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2014届高考英语(人教版)一轮复习语法系列:专题十 数词和主谓一致



1.(2012· 陕西高考)The basketball coach,as well as his team,______ interviewed shortly after the match for their outstanding performance. A.were B.was C.is D.ar

e 2.(2012· 湖南高考)All the scientific evidence ______ that increasing use of chemicals in farming ______ damaging our health. A.show;are B.shows;are C.show;is D.shows;is 3.(2011· 安徽高考)The factory used 65 percent of the raw materials,the rest of which ______ saved for other purposes. A.is B.are C.was D.were 4.(2011· 湖南高考)Onethird of the country ______covered with trees and the majority of the citizens ______ black people. A.is;are B.is;is C.are;are D.are;is 5.(2011· 江苏高考)The fact that so many people still smoke in public places ______ that we may need a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the risks of smoking. A.suggest B.suggests C.suggested D.suggesting 6. (2013· 安徽皖南八校第二次联考)It is either he or you ______in charge of the project and supposed to finish it punctually. A.who is B.that is C.who are D.which are 7.(2013· 云南昆明摸底调研) The girl found the Tshirt sold online was______that in the supermarket. A.as half cheap as B.cheap as half as C.the half price of D.half the price of 8 . (2013· 北京东城第二次联考 )The basketball coach , as well as his team , ______ interviewed shortly after the match for their outstanding performance. A.were B.was C.is D.are 9.(2013· 四川南充月考)The driver,______ the passengers,______ responsible for the accident. A.more than;are B.rather than;is C.other than;were D.less than;was 10.(2013· 陕西西安月考)My sister,as well as her classmates who ______late for class, ______criticized by Mr Hunt. A.were ;was B.was;were C.was;was D.were;were 11.(2013· 河南开封模拟)______ of the land in that district ______ covered with trees and grass. A.Two fifth;is B.Two fifths;are C.Two fifth;are D.Two fifths;is 12.Everyone,men and women,old and young ______ sports and games. A.is enjoy B.were enjoying C.enjoys D.enjoy 13.Mayor as well as volunteer workers ______ the newlybuilt stadium. A.is cleaning B.are cleaning C.were cleaning D.have cleaned 14.Many a student ______ something about Abraham Lincoln. A.have known B.knows C.is known D.are known 15.The public ______ the best judge because the public always ______ their thoughts. A.are;express B.is;express C.is;expresses D.are;expresses 16.The family as well as their dog ______ on the roof by the flood. A.was trapped B.trapped C.were trapped D.trapping 17.Cattle ______ well in the country market at present,according to the evening news. A.sell B.sells C.is being sold D.will be sold 18.All the furniture in my office ______ made in Hong Kong. A.is B.are C.were D.had been 19.Every means ______to prevent the water from ______. A.are used;polluting B.get used;pollution

C.is used;polluted D.has been used;being polluted 20.Is it he or you ______ in charge of the job? A.who is B.that is C.who are D.whom are 21.I think Class One ______ to win because Class One ______ all football lovers. A.is likely;are B.are likely;are C.is likely;is D.are likely;is 22.Britain ______ many other industrialized countries,______ major changes over the last 100 years. A.together with;have experienced B.as well as;have experienced C.in common with;has experienced D.instead of;has experienced 23. Some necessary equipment as well as food and clothes______ sent to the disasterhit area since the powerful earthquake occurred. A.has been B.have been C.is being D.are being 24.What the children in the mountain village need ______ good books. A.is B.are C.have D.has 25.A teacher of English and head teacher ______ us something about volunteer workers. A.are telling B.is telling C.are given D.were given 26.Nothing but several glasses ______ bought by my father the day before yesterday. A.was B.were C.have been D.would be 27.(2013· 广西桂林中学模拟)It's said that ______ of the students ______ absent. A.threefifth;are B.threefifths;is C.thirdfifth;is D.threefifths;are 28.(2013· 湖南湘中名校联考)Not Jack,but you and I ______to blame for the accident.We were so careless. A.am B.is C.are D.should 29.(2013· 湖南湘中名校联考)—What a lot of money!Is it meant for me? —Yes,darling.If you get full marks in the exam,you'll have ______ that. A.more than twice than B.more than twice as much as C.twice as much than D.as much twice as 30.(2013· 湖南重点中学月考)More than one doctor ______ involved in the rescue that took place after the earthquake. A.were B.was C.are D.is 31.(2013· 吉林油田高中摸底)The girl sitting by the window is the only one of the students who ______ from the countryside in our class. A.was B.were C.is D.are 32.(2013· 银川一中二次月考)—Did you go to the show last night? —Yeah.Every boy and every girl in the area ______ invited. A.were B.was C.has been D.have been


