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高二新人教版英语选修8课件 Unit 2 Cloning 第2课时 Reading

根据提示写出相应单词。 1.________(vi.)不同;相异→________(adj.)不同的 →________(n.)差异,区别 2.________(adj.)商业的;贸易的→________(n.)商业, 贸易 3.________(vt.)着手;从事;承担→________(过去 式)→________(过去分词)

4 . ________(vt.) 扔 ; 投 ; 掷 → ________( 过 去
式)→________(过去分词) 5.________(n.)改正;修正;纠正→________(vt.)

6.________(vi.) 反对,不赞成→________(n.)
7.________(n.)媒介;手段;工具→________(pl.) 8 . ________(vt.) 禁 止 ; 不 准 → ________( 过 去 式)→________(过去分词) 9.________(vt.)积累;聚积→________(n.)

答案:1.differ; different; difference
cast; cast 5 . correction; correct


commerce 3.undertake; undertook; undertaken 7.medium; media

6.object; objection

8.forbid; forbade/forbad;forbidden

9.accumulate; accumulation

1.differ________ 与??不同 2.pay________得到好结果;偿清 3.cast________沮丧;不愉快 4.object________ 反对;不赞成 5.have a great impact________ 对??有重大影响 6.________favour of 赞成;支持 答案:1.from 2.off 3.down 4.to 5.on 6.in

根据课文内容进行填空,每空限填一词。 Cloning is a way of making a(n)__1__copy of another animal or plant. Cloning plants is__2__while cloning animals is very complicated, which is very hard to__3__. But the scientists made a(n)__4__in 1996, with the successful cloning of Dolly. However, Dolly became seriously ill, which made the cloning scientists cast

down.__5__, Dolly lived six and a half years. Sadly, the
same__6__fate affected other species.







correction in their research procedure. A storm of__7__was raised by Dolly's appearance, which had a great impact on the media. And some governments became nervous and__8__and began to reform human their cloning, legal while system other and__9__research into

countries continued to__10__evidence of the abundant medical aid that cloning could provide. However, it still

remains to be found by the scientists whether cloning is
harmful or helpful to human beings.

5.________6.________7.________8.________ 9.________10.________ 答案:1.exact 2.straightforward 3.undertake 6.arbitrary 10.accumulate 4 . breakthrough 5.Altogether

7.objections 8.conservative 9.forbade

1)精确的;准确的 It was difficult to tell her exact age. 很难说出她的真实年龄。 2)严谨的;严格的;一丝不苟的 The scholar is an exact thinker. 这位学者思维严谨。 3)(科学)精密的;严谨的

We need exact instruments.

1)exactly(adv.) (1)精确地;准确地;确切地 They met in 1989 and got married exactly two years later. 他们1989年相遇,刚刚过了两年就结婚了。

此,完全正确”。 —So she wants to sell the house and move to London. —Exactly. “那么说, 她是想把房子卖掉, 搬到伦敦 去。”“对。”

2)not exactly
(1)(纠正对方刚说过的话)不完全 —So he told you you'd got the job? —Not exactly, but he said they were impressed with me. “那么他说这个工作归你了?”“不完全是这样,但 是他说他们对我的印象不错。” (2)(说反话时用)根本不;绝不;一点也不 He wasn't exactly pleased to see us——in fact he refused

to open the door.

exact, right, true, correct,accurate 这些形容词均含“准确的,正确的”之意。 1)exact着重在质与量方面的准确,语气比accurate强。 I don't know the exact size of the room. 我不知道这个房间的确切面积。 2)right使用广泛,可与这些词中的correct换用,但常 暗示道德、理解、行动等方面的正确。

The editors were right to refuse this article.

