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人教版高一英语必修一unit3 using language课件

Using language

Fast reading
True and false

1. They reached Tibet in winter.

( F )

2. Wang Wei always rode in front of me. ( T ) 3. When we reached a valley, it became warmer.( T ) 4. They went to sleep early in their tent. ( F ) 5. Their cousins will join them in Dali.( T )

Main ideas:

we can’t wait to see our cousins
we were on the way of climbing the mountains


A night in the mountain

Fast reading
1. How does Wang Kung feel about the trip now? He is starting to like it/ enjoy it. 2. What do you think has changed his mind? Seeing how beautiful the land is has changed Wang Kun’s attitude.

3.What items are Wang Kun and Wang Wei carrying with them? What do you think they will have to leave behind in Dali? What should they take instead?
Wang Kun and Wang Wei are carrying a tent, a cooker and food, pillows, water bottles. In the mountains they wore long wool coats, caps, gloves and trousers. In the plains they changed into T-shirts and shorts.

Language points
1. Our legs were so heavy and cold that they felt like blocks of ice.
So … that … 如此….以至于…. 在此引导结 果状语从句。 so+形容词/副词+that so+形容词+a(n)+单数名词+that So+many/few +复数名词+that So+much/little+不可数名词+that Eg: He was so happy that he sang songs by himself.

such+a/an +形容词+单数名词+that Such +形容词+不可数名词+that Such+形容词+复数名词+that
It was such a lovely day that we decided to go outing. =it was so lovely a day that we decided to go outing. 天气这么好,我们决定去郊游。 Feel like (doing) sth. 喜欢(做)某事

2.Have you ever seen snowmen ride bicycles? 你看见过雪人骑自行车吗?
See sb do sth 看见某人做某事。 省略to的动词不定式作宾补表示一 个动作的全过程,改为被动语态时, 作主补的动词不定式需加上to. See sb doing sth.看见某人正在做某 事,指动作正在进行。

3. Along the way children dressed in long wool coats stopped to look at us. dressed in long wool coats 为过去分词作状 语修饰前面的children, 可以把此句改成定 语从语的形式为:Along the way children who were dressed in long wool coats stopped to look at us.

4.Wang Wei rode in front of me as usual.
In front of 在….的前面(外部) In the front of 在….的前面(内部) Eg: A big tree is in front of our classroom. I sit in the front of our classroom. As usual 照常,像往常一样,(在句中做状语)指 与以往的行为作比较的某一次行为,但不用于比较 结构的句子中。 I shall leave the office on time as usual. Than usual “较平常,比以往” 用于比较结构的句子 中。 Yesterday morning he got up earlier than usual.

5. She is very reliable and I knew I didn’t need to encourage her. reliable adj.可靠的,可信赖的。 rely vt. Vi. reliably adv. 可靠地,可信赖地。 rely on =depend on=count on 相信,依赖,信赖 encourage sb to do sth 鼓励某人去做某事 encourage sb in sth 在某事上鼓励某人 encouraging adj.振奋人心的,激励的 encouraged adj. 受到鼓舞的。 encouragement n. 鼓励。 discourage vt.使泄气

6. To climb the mountain was hard work but as we looked around us, we were surprised by the view. 爬山很难, 但是当我们环顾四周的时 候我们被这里的景色给震惊了。

(1) 不定式作主语, 谓语动词用单数, 可以用形式主语it. It is+ adj./n. (for sb) to do sth. e.g. To learn a foreign language is important for your future work. =It is important for your future work to learn a foreign language.

(2) view n. [C] 自然美景,风景 从某处看到的东西 e.g. You’ll get a better view of the

pianist if you stand up.
n. [C] 个人的看法,见解,态度

in one’s view 在某人看来
one’s view on/about sth 某人关于某事


7. It was great fun especially as it gradually became much warmer. fun n. 乐趣,娱乐。 make fun of 取笑 for fun 为了消遣。 Have fun 玩的开心 It’s much/great fun to do sth. 做某事 很有趣。

8.We had to change our caps, coats, gloves

and trousers for T-shirts and shorts.
我们只好把帽子, 外套和裤子换下, 穿上T

change 作为动词 “换衣, 更换”

Wait, it won’t take me long to change. get changed 换好衣服
change A for B 用A换B

高考链接 Sara, hurry up. I’m afraid you won’t have time to____ before the party. A. get changed B. get change

C. get changing

D. get to change

change 可 作名 词
eg: Great changes have taken place in my hometown since last year. eg: I can get 5 yuan as my change from my father every week .

change n. 变化(可数), 零钱(不可数)

9. In the early evening, we always stop to make camp. 傍晚我们停下来宿营。 camp n. [C, U] 野营, 营地, 营帐 [短语] make camp go camping 扎营, 宿营 去露营, 去野营

10. We put up our tents and then we ate. 我们先搭起帐篷然后吃饭。
① 举起, 抬起 = raise ② 挂起, 张贴 ③ 建造, 搭起 = build ④ 住宿, 留宿

put up

Bear them in your mind!

e.g. He put up his hand to catch the

teacher’s attention.
A new notice has been put up on the board. A new theatre will be put up where there used to be a temple. Will you put me up for the night?

11. We can hardly wait to see them. 我们迫不及待地想看一看 [考点] hardly是副词,意为“简直不能”, 常用于can / could之后,主要动词之前, 强调做某事很难。 can hardly wait to do sth=can’t wait to do sth 迫不及待要做某事

考例] I must be getting fat — I can ______ do my trousers up. (2004全国卷 II) A. fairly B. hardly C. nearly D. seldom

[点拨] 根据句意“我一定是在变胖,我几 乎扣不上裤子了”,可知此处缺一个表示 否定的副词,所以排除A、C; seldom意 为“很少”,与句意不符。故选B。


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