence from 脱离……而独立 be independent of 独立于……之外,不受……控制 That depends./It all depends.那得看情况了。 选用上述单词或短语完成下列小片段 To Anne's great joy,she was finally (1)________Jack,her husband.After many years' struggle, she gained her(2)________ and could totally (3)________ herself to lead a new life. 答案:(1)independent of (2)independence (3)depend on 8.Some people might win awards for their farm produce,.... award (1)award 作动词用是及物动词, “授予, 意为 奖给, 判给”后多接双宾语, , award sth.to sb./award sb. sth.奖给某人某物,在多数场合下用其被动形式 be awarded for...因??而被奖励。 (2)award 用作名词,意为“奖,奖品;奖金” 。 He was awarded the prize for being the fastest runner.他因跑得最快而被授予奖品。 The judge awarded a large sum of money to those hurt by the fire.法官判给在火灾中受伤的人一 大笔钱。 The Olympic winner received a gold medal as an award.奥林匹克获胜者获得了一枚金牌作为 奖励。 同类辨析 award,prize 与 reward (1)award 既可作动词也可作名词, 指为鼓励在工作中达到或完成所提出的要求或条件的人而 进行的奖励,往往强调荣誉而不在乎奖品的大小或奖金的多少。 (2)prize 为名词,多指在各类竞赛、竞争或抽奖中所赢得的奖品,这种奖赏有的凭能力获得, 有的凭运气获得。 (3)reward 既可作动词也可作名词,指对某人的工作或服务等的报答,也指因帮助警察抓到 罪犯或帮助失主找到东西而得到的赏金、 酬金。 构成短语 reward sb.with sth.用??酬谢某人。 He got the highest award in the contest. 他得到了比赛的最高奖。 A prize was given to the person who had the winning number.奖品给了那个获得中奖号码的人。 A £100 reward has been offered for the return of the necklace.已悬赏 100 英镑找寻项链。 【链接训练】 The young engineer was ________ a gold cup because of his creative achievements for the development of the company.

A.awarded B.admitted C.applied D.accepted 【解析】 考查动词的用法。award 意为“颁发;授予” ,其他选项不与 a gold cup 搭配。 【答案】 A 9....,when people admire the moon and in China, enjoy mooncakes. admire vt.钦佩;赞赏;羡慕某人(或某物);夸奖(某人/某物) admiration n.钦佩;赞赏;羡慕 admiring adj.羡慕的;赞美的 admire oneself 自我欣赏 admire sb.for sth.因某事钦佩或羡慕某人 with/in admiration 心怀钦佩地?? Visitors to Beijing admire the Bird's Nest for its beauty.到北京的游客都赞赏鸟巢的美。 Aren't you going to admire my new house?你难道不想夸夸我的新房子吗? We had great admiration for his courage.我们非常敬佩他的勇气。 She was used to receiving admiring glances from others.她习惯了别人给予赞赏的目光。 【链接训练】 We all ________ her ________the way she saved the children from the fire. A.admired;to B.admired;for C.admired;in D.admired;at 【解析】 考查 admire 的用法。admire sb. for sth.“因??而钦佩某人” 。句意为:我们都非 常钦佩她从火场里救孩子们的行为。 【答案】 B 10.The most energetic and important festivals are the ones that look forward to the end of winter and to the coming of spring. look forward to sth./doing sth.期待某事/做某事,其中 to 为介词,后接名词、代词或动名词作 宾语。 I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.我期待着早日收到你的来信。 She found the beautiful dress she had been looking forward to was sold to others.她发现她一直盼 望的衣服卖给她人了。 归纳拓展 常见的带有介词 to 的动词短语: be/get/become used to 习惯于?? stick to 坚持 object to 反对 devote...to...献身于??;把??致力于?? prefer...to...比起??更喜欢?? get down to 开始认真地做?? pay attention to 注意 lead to 导致 make contributions to 为……做贡献 the key to 关键是 owe…to…把。。归功于 。 My parents strongly object to my playing computer games.父母强烈反对我玩电脑游戏。 Rose has been used to getting up early.露丝已经习惯于早起。 Please pay more attention to speaking English every day.请多加注意每天说英语。 【链接训练】 ①She must be looking forward as much to his return as he himself is to ________ her. A.see B.have seen C.seeing D.be seeing