Is it true you're getting married? 你要结婚是真的吗? 4)correct最常用词,主要指按一定标准或规则来衡量, 没有谬误和差错或无缺点错误。 The description is correct in every detail. 每个细节的叙述都很准确。 5)accurate指通过谨慎的努力达到符合事实或实际,

The new salesgirl is accurate at figures. 新来的女售货员计算正确无误。


(1)(山东省潍坊市2010届高三一模) —You hate Lee,
don't you? —________I just think he's a bit annoying, that's all. A.Not exactly C.Not a little 答案:A B.Not really D.Not at all


全是 这 样 。我只是 觉得他有 点烦人 。 如此而已 。”not exactly表示“(纠正对方刚说过的话)不完全”。

(2)(2008四川2-13)It's often difficult to find________to
express what you want to say. A.exactly the right word B.the word right exactly C.the right exactly word D.exactly right the word 答案:A 本题题意:往往难以找到恰当的话语来表 达自己所想说的话。exactly表示“恰好地,正好地”,通

常位于名词(词组) 、介词短语或句子的前面。

(3)(2008四川2-15)—I think Tracy needs to find herself

a new job.
—________. This is what we've been talking about. A.Exactly C.Please do 答案:A B.Cheer up D.Really


exactly表示“(答语,表示赞同或强调正确) 一点不错;正 是如此;完全正确”。

(4)(2005浙江-10)—People should stop using their cars
and start using public transport. —________. The roads are too crowded as it is. A.All right C.Go ahead 答案:B B.Exactly D.Fine


开始乘坐公共交通工具。” “正如你所言,事实上, 道 路上现在太拥挤了。” exactly表示 “(答语,表示赞同或

采用如下句式来回答:① You're right. ② I agree. ③ I can't agree more. ④ I share the same opinion.

(5)(2000上海-46)I don't think Peter is too young to
take care of the pet dog________. A.correctly C.exactly 答案:B B.properly D.actively 本题题意:我认为彼得太年幼了,照顾不


(6)The urgent report was completed in less than one
day——six hours, to be more________. A.right C.accurate 答案:D B.true D.exact 本题题意:这篇紧急报告在不到一天的时

间里,更确切地说,只花了六个小时就完成了。be more exact 表示“更精密些;确切地说”。

1)承担;从事;负责 ①The lawyer undertook the case without a fee. 这律师免费承办那个案件。 ②We undertook a trip to the west. 我们到西部作了一次旅行。 2)承诺;允诺;答应 ①He undertook to finish the job by Friday.

②I can not undertake that you will make a profit. 我不能担保你会获利。

(1)They always________their duties faithfully. A.perform C.undertake 答案:A B.response D.guarantee



(2)We could________the work for the time being.
A.perform C.undertake 答案:C B.response D.guarantee

本题题意:我们可暂时负责这项工作 。


慌的 ①He has had some disturbing experience. 他有过一些使他很不安的经历。 ②It is very disturbing that we haven't heard from him. 我们没有听到他的消息,深感不安。

1)disturbed(adj.)心神不安的;心烦意乱的;烦恼的 ①He was disturbed about the rumor. 他为谣言所困扰。 ②I was deeply disturbed by the news. 这消息使我深感不安。 2)disturb(v.) (1)打扰;干扰;妨碍

I wouldn't think of disturbing them at this hour of the
night. 我不能想象这样深更半夜去打扰他们。

Don't disturb the paper on my desk. 别乱动我桌上的文件。 (3)使焦虑;使不安;使烦恼 She was disturbed to hear you had been injured in the accident. 她听到你在事故中受了伤感到不安。

(1)(山东省潍坊市2010届高三二模) The quick rise in the price of food will make people________, that is, affect people's living standard. A.disturbed C.distinguished 答案:A B.fascinated D.interrupted




(2)It is very________that there has been an increase in
crime in the last six months. A.disturbed C.disturbing 答案:C B.interrupted D.interrupting


令人非常不安。disturbing表示“引起烦恼的;令人不安的; 引起恐慌的”。

(3)She opened the door quietly so as not to________the
sleeping child. A.interrupt C.clam 答案:B B.disturb D.stop 本题题意:她轻轻地开门, 以免惊扰了睡










rudely________? A.interrupted C.missed 答案:A 岔”。 B.disturbed D.lost 本题题意:我们刚才的谈话被粗鲁地打断


(5)(原创)I have heard some________news, which has
made me ________very much. A.disturbing; disturbing B.disturbed; disturbed C.disturbing; disturbed D.disturbed; disturbing 答案:C 本题题意:我听到了一些坏消息,这使我 很 不 安 。 disturbing news 表 示 “ 令 人 不 安 的 消 息 ” 。


4.appropriate(adj.)~(for/to sth)合适的;恰当的
①Write in a style appropriate to your subject. 用与你的题目相称的体裁写。 ②Is now an appropriate time to make a speech? 现在发表演讲是不是时候?

