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Save the trees

一、根据句意和所给的首字母完成下列句子。 1.He climbed up the tree to get back the kite among the b__________. 2.We join the army because we want

to f____________ for our country. 3.Before we move in our new house, we need to buy some f___________. 4.Can you i___________ what the world would be like without water? 5.The little factory p___________ two million pencils every day. 二、语言知识运用。 1.The doctor gave him some pills to __________ the pain. A. take off B. take in C. take on D. take away 2.Do some sports every day. It will help you keep __________. A.healthy B.healthily C. kindly D. excitedly 3.——There are _________ people here in our city. ——Actually, there are __________ people here in our city. A. Millions of; three million B. Millions of; millions C.millions of; three million of D. Million of; three million of 4、——What time is it now? ——It is 20:00. I think we should stop __________ first. A. having supper B. have supper C. to have supper D. to having supper 5、——I bought ____________ furniture. ——Really? What ________? A. a new; is it made of B. a new; does it made of C. a new piece of; is it made of D. a new piece of; does it made of 6、Look at this old bridge! It is made __________ stones. A. from B. of C. into D. Up 7、I _________ the swimming club if you ________ it. A. join; join B. will join; join C. join; will join D. will join; will join 8、He heard someone calling his name, so he stopped and ________. But he couldn’t see any one. A. looked around B. looked up C. looked into D. looked for 9、——we can’t live without trees. They make our lives _________. ——I agree. We should stop people _________ trees. A. convenient; to cut down B. conveniently; to cut down C. convenient; cutting down D. conveniently; cutting down 10、the little dog helps his owner _________ many ways __________ his daily life. A. in; at B. on; in C. in; in D. on; on 三、根据中文提示完成下列句子。 1、事实上,他是一个好人。___________ __________,he is a good man. 2、许多家具是由木材做成的。

A lot of __________ ___________ __________ ________wood。 3. 作家们的灵感许多都来源于他们的日常生活。 Most of the writers’ ideas _______ _________ their ______ ___________. 4、换掉你的热水器,否则你将会吸入过量的有害气体。 Change your water-heater, ________ you will _________ __________ too much. 5、如今,许多女性都能兼顾事业和家庭,例如 Jane 就是其中的一位。 Nowadays, many women have a career and a family ——Jane _______ _________.

一、语言知识运用。 1、look! Peter ________ TV happily, but his parents are busy in the kitchen. A. is watching B. watches C. watched D. will watch 2、——May I speak to the principal? ——Sorry, he _______ a meeting now. Can I take a message? A. is having B. had C. has D. will have 3、Where is Sally? Her mother _______ for her everywhere. A. looks B. looked C. is looking D. was looking 4、——Dad _____ for paris tomorrow. ——Really? Let’s go and ask him to bring back some presents for us. A. Are going to leave B. Is leaving C. Left D. leaves 5、Listen! ________ you _________ someone crying? A. Do; hear B. Are; hearing C. Did; hear D. Will; hear 6、——Can your brother make a model airplane? ——Yes, these weeks he ________ a new school. A. builds B. is built C. will built D. is building 7、As we know, things like that ________ all over the world every day. A. Happens B. Are happenedC. Are happening D. Will be happened 8、——Sam, come downstairs, please. I need your help. ——I don’t think I can, mum. I _______ on the phone. A. talk B. talked C. talking D. am talking 二、用所给词的正确形式填空。 Simon ________(be) a businessman. He ________(have) two sons. One _______(study) in No. 1 Middle school, and the other is studying in No.2 Middle School. These days, Simon _______(do) a big project and he ________(leave) Guangzhou next week. His sons ________(be) very happy because they can do everything they like, such as ________(sleep) late, _______ (watch) TV a lot and ________ (eat) a lot of ice-creams. They _______(look) forward to it.

Speaking and Writing
一、找出下列单词中划线部分的发音与其他不同的单词。 1、A. star B. study C. stand D. post 2、A.school B. sky C. task D. score 3、A. oxygen B. major C. apologize D. gas 4、A. convenient B. imagine C. disease D. receive 5、A. against B. major C. container D. Save 二、判断句子的正误 T\F, 并在原句中改正错句。 1、Trees help me in many ways, such as keep the air clean and produce oxyfen. ( ) 2、Trees also make out lives more conveniently. ( ) 3、A lot of furnitures is make of wood. ( ) 4、We can protect our earth by plant more trees. ( ) 5、Many people keep cutting down trees because of they want to make money from the wood. ( )

More practice
一、翻译下列词组。 1、成千上万 _________________ 2、通过做…… _______________________ 3、生物 __________________ 4、因为 _______________________ 5、结果是 _________________ 6、……的数量 _____________________ 7、尽力做某事 __________________ 二、语言知识运用。 1、____________ young people are waiting in the square to see their idol. A. 6 thousand B. 6 thousands C. 6 thousands of D. Thousand of 2、_________ a resule, you have to study harder from now on. A. To B. In C. As D. For 3、We should protect our enviroment _________ more trees. A. in planting B. with planting C. for planting D. by planting 4、You should cancel the visiting _________ the bad weather. A. because B. because of C. why D. by 5、_________ our fan clubs is becoming larger and larger. A. the number of B. a number of C. the number D. a number