1.B as well as 连接两个并列的名词作主语时,根据其前面的名词来确定谓语动词 的形式。句意:由于出色的表现,比赛结束不久,这位篮球教练和他的队员们接受了采访。 由句意可知动作发生在过去,故选 B 项。 2.D 第一个空的主语为不可数名词 evidence,故其谓语动词要用单数 shows;第二个 空的主语为 use,谓语动词也要用单数形式。句意:所有的科学证据都表明农业中对化学品 日益增长的使用正损害我们的身体健康。故 D 项正确。 3. D 句意: 这家工厂用了 65%的原材料, 剩余的被作为它用。 raw materials 是先行词, which 引导的定语从句中,the rest 作主语;the rest 作主语时,谓语的数由其后的名词而定, 而 which=raw materials,所以谓语要用复数形式;由主句中的时态可知,从句中要用一般 过去时态。故选 D 项。 4.A “国家三分之一的领土”在概念上是单数,故系动词用单数;而 “国家公民的 大多数”是复数,故系动词用复数。句意:这个国家三分之一的领土被树木覆盖且多数公民 为黑人。故选 A 项。 5.B 句意:目前许多人仍然在公共场所吸烟的事实表明我们需要开展一场全国范围 的运动来提高人们对吸烟危险性的认识。分析句子结构可知,主语是 the fact,其后的 that 引导的是同位语从句, 因此主句的谓语动词应用第三人称单数形式, 结合上下文时态可确定, 此处用一般现在时。 6. C either...or...连接主语时, 谓语动词要和临近的主语一致。 先行词是 you, 故用 are。 7.D 句意:这个女孩发现网上卖的 T 恤衫是超市里卖的价格的一半。倍数的表达有 三种方式:1)倍数+as+adj./adv.+as+被比对象,这一句型中,如果形容词修饰一单数可 数名词,那么要把形容词提到冠词的前面来,即:倍数+as+adj.+a/an+单数可数名词+as + 被 比 对 象 ; 2) 倍 数 + 形 容 词 或 者 副 词 的 比 较 级 + than + 被 比 对 象 ; 3) 倍 数 + the + size/width/depth/length/height+of+被比对象。这里考查的是第三种形式。 8.B as well as 连接的名词作主语时,谓语动词要和前面的主语一致。这里和 the basketball coach 一致,而且是过去时,故选 B 项。 9.B 句意:是这个司机而不是乘客应为此次事故负责。名词+rather than+另一名词 作主语时,谓语动词与第一个名词取得人称和数的一致。故 B 项正确。 10.A 第一个空为定语从句中的谓语动词,修饰先行词 classmates,为复数名词,故 谓语动词要用复数形式; as well as 连接的两个名词作主语时谓语动词要与第一个取得一致, 因此第二个空要用单数形式。故只有 A 项正确。 11.D 句意:那个地区五分之二的陆地都被绿树草地所覆盖。twofifths 表示“五分之 二”,分数或百分数作主语时,谓语动词的单复数要与 of 后的名词取得一致。land 为不可 数名词,故正确答案为 D 项。 12.C 本句主语是不定代词 everyone,表示单数,谓语动词要用第三人称单数形式。 因此选择 C 项。 13.A 名词+as well as +另一名词作主语时,谓语动词要与前面的名词保持人称和 数的一致,此处 mayor 是单数名词,故谓语用第三人称单数形式。 14.B 主语 many a student 意思是复数,形式是单数,谓语动词要用第三人称单数形 式。 15.B 前一个 public(公众)表示的是集体、整体,故谓语动词要用单数形式。后一个 public 表示的是个体,即公众中每个成员,故谓语动词要用复数形式。因此 B 项正确。 16.C 分析句子结构可以看出,句子缺少谓语动词。as well as 当作介词使用,后面 的成分不能作主语,主语是 the family,在这里指的是一家人,侧重个体成员,所以谓语动 词用复数形式。人是被洪水困住的,所以用被动语态。句意:那家人还有他们养的狗都被洪 水困在了屋顶。 17.A 有些集合名词作主语时,应以复数看待。这类名词有 people,cattle,police 等。 故此处谓语动词要用复数形式,故 A 项正确。 18.A 此处 furniture 作主语,为不可数名词,故谓语动词用单数形式。


