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一、必备词汇 Fierce 激烈的 Heated 热烈的 Debate 辩论 Ignore 忽视 Deny 否认 Phenomenon 现象 Access 通路、进入、使用权 Accessible 可进入的 Available 可利用的、可得到的 Indicate 指示 Convey 传达 Sense 意识 Symbol 象征 Take...seriou

sly 严肃对待某事 Condition 条件 Situation 形势 In fact 事实上 As a matter of fact 事实上 二、提分句型 1、Recently there is a heated/fierce debate on ... 2、We can not ignore the face that 3、No one can deny the fact that 4、There is no denying the face that

21、Disgusting 恶心的 22、Disgusted 感到恶心的 23、Let...down 让……失望 24、Be keen on 喜爱,渴望 二、重点句型 1、i seem not to be able to get along well with ...我看起来不 能与……相处的好 2. I seem not to be able to fit in well 我看来不能与他人融 洽相处 3. I can’t concentrate on ..., which made me upset.我不能专 心于……,这令我很烦恼。 4. I hate it when 我讨厌……

一、重点单词 1.Attitude 态度 2.Opinion 观点 3.View 观点 4.Hold 持有(某观点) 5.Convinced 深信的 6.Evident/ clear/obvious 明显的 7.Differ 不同 8.Adopt 采纳,采取 9.Assume 假定 10.Personally 个人看来 11.As far as sb is concerned 就某人看来 12.Otherwise 否则,要不然的话 13.Believe in 相信 14.Positive 积极的 15.Negative 消极的 16.Optimistic 乐观的 17.Pessimistic 悲观的 18.Vital 重要的

一、必备词汇 1、get along with 与……相处 2、Confused 感到迷惑的 3、Confusing 令人迷惑的 4、Puzzled 迷惑不解的 5、Upset 烦恼的 6、Embarrassed 尴尬的 7、Anxious 焦急的 8、Comfort 安慰 9、Disappointed 失望的 10、Troubled 烦恼的,忧虑的 11、Awkward 笨拙的 12、Clumsy 笨拙的 13、Crazy 疯狂的 14、Delighted 高兴的 15、Enthusiasm 热情 16、Enthusiastic 热忱的 17、Frustrating 令人沮丧的 18、Frustrated 感到沮丧的 19、Annoyed 生气的 20、Annoying 令人生气的

专题四 建议与提议
一、重点单词 1. Beneficial/ be good for 对……有好处 2. Advisable 明智的 3. Make sense 行得通 4. Practical 实用的 5. Recommend 推荐 6. Make a difference 重要 7. Suggest/advise 建议 二、提分句型 1、why not do ...? 为什么不……? 2、What about doing,,, 做……怎么样? 3、It is advisable to do sth 做某事是明智的 4、My advise is that 我的建议是 5、If I were you, I would 如果我是你,我会…… 6、It seems that doing ... Would make sense in your situation.

在你目前的情况下,似乎……是有帮助的。 7、I hope you will find this advice/suggestion is practical/useful/helpful. 我希望你发现这些建议是实用的 / 有用的/有帮助。

五 询问、请求、邀请、希望
一、重点单词短语 1. About/As to/ concerning 关于 2. Appreciate 感激 3. Look forward to sth/ doing sth 期待…… 4. Desire 渴望 5. Request 要求 6. Information 信息 7. Long for /long to so sth 渴望做某事 8. Be eager to do 渴望做某事 9. Desperate 绝望的 10. Pleasure 乐趣 二、提分句型 1. I was wondering if you could...不知道你能否帮助…… 2. I am writing to ask for 我写信请求…… 3. I would appreciate it if you could 如果你能做某事, 我将 不胜感激 4. I would be grateful if you could 如果你能做某事, 我将不 胜感激 5. Would you please do ...?请……好吗? 6. We would be honored to have you there wth us 如果您能 参加,我们将不胜荣幸。

in... 6. I think I am th right person for the job 7. I feel quite qualified for the position you advertised 8. Should you give me an interview, I would be most grateful. 9. Thanks for considering my application and I am looking forward to your early reply.