【解析】 考查 look forward to doing sth. “期盼做某事” 结构, 此处 himself is 后省略了 looking forward。 【答案】 C ②The moment we had been looking forward to ______ at last. A.come B.have come C.coming D.came 【解析】 句意为:我们一直在期待着的时刻最后终于到了。本句中 we had been looking forward to 是定语从句,修饰 the moment;主句的谓语是空缺部分,空缺部分不是介词 to 的 宾语。 【答案】 D We are looking forward to________a chance to watch the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. A.give B.be given C.being given D.giving 解析: 句意为:我们期望有机会看到伦敦 2012 年奥运会的开幕式。look forward to 后 面要跟动名词形式,根据语境可知要用被动,故 C 项正确。 11.The country is covered with cherry tree flowers so that it looks as though it might be covered with pink snow. 整个国度处处都是樱花盛开,看上去就像罩上了一层粉红的雪。 as though / as if “好像”, 引导表语从句和方式状语从句: 1). 引导方式状语从句 She acted as though nothing had happened.她装得好像什么事也没发生过似的。 当从句主语和主句主语一致, 从句谓语中又含有动词 be 时, 可把主语和 be 一起省去。 He looked about as though (he was) in search of something.他四下张望, 好像寻找什么。 2). 引导表语从句 It looks as if it’ s going to rain.看样子天要下雨了。 3). as though 和 as if 从句用虚拟语气, 还是用陈述语气, 完全根据具体情况而定。如果从句 表示的意思与事实完全相反, 或者纯粹是一种假设, 通常用虚拟语气。 The child talks as if she were an adult. 那孩子说话的样子好象她是个大人。 Part 3. Learning about Language 1.permission n.[u] 许可;允许 permit vt. 准许;许可;允许 permit n.许可(证) ;执照 例如: You have my permission to leave. 我准你离开。 [拓展] with/without (one’ s) permission 得到允许/未经允许 ask sb. for permission 征求某人的许可 give sb. permission to do sth.: permit sb. to do sth.允许某人做某事 have one’ s permission 得到某人的同意 permit/allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 permit/allow doing sth. 允许做某事 【即境活用】 完成句子或用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空。 1). They entered the area _______ _______ (未经允许). 2). The prison authorities permit _______ (visit) only once a month. 3). We have arranged to play tennis on Saturday, weather _______ (permit). 4). You will need to obtain planning _______ (permit) if you want to extend your house. 答案:1). without permission 2). visiting 3). permitting 4). Permission 2.present v. present sth. to sb.=present sb. with sth.把某物颁发给(或赠送给)某人 present sb. to sb. 把某人介绍给某人