appropriate, fit, proper, suitable 这些形容词均表示“适当的”或“适合的”之意。 1)appropriate指专门适合于某人或某事,语气较重, 强调“恰如其分”。 You will be informed of the details at the appropriate time. 在适当的时候将把详情告诉你。

必需的品质或条件。 The food was not fit for human consumption/not fit to eat. 这食物不适宜人吃。

He wondered whether it would be proper to knock at her door. 他不知道敲她的门是否恰当。 4)suitable指具有适合于某种特定场合、地位或情况等 的品质。 Would it now be a suitable moment to show the slides? 现在放幻灯片合适吗?

(1)Please follow the________procedures for dealing with complaints. A.appropriate C.proper 答案:C B.fit D.suitable 本题题意:请按正当手续处理投诉。


(2)Upon reaching a/an________age, children are
encouraged, but not forced, to “leave the nest”. A.appropriate C.proper 答案:A B.fit D.suitable 本题题意:一达到适当的年龄,孩子们就

被鼓励,而不是被强迫,“离开老窝”。appropriate表示 “合适的;恰当的”,强调“恰如其分的”。

(3)(原创)As I walked, my mind was busy fitting what l
saw with________words. A.fit C.appropriate 答案:C B.suitable D.proper 本题题意:走在路上,我的脑海里不停地

搜寻适当的词句来表达所看到的事物。appropriate words 表示“适当的词语”。

5.impact [C, usually sing &U](~of sth)(on sb/sth)巨
大影响;强大作用 ①The move is not expected to make an impact on the company's employees. 预计这一行动对公司职员不会产生什么巨大的影响。 ②Our regional measures have had a significant impact on unemployment. 我们地区的措施对失业有重大影响。

1)have/make a strong/great/full impact on sb/sth 对? 有巨大的影响(或强大作用) His speech made a great impact on everyone. 他的演说对大家有很大的影响。 2)have an effect on sb/sth 对??有影响 This had a great effect on/upon the future of both mother and son.


(1)The computer has made a great________on modern life. A.aspect C.impact 答案:C B.affect D.issue 本题题意:计算机对现代生活产生了巨大

的影响。have/make a strong/great/full impact on sb/sth 表 示“对?有巨大的影响(或强大作用)”。

A.affect C.theme 答案:D








real________on the public. B.advantage D.impact 本题题意:毫无疑问,这些广告对公众确

实产生了影响。have an impact on表示“对??有影响”。

①He failed to obtain a scholarship. 他没有获得奖学金。 ②Further information can be obtained from our head office. 详细的资料可从我们的总部得到。

(1)(福建省厦门市2010届高三3月质量检查) You have worked hard all week so you________a good rest. A.reserve C.owe 答案:D 得;值得”。 B.obtain D.deserve 本题题意:你整个星期都很努力,你需要

好好休息一下。deserve表示“应受(奖赏、特殊待遇等); 应

(2)The information was________as a result of various
experiments. A.earned C.obtained 答案:C B.won D.required 本题题意:经过种种试验,结果获得了这

一资料。obtain 表示“(尤指经努力)获得;赢得”。

(3)The facts had been obtained________thousands of students in their first year of university study________asking such questions as these.

C.against; by 答案:A

D.over; beyond


下。obtain from表示“从??得到”。by表示方式。

1)(通常经过努力)获得,得到 Most of our students attained five ‘A’ grades in their exams. 我们多数学生的考试成绩是五个优。 2)达到(某年龄;水平;状况) The tree in front of my house have attained to a great height.


attain, reach, achieve, arrive 这些动词均有“达到”之意。 1)attain侧重指在抱负或雄心的激励下,以最大的努力 去达到一般所不及或不敢追求的目的。 They are not likely to attain this aim. 他们未必能够达到这一目标。 2)reach常用词,指到达某一空间、时间、目标或发展

The appeal fund has reached its target of 10000. 吁请捐助的款项已达到10000英镑这一预定目标。

The university has achieved all its goals this year. 这个大学今年已经实现了所有的奋斗目标。 4)arrive指得出结论,达成某项协议或作出某一决定 等。 They arrived at the same conclusion. 他们得出了相同的结论。

(1)(2010 江 苏 - 24) opened.A.attended C.attracted 答案:C Thousands of foreigners were________to the Shanghai World Expo the day it B.attained D.attached



(2)(原创)It is easy to learn English, But it is difficult to
________perfection in it. A.arrive C.attain 答 案 : C B.get D.benefit 本 题 题 意 : 英 语 易 学 难 精 。

reach/achieve/acquire/attain perfection表示“臻于完善; 到达完美的境界”。

(3)使用attain, reach, achieve或arrive的适当形式填空:
①It is very important to________an agreement with this big company. ②He________because he was a hard worker. ③He________the age of 25 before marrying. ④It didn't take long to________at a decision.

