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高考英语阅读理解题所选短文均选自英语原版文章,原汁原昧‖,考生普遍感觉较难理解。那么,这些阅读材料 到底难在哪儿呢?除了生词量大、篇幅长、信息量大以外.就是短文中的句子结构较为复杂,搀杂了大量的长、难 句。句法掌握不好的考生很难理清头绪,影响其对短文内容的理解。 试看从 NMET2001 E 篇择选的一长句: When a w

oman's closest female friend might be the first to tell her to leave a failing marriage,it wasn’t unusual to hear a tan say he didn’t know his friend’s marriage was in serous trouble until he appeared one night asking if he could sleep on the sofa. 该句后半句实际上包含有四个宾语从句和一个状语从句,hear 后跟宾语从句,省略引导词(that),这个宾语从句 中动词 say 又带了一个由(that) 引导的分宾语从句。而这个宾语从中动词 know 又带了一个仍由(hat)引导的分宾语从 句, 这个分宾语从句中有一个 until 引导的时间状语从句. 句中分词 asking 作状语, 后又接了一个 if 引导的宾语从句, 五个从句盘根错节。令人眼花缭乱。 再如 NMET2002 D 篇中第二段最后一句: He found out that Kit Williams had spent his childhood near Ampthill,in Bedfordshire,and thought that he must have tried the hare in a place he knew well,but he still could not see the connection with Katherine of Aragon, until one day he came across two stone crosses in Ampthill Park and learnt that they had been built in her honor in 1773. 此句长达 65 个单词,结构比较复杂,句中包括一个并列句、两处并列谓语、三个宾语从句、一个状语从句。外 加插入成分。在并列句中,but 把前后两个分句连接起来,前一个分中有 found out 和 thought 两个并列谓语.后一个 分句中有一个 until 导的时间状语从句,该时间状语从句中已有 came across 和 learnt 两个并列谓语。 其实,再复杂的复合句,只要能恰当地运用句法知识进性结构和功能分析,就可突破其含义,准确地理解短文 大意,获取重要信息。 一、抓住结构引导词分析其长难句结构和功能 任何一个复杂长句都不外乎由一个或多个并列结构和复合句构成。并列结构一般有连词 and,but,or 等连接; 复合句按其在句中的作用可分为名词性从句、形容词性从句(定语从句)和副词性从句(状语从句)三大类。任何一个复 合句都有一个至几个反应逻辑、意义及结构关系的引导词,找出这些引导词就能分析出复合句的完整句子结构,清 理出完整意义。平时要注意积累表示各种逻辑关系的连词和短语。表示目的: so that,for the purpose that,in order that 等;表示结果:so…that…,such…that…,as a result,therefore,thus 等; 表示条件:if,on condition that,unless 等;表示原因:because,since,as 等。 【例 l】Another good thing about the use of noise-killing systems is that it saves the need for a silencer, which not only reduces the weight of a car, but also makes the motor burn less oil and work better.(NMETl995 C 篇) 析:这是一个含有 that 引导的表语从句的复合句。并且表语从句后接了 which 引导的非限制性定语从句。非限 制性定语从句内有 not only…but also…连接的并列结构。 句意: 噪音消除系统应用的另一好处就是没有必要使用消声 器.这不仅减轻了轿车的重量。而且使发动机耗油更少,运转更好。 【例 2】 even have different words for some tools, meat in particular, depending on whether it is still out in the fields We or at home ready to be cooked, which shows the fact that the Saxon peasants were doing the farming,while he upper-class Normans were doing most of the eating. (NMET2001D 篇) 析:whether…or…表示判断选择的搭配结构,which 引出定语从句,指代前文中的事实,that 引出同位语从句, while 引出状语从旬,表示对比。句意:我们甚至用不同的词语来表示食物,特别是肉类,取决于它们是否还在田问 里,还是即将就厨。这表明撒可逊农民干的是农活而上层的诺曼人干的是吃喝。 【例 3】A Swedish Kennel Club official explains what this means: if your dog runs out on the road and gets hit by a passing car,as the owner,you have to pay for any damage done to the car,even if your dog has been killed in the accident. (NMETl997 C 篇) 析:该句前半部分 explain 接 what 引导的宾语从句:后半部分对此进行具体解释,其中,在主句前后各有一个 if 导的条件状语从句和 even if 引导的让步状语从句。as the owner 是插入语。句意:一个瑞典 Kennel 俱乐部的官员 解释了这项(法律)的含义,如果你的狗跑到公路上被汽车撞了。作为主人。即使你的狗被撞死了,你也要为被撞坏的 汽车做出赔偿。