present oneself 出席,到场 adj. be present at 出席,到场 at the present time 现在 n.present 礼物 The company presented 50 computers to our school. 那家公司赠送给我们学校 50 台电脑。 The chairman presented the winner with a golden cup. 主席把金杯颁发给获奖者。 They presented an application to the committee.他们向委员会提出了申请。 May I present Mr. Green to you?我能把格林先生介绍给你吗? Part 4. Using Language 1.But she didn’t turn up . turn up 出现;到场;开大,调高 Please be patient.He will turn up soon.请耐心点,他很快就到。 Please turn the radio up,I can't hear it clearly.请把收音机的音量调大一点,我听不清楚。 Something unexpected has turned up.出乎意料的事情发生了。 归纳拓展 turn down 关小;拒绝;(音量)调低 turn out 结果是??;生产;制造 turn in 呈交;上交 turn over 翻转;移交;反复考虑 turn back 折回,翻回到 turn round 转身;回转 turn away 不准??入内;走开 turn against 反对;背叛 Don’t worry—I’m sure it will all turn out fine.别担心——我敢肯定一切最终会好起来的。 If the day turns out rainy we may have to change our plans.万一下雨的话,我们也许得改变计 划。 He asked Jane to marry him but she turned him down.他请求简嫁给他,但她拒绝了。 【链接训练】 Many important leaders of different countries ______at the opening ceremony of the 2010 Shanghai Expo held on April 30,2010. A.turned up B.turned down C.turned on D.turned over 【解析】 turn up 意为“出席” ;turn down 意为“拒绝” ;turn on 意为“打开” ;turn over 意为“移交” 。句意为:许多不同国家的重要领导人出席了在 2010 年 4 月 30 日举行的 2010 年上海世博会开幕式。 【答案】 A (2011· 天津市高三十校联考)—What are you reading,Jim? —I’m not really reading,just________the pages. A.turning off B.turning around C.turning over D.turning up 解析: turn off 关上;turn around 转过身;turn over 翻阅;turn up 出现。答案: C With no one to________in such a frightening situation,the girl felt very helpless. A.turn to B.turn on C.turn off D.turn down 解析: turn to 转向……求助;turn on 打开;turn off 关闭;turn over 翻转,翻身。句意为: 在可怕的环境下她没人可求助,女孩感到非常绝望。答案: A 2.She said she would be there at seven o’clock, and he thought she would keep her word. keep one's word 守信用;履行诺言 注意:keep one's word 相当于 keep one's promise,反义短语是 break one's word/promise。注

意两短语中的 word 不可数,无复数形式。 归纳拓展 get in a word 插话/嘴
? ?have a word with sb.与某人谈话 ? ? ?have words with sb.与某人吵架

in a/one word 简言之,总之 in other words (=that is to say)换句话说 leave word 留言 Word came that...有消息传来??(word 为“消息”时,为不可数名词) She is a girl who always keeps her word. 她是一个很讲信用的女孩。 They asked him to leave—in other words, was fired.他们请他走人, he 也就是说, 他被解雇了。 Can I have a word with you?我可以和你说几句话吗? Word came that the Houston Rockets won the game again.消息传来,休斯敦火箭队又赢得了比 赛。 【链接训练】 Could you ________ me for my not keeping my ________? A.sorry;word B.pardon;words C.forgive;promise D.excuse;promises 【解析】 空一考查固定短语 forgive sb. for doing sth. “原谅某人做某事”空二考查 keep one's , word=keep one's promise“履行诺言” 。句意为:你能原谅我没有履行诺言吗?【答案】 C 3.Well, he was not going to hold his breath for her to apologize. (1)hold one’s breath 屏息;屏气 take a deep breath 深呼吸 out of breath 气喘吁吁 in the same breath 同时;异口同声地 lose one’s breath 喘不过气来 catch one’s breath 喘口 气;歇口气;恢复正常呼吸 (2)apologiz(s)e vi.道歉,辩白 (1)apologize to sb.for (doing) sth.因??向某人道歉 apologize for oneself 为自己辩解或辩护 apologize to sb.+that?clause 向某人道歉 (2)apology n.道歉 make an apology to sb.for (doing) sth.因??向某人道歉 accept/refuse one's apology 接受/拒绝某人的道歉 owe sb.an apology 应向某人道歉 I apologized to her for stepping on her foot. =I made an apology to her for stepping on her foot.我因踩到她的脚而向她道歉。 Be honest.Please don't apologize for yourself.诚实点,别再为自己开脱了。 It's wise and considerate to accept others' apology. 有时候接受别人的道歉是明智的和体谅人的。 【链接训练】 ①You should have ________ to your roommate,John.What you said yesterday hurt him deeply. A.apologized B.wept C.lied D.promised

