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必修 1





Ⅰ.单项填空 1 . Suspecting the traveler of carrying drugs , the Customs official stopped him and________his

suitcase,but found nothing at all. A.looked up B.went through C.searched for D.referred to 2.—What were you so________? —My son’s not passing the college entrance examination________me most. A.upset;upset about B.upset about;upset C.upset for;upset D.upset;upset 3.—Would you like to drink some coffee with some sugar or milk? —Oh,I’d like some milk________the coffee. A.added on B.added to C.added up to D.added up 4.—He made an apology________be blamed________what he had done. —It’s really wise of him. A.so as to not;of B.in order not to;for C.as to not so;for D.in order not to;of 5.Having retired,he________the club for old men and plays chess every day there. A.joins B.takes part C.attends D.participates 6. After________series of unsuccessful attempts, he has finally passed________driving test. A./;the B.a;the C.the;a D./;a 7.—So you didn’t say hello to her last night? —Well,I stopped and smiled when I saw her,but she________me and walked on. A.ignored B.refused C.denied D.missed 8.The doctor told Jack’s mother that it would not take him long to________from his illness. A.suffer B.separate C.escape D.recover 9.—My sister is very upset today. —It’s your fault.You________the bad news to her yesterday. A.should tell B.should have told C.shouldn’t have told D.must tell 10.There was________time________Iraq was one of the richest countries in the world. A.a;when B.a;that C.the;that D.the;when 11.—Tom said that Mr Johnson was unfair to him. —I really wonder how he________that to the teacher. A.dare to say B.dare saying C.not dare say D.dared say 12.The old lady lives in a________village far away from the city.She lives________but she doesn’t feel________. A.lonely;lonely;alone B.alone;alone;lonely C.lonely;alone;lonely D.alone;lonely;alone 13.It was after he got what he had wanted________he realized it was not so important. A.that B.when C.since D.as 14.They________with each other for many years before they________. A.had been in love;got married B.fell in love;got married C.had fell in love;married D.love;go married 15.(2008 年全国卷Ⅰ)—Sorry,I made a mistake again. —________.Practice more and you’ll succeed. A.Never mind B.Certainly not C.Not at all D.Don’t mention it

Ⅱ.完形填空 It was a busy morning,approximately 8∶30 a.m.,when an elderly gentleman in his 80s arrived to have stitches ( 手 术 缝 线)__1__from his thumb.He stated that he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at 9∶00 a.m.. I took his vital signs (健康状况征兆) and had him take a seat,__2__it would be over an hour__3__someone would be able to see him.I saw him look at his__4__and decided,since I was not busy with another patient , I would__5__his wound. On exam, it well healed, so I talked to one of the doctors,got the needed__6__to take his sutures (缝合线) away and redress his wound. While taking care of his wound,we began to__7__in conversation.I asked him if he had another doctor’s__8__this morning,as he was in such a hurry.The gentleman told me no,but he needed to go to the nursing home to eat breakfast with his wife. I then asked about her__9__.He told me that she had been there for a while and that she was a__10__of Alzheimer’s Disease (老年痴 呆症) .As we talked, I asked if she would be__11__if he was a bit late.He replied that she had not__12__him for five years. I was surprised, and asked him, “And you still go there every morning , __13__she doesn’t know who you are?” He__14__as he patted my hand and said,“She doesn’t know me,__15__I still know who she is.” I had to__16__tears as he left , thinking , “ That’s the kind of love I want in my__17__.” True love is not just romantic.True love is an acceptance of all that is,has been,will be and will not be.The happiest people don’t__18__have the best of everything;they just__19__the best of everything they have. Life isn’t about how to__20__the storm, but how to dance in the rain. 1.A.moved C.separated 2.A.knowing C.expecting 3.A.unless C.before 4.A.wound C.thumb 5.A.cover C.check 6.A.supplies C.services 7.A.join C.include 8.A.appointment C.warning 9.A.information C.position 10.A.victim C.winner 11.A.serious C.upset 12.A.realized C.recognized 13.A.as if C.now that 14.A.smiled C.shouted 15.A.and C.as 16.A.burst into C.hold back 17.A.work C.life 18.A.completely C.steadily 19.A.take C.share 20.A.compete C.obey B.protected D.removed B.hoping D.imaging B.until D.when B.watch D.hand B.cure D.heal B.medicine D.operations B.engage D.break B.remark D.advice B.treatment D.health B.loser D.model B.curious D.happy B.seen D.minded B.even though D.in case B.agreed D.whispered B.so D.but B.shut down D.take back B.experience D.day B.necessarily D.generally B.make D.give B.prevent D.survive