一、听力(略) 二、语言知识及运用。 (共三节,满分 3 分) 第一节 语音(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) A、找出下列单词中划线部分的发音与其他不同的单词。 11、A. skate B. sky C. task D. skirt

12、A. airport B. tick C. test 13、A. point B. spread C. press 14、A. carry B. pine C. fly 15、A. against B. rain C. container B. 从下列选项中找出重音与其他不同的一项。 16、A. helpful B. rescue C. towel 17、A. disease B. address C. perfect 18、A. finish B. greeting C. major 19、A. oxygen B. example C. anywhere 20、A. appear B. programme C. patient

D. step D. crisp D. diet D. remain D. discuss D.prefer D. produce D. probably D. bottom

第二节 单项选择(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 21、Be silent! Someone _________! Can you hear it? A. sings B. sang C. is singing D. will sing 22、The sky tonight is really beautiful. You can see ________ stars smiling to you. A. 3 thousands B. 3 thousands of C. 3 thousand of D. thousands of 23、——I can’t decide which dress to buy. Can you help me? ——Of course! I _______ the blue one best! A. likes B. like C. am liking D. is liking 24、_________ the help of John, little Tom stops ________. So we can enjoy our books now. A. With; crying B. On; crying C. With; to cry D. On; to cry 25、When there is a fire, don’t forget to get a wet towel so that you won’t _________ too much CO2. A. get in B. make in C. put in D. take in 26、——You are really busy! ——Yes, I must finish the work next week. I ______ for London next week. A. leave B. am leaving C. left D. leaving 27、——What happened to your mother? ——Sorry, dad. I made her _________ just now. A. angry B. angrily C. happy D. happily 28、The dead teacher asked _______ boys to clean the meeting hall. A. a number B. the number of C. a number of D. the number of 29、Can you believe that he gets so much money ________ rubbish? A. with collecting B. by collecting C. of collecting D. by collect 30、——Will you go to watch the new movie this Sunday? ——I ________ go to watch it if it ________ stop raining. A. don’t; won’t B. don’t; don’t C. won’t; won’t D. won’t; doesn’t 第三节 语法选择(共 10 小题,每小题,满分 10 分) A Chinese man ____31_____ Cai Lun invented paper almost 2,000 years ago. He made paper ____32_____ wood. He then put all the paper together and made the paper ___33_____ a book.

Now we still use wood to make paper. We use a lot of paper every day. If we keep on _____34____ so much paper, there will not be any trees left on the earth. If ____35____ no trees, there will be no paper. Every day, people ___36______ about 2,800 tons of paper. We use 17 trees to make one ton of paper. This means we are cutting nearly 48,000 trees every day. Since it ___37_____ more than 10 years for a tree to grow, we must start using ____38____ paper now. So how can we save paper? We can use both sides of ____39____ paper, especially when we are making notes. We can choose drinks in bottles instead of those in paper packets. We can also use cotton hankerchiefs(手帕) but not paper ones. When we go shopping, we can use fewer paper bags. If the shop assistant gives us a paper bag, we can save it and reuse it later. Everyone can help to save paper. If we all think carefully, we can help ___40_____ trees. But we should do it now, before it is too late. 31. A. call B. calls C. called 32.A. from B. of C. into 33.A. from B. of C. into 34.A. waste B. to waste C. wasted 35.A. there will be B.there are C. there was 36.A. take in B.put on C.throw away 37.A.spends B.takes C. costs 38.A. many B. few C. fewer 39.A.a B. a piece C.one piece 40.A. protect B.protects C. protecting D.calling D.for D.for D.wasting D. there wasn’t D.put away D.pays D.less D.many D. to protecting

三、完形填空 You may think there is only ____41______ in the desert of the world. However, it is not true. In the desert, as we know, there is a little __42_______, but it is not good enough for most plants. Still we can see some plants live in the desert. There is _____43_____ in some places in the desert. We call these places oases(绿洲)。 In the oases, there are villages and towns. People grow all kinds of ___44______ in the fields there. People also live outside the oases. They have camels, sheep and other animals. ____45______ are these animals’ food and they do not need much water. The _____46_____ are useful to the desert people in many ways. They eat the meat and drink the milk of the animals. They use the ___47______ for carrying water, food, tents and something else. The people of the desert have to keep moving from place to place. They must always ___48______ grass or desert plants for their animals. When there is no more ____49_____ for their animals, they move to another place. The desert people are ____50______. No man in the desert would ever refuse to help the people introuble and give them food and water. 41、A.tree 42、A.rain 43、A.stones B.stone B.wind B.water C.sand C.sunshine C.plants D.plant D.snow D.wood

44、A.crops 45、A.Crops 46、A.animals 47、A.dogs 48、A.look after 49、A.food 50、A.happy

B.trees C.animals B. Small animals C. The rain B.grass C.water B.horses C.elepants B.look for C.look up B.water C.weather B.ugly C.friendly