【解析】 apologise to sb.意为“向某人道歉” 。句意为:约翰,你应该向你的舍友道歉,你 昨天说的话深深地伤害了他。 【答案】 A ②The captain ________ an apology to the passengers for the delay caused by bad weather. A.made B.said C.put D.passed 【解析】 make an apology to sb. for (doing) sth.=apologize to sb. for (doing) sth.是固定搭配, 表示“因(做)某事向某人道歉”【答案】 A 。 4.He would drown his sadness in coffee. drown (drowned, drowned ) 1) 浸,泡 The floods drowned the streets and houses. 洪水淹没了街道和房子。 The cook drowned the fruit with cream. 厨师把水果浸在奶油里。 2) 淹死 There is a drowning man in the river. 河里有一个落水的人。 3)借? 消愁 drown one’s sorrow/sadness in? 4)be drowned in 沉浸在 He drowned himself in work.他埋头工作。 5.It was obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to leave...很明显, 咖 啡馆的经理在等着李方离开?? 句子中 it 作形式主语,其后的 that 从句才是句子的真正主语。it 作形式主语,可以代替不定 式、动名词、从句,置于句首没有具体意义,而只是帮助把真正的主语移至句子末尾,使句 子显得更平衡。 “It was obvious that...”后接一个主语从句。其中 it 作形式主语。类似的结构还有: It is clear/necessary/important/strange/natural/...that-clause( 从句常用虚拟语气,即谓语动词用 “should+动词原形”) It is a pity/a shame/no wonder/...that-clause (从句常用虚拟语气,即谓语动词用“should+动词 原形”) It is said/believed/reported/expected/known/...that-clause 【链接训练】 ①Does ________ matter whether he can finish the job on time? A.this B.that C.he D.it 【解析】it 此处是形式主语,whether he can finish the job on time 为真正的主语。 【答案】D ②It is ________ you to take his advice,or else,you would be in great trouble now. A.clever for B.wise of C.suitable for D.silly of 【解析】 考查 it is+adj.+of sb.to do sth.,其后的形容词为表示人的品质等方面的词,此 时 of 不可换为 for。 【答案】 B ③________ is known to us all that the modern city has been set up in what was a wasteland 20 years ago. A.As B.It C.This D.What 【解析】 若选引导定语从句的 A 项 as,应将题干中的 that 改为逗号;C 项不合语法;若 选引导主语从句的 D 项 what, 应将题干中 all 之后添加谓语 is。 故此处用 it 作形式主语, that 从句为真正的主语。 【答案】 B 6. While she was on earth she met the herd boy Niulang and they fell in love.她在人间遇到了牛 郎,两人相爱了。 句中 while she was on earth 作时间状语,其中 while 为连词,表示“当……的时候”。 while 作连词时的其他用法:

(1)只要 (2)但是,可是,表对比 (3)虽然,尽管 While there is life,there is hope.只要有生命就有希望。 We know usually women stay at home and do all the houses while men go out to work. 我们知道,通常妇女在家里做家务,而男人则外出工作。 While I understand what you say,I can’t agree with you.尽管我明白你的话,但我还是不同意。 6.Finding that Zhinü was heart-broken, her grandmother finally decided to let the couple cross the Milky Way to meet once a year.看到织女伤心欲绝,王母娘娘最后决定让这对夫妻每年跨过银 河相会一次。 finding that Zhinü was heart-broken 为现在分词短语在句中作原因状语, 现在分词作状语 可以表示时间、原因、伴随、条件、让步、结果或补充说明等情况。 6.As Li Fang set off for home, he thought.... set off (1)出发;动身,启程;相当于 set out。如果表示“出发去某地” ,要用 for 加表示地点的名 词。 (2)引爆,燃放 The bomb could be set off by the slightest touch.最轻微的碰触都可能引爆这颗炸弹。 (3)引起(突然的活动) The discovery of gold in California set off a rush to get there.加利福尼亚州发现金矿一事引得 人们蜂拥而至。 (4)使某人开始做某事 Whatever you said will set her off crying.无论你说什么都会让她哭泣。 归纳拓展 set out for=set off for=leave for 出发到某地去 set aside 留出,拨出 set down 停下??;记下;写下 set up 设置,建立;开办 set out to do sth.=set about doing sth. set fire to sht.=set sth. on fire 放火烧某物 set…free 释放;放走。。 。 set an example to sb.为某人树立榜样 My father will set off for Shanghai tomorrow morning.明天早晨我爸爸将动身前往上海。 A gang of boys were setting off fireworks in the street.一群男孩子在街上放烟火。 That joke set off laughter.那个笑话引起哄堂大笑。 They set out on the last stage of their journey.他们动身踏上最后一段旅程。 【链接训练】 Reportedly yesterday a group of American soldiers were walking along the road in Iraq when a bomb was ______,three of whom were killed. A.set about B.set off C.set up D.set out 【解析】 考查 set 短语的用法。set about“着手,开始” ;set off“出发,动身,引爆,燃 放” ;set up“建立,设立,创立,搭起,支起” ;set out“动身,出发,着手,开始” 。由题 意“炸弹爆炸”知选 B。 7.I don’t want them to remind me of her.

remind vt.提醒,使想起 归纳拓展 remind sb.of sth.使某人想起某人/某事 remind sb.about sth.提醒某人某事 remind sb.to do sth.提醒某人做某事 remind (sb.)+that/how/what...提醒…… The film reminded me of the old days.这部电影使我想起了过去的岁月。 I'd like to _remind ______ you __about______ your appointment tomorrow morning. 我想提醒你明早你有一个约会。 Remind me to attend the meeting tomorrow.明天提醒我参加会议。 He reminded me that I should take the medicine on time.他提醒我要按时服药。 Our teacher reminded us how important it was to be polite to others.我们的老师提 醒我们对别人有礼貌是多么的重要。 【链接训练】 I must ________ your promise ________ you won't be late again. A.remind you for;why B.remind you to;in which C.remind you of;that D.remind you;which 【解析】 考查固定短语。remind sb. of...“使某人想起??” ;promise 后是 that 引导的同位 语从句,解释说明 promise 的内容。 【答案】 C (2009· 福建卷)________not to miss the flight at 15∶20,the manager set out for the airport in a hurry. A.Reminding B.Reminded C.To remind D.Having reminded 解析: 分词作状语时, 要根据其与句子的主语之间的逻辑关系来确定用现在分词形式还是 过去分词形式。句中的主语 the manager 与 remind 之间是被动关系,故用过去分词形式表示 被动。答案: B 8.But he would never forgive him. forgive (forgave, forgiven) forgiving adj. 宽仁的,宽大的 forgiveness n. 宽恕 forgive sb.for sth./doing sth.原谅某人做了某事 Forgive others but not yourself.严于律已,宽以待人。 She forgave him his thoughtless remark.她原谅了他轻率的话语。 Forgive me for interrupting,but I really don’t agree with that.请原谅我打岔,不过我确实不同 意那一点。 (2011· 福建师大附中高三月考)Though Tom was impolite to the new teacher,she________him his rudeness. A.excused B.apologized C.forgave D.punished 解析: forgive 宽恕。可用于 forgive sb.sth.结构,表示“宽恕某人某事”。答案: C 本单元语法:情态动词(详见高考情态动词和虚拟语气专题)