Ⅲ.阅读理解 At eighteen years of age,I flew up to San Francisco to meet a pen pal who I had written to for over a year.The first thing we did when we got home was to bake (烘焙) chocolate chip cookies,and our strong_ties were formed.From laughing at the burnt cookies,to eating the chocolate chips instead of putting them in the dough (生面团),it was fantastic.We became best friends.Twelve years later,we still reflect on that moment,and laugh with silliness and joy. Fast forward to 2003,I was in my first month of training in radiation oncology (放射肿瘤

学),and scared.I was in a new city,alone,and afraid of having to make a new start.One patient that we were treating used to come into the department with freshly baked goods for everyone once a week with a smile on her face.She was treated with a really tough regimen (疗法) for her cancer,yet she still overcame the pain and exhaustion (精疲力竭) to bake for the department.I once asked her why,and she said it gave her purpose and meaning. This purpose was far greater for me than a simple cookie.I really didn’t know how to bake, and I told her that.She then invited me to her home for lessons.With her as a guide I learned some of the art of baking.While baking we talked about life,regrets,and dreams.We soon became very close friends. A few weeks later,her husband came to the department and gave me a large box with a handwritten note.I opened the box.Inside was a Kitchen Aid mixer,and the note saying,“Please remember me when you bake,keep at it and you’ll change the world.” He told me that her cancer had spread.She was in her final stages of life.I cried and cried.It was simply the most generous gift that I had ever received. 1.What do the underlined words “strong ties” in Paragraph 1 refer to? A.Cooking skills. B.Close friendship. C.First impression. D.Exercise program. 2.Which of the following can be used to describe the patient? A.Honest and loyal. B.Clever and active. C.Warmhearted and generous. D.Confident and independent. 3.The underlined word in Paragraph 2 refers to________. A.the tough regimen B.baking for the department C.the pain and exhaustion D.the cancer 4.After receiving the gift,the author probably felt________. A.very pleased and honored B.a bit disappointed and confused C.quite excited and satisfied D.deeply moved and sad 5.Which of the following can be the best title for the passage? A.Baking can build a friendship B.A friend is a second self C.When your friends face difficulty D.Fine art of making friends Ⅳ.短文填词 Although school education is very important and useful, not everything is learned at school.A teacher,no matter________much he knows,always find1.________ himself________(不能够) to teach his students 2.________ everything they want to know.A teacher’s job is showing his students the way________they acquire knowledge.3.________ He shows them how to read and think.O________4.________ when students know the way to learn can they learn what is taught at school and what they experience o________school 5.________ by the students________.It is always more important 6.________ to know how to teach oneself than to remember some facts.Great scientists,________as Einstein and Newton,worked 7.________ hard all their lives,w________not a single moment.8.________ That is why they were all so________(成功).They 9.________ would ask as many questions as they read and to prove something true they did thousands of________(实验).10.________

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Unit 2


English around the world 世界上的英语

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.It is so nice to hear from her.________,we last met more than thirty years ago. A.What’s more B.That is to say C.In other words D.Believe it or not 2.Our Party has always devoted great attention to raising the living________of the working people. A.cost B.situation C.level D.standard 3.It turned out that one of the children I thought a girl was________a boy. A.specially B.usually C.especially D.actually 4 . I didn’t________my primary school classmate Jane until I listened to her selfintroduction. A.know B.recognize C.find D.realize 5.It is the fourth time that she________you in a week. A.rings B.has rung C.has been ringing D.is ringing 6.I will never understand how it________that you were an hour late on such a short journey. A.came over B.came out C.came up D.came about 7.—Go for a trip to Qingdao,OK? —________.I’d like to see the sea. A.I couldn’t agree more B.I’m afraid not C.I believe not D.I don’t think so 8.The openair celebration has been put off________the bad weather. A.in case of B.in spite of C.instead of D.because of 9.The manager requested that no one________of his decision until the next meeting. A.would tell B.told C.be told D.would be told 10.His________was so strong that I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. A.noise B.voice C.accent D.sound 11. After long and hard work, the police at last discovered the________of the baby found by the side of a road. A.dialect B.identity C.situation D.condition 12.You should________any opportunities you have to practise English. A.make use of B.play a part in C.get along with D.make fun of 13.—Tom is wise enough to achieve his success. —But in my opinion,he is________than wise. A.luckier B.more lucky C.much luckier D.rather lucky 14.Your story is perfect;I’ve never heard________before.