答案:①reach 和这家大公司达成协议是很重要的。
② achieved ③attained 他之所 以取得成 功是他努 力的结果 。 他年届廿五始完婚。(attain the age of表 (achieve用作不及物动词。) 示“(年龄)有??岁了”。) ④arrive 没过多久便作出了决定。

1)~sb(from doing sth)|~sb to do sth|~doing sth 禁止; 不准 ①The new law forbids smoking in offices. 新法律禁止在办公室抽烟。 ②The storm forbids us to go out. 暴风雨使我们不能外出。 ③I forbid you entering my study.

④He forbade them from mentioning the subject again. 他不准他们再提到这个问题。

①The typhoon forbade sea voyages. 台风来了,无法航海。 ②Lack of time forbids any further discussion at the point. 由于时间不够,现在不能深入讨论这个问题。

forbidden(adj.)禁止的;不准的 ① Smoking is forbidden. Please extinguish your cigarettes. 吸烟是禁止的,请你把烟熄掉。 ②The Forbidden City is one of the world's greatest works of architecture. 紫禁城是世界上最伟大的建筑之一。

(1)(2006全国2-15)Mary wanted to travel around the world all by herself, but her parents did not______her to do so. A.forbid C.follow 答案:B B.allow D.ask 本题题意: 玛丽想独自环球旅行,可是父

母却不允许她这么做。allow sb to do sth“允许某人干某


(2)The guard________us to look out of the window
when the train was moving. A.forbade C.permitted 答案:A B.allowed D.banned


头伸到窗外。forbid表示“禁止;不准”。注意,ban表示 “明令禁止(某事物);明令禁止某人(做某事)”, 指权威 机关明文取消或禁止严重危害公众利益的事或行为,隐含

道 义 上 的 谴 责 意 味 。 例 如 : He was banned
from(attending)the meeting. 不准他出席该会议。

(3)( 原 创 )“You don't go out with this man , ”
Hermann said fiercely, “You are my daughter and I ______it.” A.forbid C.admit 答案:A B.prevent D.protect 本题题意:“我不准你跟这个男人出去,”

海曼狠狠地说,“你是我的女儿,我不准。” forbid表示 “禁止;不准”。

1)积累;积聚 ① By buying ten books every month, he soon accumulated a good library. 他每月买十本书, 不久便集成了一个丰富的藏书库。 ②They set to work accumulating a huge mass of data. 他们开始累积大量的资料。

①Dust had accumulated during her absence. 她不在时灰尘积了起来。 ②True poetry accumulates meaning every time it is read. 真正的好诗愈念涵义愈丰富。

accumulate, collect, gather, pile 这些动词均含“积聚,聚集,积累”之意。 1)accumulate几乎可用于指任何事物量的增加,侧重 连续不断地,一点一滴地聚积。 He accumulated a fortune by hard work. 他靠努力工作积蓄了一笔财富。 2)collect普通用词,多用于指物,侧重指有区别地作

Dust had collected on the window-sill. 窗台上积了灰尘。

重于围绕一个中心的集合、聚集。 A crowd gathered at the scene of the accident. 出事地点聚集了一群人。 4)pile着重指比较整齐地把东西堆积在一起。 He piled the books on top of each other. 他把书一本本地叠起来。

(1)She paused to________her thoughts before entering the interview room. A.accumulate C.gather 答案:B B.collect D.pile 本题题意:她停下来定了定神,才走进了

面试室。collect oneself| collect one's thoughts 表示“(尽力) 镇定下来,敛神专注;为?做好精神准备”。例如:I'm

fine——I just need a minute to collect myself. 我没事,只是

(2)However, as the evidence began to________ ,
experts from the zoo felt obliged to investigate. A.accumulate C.gather 答案:A B.collect D.pile 本题题意:然而,当证据日趋增多时,该