19.D 本题考查单复数同形的名词作主语时谓语动词的形式。这一类动词有 means, works,species 等。句意:(政府)用尽一切办法来阻止水受污染。 20.C 此处为强调句型,强调了主语 he or you,根据强调句型结构“It is/was+被强 调部分+ that/who+其他”,首先排除 D 项;谓语的单复数根据所强调的主语 he or you 确 定,or 连接并列主语时采用就近一致原则,因此根据 you 确定谓语为 are。 21. A 前一个 Class One 是“一班”, 指集体, 故谓语动词要用单数形式; 后一个 Class One 指一班的同学们,指所有个体,故谓语动词要用复数形式。 22. C in common with 意为“和??一样”, 谓语动词单复数跟前面的主语保持一致。 句意:与其他工业化国家一样,英国在过去 100 年里经历了重大的变化。 A、B 两项第一 空 together with,as well as 意思及用法与 in common with 类似,均错在第二空;D 项 instead of “而不是”,不合句意。 23.A 这里的主语是 some necessary equipment,所以谓语动词用单数形式。时间状语 为 since+过去时,所以谓语动词要用完成时。 24.B what 引导的主语从句作主语时,谓语动词要根据后面的名词的数来决定,此 处要用非第三人称单数形式。 25. B 句意: 一位英语老师兼班主任正在给我们讲有关志愿者的一些事情。 句中 and 连 接的 teacher 和 head teacher 共用一个不定冠词, 说明是同一个人, 谓语用第三人称单数形式。 26.A 此处是由 but 连接的 nothing 和 several glasses 放在主语的位置上,真正的主语 是 nothing,故谓语动词要用第三人称单数形式。 27.D 五分之三的正确表达为“threefifths”,分数/百分数+of+名词作主语时,谓 语动词要与 of 后的名词取得一致。此处指 students,故 D 项正确。 28.C not...but...作主语时谓语动词的数要与 but 后的名词取得一致,and 连接两个并 列的不同概念的名词时谓语动词要用复数形式,故此处选择 C 项。 29.B A+倍数+as+原级+as+B 或者 A+倍数+比较级+than+B,故此处只有 B 项正确。 30.B more than one+单数名词作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式,且根据句中 took 可 知要用过去时,故只有 B 项正确。 31.C 句意:坐在窗边的这个女孩是我们班唯一一个来自农村的学生。此处为定语从 句中的主谓一致。先行词为 one,而不是 students,故谓语动词用单数,且时态为现在时态, 故只有 C 项正确。 32.B every+单数名词+and+every+单数名词作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式,根 据第一句话中的“did”可知时态要用一般过去时。故 B 项正确。



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