A.the better one B.the best one C.a better one D.a good one 15.“Be careful;do not stand________to the fire,Jim,” Mrs Thompson said to her little son. A.close C.closed Ⅱ.阅读理解 B.closely D.closing

L’HAYLESROSES,France:Three teenage girls admitted starting a fire in a suburban Paris housing project over the weekend that killed 17 people, including three children, police said yesterday.A fourth girl was held yesterday morning. The fire in a 19storey building south of Paris was the third fatal blaze in the Paris area in nine days.The death toll rose to 16 after a man died last Sunday in a hospital,where seven others were being treated for serious injuries,police said. Three teenagers taken in for questioning on Sunday admitted having started the fire for fun, police said.Two of the suspects were 18yearold,the other was 16,police said.Further details were not available. Witnesses claimed to have seen a group of youths who lived in the building start the fire, said Patrick Seve, mayor of the town of L’HAYLESROSES, near Orly airport, where the building was located. The fire is believed to have broken out in the lobby (门厅) of the building before raging up a stairwell at least three floors.Some residents jumped from windows as the fire spread through the building’s entrance. Authorities were investigating possible criminals in an August 26 fire that killed 14 African children and three adults in a Paris apartment building.Three days later,another fire killed seven in a building. Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy suggested on French television on Sunday night that copycats (盲目模仿者) were at work.“Each time there is a new story, sometimes that gives ideas to people who then turn into criminals, ” Sarkozy said, promising severe punishment for anyone found guilty of arson (纵火). 1.What can we learn from the first two paragraphs? A.Three girls were caught setting fire to a building. B.The fourth girl wasn’t present when the fire broke out. C.All the people lost their lives before police came. D.Paris was troubled by fire during that period. 2.Why did the teenagers start the fire? A.They were interested in playing with fire. B.They wanted to make fun of their parents. C.They were not satisfied with the surroundings. D.They wanted to warm themselves. 3.From the fourth and fifth paragraphs we know that________. A.the witnesses must have put out the fire B.the lobby of the building was covered with wood C.the witnesses were familiar with the teenagers D.the residents shouldn’t have jumped from windows 4.What the Minister said in the last paragraph means that________. A.he doesn’t like to listen to new stories B.he has no time to write new stories C.teenagers often have ideas to turn into criminals D.teenagers may do the same as others have done

For most people,shopping is still a matter of wandering down the street or loading a cart in a shopping mall.Soon,that will change.Electronic commerce (trade)is growing fast and will soon bring people more choices.There will,however,be a cost:protecting the consumer from being cheated will be harder.Many governments therefore want to apply strict regulations to the electronic world.But politicians would be wiser to see cyberspace as a basis for a new era of corporate selfregulation. Consumers in rich countries have grown used to the idea that the government takes responsibility for everything from the stability of the banks to the safety of the drugs or their rights to refund when goods are faulty.But governments cannot enforce national laws on businesses whose only presence is on the screen.Even in a country where a clear right to compensation exists, the online customer in Tokyo, say, can hardly go to New York to get a refund for a clothes purchase. One answer is for government to cooperate more:to recognize each other’s rules.But that requires years of work and volumes of detailed rules.And plenty of countries have rules too fanciful for sober countries to accept.There is , however , another choice.Let the electronic businesses do the regulation themselves.They do,after all,have a selfinterest in doing so. In electronic commerce,a reputation for honest dealing will be a valuable competitive asset.Governments,too,may compete to be trusted.For instance,customers ordering medicines online may prefer to buy from the United States because they trust the rigorous screening of the Food and Drug Administration;or they may decide that the FDA’s rules are too strict,and buy from Switzerland instead. Customers will still need to use their judgment.But precisely because the technology is new, electronic shoppers are likely for a while to be a lot more cautious than customers of the normal sort.And the new technology will also make it easier for them to complain when a company lets them down.In this way,at least,the advent of cyberspace may argue for fewer consumer protection laws,not more. 5.According to the author,what will be the best policy for electronic commerce? A.Selfregulation by the businesses. B.Strict consumer protection laws. C.Close international cooperation. D.Government protection. 6.In case an electronic shopper bought faulty goods from a foreign country,what could he do? A.Refuse to pay for the purchase. B.Go to the seller and ask for a refund. C.Appeal to consumer protection law. D.Complain about it on the Internet. 7.In the author’s view,businesses would place a high emphasis on honest dealing because in the electronic world________. A.international cooperation would be much more frequent B.consumers could easily seek government protection C.a good reputation is a great advantage in competition D.it would be easy for consumers to complain 8.We can infer from the passage that in licensing new drugs the FDA in the United States is________. A.very quick B.very cautious C.very slow D.rather careless 9.If a customer buys something that does not meet his expectation,what is the advantage of dealing through electronic commerce over the present normal one? A.It will be easier for him to return the goods he is not satisfied with. B.It will be easier for him to attain the refund from the seller. C.It will be easier for him to get his complaints heard by other consumers. D.It will be easier for him to complain about this to the government. Ⅲ.短文填词 We middle school students have had many tests and exams.We have both achieved success and suffered________1.________ failure.Different students take different attitudes to failure.Some fall in low spirits when they do p________in the exams.2.________ They lose heart and interest in study,________(显得) 3.________