【例 4】First, I have to find the red ones among the leaves, which means I almost have to stand on my head,and once found I have to reach down and under, pick the tomatoes and withdraw (缩回) my full fist without dropping the prize SO dearly won.(2005 全国 I 卷 E 篇) 析:全句是由 and 连接的两个并列分句,在前半句中含有 which 引导的非限制性定语从句修饰整个主句.在定 语从句中,means 后接宾语从句,意为―首先,我必在叶丛中找到红的西红柿,这意味着我差不多要倒立了‖。在后半 句中 once found 为一省略 they are 的时状语从句。主句中 reach,pick,withdraw 为并列谓语动词,意为―一旦发现, 我必须伸手到底下摘西红柿,然后缩回来,而不把用这么昂贵的方式得来的 奖品弄丢‖。 【例 5】 is difficult to measure the quantity of paper used as a result of use of Internet-connected computers, It although just about anyone who works in an office can tell you that when an e-mail is introduced,the printers start working overtime. That is, the growing demand for paper in recent years is largely due to the increased use of the Internet. 析: 此句夹杂较复杂的句型结构。 although 引导的让步状语从句中, 主干部分为 just about anyone can tell you that… 在 that 引导的宾语从句中又含有 when 引导的时间状语从句。句意:由于因特网的使用。计算机所使用的纸张的数量 是很难衡量的,然而几乎任何在办公室工作的人都能告诉你。当引进电子邮件后,打印机就开始超时工作。也就是 说近年来人们对于纸张的日益需求主要是由于越来越多的使用因特网。 【例 6】Perhaps they will spend their days gollocking to make new spundlesor struggling with their ballalators through the circle, These words, which I have just made up, have to stand for tings and ideas that we simply can't think of. 析:后句包含两个定语从句,一个是由 which 引导的非限制性定语从句修饰 words;一个是由 that 引导的定语从 句修饰 things and ideas。该句意为:这些字是我编造的,必定代表我们没有想到的事物和主意。 二、抓主干、剔从句 一个句子的支架就是句中的谓语动词。根据英语中五种基本句型结构,把句子中的主语、宾语、表语等主要成 分找出来,其他成分如定语、状语、补语等则一目了然易于理解。一些长句其实就是一个由主句和若干个状语从句 组成的一个多层次主从复合句,一定要搞清主句和状语从句之间的逻辑关系,只要把逻辑关系搞清楚了,则长难句 就好对付了。如果把各个从句剔出来单独理解,再把大意拼凑起来,构成整个 长句的意思,就可降低长句的理解难度。如: 【例 1】 One tiny 9 inch-plant bought for $ 1.25 in the spring, has already taken over much of my rose bed, covering much of other plants, and is well on its way to the front door. (2005 全国 I 卷 E 篇) 析:句子主干部分为 one tiny 9-inch plant has already taken over much of my rose bed and…。bought 短语、covering 短语分别作定语和状语。句意:一个在春天时花$1.25 买的九英寸植物已经接管了我的玫瑰苗圃,覆盖了我的其他 植物。正在向前门发展。 【例 2】 Lewis found that in families with three or four children, dinner conversation is likely to center on the oldest child, who has the most to talk about, and the youngest, who needs the most attention.(2005 全国 I 卷 D 篇 1 析: 句子主干部分为 Lewis found that…, that 引导的宾语从句中, 在 含有两个 who 引导的定语从句。 修饰 the oldest child 和 the youngest。 句意: 莱温斯发现在有三、 四个孩子的家庭里, 晚餐的谈话焦点往往是年龄最大和最小的孩子。 最大的总是有许多的东西要说,而最小的则需要最多的关照。 【例 3】 Pasteur discovered that heating the wine gently for a few minutes after it had fermented would kill off the yeast that was left in the wine, with the result that the wine would remain fresh for much longer.. (NMET2002 春招 D 篇) 析:第一个 that 引出宾语从句,第二个 that 引出定语从句。第三个 that 引出同位语从句。句意:Pasteur 发现 (宾 语从句) 在酒发酵之后,再加温几分钟,能杀死残留在酒中的酵母(定语从句),其结果能使酒的保鲜时间更长(同位 语从句。 【例 4】 What Winter knows of the 19-year-old boy who saved his life is only that he died in a car accident and that his family was willing to honor his wishes and donate his organs for transplantation. (NMET2002 春招 E 篇) 析:在这个句子中,what 引出主语从句。who 引出定语从句,is 后用 that 引出两个并列表语从句。句意:关于 那个救了他的命的 19 岁的人 (定语从句) winter 知道的仅仅是,(主语从句) 他死于一场车祸(表语从句 1),他的家人 尊重他的意愿把他的器官捐献出来,用于移植(表语从句 2)。 【例 5】 First put forward by the French mathematician Pierre de Fermat in the seventeenth century, the theorem had baffled and beaten the finest mathematical minds, including a French woman scientists who made a major advance in working out the problem, and who had to dress like a man in order to be able t study at the Ecole polytechnique. (NMET2003C 篇)


