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必修四 课文填空(填空版)

Book 4


Unit 1

A Student Of African Wildlife

It is 3: 45 am and the sun is just rising _______ Gombe National Park in East African. __________ Jane’s way of studying chimps, our group are ____ going to visit them_______ the forest. Jane _______ (study) these families of ________ (chimp) for many years and helped people understand how much they behave ______ humans. _________ (Watch) a family of chimps wake up is our first _______ (act) of the day. ________ means going back to the place ________we left the family sleeping in a tree the night _______. Everybody sits _______ waits in the shade of the trees ________ the family begins to wake up and move off. ________ we follow ______ they wander ________ the forest. Most of the time, chimps either feed ________ clean each other ________ a way of showing love in their family. Jane warns us ________ our group is going to be very tired and dirty _______ the afternoon and she is right. __________, the evening makes _______ all worthwhile. We watch the mother chimp _______ her babies play in the tree. Then we see them go to sleep together in their nest for the night. We realize that the bond ________ members of a chimp family is ______ strong as in human family. Nobody before Jane fully understood chimp _________ (behave). She spent years observing and recording their ________(day) activities. Since her childhood she had wanted to work _______ animals in their ________ environment. However, this was not easy. _________ (when) she first arrived in Gombe in 1960, it was unusual for a woman _________ (live) in the forest. _______ after her mother came to help her _______ the first few months was she allowed to begin her project. Her work changed the way people think ________ chimps. For example, one important thing she discovered was chimps hunt ________ eat meat. Until then everyone had thought chimps ate only fruit and nuts. She ________ (act) observed chimps _____a group hunting a money and then eating ______ . She also discovered _______ chimps communicate with each other, and her study _____ their body language helped her work out their social system. _______ forty years Jane Goodall has been outspoken about ________ (make) the rest of the world understand and respect the _______ (live) of these animals. She has argued _________ wild animals should be left in the wild and not used for entertainment ________ advertisements. She has helped to set up special places _________ they can live safely. She is leading a busy life _________ she says: “ Once I stop, it all comes crowding in and I remember the chimps in laboratories. It’s terrible. It affects me _______ I watch the wild chimps. I say to myself, “Aren’t they lucky?” And then I think about small chimps in cages though they have done _________ wrong. Once you have seen that you can never forget……” She has achieved everything she wanted to do: ________ (work) with animals in their own environment, gaining a doctor’s degree and showing that women can live in the forest ________ men can . She inspires those ________ want to cheer ________ achievements of women.

Unit 2 Working the Land A Pioneer For All People __________ he is ______ of China’s most famous scientists, Yuan Longping considers _________ a farmer, for he works the land to do his research. Indeed, his sunburnt face and arms _______ his slim, strong body are ________ like those of millions of Chinese farmers, for ________ he has struggled ________ the past five decades. Dr Yuan Longping grows ________ is called super hybrid rice. In 1974,he became the first agricultural pioneer in the world produce one-third more of the crop in the ________ field. Now ________ than 60% the rice produced in China each year is from this hybrid strain. Born into a poor farmer’s family in 1930, Dr Yuan graduated ________ Southwest Agricultural College in 1953. Since ______, finding ways to grow more rice has been his life goal. ________ a young man, he saw the great need for __________ (increase) the rice output. At _______ time, hunger was a __________(disturb) problem in many parts of the countryside. Dr Yuan searched ________ a way to increase rice harvests _________ expanding the area of the fields. In 1950, Chinese farmers could produce ________ fifty million tons of rice. _________ a recent harvest, _________, nearly two hundred million tons of rice was produced. These increased harvests mean _______ 22% of the world’s people are fed ______ just 7% of the farmland in China. Dr Yuan is now circulating his knowledge in India, Vietnam and many other __________ developed countries to increase ________ rice harvests. ________ (thank) to his research, the UN has ______ tools in the battle to rid the world _______ hunger. _________(use) his hybrid rice, farmers are producing harvests twice ________ large as before. Dr Yuan is quite satisfied _______ his life. However, he doesn’t care _______ being famous. He feels _______ gives him less (free) to do his research. He would much _________ keep time for his hobbies. He enjoys _________ (listen) to violin music, playing mah-jong, swimming and reading. ___________ (spend) money on himself or leading _______ comfortable life also means very __________ to him. Indeed, he believes _________ a person with too much money has more rather ________ fewer troubles. He therefore gives millions of yuan to equip others for their research in agriculture. Just dreaming for things, __________, costs nothing. Long ago Dr Yuan had a dream ___________ rice plants as tall as sorghum. _______ ear of rice was as big as an ear of corn and each grain of rice was ________ huge as peanut. Dr Yuan awoke ________ his dream __________ the hope of producing a kind of rice _________ could feed more people. Now, many years later, Dr Yuan had another dream: to export his rice ________ that it can be grown around the globe. One dream is not always enough, especially for a person _______ loves and cares for his people. Unit 3 A taste of English humour As Victor Hogo once said,” ___________ (laugh) is the sun that drives winter