disappointed.Others take a positive attitude in face of failure.They ________(鼓励) themselves to be selfconfident.4.________ They try to find out the causes________that they 5.________ will avoid________the same mistakes again.I stand 6.________ by those who dare to challenge themselves.Great men may fail dozens of times b________they succeed.So in my 7.________ opinion,it doesn’t matter w________we succeed or 8.________ not.What c________is what attitudes we are to take.9.________ Faced with failure,we should________(记住) 10.________ the proverb by heart “Failure is the mother of success.”

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Unit 3


Travel journal


Ⅰ.单项填空 1 . Jumping out of ________airplane at ten thousand feet is quite________exciting experience. A./;the B./;an C.an;an D.the;the 2.—Have you________your father to give up smoking? —No,I talked to him many times but he would not accept my advice. A.persuaded B.advised C.promised D.suggested 3.Excuse me,sir,can you tell me how much the________is to Guangzhou by plane? A.cost B.fare C.price D.money 4.Dorothy works very hard;she shows a very positive attitude______her work. A.to B.with C.of D.about 5.Because of the bad weather,the building work was already behind________.

A.situation B.speed C.service D.schedule 6.To write a good article you must first________your ideas very carefully. A.organize B.settle C.report D.speak 7.Dad was________whisky,but normally only drank in the evening when work was done. A.tired of B.fond of C.familiar with D.afraid of 8.She is not easy to work with,because she is very________in everything,not willing to accept others’ opinions even if she is wrong. A.absentminded B.stubborn C.outgoing D.confident 9.Something must be done to prevent the fruits from going bad in the long________. A.transportation B.run C.term D.transport 10.It is always the husband who________first when a quarrel breaks out between the young couple. A.gives away B.gives out C.gives up D.gives in 11.Sarah,hurry up,I’m afraid you won’t have time to________before the party. A.get changed B.get change C.get changing D.get to change 12.When we climbed up the mountain,my legs were so weak that I could________stand. A.fairly B.almost C.nearly D.hardly 13.There seems something wrong with my bike.I would like to get it________. A.repair B.to repair C.repairing D.repaired 14.Once he has decided to do something,he’ll never give up______. A.no matter how it is hard B.however is it hard C.no matter how hard it is D.however hard is it 15.The days________we spent together on the farm are not easy________. A.when;to forget B.which;to be forgotten C.that;to forget D./;to be forgotten Ⅱ.完形填空 I once had a teacher whose husband died suddenly of heart attack.About a week after his death,she__1__some of her thoughts with a classroom of students.As the late afternoon sunlight shone__2__the classroom windows, and when the class was nearly over,she__3__a few things aside on the edge of her desk and sat down. With a__4__look on her face,she paused and said,“__5__class is over,I’d like to share with all of you a deep__6__which I feel is very important.Each of us is put here on__7__to learn,share,love,appreciate and give of ourselves.__8__of us knows when this fantastic experience will__9__.It can be taken away at any moment.Perhaps this is the God’s__10__of telling us that we must make the__11__of every single day.” Her eyes were beginning to__12__,but she went on,“So I would like you all to make me a__13__:From now on,on your way to school,or on your way home,find something beautiful to__14__.It doesn’t have to be something you see.It could be a__15__of freshly baked bread floating out of someone’s 1.A.learned C.argued 2.A.onto C.across 3.A.moved C.swept 4.A.surprised C.gentle 5.A.After C.Before 6.A.feeling C.love 7.A.business C.duty 8.A.None C.Each 9.A.happen C.end 10.A.way C.plan 11.A.least C.lowest 12.A.ache C.shine B.shared D.discussed B.into D.through B.brushed D.pulled B.worried D.strange B.Unless D.If B.understanding D.memory B.time D.earth B.All D.Neither B.begin D.gain B.signal D.arrangement B.worst D.most B.water D.dry

house , or it could be the sound of the soft__16__rustling ( 使 发 出 沙 沙 声 ) the leaves in the trees...Please look for these things, and__17__them, for at anytime they can all be taken away...” The class was completely__18__.We all picked up our books and went out of the room silently.That__19__ , I observed many more beautiful things on my way home from school than usual. Remember : Life is not__20__by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

13.A.promise C.wish 14.A.buy C.take 15.A.smell C.taste 16.A.wind C.light 17.A.get C.hide 18.A.puzzled C.quiet 19.A.morning C.noon 20.A.wasted C.saved