析:句子主干部分为 the theorem had baffled and beaten the finest mathematical minds,过去分词短语 put forward by…作状语,现在分词短语 including…作定语,短语中含有两个由 wh0 引导的定语从句。句意:这个定理.先是由 十七世纪法国数学家皮尔法特提出,曾使一批杰出的数学大师为难。包括一位法国女科学家,她在解决这个难题方 面取得了重大的进展,她为了能够在伊科尔理工学院学习曾女扮男装。 三、抓关键词 关键词即为含有句子主要意思的关键信息,抓住关键词读者可以快速抓住该句大意和理解线索。 【例 1】 Tales from Animal Hospital will delight all fans of the program and anyone who has a lively interest in their pet, whether it be cat, dog or snake! (NMET2003C 篇) 析: 关键词: fans…爱好者. whether…or…无论是……还是……句意: 来自动物医院(这个电视节目)的故事(这本书), 将使这个电视节目的爱好者以及对无论是猫、狗还是蛇这类宠物有浓厚兴趣的任何人感到高兴。 【例 2】After their stay, all visitors receive a survival certificate recording their success, that is, when guests leave the igloo hotel they will receive a paper stating that they have had a taste of adventure. 析:句中含两个分词短语,关键词 state―表明‖。句意:在他们逗留之后。所有的游客都会收到一份生存证明记 录他们的成功.也就是说当游客离开小冰屋旅馆时,他们会得到一份证明.表明他们曾尝试过冒险。 【例 3】The major market force rests in the growing population of white-collar employees (白领雇员), who can afford the new service, in other words, Shanghai’s car rental industry is growing so fast mainly due to the increasing number of white—collar employees. 析:关键词:rest in 依赖,in other words 换句话说。句意:主要的市场因素取决于白领工人的人数增加,这些 人付得起这种新型服务。换句话说,上海的汽车出租行业发展如此快,主要是因为白领工人人数的增加。 四、恢复原来面貌,理解创新句型 难句的另一种形式是各种创新句型,主要形式有省略、插入语、前置、倒装、强调、被动、双重否定等结构。 我们可以利用还原法和消原法,还复杂句型以本来面目,以求顺利理解。 【例 1】Excused from recycling (回收利用)because you live in a high rise with a rubbish chute (垃圾道) ( MET2000E 篇) 析: 分析句子结构及语法功能不难发现该句为省略句, 可补充还原为: you excused from recycling because you Are live in a high rise with a rubbish chute?你住在带垃圾通道的高层楼房上就可获准不参与回收利用垃圾吗? 【例 2】Betty, shrugs. Talk? We’re friends.(NMET2001 E 篇) 析: 该句为省略句, 根据上下文作者因妻子长时间跟女友谈话而感到纳闷的情节, 该句可补充还原为: Betty shrugs. Why are we talking so long? We’re friends.贝蒂耸了耸肩,为什么我们谈这么久?我们是朋友。 【例 3】 ―Most women, ‖says Rubin, ―identified (认定) at least one, usually more, trusted friends to whom they could turn in a troubled moment, and they spoke openly about the importance of these relationships in their lives.‖(NMET2001 E 篇) 析:该句为由并列连词 and 连接的并列复合句。前半分句主谓部分被 says Rubin 分开,且含有一个由 to whom 引导的定语从句.turn to 中介词 to 前置。Rubin 说多数女子会认定至少一个.通常多个,可信赖的朋友,以便在处 境困难时去求助。 【例 4】 No longer will the public accept the old attitude of ―Buy it.throw it away,and forget it.‖(NMET2001 C 篇) 析:本句为倒装句,可还原成:The public will no longer accept the old attitude of ―Buy it,throw it away,and forget it‖.公众们不再接受―购产品、丢产品、忘产品‖的旧观点。 【例 5】How is it t hat the can leave Betty and her friend Joan sitting on the sofa, talking, go out to a ballgame,come back three and a half hours later, and they’re still sitting on the sofa ,talking? (NMET2001 E 篇) 析:这是一个 it 强调句型的疑问句,that 后有两个由 and 连接的并列分句,前一并列分句为 leave,go out, come back 为并列的谓语动词。句中的两个 talking 作状语表示伴随动作。 的爱心的狗能成为无判断力的(忠实的)听者,这是刚开始搞阅读的小孩所需要的。


