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常用词组 about time 1. 早该 it's about time I came clean and admitted it. 我早该招供承认这件事。 ahead of time 1. 提前,提早 ahead of one's time 1. 想法太超前的,思想前卫的 all the time 1. 一直,始终 at a time 1. 每次,一次 he took the stairs two at a time. 他两步一跨冲上楼梯。 before time 1. 提前,在原定时间以前 behind time 1. 迟,晚 give someone the time of day 1. 对?礼貌(或友好) I wouldn't give him the time of day if I could help it. 要是我有办法就不会让他好过。 half the time 1. 一半时间;常常 have no time for 1. 没时间(或不愿意)做 he had no time for anything except essays and projects. 除了文章和课题外,他没时间做别的事。


have the time 1. 能有时间 she didn't have the time to look very closely. 她没时间仔细看。 2. 因为有表而知道时间 in (less than) no time 1. 立即,马上 the video has sold 30,000 copies in no time. 这部录像很快销了三万套。 in one's own time 1. 在自己做好准备时(或认为方便时) ;不着急地 2. 在非工作时间,在业余时间;无偿地 keep good (或 bad) time 1. (钟,表)走得准(或不准) 2. (人)守时(或不守时) keep time 1. 按节拍演奏;跟着音乐节奏 lose no time 1. 立刻,马上;尽快 the administration lost no time in trying to regain the initiative. 管理层立即争取重新获得主动权。 not before time 1. 早该发生的 no time 1. 很快,一会儿 the renovations were done in no time. 很快就进行了翻修。 out of time 1. 不是时候;不合时宜


I felt that I was born out of time. 我觉得我出生得不是时候。 pass the time of day 1. 打招呼,寒暄 time after time (亦作 time and again 或 time and time 1. 一再,屡次 time and tide wait for no man 1. (谚)岁月不等人 time immemorial 1. 遥远的时代,很久(以前) markets had been held there from time immemorial. 很久以前那儿就有集市。 time is money 1. (谚)一寸光阴一寸金 the time of one's life 1. 一生中的美好时光 time out of mind 1. 同 time immemorial (only) time will tell 1. (只能)有待时间去证明 习惯用语 against time 1. 争分夺秒地,尽快地:时限很快就要到了地 worked against time to deliver the manuscript before the deadline. 争分夺秒地工作以便在最后期限到来前交出手搞 at one time 1. 同时的 2. 曾经:在过去的某一时刻或某段时期 at the same time


1. 但是,然而 at times 1. 有时;间或 behind the times 1. 过时的;陈旧的 for the time being 1. 暂时的 from time to time 1. 时时;间或 high time 1. 早已超过时间 It's high time that you started working. 你早该开始工作了 in good time 1. 及时,迅速:在合适的一段时间内 2. 及时:在到期时或在此之前 3. 迅速地 in no time 1. 几乎马上地;立刻 in time 1. 及时:在时限到来之前 2. 最后,终于:在不定的时间内;最终 In time they came to accept the harsh facts. 他们最终承认了严酷的事实 3. 【音乐】 合拍 on time 1. 按时,准时:按时间表的;准时的(地) 2. 以分期付款方式地 time after time


1. 一次又一次地;重复地 time and again 1. 一次又一次;重复地 time of (one's) life 1. 非常愉快的经历 We had the time of our lives at the beach. 我们在海滩上度过了最愉快的时刻 time on (one's) hands 1. 无事可做的间隙 time was 1. 曾有一个时候 “ Time was when[urban gangs] were part of a . . . subculture that inner-city adolescence outgrew” (- George F. Will) “曾经有个时候城内的青年人已成长大了



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