动物园的专家们感到有必要进行调查 。accumulate表示 “积累;积聚”。

(3)(原创)The silence fell again and on Melanie's face
there were signs of a struggle to ________strength to speak. A.accumulate C.gather 答案:C 体力”。 B.collect D.pile 本题题意:又没声息了,从媚兰脸上看得

出她在挣扎着竭力要往下说。gather strength表示“恢复

(4)( 原 创 ) Can I work extra hours in order to
________time to take as leave during the Olympics? A.adopt C.accumulate 答案:C B.associate D.acquire 本题题意:我可以现在加班, 在奥运会期

间合并请假吗? accumulate表示“积累;积聚”。

1.pay off(尤指表示冒险的计划或行动)成功;奏效;
达到目的 ①All the hard work I had done over the summer paid off. 整个夏天我所做的所有艰辛工作都有了好结果。 ②Did his plan pay off? 他的计划成功了吗?

1)pay sth off 付清;偿清 It took them three years to pay off the debt. 他们三年才还清欠债。 2)pay sb off 付清工资后解雇;遣散 The company has paid off some redundant employees. 公司在发放工资后解雇了一些多余的雇员。 3)pay sb back(sth)|pay sth back(to sb)(向某人)还钱

I'll pay back the money you lent me next week.

4)pay for 偿还,付款
If you can't pay for the house in cash, you can buy it on installment. 如果你不能用现金购房, 也可以分期付款。

(1)(四川省德阳市高中2010届高三二诊) For us Senior Three students, believing that our hard work will________can strengthen our confidence. A.pay off C.set off 答案:A B.take off D.put off 本题题意:对我们高三学生来说,相信努

力学习必有收获将会增强我们的信心。pay off表示“取得


A.for; of C.for; for 答案:C





tickets________tonight's show. B.for; to D.to; for 本题题意:明天演出的票你花了多少钱?

第一空考查介词for表示“等值、等量,用于表示等值或相 同关系”;例如:I paid ten dollars for a ticket; 我花十美 元买了张票。 第二空考查for表示“对象,用途等”,译

作“适合于、对于”;例如:Are all these presents for me?

(3)You must________your old loan before you can
obtain a new one. A.pay back C.pay for 答案:B B.pay off D.pay out

本题题意:你必须还清旧账, 然后才能再

借款。pay sth off 表示“付清;偿清”。

(4) (原创)But as time went on, they found their efforts
to respect their students________. A.showed off C.put off 答案:D B.took off D.paid off 本题题意:但是随着时间的流逝,他们发

现对学生的尊重收到了意想不到的效果。pay off 表示 “(尤指表示冒险的计划或行动) 成功;奏效;达到目的”。

2.be cast down(by sth)(因某事)沮丧,不愉快
①Don't be so cast down. Keep up your spirits. 不要这么沮丧。打起精神来。 ②He is not easily cast down. 很少见他情绪低落。

(1)Don't let yourself be________by a small failure in the experiment; Try again. A.put down C.pulled down 答案:B B.cast down D.pressed down


头丧气;再试下去。be cast down(by sth)表示“(因某事)沮 丧;不愉快”。

(2)Don't________her; She's doing her best.
A.encourage C.discourage 答案:C B.discovery D.enable

本题题意:别泄她的气, 她正尽力做呢。

discourage sb(from doing sth)表示“使某人丧失(做某事的) 信心;使某人泄气”。

(3)( 原 创 )Since he heard of his failure at the
examination, Tom has been very ________. A.turned down B.cast down C.let down D.knocked down 答案:B 本题题意:汤姆自从听说考试不及格后, 一直垂头丧气。be cast down (by sth) 表示“(因某事)沮丧,


3.in favour(of sb/sth)赞同;支持
①The majority was/were in favour of the proposal. 多数人赞成这个建议。 ②There were 247 votes in favour(of the motion)and 152 against. 有247票赞成(动议),152票反对。

1)in sb's favour 有利于某人;有助于某人 The decision went in his favour. 这一判决对他有利。 2)do sb a favour|do a favour for sb帮某人一个忙 You did me a great favor. 你帮了我一个大忙。