Part A

1. Jenner discovered that people who worked with cattle often suffered from a harmless disease which they caught from the cattle, but these people never seemed to get smallpox. (上海 1997 B 篇) 2. My parents wanted to know if I was sure, if I knew what it meant and whether I realized that if I gave up my job training, it would be very difficult to get a good job. (上海 1997 A 篇)


3. Victor Prozorov’s disappointment was shared by several grand masters who were present,some of whom were so upset that they shouted at the computer---a better chess player. ( NMETl991 C 篇) 4. Decision is not unlike poker – it often matter not only what you think, but also what others think you think and what you think they think you think. (NMET2000C 篇) 5. With their shining brown eyes, wagging tails, and unconditional love, dogs can provide the nonjudgmental listeners needed for a beginning reader to gain confidence, according to Intermountain Therapy Animals (ITA) in Salt Lake City. (NMET2003B 篇) 6. Having chosen family television programs and women’s magazines, toothpaste marketer, instance, the for must select the exact television programs and stations as well as the specific women’s magazines to be used. 7.In the 1970s he was a surgeon at Yale,had a wonderful wife and five beautiful children,but he was terribly unhappy. 8. Discrimination(歧视) isn’t their only concern;almost everyone testing positive for the Huntington’s gene(基因) develops symptoms(症状) during middle age, and doctors can do nothing to help. 9. I can’t live in fear of the possibility that as the earth’s population grows and we use more and more of our nonrenewable(不能再生的) resources,our children may have to lead poorer lives. 10. However, those of us who are parents of children in this age group know that such offers are relatively rare and that many liberal-arts students(文科生) graduate with the belief that the prospective(预期的) workplace may not have a place for them.. 11. His journey to the e-mail hell began innocently(无知地) enough when, as chairman of Computer Associates International,a software company,he first heard how quickly his employees had accepted their new electronic-mail system. 12. I have known changes for the better and changes for the worse, I have never questioned the fact that whether I liked it but or not,change was unavoidable. 13. They also found that the bus conductor had a major role in preventing vandalism(故意破坏行为) ,and at the times he went up the stairs to the upper deck to collect fares,vandalism did not often occur. 14. Such tasks are generally important in their outcome,which only adds to the pressure to do good job,and yet their very complexity makes it difficult to know just where or how to begin. 15. Today it is not unusual for a student,even if he works part time at college and full time during the summer,to have $5,000 in loans(贷款) after four years—loans that he must start to repay within one year after graduation. 16. What emerges(浮现) is a picture of an environment where the emphasis is on managing the technology as it spies on people doing their jobs,rather than promoting quality service to customers and providing a fair workplace. 17. Justice does demand that murderers be punished. And common sense demands that society be protected from them. But neither justice nor self-preservation demands that we kill men whom we have already imprisoned.

Part B

1.Their study found that theobromine,found in cocoa,was nearly a third more effective in stopping coughs than codeine,which was considered the best cough medicine at present. The Imperial College London researchers who published their results online said the discovery could lead to more effective cough treatment,―while coughing is not necessarily harmful(有害的) it can have a major effect on the quality of life and‖ this discovery could be a huge step forward in treating this problem,‖ said Professor Peter Barnes. (NMET2008 全国 ll D 篇) 译文:目前,可卡因是最佳的止咳药物,可是他们的研究发现在可可粉中包含的可可碱,其疗效又比可卡因 几乎高三分之一。 在因特网上公布了他们的研究成果的伦敦皇家大学的研究员们说道:这种发现可能有助于找到更有效的治咳方 式。彼得· 巴恩斯教授说道:―这种发现可能在治咳史上向前迈了一大步‖。 实例: 53.According to Professor Barnes,theobromine______. A. cannot be as effective as codeine B. can be harmful to people’s health C. cannot be separated from chocolate