B.choice D.rule B.enjoy D.learn B.gift D.sight B.hand D.color B.appreciate D.follow B.excited D.anxious B.night D.afternoon B.measured D.lost

Ⅲ.阅读理解 Judging from recent surveys,most experts in sleep behaviour agree that there is virtually an epidemic (流行病) of sleepiness in the nation.“I can’t think of a single study that hasn’t found Americans getting less sleep than they ought to, ” says Dr David.Even people who think they are sleeping enough would probably be better off with more rest. The beginning of our sleepdeficit crisis can be traced back to the invention of the light bulb a century ago.From diary entries and our personal accounts from the 18th and 19th centuries, sleep scientists have reached the conclusion that the average person used to sleep about 9.5 hours a night.“The best sleep habits once were forced on us,when we had nothing to do in the evening down on the farm,and it was dark.” By the 1950s and 1960s,the sleep schedule had been reduced dramatically,to between 7.5 and 8 hours,and most people had to wake to an alarm clock.“People cheat in their sleep,and they don’t even realize they’re doing it,” says Dr David.“They think they’re okay because they can get by on 6.5 hours,when they really need 7.5,8 or even more to feel ideally energetic.” Perhaps the most merciless robber of sleep , researches say, is the complexity of the day.Whenever pressures from work,family,friends and community increase,many people consider sleep the least expensive item on their programme.“In our society,you’re considered dynamic if you say you need only 5.5 hours’ sleep.If you’ve got to get 8.5 hours,people think you lack drive and ambition.” To determine the consequences of sleepdeficit, researchers have put subjects through a set of psychological and performance tests requiring them,for instance,to add columns of numbers or recall a passage read to them only minutes earlier.“We’ve found that if you’re in sleepdeficit,performance suffers,” says Dr David.“Shortterm memory is weakened,as are abilities to make decisions and to concentrate.” 1.What is the main topic of the passage? A.Research on the causes and consequences of sleepdeficit. B.The epidemic of sleepiness in the modern times. C.The history of people’s sleeping patterns. D.The minimum of our sleeping hours. 2.Which of the following is Dr David’s opinion? A.People who think they are sleeping enough are better off than those who don’t. B.Some people can remain energetic with only 6.5 hours’sleep a night. C.If they get 18.5 hours’sleep,people will be full of drive and ambition. D.People’s metal power suffers if they are lacking in sleep. 3.People in the 18th and 19th centuries slept about 9.5 hours a night because________. A.they were forced by their parents to do so B.they knew what was best for their health C.they had no electricity D.they were not so dynamic and ambitious as modern people are 4.The major cause of sleepdeficit of modern people is________.

A.the endless TV programmes in the evenings and the Internet B.the pressures of the day C.the sufficient energy modern people usually have D.loud noises in modern cities 5.What does the word “subjects” in Paragraph 4 mean? A.Persons or things being discussed or described. B.Branches of knowledge studied in a school. C.Persons or things being treated in a certain way or being experimented on. D.Any member of a state apart from the supreme ruler. Ⅳ.短文填词 Danny is a little pig.He is happy because he wants to leave home to see the world.It’s a________(阳光的) 1.________ day.Danny goes away when his parents are sleeping. ________his way he meets an elephant,a peacock 2.________ and a rabbit.At last,he gets to a lake.He l________3.________ at his reflection in the lake and says,“I wish I________(有) an elephant’s nose,a peacock’s 4.________ tail and a rabbit’s e________.” After a while,5.________ Danny’s wish comes true.He runs back ________(激动地).But his parents can’t 6.________ recognize him, “Go away, you’re not our son.” Danny goes to the________again.“I just want to be a pig.” 7.________ After________(说) that,Danny waits ans waits.8.________ Finally,he becomes a pig again,________makes him 9.________ overcome with joy.Danny runs back quickly.His parents hug him and say ,“This is o________lovely baby.”10.________

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Ⅰ.单项填空 1.It is reported that the floods have left about________people homeless. A.two thousand B.twothousands C.two thousands D.two thousands of 2 . The number of people invited to the party________fifty , but a number of them________absent for different reasons. A.were;was B.was;was C.was;were D.were;were 3.________of the land in that area________covered with trees and grass. A.Two fifth;is B.Two fifth;are