from the human face”, and _______ to now nobody has been able to do this ___________(good) than Charlie Chaplin. He _________ (bright) the lives of Americans and British through two world wars and the hard years ________ between. He made people laugh _______ a time when they felt depressed, _________ they could feel more content ________ their lives. Not that Charlie’s own life was easy! He was born in a poor family in 1989. His parents were both poor music hall performers. You may find _________ astonishing that Charlie was taught to sing as soon as he could speak ________ dance as soon as he could walk. Such training was common in acting families at ________ time, especially when the family income was often uncertain. Unfortunately his father died, _________ (leave) the family even worse off, _________ Charlie spent his childhood looking _________ of the most popular child actors in England. He could mime and act the fool doing ordinary everyday _________(task). No ______ was ever bored watching him-his subtle acting made everything ______________ (entertain). _________ time went by, he began making films. He grew ________ and more popular as his charming character, the little tramp, became known throughout the world. The tramp, a poor, _________ (home) man with a moustache, wore large trousers, worn-out shoes and a small round black hat. He walked __________ stiffly carrying a walking stick. This character was a social ________ (fail) but was loved __________ his optimism and determination to overcome ___________ difficulties. He was the underdog _______ was kind even when others were unkind to him. How did the little tramp make a sad situation entertaining? Here is an example from _______ of his most famous films, 《The Gold Rush》.It is the mid-nineteenth century and gold has just been discovered in California. Like so many others, the little tramp and his friend have rushed there in search _______ gold, but _________ success. __________ they are hiding in a small hut _________ the edge of a mountain during a snowstorm with nothing to eat. They are so hungry _________ they try boiling a pair of leather shoes ______ their dinner. Charlie first picks ________ the laces and eats them ________ they were spaghetti. Then he cuts off the leather top of the shoe as if it were ______ finest steak. Finally he tries cutting and chewing the bottom of the shoe. He eats each _________ (mouth) with great enjoyment. The acting is __________ convincing that it makes you believe _________ it is ________ of the best meals he has ever tasted! Charlie Chaplin wrote, directed and produced the films he starred _______. In 1972 he _________(give) a special Oscar for his outstanding work in films. He lived in England and the USA _______ spent his last years in Switzerland, _______ he was buried in 1977. He is loved and remembered ________ a great actor _______ could inspire people with great confidence.

Unit 4 Body Language Yesterday, another student and I, __________ (represent) our university’s students association, went to the Capital International Airport ___________ meet this