D. can be a more effective cure for coughs 2.Much of the energy that comes from the Sun never reaches the Earth’s surface.It is either reflected or absorbed by the gases in the upper atmosphere.Of the energy that reaches the lower atmosphere,30% is reflected by clouds or the Earth’s surface.The remaining 70% warms the surface of the planet.(NMET 2008 江苏卷 B 篇) 译文:来自太阳的大部分能量都不会到达地球的表面,这种能量或者被上层大气中的气体反射或吸收。在到达低 层大气的能量中,有 30%的能量被云层或地球的表面所反射,剩下的 70%使地球的表面温暖。 实例: 60.Only a small part of the Sun’s energy reaches the Earth’s surface because most of it is______. A. absorbed by the clouds in the lower atmosphere B. reflected by the gases in the upper atmosphere C. lost in the upper and lower atmosphere D. used to evaporate water from the oceans and lakes 3.The response to her request for help was so huge that Poe established Kids For A Cleaner Environment (Kids F.A.C.E.) in 1989.There are now 300,000 members of Kids FACE worldwide and is the world’s largest youth environmental organization. (NMET 2008 山东卷 D 篇) 译文:人们对她请求帮助的反应如此强烈以至于波建立了一个为了更洁净环境的孩子的组织。现在这个组织在全 世界有 300,000 名成员,并且它是世界上最大的青少年环保组织。 实例:72.Kids F.A.C.E is______. A. a program to help students with writing B. a project of litter recycling C. a campaign launched by President Bush D. a club of environmental protection 73.What can we learn about Poe? A. She was awarded a prize in Brazil. B. She donated billboard across the country. C. She got positive responses for her efforts D. She joined the National Park Service. 4.One of the reasons that made it cool for him not to care was the power of his peer(同龄人) group.(NMET 2008 辽宁 卷 C 篇) 译文:对他来说,不关心自己的学习是一种酷的标志的原因之一是受到他的同龄人的影响。 实例: 64.Why did Tom give up studying? A. He disliked his teachers. B. His parents no longer supported him. C. It’s cool for boys of his age not to care about studies. D. There were too many subjects in his secondary school. 5.The endless choice gives birth to anxiety in people’s lives.Buying something as basic as a coffee pot is not exactly simple.Easy access to a wide range of everyday goods leads to a sense of powerlessness in many people,ending in the shopper giving up and walking away,or just buying an unsuitable item(商品) that is not really wanted.(NMET 2008 重庆卷 E 篇) 译文:无穷尽的选择给人们的生活带来了无尽的烦恼。买像咖啡壶这样最基本的东西也不是那么简单了。对许多 人而言,面对触手可及的一系列的日常用品却感到眼花瞭乱、不知所措,结果是购物者只好放弃选择、匆匆而去, 或者仅仅买了一件并非真正需要的不合适的商品。 实例:73.Why do more choices of goods give rise to anxiety? A. Professionals find it hard to decide on a suitable product. B. People are likely to find themselves overcome by business persuasion.


