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选修7 U 4 the world's most useful gift catalogue

人教课标 高二 选修 7 Unit 4

The world’s most useful gift catalogue

Have you ever tried to send a gift

or something to the children in
poor areas or countries?

Fast reading (2m)

Glance quickly at the text and answer the following questions.
1. What does the page show us? 2. How many parts has this page? 3. Can you describe the picture with many children in it?

1. What does the page show you?

The page shows how to send ______ gifts
to those who _____ need it.

2. How many parts has this page?
1.Short introduction

2._______________ List of gifts 3._______________ Gift card

3. Can you describe the picture with some children in it? The picture shows that many children are waiting for help

Read the text carefully and do

the following exercise.

1. The purpose of the Internet Page is to ____ A A. let people give an unusual gift to the poor B. let people get an unusual card C. let people learn something useful D. let people make money

2. The gifts you give are ________ A. Something your loved one keeps. B. Some beautiful cards. c C. Something really needed by the poor people. D. Some lovely toys and fashionable clothes.

3. You can use the card sent by the organization for the following occasions except _______ A. anniversaries C. burials C B. birthdays D. weddings

4. When you want to give a child
vaccinations against 6 killer diseases, you must send _____ A. $50 C. $8 B. $20 D. $85

1.Women’s selfhelp group 2.Training in vegetable gardening 3.A loan to set up a small business 4.Family nutritional supplement 5.Assistance for families headed by children


c.对遗孤家庭的援助 金 d.蔬菜园艺培训

1. In what kind of order are the gifts listed?

The gifts are listed in order of the prices.(from the cheapest to the dearest)
2. What are the cheapest gifts and the dearest ones?

The cheapest are 20 tree seedlings, $5 and the dearest are a well and water pump,$1350.

1. This gift allows a woman who is a trained tailor to make some income, giving her and her family a better future. N. A sewing machine 2. This gift gives a man or a woman the opportunity to acquire basic reading and writing, and life skills. Adults develop the confidence to participate in the social, economic and political lives of their communities. G. Basic adult education

3.This gift covers the cost of production and distribution of seedlings, as well as training in tree care for the local villagers who are working hard to prevent their land from turning into desert.

A. 20 tree seedlings
4.This gift buys a goat. A goat gives milk and is a valuable income. Goats increase in number quickly and add much to a family’s food and financial security. They are easy and fun for children to care for.

J. A goat for a poor family

5. This gift covers the cost of exercise books and textbooks for community primary schools that operate in poor or remote villages. F. School books 6. This gift gives a child a good start in life. Community schools provide good quality education for children who would otherwise have no opportunity to attend school.

I. One year of primary schooling

1.Would you like to donate an unusual gift?
donate vt.捐献,捐赠[(+to)]
He donates his blood to the blood centre once a year.

All donations will be gratefully received.
donation n.

donate sth. to


donate sth. to do sth. 为做某物而捐赠某物

collect donations for 为……募捐
receive a donation 收到募捐

give/make/present a donation to 捐赠……

即境活用 D —Has she really________one of her kidneys (肾) to the advanced teacher? —That's true. A.sold C.subscribe B.given D.donated

2.……but a voluntary contribution towards the lives of people who really need it.
voluntary adj.自愿的;志愿的;无偿的 Eg:

①All the teachers work on an entirely
voluntary basis. 所有的这些老师都是志愿工作的。

②Thirty-two patients volunteered for the
research study. 32位病人自愿参加这项研究。

be voluntary to do sth. 自愿做…… on a voluntary basis 在自愿的基础上 volunteer for... 自愿参加?? do voluntary work 参加志愿工作 volunteer to do sth. 自愿做某事 volunteer as... 志愿当??

即境活用 B He ________ as a teacher in Tibet. A.voted B.volunteered C.participated D.reacted

3. ... bring hope for a better future to a community in need.

1) need 名词, 意思是“需要、必要”。其 复数

There is no need to hurry.
I feel the need of exercise.


We are in need of water.


2) need 用作不可数名词时, 还有“贫穷、不幸、逆境、

Many families are in great need. 的情况。 A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难见真情。 许多家庭处于贫困

“in + 名词”的结构中,in 表示“处


in danger 有危险 in advance 提前 in bed 卧床 in debt 负债 in body 亲自 in brief 简明扼要 in research 探索 in ruins 一片废墟 in return 作为报答 in short 总之 in trouble 有麻烦 in theory 从理论上看 in tears 眼泪汪汪 in practice 从实践上看

Need 的用法
There is no need to do sth.没必要做 …… be in need of sth. 需要 at one’s need 在某人困难时 satisfy/meet one’s need 满足某人需求

in need operate donate purchase participate

1. All the students in the class are expected to _________ in the discussion. participate 2. Some activities will be organized to collect money for children ______. in need




3. The old couple were thinking of purchasing a house in the country __________ after they retired. 4. Everyone was asked to ______ donate a day’s pay for the miners killed in the accident. operated on him six times 5. They had ________ before he was a year old.

Homework Recite the words and phrases in unit 4!


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