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accessible adj. percentage



become known as作为…而出名 communication 通信、交流 大 university develop the habit 学 of doing sth.

create vt.

创造, 创建, 创作(新的事物) design the first “web browser” source 来源、出处 设计第一个网络浏览器

information 信息

come up with

thousands of millionaires

from that moment on

go down


Hard disk

Some words about computer



mouse keyboard

Do you like surfing the Internet (网上冲浪)? What can we do on the Internet?

chat on the Internet


do online shopping 网上在线购物

send an e-mail to your friends

Some websites I often visit:

www.sohu.com www. yahoo.com.cn www.taobao.com

What does www stand for(代表)?

It stands for World Wide Web(环球网、万维网)

Fast Reading 4minutes
After reading, answer the following questions?
1. What is the internet? 2. What is the World Wide Web? 3. Who invented it ?

1.What is the internet?
The internet is the biggest source of information (最大 的信息来源)in the world, and it is accessible (获得) through a computer.

2. What is the World Wide Web?
It is a computer network (计算机网络)that allows computers to (允许、、做)access (获得) information from millions of websites via the Internet.

3. Who invented it ?
The World Wide Web was invented in1991 by an English scientist--Tim Berners-Lee.

Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Paragraph 4 Paragraph 5 Paragraph 6

Main idea
a. The present situation(目前状况) of

b. Berners-Lee invented the World
Wide Web c. The definition (定义) of the World Wide Web

d. Everyone can use the Internet e. How the Internet started f. The definition of the Internet

Match each paragraph with the main idea

What is the passage about?
The passage is about


A.Introduce the inventor of World Wide Web. B. Tell us something about the Internet and World Wide Web. C. The Internet is widely used all over the world.

Careful Reading
Read the text again and do true-false exercises:
1.There are millions of pages of information on the internet. 2. The US army were the first people who used an Internet system. 3. Universities started using the Internet at the same time as the army. 4. The percentage of websites in English is getting smaller. 5. Tim Berners-Lee made it possible for scientists to use the Internet. 6. He has made a lot of money from his invention.

Text structure
Para 1. The definition (定义)of the Internet . Para 2. The birth (出生,起源)of the Internet. Para 3. The definition of the World Wide Web. Para 4. The invention(发明)of the World Wide Web. Para 6. About Berners-Lee — the inventor of WWW. The passage is divided into two parts. Part 1(1-2): The definition & development of the Internet .

Para 5. The development (发展)of World Wide Web.

Part 2(3-6): The World Wide Web & its inventor Berners-Lee.

Decide which sentence means the same as the extracts from the reading passage:

1.For fifteen years, only the US army could use this system of communication. (a) The US army only used this system for 15years. (b) After 15 years, other people were able to use it as well. 2.About 80 percent of web traffic is in English, but this percentage is now going down. (a) Web traffic in English is becoming less interesting (b) The percentage of English websites is getting smaller.

3. The World Wide Web…..allows computer users to access information….. (a) Computer users can access information because of the World Wide Web. (b) You need permission from the World Wide Web before you can access information. 4. He came up with the idea of the World Wide Web. (a) It was his idea (b) He found the idea in a book.

Check: Task One

r Which sentences in the passage have the
same meaning with the following ones?
1) The Internet is made up of millions of pages of data. It consists of millions of pages of data. 2) After 15 years, not only US army but also other people were able to use this network of computer. For fifteen years, only the US army could use this system of communication.

Task Two

It 作 形式主语 . 常用形容词有 : important, necessary, unusual, popular…

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.
1) It then became possible for universities to use the system as well.
It is very important for us to learn English well. 此后,大学也能够使用这个系统才成为可能。 对我们而言,学好英语很重要.

2) Berners-Lee made it possible for everyone to use the Internet, not just universities and the army. He is a strange man. We find it 贝尔纳斯·李使任何人 他是一位奇怪的人.我们觉得和他 , 而不仅仅是大 very difficult to work with him. 学和军队 工作很难. , 使用因特网成为了可能 .
It 在句中作 形式宾语 ; Here it refers to for everyone to use the Internet.

3) Berners-Lee built his first computer while he was at university using an old television!
读大学时,贝尔纳斯?李利用一台旧电视机制成了他的第一 台电脑!

using???是: 现在分词短语充当方式状语,另外,它还可表
示原因、条件、结果、让步、伴随状语,它表示与句子主语是 主动关系。?
他正在边看电视边唱歌. a. He was watching TV ,singing a song。 他们大声说着走进了教室. came in the classroom talking b.They


Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks
The Internet is ___________ accessible through a computer, and it consists of millions of pages of data. _______ ____ called DARPANET. They created a network of computers _______ It then became possible for universities to use the _____ as _____. well NSFNET ______ became known as system ____ ____ _____ the Inter-Network, or “Internet”. possible for everyone to use Tim Berners-Lee made it __________ not _____ just universities and the army. He the Internet, _____ designed which allowed computer ________ the first “web browser”, ______ users to _______ documents from other computers. access __ ____________________, From that moment on the web and the Internet grew. using Everyone in the world can access the Internet _______ as his World Wide Web system. Now Berners-Lee works ____ a lecturer in a famous university.