C. Shoppers may find themselves lost in the broad range of items. D. Companies and advertisers are often misleading about the range of choice. 6.As the only girl in a family of seven children,she often felt like she had ―seven fathers,‖ because her six brothers, as well as her father,tried to control her.Feeling shy and unimportant,she retreated(躲避) into books.Despite her love of reading,she did not do well in elementary school because she was too shy to participate.(NMET 2008 天津卷 A 篇) 译文:作为家庭七个孩子中唯一的女孩,她常常有一种感觉,就是她拥有―七个父亲‖,原因是她的六个兄弟和她 的父亲都想控制她。由于羞怯和觉得无地位的缘故,她总是埋头苦读。尽管她酷爱读书,可是在小学她的成绩不佳, 因为她太害羞而不能积极地参与。 实例:36.Which of the following is TRUE about Cisneros in her childhood? A. She had seven brothers. B. She felt herself a nobody. C. She was too shy to go to school. D. She did not have any good teachers. 7.They may think that eating lunch is the cause of the sleepiness.Or, summer, in they may think it is the heat.However, the real reason lies inside their bodies.At that time —about eight hours after you wake up—your body temperature goes down.This is what makes you slow down and feel sleepy. (NMET 2008 四川卷 C 篇) 译文:他们可能认为吃午饭是他们困乏的原因。或者在夏天,他们可能认为是炎热的缘故。然而,真正的原因在 于他们身体的内部。在那时,也就是说,在你醒来大约八个小时之后,你的体温开始呈下降的趋势。这就是使你行 动迟缓并且感到困乏的原因。 实例:44.Why do people feel sleepy in the early afternoon according to the text? A. They eat too much for lunch. B. They sleep too little at night. C. Their body temperature becomes lower. D. The weather becomes a lot warmer. 8.These brain differences also explain the fact that more men take up jobs that require good spatial skills,while more women speech skills.It may all go back to our ancestors(祖先),among whom women needed speech skills to take care of their babies and men needed spatial skills to hunt,according to one research.(NMET 2008 陕西卷 E 篇) 译文:大脑这些差异也解释了这样的事实:更多的男性从事空间技能的工作,而更多的女性则从事需要语言技能 的工作。这种现象也可以追溯到我们的祖先时代,据一项研究表明,在他们当中,女性做的是照看孩子这样的需要 语言技能的工作,男性做的是像狩猎这样的需要空间技能的工作。 实例:59.Which of the following do you agree with according to the fourth paragraph? A. Young boys may be stronger than young girls. B. More women take up jobs requiring speech skills C. Women may have stronger feelings than men. D. Our ancestors needed more spatial skills. 9.In those days,IP rights were easily protected since it was very difficult to obtain intellectual property without paying for it.However,a lot of IP,including songs,films,books and artwork,can be downloaded today free of charge using the Internet.(NMET2008 江西卷 D 篇) 译文:在那个时代,知识产权很容易受到保护,因为不付费想得到知识产权是很困难的。然而,现在许多知识 产权包括歌曲、电影、书籍和艺术品通过使用因特网都可以免费下载。 实例: 69.What do we know about the Internet according to the passage? A. It makes IP rights harder to protect. B. It sells songs and films. C. It does not affect the way we understand IP rights. D. It prevents the production of artwork. 70.According to paragraph 2,what has ―taken the world by storm‖?


A. Intellectual property rights. B. The Internet. C. Free downloading. D. The large number of songs,films and books. 10.The busier we are,the more important we seem to ourselves and,we imagine,to others.To be unavailable to our friends and family,and to be unable to find time to relax—this has become the model of a successful life.(NMET 2008 湖北 卷 D 篇) 译文:我们越忙,对我们自己而言,而且我们也以为在其他人看来,我们越重要。我们无空帮助朋友,找不到时 间照顾家庭,找不到自己放松的时间,这已经成为了成功生活的模式。 实例:74.According to Paragraph 4,a successful person is one who is believed to ____ . A. be able to work without stress B. be more talented than other people C. be more important than anyone else D. be busy working without time to rest 11.The researchers said that among the problems with some earlier studies is that they often failed to take into account those people most at risk for skin cancer—people with fair skin and freckles(雀斑),for example—are more likely to use sunscreen.As a result,it may appear that sunscreen users get cancer more often.(NMET 2008 福建卷 E 篇) 译文:研究员们说,早期研究带来的问题之一是他们没有考虑到那些最有可能患皮肤癌人,比如皮肤白皙和有雀 斑的人。可是皮肤白皙的和有雀斑的人最有可能使用防晒剂,结果是好像防晒剂的使用者患皮肤癌更常见。 实例:73.People with fair skin and freckles______. A. seldom use sunscreen B. are more in danger of skin cancer C. can be free from the harm of the sun D. often expose themselves to the sun 12.Yocum and Bell, who have just completed an art gallery for the city, that the experience from decoration of their feel building,focusing on the inside rather than the outside,has influenced their work.It has also given these architects a chance to show how they can make more out of less.(NMET 2008 湖南卷 B 篇) 译文:刚刚为这座城市建成艺术画廊的约克姆和贝尔,确切感受到装饰他们自己的房子中获得的经验,也就是 说,把装饰的注意力放在房子的里面而不是外面对他们的工作产生了影响。同时这使这两位建筑师有了一次机会去 展示他们是如何以较少的钱做更多的事。 实例:63.It can be inferred from the passage that Yocum and Bell______. A. benefited a lot from pulling down the roof B. turned more old buildings into art galleries C. got inspiration from decorating their old building D. paid more attention to the outside of the gallery




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以下是对 2008 年 各省、市高考英语阅读理解中的一些有代表性的长难句的解析。 1.Their study found that theobromine,found in cocoa,was nearly a third more...
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