C.Two fifths;is D.Two fifths;are 4.There is a notice on the blackboard,saying “Those________are going camping please gather at the gate”. A.whom B.which C.they D.who 5.You must learn how to communicate with others.Learning to______yourself well is an important part of education. A.express B.find C.introduce D.recognize 6.Look?Every player in our team is doing their best.It seems______our team is going to win. A.even if B.if only C.as if D.only if 7.It rained nonstop for ten days,completely________our holiday. A.to ruin B.ruined C.having ruined D.ruining 8.—Would you like to join me for a quick lunch before class? —________,but I promised Nancy to go out with her. A.I’d like to B.I like it C.I don’t D.I will 9.At least 203 miners were killed,22________and 13________in a coal mine gas explosion in Fuxin. A.injuring;trapping B.injured;trapped C.injured;trapping D.injuring;trapped 10.Although the town had been attacked by the storm several times,________was done. A.a few damages B.few damages C.little damage D.a little damage 11 . Nowadays , people usually think if you enter a key university , you are your parents’________. A.pride B.luck C.value D.cheer 12.The evening news comes on at seven o’clock and________only thirty minutes. A.keeps B.continues C.finishes D.lasts 13.—Do you know Lily has gone to London? —Oh.________I haven’t seen her these days. A.No doubt B.No wonder C.Naturally D.Of course 14.—Have you heard of the North Korea’s nuclear test? —Yes,________news came as________shock to me. A.the;a B.the;the C.a;a D.a;the 15.—Do you want tea or coffee? —________.I really don’t mind. A.None B.Neither C.Either D.All Ⅱ.阅读理解

Someday a stranger will read your email without your permission or scan the websites you’ve visited.Or perhaps someone will casually glance through your credit card purchases or cell phone bills to find out your shopping preferences or calling habits. In fact, it’s likely that some of these things have already happened to you.Who would watch you without your permission?It might be a spouse,a girlfriend,a marketing company,a boss, a cop or a criminal.Whoever it is,they will see you in a way you never intended to be seen—21st century is the equal of being caught naked.

Psychologists tell us boundaries (dividing line) are healthy,and that it’s important to reveal yourself to friends , family and lovers in stages , at appropriate times.But few boundaries remain.The digital bread pieces you leave everywhere make it easy for strangers to reconstruct who you are,where you are and what you like.In some cases,a simple Google search can reveal what you think.Like it or not,increasingly we live in a world where you simply cannot keep a secret.The key question is:Does that matter? When opinion polls (民意测验) ask Americans about privacy,most say they are concerned about losing it.A survey found an overwhelming (very large) pessimism about privacy,with 60 percent of respondents saying they feel their privacy is “slipping away,and that bothers me.” But people say one thing and do another.Only a tiny part of Americans change any behaviors in an effort to protect their privacy.Few people turn down a tollbooth (收费站) to avoid using the EZPass system that can track automobile movements.And few turn down supermarket loyalty cards.Privacy economist Alissanfro Acquisti has a series of tests that reveal that people will give personal information like Social Security numbers just to get their hands on a pitiful 50centoff coupon (优惠券). But privacy does matter—at least sometimes.It’s like health; when you have it, you don’t notice it.Only when it’s gone do you wish you’d done more to protect it. 1.What would psychologists advise on the relationship between friends? A.Friends should open their hearts to each other. B.Friends should always be faithful to each other. C.There should be a distance even between friends. D.There should be fewer quarrels between friends. 2.Why does the author say “we live in a world where you simply cannot keep a secret”? A.Modern society has finally developed into an open society. B.People leave traces around when using modern technology. C.There are always people who are curious about others’ affairs. D.Many search engines profit by revealing people’s identities. 3.What do most Americans do about privacy protection? A.They change behaviors that might disclose their identity. B.They use various loyalty cards for business deals. C.They rely more and more on electronic devices. D.They talk a lot but hardly do anything about it. 4.According to the passage,privacy is like health because________. A.people will make every effort to keep it B.its importance is rarely understood C.it is something that can easily be lost D.people don’t value it until they lost it

When you hear the name Abraham Lincoln, there are a few images that come to mind: the tall black hat,the bow tie and,of course,the beard.You might be surprised to find out that it was an elevenyearold girl who urged Lincoln to grow his famous whiskers. In the fall of 1860,a beardless Abraham Lincoln was running for President of the United States when he received a letter from elevenyearold Grace Bedell of Westfield,New York.In her letter,Grace told him that he should let his whiskers grow because his face was “so thin”.She explained that “ladies like whiskers” and that if he grew a beard,“they would ask their husbands to vote” for him. Lincoln responded with the following letter: My dear little Miss, Your very agreeable letter of the 15th is received. I regret the necessity of saying I have no daughters... As to the whiskers,having never worn any,do you not think people would call it a piece of silly affection (感情) if I were to begin it now? Your sincere wellwisher, A.Lincoln Mr Lincoln was elected the sixteenth President of the United States on November

