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1.找出文中两个对立的观点 2. 划出表达不同观点和理由的句型及过渡词语

① The majority of the students hold the view that punishing the passengers helps to reduce traffic accidents and increase traffic safety. ② N

ot to ride in a car driven by a drunken driver is not only a responsible behavior for passengers themselves but also for the drivers and other people on the road. ③ The majority of the students, however, disapprove of the idea, stating that it is difficult for common passengers to know whether the driver has been drinking or not. ④ What’s more, even if the passenger knows the driver has drunk alcohol and has attempted to persuade the driver not to drive, it is unfair to punish the passenger when the driver does not follow the advice⑤ As far as I am concerned, punishing passengers as well as the drivers is not only unfair but also is hard to carry out.(2010茂名一模)

Useful words and expressions
第一步:提出问题: ? ①With the College Entrance Exam coming, students hold different opinions/views on ___________________ (持不同观点) whether Senior 3 Students should take a lot of tonics (补品) to keep fit. ? ②However, there are different people take /have/different attitudes who__________________(采取不同的态度) towards this matter whether we should set off fireworks to celebrate China New Year.

Useful words and expressions
had/done a survey on ? ③We’ve __________________(做调查关 于)whether students should be allowed to bring cell phones to school.

? ④Some people believe/consider/think/that ________________(认 为)doing voluntary work is worthwhile, others argue that however,_______________ doing voluntary work is a waste of time .(然而, 其他人争辩说)


表达“赞成”agree to do/ approve of / be in favor of/ _________________________________________ ___________________________________________ be for

disagree to do/disapprove of/ be against 表达“反对” _________________________________________ object to ___________________________________________

In my opinion/ to my mind/ personally 表达“个人看法” ______________________________________ ______________________________________ As far as I’m concerned

Useful words and expressions

? ①Some of them ______________(赞成) sharing their feelings with friends.

approval of /are in favor of

? ②There are 65% of parents strongly against/objecting to _____________students reading(反对学 生读)such kinds of net novels.(测试报第 10期基础写作)

第三步: 阐述理由和原因
①20.3% students express their approval of the competition of painting, saying/stating _____________(认为)that this program will improve students’ imagination .(测试报11期) ②While 70% students think they should do necessary because/as physical exercise __________they hold the view that it is a good way of relaxation and will do good to their study.(12 月月考基础写作) why ③The reason _________students surveyed select friends

or schoolmates as their ideal listeners, is _____ they are in that the same age group.


Because/since/as/ ____________________________________________ The reason …why…is that ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ …saying that/ holding the view that

第四步:使用过渡词语使对比类文章严谨 对比的过渡词: unlike, on the contrary/on the other hand… ________________________________ ? compared with ________________________________ ? 陈述理由先后的过渡词: firstly/first of all/ for one thing, for another What’s more/what’s worse/in addition ? ________________________________

用恰当的过渡词语使下面段落连贯。 ①On the contrary _____________(相反),some people are against the idea.__________, they say making friends on First of all which line is a waste of time,______ should be spent What’s worse more meaningfully on study .____________, some students get cheated on line.

读记下列短语 ⒈主题have a discussion about /have a survey about
take different attitudes towards/ have(take,adopt,) different attitudes towards /have different opinions on

to do, /approve of / be in favor of / be for “反对”disagree to do, / disapprove of/ be against/ object to/ “个人看法”in my opinion, / So far as I am concerned/ personally / to my mind/ from my point of view

3. 理由The reason for this is that/The reason …why…is that/ …saying that/ holding the view that 4. 过渡词:unlike, on the contrary/ on the other hand/ compared with/ in addition/ what’s more/ what’s worse

(假设你是英文报社的记者,请用英文描述 以下调查的观点)

1.然而,一些人反对公交快车系统,因为这会 引起很多问题。(the bus rapid transit system (BRT system) ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
2.大部分人支持公交快车系统,认为有利于发展公交事业, 减少污染。 __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

[checklist] 1.是否只用了所学句型? 2.要点是否齐全? 3.是否使用了正确的语言结构? 4.有无语法或拼写错误? 5.是否用上了高级词汇或高级结构? 6.有无过渡性词语,使文章更连贯?

(假设你是英语报社的记者,请用英文描述 以下调查的观点)

1.然而,一些人反对公交快车系统,因为这会 引起很多问题。(the bus rapid transit system (BRT system) ________________________________________________ However, some people disapprove of the BRT system, ________________________________________________ holding the view that it will need more people to ________________________________________________ manage the traffic.
2.大部分人支持公交快车系统,认为有利于发展公交事业, 减少污染。 Most of people are in favor of BRT system because it __________________________________________________ will bring about a great advance of public buses and ___________________________________________________ also reduces air pollution. ___________________________________________________

(正反观点对比范文结构 )
Part1. State an opinion 点题:争论的观点是什么…. Part2. Give some supporting reasons 正反两方的观点分别是什么 Part3. Draw a conclusion 你的观点是什么(一句话)


为了迎接2010亚运会,广州市政府在中山大道(从天 河到下远段)建一条公交快车道,这个决议在广州市民 中产生强大的反响。请根据以下提示,写一篇有关这次 讨论的短文。(the bus rapid transit (BRT) system ) 支持 反对

1.体现对普通乘客的关心。 1.浪费更多的人力去管理。 2.大大提高了公交车的速 2.下车后不得不穿过机动 度,节省了时间。 车道(motor and bicycle lanes) 3.有利于发展公交事业, 减少污染。 [写作要求]只能使用5个句子表达全部的内容。

Possible version:
①Many people are in favor of the BRT system, holding the view that it shows concern for common passengers. ② What’s more, the performance of BRT system will surely speed up the ride and save much time. ③Last but not least, it will definitely bring about a great advance of public buses and also reduces air pollution. ④However, some people hold the opposite opinion that BRT system may give rise to a lot of problems, such as more people needed to manage the traffic. ⑤What’s worse, it is inconvenient for people to cross motor and bicycle lanes when getting off the buses.



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