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(一)时间状语从句 1.The party was wonderful. It’s years____ I enjoyed myself so much. (MET93) A. after B. before C. when D. since 2.Mother was worried because little Alice was ill, especially ____Father was away in France. (NMET94) A. as B. that C. during D. if 3.She thought I was talking about her daughter,____, in fact, I was talking about my daughter. (NMET 95) A. whom B. where C. which D. while 4.Why do you want a new job ____ you’ve got such a good one already? (NMET98) A. that B. where C. which D. when 5.Someone called me up in the middle of the night, but they hung up____ I could answer the phone. (NMET2000) A. when B. before C. as D. until 6. We were told that we should follow the main road ___ we reached the central railway station. (2004 高考.辽宁卷) A. whenever B. until C. while D. wherever 7. ______ the day went on, the weather got worse.(MET90) A. With B. As C. While D. Since (二)条件状语从句 1. ____ I know the money is safe, I shall not worry about it. (2003 北京 ) A. Even though B. Unless C. As long as D. While 2. ____ it with me and I’ll see what I can do. (NMET 1998) A. When left B. Leaving C. If you leave D. Leave (三)让步状语从句 1. ______, Mother will wait for him to have dinner together. (NMET 1997) A. However late is he B. However he is late C. However is he late D. However late he is 2. Nobody believed him _____ what he said. (MET 87) A. even though B. in spite C. no matter D. contrary to (和…相反) 3.You should try to get a good night’s sleep ____ much work you have to do. (2004 高考.湖北卷) A. however B. no matter C. although D. whatever 4.He tried his best to solve the problem, _____ difficult it was. (2005 天津) A. however B. no matter C. whatever D. although (四)地点状语从句 1. You should make it a rule to leave things ____ you can find them again. (NMET99) A. where B. in which C. there D. here 2. After the war, a new school building was put up ___ there had once been a theatre. (NMET 1997) A. that B. where C. which D. when 3. If you are traveling _____ customs are really foreign to your own, please do as the Romans do. (2006 天津卷) A. in which B. what C. when D. where

4.Make a mark ___ you have any question. (MET 86) A. where B. in which C. there D. which 5.In peace, too, the Red Cross is expected to send help ______ there is human suffering. (2006 江西卷) A. whoever B. however C. whatever D. wherever 二. 综合 1. We’ll have to finish the job, _______. (NMET 99) A. long it takes however B. it takes however long C. long however it takes D. however long it takes 2. --- Did you remember to give Mary the money you owed (欠) her? ---Yes. I gave it to her ____ I saw her. (2001 春) A. while B. the moment C. suddenly D. once 3. ---How far apart do they live? ---____ I know, they live in the same neighbourhood (居民区). (2003 上海) A. As long as B. As far as C. As well as D. As often as 4. _______ I really don’t like art, I find his work impressive. ( 07 山东 29 ) A. Since B. As C. If D. While 5. I’d like to study law at university ______my cousin prefers geography. ( 07 四川 29 ) A. though B. as C. while D. for 6. I do every single bit of housework ____ my husband Bob just does the dishes now and then. (2004 高考.广西卷) A. since B. while C. when D. as 7. It was evening ____ we reached the little town of Winchester. (2004 高考.天津卷) A. that B. until C. since D. before 8. --- Did Jack come back early last night? --- Yes. It was not yet eight o’clock ______ he arrived home. (2005 福建卷) A. before B. when C. that D. until 9. Scientists say it may be five or six years ___ it is possible to test this medicine on human patients. (2004 高考.福建卷) A. since B. after C. before D. when 10. A dozen ideas were considered _____ the chief architect (建筑师) decided on the design (图 纸) of the building. (2006 上海卷) A. because B. before C. whether D. unless 11. --- How long do you think it will be _____ China sends a manned spaceship to the moon? --- Perhaps two or three years. (2006 福建卷) A. when B. until C. that D. before 12. It was some time _______ we realized the truth. (2005 山东卷) A. when B. until C. since D. before 13. The field research will take Joan and Paul about five months; it will be a long time _____ we meet them again. (07 安徽 21 ) A. after B. before C. since D. when 14. He was told that it would be at least three more months____ he could recover and return to work. (07 江西 29 ) A. when B. before C. since D. that 15. --- Why didn’t you tell him about the meeting? --- He rushed out of the room ______ I could say a word. (2006 四川)

A. before B. until C. when D. after 16.It is known to all that ______ you exercise regularly (经常), you won’t keep good health. (2005 重庆卷) A. unless B. whenever C. although D. if 17. ______ you’ve tried it, you can’t imagine how pleasant it is. (2006 北京) A. Unless B. Although C. When D. Because 18. Most birds find it safe to sleep in the trees, but ____ they have eggs or young chicks, they don’t use a nest. (07 湖南 33) A. why B. how C. unless D. where 19. You must keep on working in the evening _____ you are sure you can finish the task in time. (2005 安徽卷) A. as B. if C. when D. unless 20. I won’t call you,______ something unexpected happens. (07 全国卷 II 26) A. unless B. whether C. because D. while 21. ---Dad, I’ve finished my assignment (作业). ---Good, and ___ you play or watch TV, you mustn’t disturb me. (2003 上海) A. whenever B. whether C. whatever D. no matter 22. It is difficult for us to learn a lesson in life______ we’ve actually had that lesson. (07 天津 8) A. until B. after C. since D. when 23. ― You can’t have this football back ______ you promise not to kick it at my cat again,‖ the old man said firmly. (2006 广东卷) A. because B. since C. when D. until 24. Many of them turned a deaf ear to his advice, _______they knew it to be valuable.(07 浙江 8) A. as if B. now that C. even though D. so that 25. Allow children the space to voice their opinions, ______ they are different from your own. (2005 湖南卷) A. until B. even if C. unless D. as though 26. My parents live in a small village. They always keep candles in the house_____ there is a power cut. (07 重庆 22 ) A. if B. unless C. in case D. so that 27. Leave your key with a neighbor _____you lock yourself out one day. (07 北京 33) A. ever since B. even if C. soon after D. in case 28. You’d better take something to read when you go to see the doctor _____ you have to wait. (2005 广东卷) A. even if B. as if C. in case D. in order that 29. He transplanted the little tree to the garden ____ it was the best time for it. (2005 上海卷) A. where B. when C. that D. until 30. You will be successful in the interview _____ you have confidence. (07 福建 29 ) A. before B. once C. until D. though 31. Jasmine was holidaying with her family in a wildlife park ____ she was bitten on the leg by a lion. (2004 上海卷) A. when B. while C. since D. once 32. He was about halfway through his meal ______ a familiar voice came to his ears.(2006 辽宁 卷) A. why B. where C. when D. while 33. _____, his idea was accepted by all the people at the meeting.(07 重庆 34 ) A. Strange as might it sound B. As it might sound strange C. As strange it might sound D. Strange as it might sound 34. Generally speaking, ____ according to the directions, the drug has no side effect.

(2003 上海) A. when taking B. when taken C. when to take D. when to be taken 35. --- Mom, what did your doctor say? --- He advised me to live _______ the air is fresher. (2006 四川卷) A. in where B. in which C. the place where D. where

状语从句答案 一.分类练习 (一)时间状语从句: DADDBBB (二)条件状语从句: CD (三)让步状语从句: DCAA (四)地点状语从句: ABDAD (五)原因状语从句: A 二. 综合 1---5. DBBDC 6---10 BDBCB 21 –25 BADCB 26—30 CDCBB

11---15 DDBBA 31—35 ACDBD

16---20 AACDA




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