6,1860.Shortly after the election, he had a change of heart about growing facial hair.By the time he left Springfield on February 11,1861,to begin his journey to the White House,he had a full beard.Lincoln had his picture taken,and this image is what we see on the fivedollar bill today. On his train ride to Washington D.C.,Lincoln made a stop in Westfield,New York.He greeted the cheering crowd.Then he asked if the girl who wrote him a letter was present.Grace emerged from the crowd carrying roses.He kissed her and announced that he had let his whiskers grow because of her advice.Grace,who felt at a loss,ran all the way home still holding the flowers,which she had forgotten to give to Mr Lincoln. 5.Grace suggested that Lincoln should wear whiskers because______. A.it would make him look thin B.it would improve his appearance C.most gentlemen liked whiskers D.President of the US should wear whiskers 6.What did Lincoln write in reply to Grace’s letter? A.He would be glad to wear whiskers. B.Grace came up with a silly idea. C.Wearing whiskers could be troublesome. D.It was a pity that he hadn’t daughters. 7.Which of the following is TRUE of Lincoln? A.He was the sixth President of the US. B.He was not satisfied with his image. C.He kept Grace’s advice in mind for a long time. D.He went to Washington D.C.by bus after being elected President. 8.We can infer from the passage that when Grace saw Lincoln,she was________. A.nervous B.calm C.confident D.proud 9.Which of the following pictures must be Abraham Lincoln?

Ⅲ.短文填词 I’d like to say something about the canteen service in our school. In general,the service is________(满意).The 1.________ hall is clean and tidy.The dishes look inviting and taste d________ as well.What’s more,the workers 2.________ there treat us as their friends,________makes us 3.________ feel very happy.However,the________(价格) of 4.________ the meals is a little too high.Besides,we can only have a few dishes to c________from and the canteen is5.________ ________(拥挤).As a result,we often have to 6.________ stand in line for a long time________we can get 7.________ the meal.You could understand what difficulty we________in dealing with the three meals every 8.________ day.May I suggest something________done to 9.________ s________the problems so that we can all enjoy 10.________ our meals at school?

必修 1

Unit 5


Nelson Mandela-a modern hero 纳尔逊·曼德拉—当代英雄

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.He is a man who lacks experience and determination,and I think he is not________the job. A.able for B.equal to C.equal for D.able to 2.Everybody present at the meeting agreed to stick to the________that everyone should be treated fairly. A.purpose B.ambition C.principle D.level 3.She devoted herself entirely________helping the children who suffered a lot from the earthquake. A.in B.for C.to D.with 4.She is always________to help others at school and every other student wants to play with her________. A.willing;willing B.ready;willing C.willing;willingly D.ready;ready 5.________his experience,he has done a good job,so you should give him something as a(n)________. A.Considered;award B.Given;reward C.Regard;gift D.Considering;price 6.Though he killed a boy,he was________to 20 years’ imprisonment instead of death because of his good attitude and active help in breaking the case. A.sentenced B.reported

C.given D.attacked 7.—He says he has an uncle living in Taiwan. —Nonsense!________,his father doesn’t have brothers at all. A.More or less B.As a matter of fact C.In addition D.At least 8.Ms Black is considered a________lady by her neighbors,for she often helps the poor old man next door. A.generous B.hopeful C.mean D.selfish 9. The old man became very worried, standing at the gate, unable to find a man________he could turn for help. A.from whom B.at whom C.into whom D.to whom 10.________I toured Jiu Zhai Gou,I was deeply impressed with his beautiful scenery. A.For the first time B.At first C.It was the first time D.The first time 11.I told your friend how to get to the hotel,but perhaps I________have driven her there. A.could B.must C.might D.should 12 . ________by keeping down costs will PowerData hold its advantage over other companies. A.Only B.Just C.Still D.Yet 13.People________a monument to honour those people who devoted their lives to their country. A.set out B.set down C.set up D.set on 14.—I’ve lost in the game again. —________,you still have more chances. A.What a pity B.Don’t lose heart C.Don’t lose your heart D.I’m sorry for you 15.Don’t________what he says.________yourself,and you can do it very well. A.believe in;Believe B.believe;Believe in C.believe in;Believe in D.believe;Believe Ⅱ.完形填空 Mr Glen is a millionaire.Five years ago,after returning from abroad to his motherland, he__1__up his small company.Speaking of success,Glen often tells us a story about his__2__expensive “school” fee.He always owes his success to it. At that time , Glen , who already got a Ph.Degree,decided to return to the homeland, starting a company.Before__3__,he bought a Rolex watch with the__4__made through years of work after school and the scholarships.At the airport he had to accept the routine customs check.The watch on his wrist was also demanded to be__5__down for inspection.Glen knew that carrying the__6__goods out had to pay the tax.And he worried about paying__7__for his watch.So when he was checked , he told a lie that his watch was a worthless__8__.When he was__9__of his “smarts”,immediately,__10__the presence of Glen, the officers hit the watch, which__11__nearly ¥ 100,000 , into pieces at hearing Glen’s words.Glen was amazed.__12__he understood why, he was taken to the office to be__13__strictly.For 1. A.set C.went 2. A.good C.extra 3. A.staying C.living 4.A.books C.savings 5. A.put C.taken 6. A.ordinary C.specific 7. A.one C.them 8. A.present C.toy 9. A.afraid C.well 10. A.in C.before 11. A.paid B.came D.called B.bad D.few B.leaving D.coming B.things D.pounds B.looked D.lied B.common D.many B.it D.these B.trade D.fake B.proud D.hard B.on D.after B.spent

