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Appreciating Cinema


We do have future
Many people think the Day after Tomorrow and 2012 are two disast

rous films, which present our human the terrible appearance of the earth before the coming of the end of the world. But for me, they are not so much disastrous stories as two integrated films, which involve kinships between families, love, friendship, social responsibility and human civilization, driving us lost in deep thoughts. In these two films, a lot of natural disasters and catastrophes breaking out altogether at the blink of an eye as a result of the serious greenhouse effects and global warming. The disasters which can’t be seen in normal days destroy the houses, the mountains, the trees, the whole cities, the whole countries as well as human beings. Impressively, comparing with nature, although the human are so insignificant that can’t do anything to help themselves at the time when the disasters come, I see the most beautiful and precious parts of humanity at the dangerous moment. Eventually, the earth recovers still with those disasters gone, people survive their cities and their countries, and the whole world and human beings finally avoid its extinction. The movies end, but my thoughts can’t stop. The several hours’ long movies give me a strong strike and touch my heart deeply.

Ⅱ.The Impressive Plots
These two American Hollywood movies are produced and directed by a famous director, who uses many amazing special techniques presenting a series of heart shaking disasters. Besides those scary but real scenes, there’re many moving things happening during the dangerous moments. There are some impressive plots I have to mention: 2.1. The coming of disasters Because of the serious global warming, the nature brings the human tremendous disasters which involve earthquake, flood, hurricane, volcanic eruption, tornados and so on. I clearly remember these moments that when a wall of water roars into New


York, when snow buries skyscrapers, when the crew of a space station can see nothing but violent storm systems and when the American flag is freezed at the appearance of flying. These scenes are so scary and so real that I can’t help to admiring the spectacular special effects and thinking about the strong power of nature. 2.2. The positive and beautiful humanity in front of disasters 2.2.1. Equality Noah’s Ark is intended for the rich and the important politicians, and the ordinary people can impossibly afford 10 billion a ticket. But at the last moment of Ark’s taking off, the captain and the leaders open all the doors of the Ark to let all the desperate people in for considering that everyone is equal. Besides, in spite of the danger, the little girl in the Day after Tomorrow and the wanderer in 2012 take their dog escaping from the disasters with themselves rather than abandon them. At those moments, it is really a show of equality. 2.2.2. Responsibility In 2012, the president of American gives up his ticket at last. He knows that considering about the devotion to the civilization of human, politicians are far less than scientists. So he wants to stay with his country to finish his mission as well as the honor. It is really a show of the sense of responsibility. 2.3. The appearance of earth after the catastrophes At the end of the Day after Tomorrow, the sky becomes extremely blue and clear. “Have you ever seen such a blue sky?” This is the last line of the movie, and it exactly reveals that people begin to realize the importance of environment and our human beings will have future.

Ⅲ. Reflection
3.1. Sensibility 3.1.1. Kinship between families In the Day after Tomorrow, despite the terrible situation, Jack persists in heading for north alone, looking for his son; in 2012,the Russia business man drops into the abyss for pushing his two sons onto the Ark. In such a case, nothing is important


except families. 3.1.2. Love “Dear, we must be together even though we’ll die.” It is a line in 2012. How moved a line it is! Love is the most beautiful thing in the world and it is strong enough to conquer death. 3.1.3. Friendship In the Day after Tomorrow, Sam together with his friends deals with difficulties and experiences dangerous moments, they never leave anyone behind even though they are at the corner of death. At that moment, I understand the meaning of “A friend indeed is a friend in need”. 3.2. Human civilization With the development of science and technology, our human civilization makes progresses constantly. However, those progresses are at the expense of our environment. When our human are confronted with these catastrophes, when our human civilization is facing with extinction, and when our earth is at the edge of destruction, where is the meaning of civilization development? We must learn that our environment is as important as human civilization, and our human must attach importance on environment.

4.1. The importance of environment In these two movies, owing to our human’s unconsciousness and ignorance of environment, we are badly punished by nature but we are incapable of overcoming it. As a matter of fact, in modern society, global warming is getting worse and worse with the consequence of worse and worse climate. And finally, I believe that if our humans don’t stop damaging environment, we will shoulder the punishment sooner or later. Therefore, at this moment, we must be aware of the importance of environment and speak highly of environmental protection. 4.2. Human responsibility In modern society, each country is concentrated on developing their economy,


especially for developed countries. But they pay much less attention to environment than to economic development, as a result, global warming is as common as other normal conceptions and varieties of natural disasters take place every now and then. At this high moment, each country must cooperate with each other, shoulder the responsibility and deal with the serious environmental situation. Earth is our family, environment gives us life as a gift, and there is no doubt that we should and must try our best to protect our earth. If only we shoulder our responsibility of protecting environment, we do have bright future. 4.3. Humanity Maybe besides the awareness of environmental protection, the most impressive thing in the movies is humanity. In this monetary society, our human are becoming more and more selfish for individual interests, and gradually we lose our human nature. But fortunately, when we are confronted with death, we help each other and support each other. We show the most beautiful parts of our nature. It turns out that our human still have our humanity and so we will have future.

These two movies just like a warning or a forecast of the future of human beings and these disasters are the consequences of human activities-focusing on economic development, abusing natural recourses, damaging the natural environment and reforming nature arbitrarily. Once these disasters come, they mercilessly take people’s most precious things away: life, the whole body, and even dream and hope. At that moment, we have nothing left but to wait for the coming of death. But when I see that everyone help each other at the dangerous moment, I realize that our human will not be destroyed and we do have future. Just like the ending of these two films, we, our civilization and our earth finally survive. So let’s pay attention to our environment, handle the bad situation of our life and create our bright future. Because we do have future!
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