Introduce the development of Internet:

Inter-Network (Internet)

The World Wide Web

Every coin has two sides. The Internet also has its advantages (优点)and disadvantages(缺点).

Boys: think of the advantages of the Internet.

Gils: think of the disadvantages of
the Internet.

easy to contact search information shopping online study online watch live matches and other programs see the doctor …

bad for eyes lazier and fatter less chance to get along with others spend too much time playing computer games and chatting fail in the exam???

go on line properly have a time limit choose things which are valuable to our Suggestion study and life place study, health and safety before other things

Self- assessment
Excellent Listening ability Good Bad

Speaking ability
Reading ability Writing ability

? What do you want to say to your friends who are addicted to (对……上瘾) Cyber bars(网 吧)? ? Write a short passage about this topic “Keep away from Cyber Bars”…(in about 100 words)

Vocabulary & Expression
? DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects

? DARPANET: The network of computers
created by a US defense organization, DARPA. ? NSF: It’s short for (US) National Science foundation.国家科学基金会

? NSFNET: A network started by the NSF,

known as the Inter-Network, or “Internet”.

accessible adj. 易接近的、可以使用的 can be reached/used Internet is accessible to all the computer users. access n. means of entering; entrance. 接近;通路;接近或进入的权利 Access to the resort (度假胜地) is quite easy. 这个度假胜地很容易到达。 Students must have access to a good library. v. 访问,存取(信息,数据);接近,使用 It is easy to access information from this website.

consist of 由…组成,由…构成 be made up of The club consists of more than 200 members. consist in 存在于;决定于 The beauty of Venice consists in the style of its ancient buildings.威尼斯之美在于其古建筑的 风格。 consist with 与…一致、 相符 他言行不一。 His action does not consist with his words.

develop vt & vi 使发达;发展;使发育 He believes that sports can develop mind and body. develop the habit of doing something 养成作……的习惯 develop an interest in something 培养对……的兴趣 development n. developed 发达的 developing 发展中的 China is a developing _________ country while America is a developed _________ country.

create 创造指“有目的地把原材料制成新产品”; 也指“ 创造出原来不存在或与众不同的事物”

Many people believe that the universe was created by the God. design 设计指“制作某物之前深思熟虑地构思” It was he that designed the garden. invent 发明指“通过想象、研究、劳动, 创造出前 所未有的东西”, 尤指“科技上的发明创 造”Edison invented the light bulb.

? ? ? ?

Be known as :作为…而出名 George is known as a famous singer. Be known for 因……而出名 The place is known for its fruit, especially its seedless grapes. ? Be known to 被……所熟知 ? It is known to us all that theory comes from practice. ? ? ? ? ? At the moment 此刻 At any moment 在任何时候 For the moment 目前,暂时 For a moment 片刻,一会儿 At the last moment在紧要关头

? Go down 下降 (太阳,月亮) 落下 The sun is going down. 价格下跌 Price don’t seem to be going down. 退烧 I’m glad your temperature has gone down.
? ? ? ? Rise vi. 升起,提高,上涨(不跟宾语) The sun rises in the east. Raise vt. 提高,抬起(必须跟宾语) The student raised his hand to answer the teacher’s question.

Via prep. by way of /by means of He sent me a letter via one of my friends.

come up with 赶上;提出,提供 We shall work hard to come up with him. I hope you can come up with a better plan than this. catch up with 追上, 赶上 keep up with 跟上, 不落后

1. _____ by jeep they visited a number of European cities last year.

A. Travelled
C. To travel

B. Travelling
D. Having travelled

2. Suddenly I noticed a man came ____ into the room. A. running B. to run C. ran D. run

3. The group _______ the eight richest countries in the world. A. consist by B. consists of C. is consisted by D. is consisted of 4. —Did you remember to give Mary the money you owned her? —Yes. I gave it to her _____ I saw her. A. while B. the moment C. suddenly D. once

5. Since the computer price has _____, why not buy one? A. brought down B. put down C. gone down D. taken down

6. —Does he know how to work out the problem? —Yes, he has _____ a good idea to solve it. A. caught up with B. kept up with C. come up with D. put up with

7. Since the computer price has _____, why not buy one? A. brought down B. put down C. gone down D. taken down

8. —Does he know how to work out the problem —Yes, he has _____ a good idea to solve it. A. caught up with B. kept up with C. come up with D. put up with

9. He is known _____ everybody in the city _____ a reporter. A. to; as B. from; after C. to; like D. by; for 10. As a result of destroying the forests, a large ____ of desert ____ covered the land. A. number; has B. quantity; has C. number; have D. quantity; have





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