D.fish D. Desert plants D.crops D.camels D.look out D.land D.dark

四、阅读理解(共 10 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 20 分)

Can trees talk? Yes --- but not in words. Scientists have reason to believe that trees do communicate with each other. Not long ago, researchers learned some surprising things. First a willow tree (柳树) attacked in the woods by caterpillars (毛毛虫) changed the chemistry of its leaves and made them tasteless so that the caterpillars got tired of the leaves and stopped eating them. The even more astonishing, the tree sent out a special vapor--- a signal causing its neighbors to change the chemistry of their own leaves and make themselves taste also terrible, too. Talking, of course, doesn’t need to be always in words. We can talk to each other by smiling, raising our shoulders and moving our hands. We know that birds and animals use a whole vocabulary of songs, sounds and movements. Bees dance their signals, flying in certain patterns that tell other bees where to find nectar (花蜜) for honey. So shy shouldn’t trees have ways of sending messages?(173 words) 51、from the passage, which kind of leaves don’t caterpillars eat? A. leaves lying on the ground. B. leaves having an unpleasant taste. C. leaves bees don’t like. D.leaves having an unfamiliar shape. 52、the willow tree described in the passage protected itself by _________. A. growing more branches B. talking with birds and bees. C. changing its leaf chemistry D. shaking caterpillars off 53、according to the passage, the willow tree was able to talk with other trees by ___________. A. Waving its branches B. giving off a special smell C.dropping its leaves D.changing the colour of its trunk 54、According to the passage, bees talk by _________. A.making special movements B.touching one another C.smelling one another D.making unusual sounds 55、what does the author think about the idea that trees can talk? A.it is not true at all. B.only a few people believe it. B.The scientists made some mistakes D. It seems very reasonable.

China is the best birthplace of tea. Nowdays, an increasing number of foreiners are interested in tea and the tea culture. Drinking tea is good for our health. Here are some tips for tea lovers. Green Tea is the best choice for office workers People who work in places with air conditioning may face skin problems. They are easy to get dry skin. However, green tea can help you solve this problem. Besides, green tea, like makeup, can prevent computer radiation(辐射). Winter is the season to drink Black Tea Many chinese people believe that different people should drink different tea. Black tea can warm the stomach, refresh the mind and accelerate digestion(加速消化). Therefore, drinking warm black tea in the cold winter is a most suitable choice. Do not drink thick tea Strong tea may take the human body much too excited and can do something bad to your cardiovascular and nervous system(心血管和神经系统). A person may get heart or blood problems if he drinks too much strong tea. Do not drink too much tea when eating Drinking too much tea or strong tea can stop your body from taking in the calcium, iron and so on. Also, people shouldn’t drink tea with milk or other milk products because the tea may make the milk products less nutritions(有营养的).(241 words) 56. We can read the article in ___________. A. Life and Health B. Chinese Culture C. Fashion Times D. Spors and Health 57.if you always work with computer, what kind of tea should you drink? A. Green tea B. Black tea C. Strong tea D. Hot tea 58.What does the underlined word”suitable” mean in the passage? A. 滑稽的 B. 惊人的 C 可能的 D 合适的 59.Too much thick tea may cause ____________. A.skin problems B. Heart disease C.headahe D. Stomachache 60. Which of the following is NOT true? A. If you have a stomachache, you should drink black tea. B. Strong tea may make the body excited. C. When we choose tea, we should know the characteristic and taste of each kind of tea. D. At table, we should drink tea as soon as possible because it’s good for our health. 五.写作。 (满分25分) 第一节 单词拼写(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分) 61. Can you i_________ yourself to be a president in the future? 62.Even he, the most famous doctor, cannot s_________ the old lady’s life. 63. Smoking is h_________ to your health. 64. The understand makes Guangzhou people’s lives much more c__________. 65. He was really angry with his classmates. Then he f________ with him at last.

第二节 完成句子 (共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分) 66、多吃胡萝卜对你眼睛有益。 _________ more carrots _____ ________ __________ your eyes. 67.事实上,越来越多的人喜欢到海南岛度假。 ___________ more and more like spending their holidays in the Hainan Island. 68.他们家很有钱,甚至连他们家的筷子都是用银做成的。 They are very rich. Even their chopsticks _________ __________ __________ silver. 69.她是位心肠很好的女生,例如,昨天她帮一位老太太过马路。 She is a kind-hearted girl. _________ _________, she _______ a granny __________. 70.如果你撒谎,我们就不再是朋友的。 If you _________ __________ life, we _________ ___________ friends any longer.

第三节 书面表达(共1小题,满分10分) 树木是人类的好朋友,它为我们付出很多,但是我们却容易忽略这位朋友, 经常做出伤害它的事情。植树节将近,我校举行爱护树木征文大赛。希望借此呼 吁人们爱护树木。 词数:80左右。 要点提示:1.树木对我们很重要。它提供氧气给我们呼吸,净化我们的空气, 吸收空气中有害人体的气体;2.树木能防止水土流失。



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