考点活用 用本单元所学词组、句型翻译下列短文

世界上的每个国家都有自己的节日, 有些节日非常有趣且历史悠久。 中国的春节是每年的农 历正月。春节前,人们要做好节日的一切准备,比如搞大扫除、为家人买新衣服等。无论离 家有多远,人们都会在除夕之夜赶回家里,和家人团聚,吃团圆饭。正月初一,人们穿着新 衣服,拜亲访友,给孩子压岁钱,憧憬美妙的新的一年。 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________ 答案: Every country in the world has its special festivals,some of which are interesting and have a long history.The Spring Festival in China takes place at the end of December of Chinese Lunar Calendar.Before the Spring Festival, people often get everything ready for it, such as doing family cleaning and buying new clothes for the family.On the New Year's Eve,there is a big family dinner and all the members of the family try to get back for the dinner no matter how far away they are.On the first day of the new year,dressed up in new clothes,people visit their friends and relatives,giving children lucky money and looking forward to the wonderful future. 考题回扣 【例 1】 Schools across China are expected to hire 50, college graduates this year as short-term 000 teachers, almost three times the number hired last year, _______reduce unemployment pressures. (江苏高考) A.help B.to have helped C.to help D.having helped 解析 根据句意可知此处应该选动词不定式作目的状语。 课文原文 Festivals can also be held to honor famous people. 【例 2】The traffic is heavy these days.I ____ arrive a bit late,so could you save me a place? (辽宁高考) A.can B.must C.need D.might 解析 句意为:近来交通拥挤,我可能会到得晚一点,你能给我占个位子吗?表示不确定 的推测用 might。can 表示“可能” ,把握性比 might 大;must 表示“肯定” ,是非常接近于事 实的推断;need 表示“必要,需要” ;三者均与句意不符。 课文原文 If the neighbours do not give any sweets,the children might play a trick on them. 【例 3】It is obvious to the students _______ they should get well prepared for their future. (天津高考) A.as B.which C.whether D.that 解析 句中 it 为形式主语,that 引导的主语从句为真正的主语。句意为:很明显对学生们 来说,他们应当为未来做好充分的准备。 课文原文 It was obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to leave. 【例 4】It just isn’t fair;____I was working as a waiter last month,my friends were lying on the beach. (辽宁高考) A.whenever B.though C.for D.while 解析 句意为:这真不公平。上个月当我在做服务员的时候,我的朋友们正躺在沙滩上。表 示“与此同时”用 while,引导时间状语从句。 课文原文

While she was on earth she met the herd boy Niulang and they fell in love. 【例 5】Excuse me,Marcia,a reporter from Vanity Fair _____ all day.Could you speak to her now? (辽宁高考) A.phones B.has phoned C.has been phoning D.phoned 解析 句意为:对不起,玛西娅,一位来自 Vanity Fair 的记者一整天都在打电话,你现在 能和她通话吗?表示过去开始的动作一直持续进行到现在用现在完成进行时。题干中 all day 表示一段时间。 课文原文 I’ve been waiting for you for a long time! 1.(四川高考)In some places women are expected to earn money________men work at home and raise their children. A.but B.while C.because D.though 解析: 句意为:在一些地方,人们期待妇女去挣更多的钱,而男人却在家做事,带孩子。 while 表示对比, 有“而, 然而”的意思, 符合语境要求; 表转折, but 但无对比的含义; because 因为,though 虽然,都不符合句子意思。答案: B 2.(上海高考)—Are you ready for Spain? —Yes,I want the girls to experience that________they are young. A.while B.until C.if D.before 解析: 句意为:——你准备好去西班牙了吗?——是的。我想让这些女孩子趁着年轻的时 候去感受一下西班牙。答案: A 3.________I accept that he is not perfect,I do actually like the person. A.While B.Since C.Before D.Unless 解析: while 在此相当于 although,引导一个让步状语从句,其他三个选项不符合题的要 求。该句意为“尽管我承认他不十全十美,但是我确实喜欢他”。答案: A 4.We thought there were 35 students in the dining hall,________,in fact,there were 40. A.while B.whether C.what D.which 解析: while 此处表转折,意为“但是,然而”。答案: A



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