year’s international students. They were coming to study at Beijing University. We would take them first to their dormitories and then to the student canteen. After half ________ hour of waiting for their flight to arrive. I saw several young people enter the waiting area looking around curiously. I stood ________ a minute watching them and ________ went to greet them. The first person _______ arrive was Tony Garcia ________ Colombia, closely followed ________ Julia Smith from British. After I met them and then introduced them to ________ other, I was very surprised. Tony approached Julia, touched her shoulder and ________ (kiss) her ________ the cheek! She stepped _______ appearing surprised and put up her hands, as if in defense. I guessed that there was probably a major ______________(misunderstand). Then Akira Nagata from Japan came in smiling, together __________George Cook from Canada. _________ they were introduced , George reached his hand out to the Japanese student. Just _________ that moment, __________, Akira bowed so his nose touched George’s moving hand. They ________ apologized-another cultural mistake! Ahmed Aziz , another international student , _________ (be) from Jordon. When we met yesterday , he moved very close to me _________ I introduced _________. I moved back a bit, ________ he came closer to ask a question _________ then shook my hand. When Darlene Coulon from France came dashing __________ the door, she recognized Tony Garcia’s smiling face. They shook hands and then kissed each other twice on ________ cheek, since __________ is the French custom when adults meet people they know. Ahmed Aziz , ________ the contrary, simply nodded at the girls. Men ________ Middle Eastern and other Muslim countries will often stand quite close to other men to talk _______ will usually not touch women. ________ I get to know more international friends , I learn more about this cultural “body language”. __________ all cultures greet each other the same way, nor are they comfortable in the same way with touching ________ distance between people. _______ the same way that people communicate with _________(speak) language, they also express _________ feelings using unspoken “ language” through physical distance, actions or posture. English people, for example, do not usually stand very close to other or touch strangers as soon as they meet. __________, people from places __________ Spain, Italy of South American countries approach others closely and are more likely _____________ (touch) them. Most people around the world now greet each other ________ shaking hands, but some cultures use other greetings as well , such _______ the Japanese , _________ prefer to bow. These actions are not good ______ bad , but are simply ways in which cultures have developed. I have seen, _________, that cultural customs for body language are very general – not __________ members of a culture behave in the same way. _______ general, though, studying international customs can certainly help avoid _______________ (difficult) in today’s world of culture crossroads! Unit 5 Theme parks __________ theme park would you like to visit? There are various kinds of theme parks, __________ a different park for almost everything: food , culture,

science, cartoons, movies or history. Some parks are famous _________ having the biggest or longest roller coasters, others ________ showing the famous sight and sounds of _______culture. _______________ and whatever you like , there is a theme park for you! The theme park you are ___________(probable)most familiar with is Disneyland. __________ can be found in several parts of the world. It will bring you _________ a magical world and make your dreams come true, ________ travelling through space, _________ (visit) a pirate ship _______ meeting your favorite fairy tale or Disney cartoon character. ________ you wander around the fantasy amusement park, you may see Snow White of Mickey Mouse in a parade ________ on the street. Of course Disneyland ________ has many exciting rides, from giant swinging ships ________ terrifying free-fall drops. ________ all these attractions, no wonder tourism is increasing __________ these is a Disneyland. _________ you want to have fun and more than fun, come to Disneyland! Dollywood, in the beautiful Smoky Mountains in the southeastern USA , is ________ of the most unique theme parks in the world. Dollywood shows _______ celebrates America’s traditional ___________(southeast)culture. Although Dollywood has rides, the park’s main attraction is _______ culture. Famous country music groups perform there ________ year in indoor ______ outdoor theatres. People come from all ________ America to see carpenters and other craftsmen make wood , glass and iron objects ________ the old-fashioned way. Visit the candy shop to try the same kind of candy ______ American southerners made 150 years ago, ________ take a ride on the only steam-engine train still working in the southeast USA. You can ________ see beautiful bald eagles in the world’s largest bald eagle preserve. And for those who like rides, Dollywood has _______ of the best old wooden roller coasters, Thunderhead. It is world-famous _______ having the most length _________ the smaller space. Come to Dollywood to have fun learning _______ about Amerca’s historical southeastern culture! ______ you want to experience the ancient days and great _________ (deed) of English knights and ladies, princes and queens, then England’s Camelot Park is the place for you. __________ area of the park is modeled _________ life in the days ________ King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. In ________ place, you can watch magic shows with Merlin the Wizard. _______ you want to see fighting with swords _______ on horseback, then the jousting area is a good place __________ visit. If you do _______(good) there, King Arthur may choose you to fight _______ the big jousting tournament. Do you like animals? Then visit the farm area, and learn how people in ancient England ran their farms and took care of their animals. _________ enter a world of fantasy about ancient England, come to Camelot Park!



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