话题七 活动与事件
一、重点单词和句型 1. Social practice 2. Activity 3. Volunteer 4. To one’s surprise/ joy/excitement 5. See sb doing sth 6. Catch sight of 7. Arrival 8. Local 9. Set out/set off 10. Chat 11. Get fully developed 二、提分句型 1. Last weekend, my class went to a local nursing home and id some voluntary work 2. On the way home, I caught sight of a car knocking into a big truck. 3. On our arrival. We were warmly welcomed by the people. 4. We ere chatting happily when I suddenly remembered that... 5. Last Sunday, I was shopping with my friend when I heard someone shouting and saw some people ... 6. My teachers encouraged us to take part in some special practice in our summer holidays, which they think can help get ourselves fully developed.

话题六 申请 特长 推介
一、重点单词短语 1. Apply 申请 2. Position/post 职位 3. Qualified 合格的 4. Recommend 推荐 5. Candidate 候选人 6. Interview 面试 7. Contact 联系、接触 8. Advertise 广告 9. Qualification 资格 10. Student’s union 学生会 11. Consider 考虑 12. Reply 回复 二、提分句型 1. I am li hua, a Chinese student in ...我是 2. I am li hua, aged 24, graduated from ....last year/ will graduate from ... In the coming July 3. Not only I do well in..., but I am also good at... 4. I enjoy drawing,... And once won first place in ... Competition. 5. I am writing ot apply for the post/position you advertised



一、重点单词和句型 1. Thank/ thankful 2. Appreciate 3. Generous 4. Grateful 5. Sincere 6. Kind/ nice 7. Relief 8. Considerate 9. Advice 10. Thoughtful

11. Convey 12. Encouragement 13. Inspiring 14. Beyond description 二、提分句型 1. It is very kind/nice of you to help 2. I am writing to express my thanks for your help while I was in England. 3. Thank you so much for the gift you sent me. It is one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever got. 4. I would like to take this opportunity to express my great appreciation for your timely help. 5. On behalf of my whole family, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for your help. 6. I truly appreciate your kindness. 7. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 8. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to us.

5. we cherish the traditional culture. 6. Mid-Autumn Day is a traditional festival of China, which is actually a day for family reunion. 7. As an international language, which acts as a bridge linking all countries together nowadays, English plays a very important role in the world.

话题十 学校生活
一、重点单词 1. be crazy about 2. a variety of 3. various 4. out-of-class 5. after-class 6. activity 7. take part in 8. mid-term exam 9. end-of-term exam 10. extra 11. opportunity 12. a knowledge of 13. broaden one’s horizons 14. major in 15. spirit 16. in high/low spirits 17. gain 18. acquire 19. determined 20. colorful 21. entertainment 22. panic 23. camp 24. college entrance examination 25. get fully developed 26. make use of 27. get in touch with 二 提分句型 1. We have masses of homework to do every day. 2. There are varieties of out-of-class activities in our school. 3. We learned to use knowledge gained in the classroom, solving problems by ourselves. 4. Only by reading widely, can we gain more knowledge and broaden our horizons. 5. We gathered at the school gate and started out at 6. 6. I accompanied him to the school clinic.

话题九 礼仪与文化
一、重点单词以及短语 1. traditional 2. customs 3. culture 4. festival 5. admire 6. mid-autumn 7. celebrate 8. economic 9. economy 10. international 11. unique 12. dress up 13. get together 14. harvest 15. poem 16. novel 17. classic 18. greet 19. say hello to sb 二、提分句型 1. It is good manners to give up seats to elderly people or women with babies in buses. 2. It is bad manners to spit or smoke in public places. 3. Knowing table manners can help you make a good impression on others. 4. Traditionally, on this day, Chinese family members and friends will get together happily to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon, and eat moon cakes.



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