3)do sb the favour to do sth|do sb a favour by doing sth
帮忙做?? He did me the favour to turn the radio down while I'm on the phone. 在我打电话时,他帮了我一个忙,把收音机的声音调 小了。

(1)(台州市2010年高三年级第二次调考试题) Almost everyone is________bringing down the price of housing because it's too high now. A.in favor of C.in honor of 答案:A B.in charge of D.in search of


下来, 因为房价现在太高了。in favor of表示“赞成,支


(2)(2006陕西-10)My sister was against my suggestion

while my brother was________it.
A.in honour of C.in favour of 答案:C B.in memory of D.in search of


弟弟却赞同。in favor of表示“赞同支持”。

(3)(2006辽宁-26)—These books are too heavy for me to
carry. —________. A.You may ask for help B.I'll give you a hand C.I'll do you a favor D.I'd come to help



了。”“我帮你。”give sb a hand 表示“帮某人一个忙”。 注意:do sb a favour也可以表示“帮某人一个忙”,但用 于第二人称的一般疑问句中,用于请求对方给予帮助。

(4)(原创)________that I told you so, long ago.
A.Do me a favour to recall B.Do me the favour to recall C.Do me a favour of recalling D.Do me the favour of recalling 答案:B 本题题意:请答应我一个请求:回忆一下。 那话我很久以前就告诉过你了。do sb the favour to do sth| do sb a favour by doing sth 表示“帮忙做?”。

1.Then came the disturbing news that Dolly had
become seriously ill. 接着传来了多莉病重的坏消息。

当表示方向、位置或时间的副词位于句首时,且谓语 是come, go, be等动词,句子的主语为名词时,句子采用完 全倒装形式。此类词包括:here, there, off, out, in, up, down, away, now, then, on等。例如:

①Now, here goes the story.
这个故事是这样的。 ②Then came another question. 然后又一个问题被提出来了。 ③Away flew the bird. 那鸟飞走了。 ④Suddenly, in came a man with a mask on his face. 突然进来一个蒙着面具的人。

1)表示地点的介词短语,常将其放在句首,谓语部分 采用完全倒装结构。注意,此时句子的谓语动词 通常为不 及物动词,且主语为名词。例如: ①In the cottage lives a family of six. 在这幢小茅舍里住着一家六口。 ②Near the bridge was an old cottage. 在桥的附近有一幢古老的小茅舍。

③Next to this one is another grand hotel which is
beautifully decorated. 这家饭店隔壁还有一家装修华丽的大饭店。

④On either side of the great avenue stood many block
buildings. 这条大街的两侧都耸立着许多综合楼。

词短语、副词等)置于句首,如果句子的主语较长或结构较 复杂时,通常采用完全倒装结构。例如: ①Gone are the days when he was looked down upon. 他被人瞧不起日子已经一去不复返了。 ②In the armchair lay a cat, half asleep. 一只猫躺在椅子上,半睡半醒。 ③Standing around the teacher were her students.


④Also discussed were the problems we had met with
in our studies. 同时还讨论了我们在学习中碰到的问题。 ⑤First to unfold was the map of the world. 首先要打开的是世界地图。

全倒装结构。此类词包括:often, always, once, time, now and then, every other day等。例如: ①Many a time has he given me good advice. 他多次给我忠告。 ②Often have I seen these Yang Pioneers do good deeds. 我经常看到这些少先队员做好事。 many a

(1)(2010江苏-33) —Is everyone here? —Not yet. Look, there________the rest of our guests! A.come C.is coming 答案:A B.comes D.are coming 本题题意:“大家都到齐了吗?”“没有。

瞧,其余的客人过来了! ”本题考查there be句型的一种 特殊形式—There+表示运动的动词(come, go, walk, enter,

follow, arrive等),在此结构中,谓语动词通常都为不及物
动词,且采用一般现在时。此外,There be句型中,谓语 动词的形式通常遵循“就近原则”。

(2)(2009福建-25) For a moment nothing happened.
Then________all shouting together. A.voices had come C.voices would come 答案:B B.came voices D.did voices come


呐喊起来。在以here, there, off, out, in, up, down, away, now, then, on等表示方向、位置或时间副词开头的句子中, 如果谓语是come, go等转移动词以及动词be, 且主语为名词


(3)(2006 上 海 春 - 34)
A.does a tall tree stand B.stands a tall tree C.a tall tree is standing D.a tall tree stands 答案:B






house______with a history of 1,000 years.