many times of entryexit__14__he knew that only those people in the “blacklist” would “enjoy” this special treatment.The officers looked out every thing carefully in the box , and warned him__15__time of entry and exit he must accept the check and if__16__reusing and carrying fake and shoddy ( 劣 质 的 ) goods , he would be charged according to law!Suddenly,his face turned red, and he had nothing in mind after__17__the plane for long. After returning to the homeland,he often told the story to his family,and his employees,too.He said that this made a deep__18__on him,because the additional high“school”fee that he had ever paid made him realize the value of__19__, which he would__20__as the secret of his success forever.

C.took D.cost 12. A.Before B.After C.If D.Though 13. A.appreciated B.beaten C.spoken D.examined 14. A.conditions B.experiences C.experiments D.chances 15. A.no matter what B.no matter how C.no matter when D.no matter why 16. A.came out B.found out C.sent out D.set out 17.A.landing B.flying C.catching D.boarding 18.A.expression B.idea C.thought D.impression 19.A.honesty B.lies C.goods D.things 20.A.remember B.learn C.revise D.read

Ⅲ.阅读理解 According to a recent survey on money and relationships,36% of people are keeping a bank account from their partner.While this financial unfaithfulness may appear as distrust in a relationship, in truth it may just be a form of financial protection.With almost half of all marriages ending in divorce,men and women are realizing they need to be financially savvy,regardless of whether they are in a relationship. The financial hardship on individuals after a divorce can be extremely difficult, even more so when children are involved.The lack of permanency in relationships,job and family life may be the cause of a growing trend to keep a secret bank account hidden from a partner,in other words, an“escape fund”. Margaret’s story is far from unique.She is a representative of a growing number of women in longterm relationships who are becoming protective of their own earnings.Every month on pay day,she banks hundreds of dollars into a savings account she keeps from her husband.She has been doing this throughout their sixyear marriage and has built a nest egg worth an incredible$100,000.Margaret says if her husband found about her secret savings he’d be hurt and would take this as a sign that she wasn’t sure of the marriage.“He’d think it was my escape fund so that financially I could afford to get out of the relationship if it went wrong.I know you should approach marriage as being forever and I hope ours is,but you can never be sure.” Like many of her fellow secret savers,Margaret was hurt in a former relationship and has since been very guarded about her own money. Coming clean to your partner about being a secret saver may not be all that bad.Take Colleen for example,who had been saving secretly for a few years before she confessed to her partner.“I decided to open a savings account and start building a nest egg of my own.I wanted to prove to myself that I could put money in the bank and leave it there for a rainy day.” 1. The trend to keep a secret bank account is growing because________. A.“escape fund” helps one through rainy days B.days are getting harder and harder C.women are money sensitive D.financial conflicts often occur 2.The underlined word “savvy” in Paragraph 1 probably means________. A.suspicious B.secure C.wise D.simple 3.Which inference can we make about Margaret? A.She is a unique woman. B.She was once divorced. C.She is going to retire. D.She has many children. 4. The author mentions Colleen’s example to show________. A.any couple can avoid marriage conflicts B.privacy within marriage should be respected

C.everyone can save a fortune with a happy marriage D.financial disclosure is not necessarily bad 5. Which of the following is the best title of this passage? A.Secret savers B.Love is what it’s worth C.Banking honesty D.Once bitten,twice shy Ⅳ.短文填词 To learn with your classmates is important in learning process. At the b________I thought that learning was 1.________ none of others’ business.I kept telling myself the truth ________the harder you study,the better grade 2.________ you get.________(遗憾),the truth seemed no 3.________ truth to me.It doesn’t w________ on all exams of 4.________ mine.No matter how hard I worked,I still ________(不及格).Each time I didn’t pass the 5.________ exam,I thought I hadn’t studied hard e________for 6.________ it.The situation didn’t look up________my 7.________ teacher suggested I should learn with my classmates.One day I came a________a difficult problem.Keeping my 8.________ teacher’s advice in________,I turned to one of my 9.________ classmates for help and solved it________(顺利).10.________



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