棵具有1,000 年历史的高大古木。表示地点的介词短语,


(4)(2005上海春-30)On top of the books________the
photo album you're looking for. A.is C.has 答案:A B.are D.have 本题题意:你所寻找的影集在书本的上面。

表示地点的介词短语,常将其放在句首,构成全部倒装, 用于强调;注意,此时句子的谓语动词通常是不及物动词。 此外,句子的主语为the photo album,根据主谓一致原则,


(5)________all over the hills and around the lake are
wild flowers of different kinds. A.To grow C.Grown 答案:B B.Growing D.Grow 本题题意:山野湖畔长满了各种各样的野

花。当句子的主语较长或结构较复杂时,担任表语的形容 词、分词、不定式、介词短语、副词等往往置于句首,句 子采用部分倒装结构。

(6)Often________what happened to him.
A.have I wondered B.have I had wondered C.I have wondered D.did I wonder 答案:A 本题题意:我时常纳闷他究竟出了什么事。 频 度 状 语 often , always , once , now and then , every other day,every two days,now and again,many a time,


(7) (原创)Then ________. I would not be the first
teacher to fly in space. A.came the disturbing news B.did the disturbing news come C.the disturbing news came D.did come the disturbing news 答案:A 本题题意:然后传来了坏消息。我将不是 遨游太空的第一位教师了。表示方向、位置或时间的副词

位于句首,谓语是come, go, be等不及物动词,且句子的主

2.Altogether Dolly lived six and half years, half the
length of the life of the original sheep. 多莉总共只存活了六年半,这是它的原形羊寿命的一 半。

half the length of...属于“倍数的表示方法”,其用法 介绍如下: 1)倍数(a quarter, half, twice, three times, etc.)+as... as...;倍数+as much/many+名词+as ①This bridge is three times as long as that one. 这座桥的长度是那座桥的三倍。 ②Your room is twice as large as mine.

=Your room is twice/double the size of that one.
=Your room is as large again as that one. 你的房间是我的两倍大。

③He received three times as many presents as he had
expected. 他收到的礼物是他预料的三倍。

than Asia is three times larger than Europe. 亚洲比欧洲大三倍。 3)倍数+the size/length/width/depth/height/amount of... This river is a quarter the length of that one. 这条河是那条河的四分之一长。 4)倍数+what-clause

The production now is three times what it was ten
years ago. 现在的产量是10年前的三倍。

Compared with that of last year, our coal output has increased by 3 times. 与去年相比,我们的煤产量增长了3倍。

(1)(2009四川-19)My uncle's house in the downtown area is A.as C.too 答案:A much smaller B.so D.very 本题题意:我叔叔那套在市中心的房子比 than ours, but it is twice________expensive.



(2)(2008陕西-16)Ten years ago the population of our
village was________that of theirs. A.as twice large as B.twice as large as C.twice as much as D.as twice much as 答案:B 本题题意:10 年前,我们村的人口数量是 他们村的两倍。“倍数的表示方法”通常采用以下三种形

式:① 倍数+as+原级+as... ② 倍数+比较级+than... ③
倍数+the size/length/width/depth/height/amount等+of...

(3)(2008浙江-3)I like this jacket better than that one,
but it costs almost three times________. A.as much C.so much 答案:A B.as many D.so many


件,但这件上衣的价格几乎是那件上衣价格的3倍。本题 考查了倍数表达法。表示“A是B的多少倍”可以采用“倍 数+as+形容词原级+(as+B)/倍数+as much/many as...”


(4)(原创)An easy rule to remember is that windbreaks
can protect areas up to ________the tallest trees in the windbreak. A.the ten times height of B.ten times the height of C.as ten times height as D.ten times so high as 答案:B 本题题意: 有一个简单易记的方法,那就

度的10倍。本题考查 “倍数+the...+of” 结构。

(5)(原创)There aren't enough chairs for the meeting;
we need________again. A.as half as much C.as half as many 答案:D B.half as much D.half as many


要再增加一半。half as large/many/much/old again(as...)表 示“(??的)一倍半大/多/老”。此外,名词chair为可数名 词,须和many连用。


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