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北师大版高一英语Unit 2 Lesson 1笔记总结

Unit 2 Warm-up 1.clam 的用法 calm down 平静下来 keep clam/remain calm 保持冷静 calm oneself down 使自己镇静下来 词汇辨析: calm:平静的,沉着的,指无风浪或人的心情不激动 You should keep calm even in face of danger. quiet:宁静的,安静的。指没有声音、

不吵闹或心里没有烦恼、忧虑 Could you keep the kids quiet while I’m on the phone? still:静止的,不动的,指没有运动或动作的状态 Keep still while I brus your hair. silent:寂静的,沉默的,不出声的。指没有声音或不讲话。 He was silent for a moment, then began his answer. 2.generous 慷慨的,大方的 be generous to sb.对某人宽容 be generous with sth.(用钱等)大方 It is/was generous of you to take so much interest in my work. He is always generous with money when his friends turn to him for help. 3.character:性格,品质。一般用来指人的性格特征。 characterristic:特征,特性。一般用来指一事物与他物区别的不同的特征。 Lucy and Lily are twins, but they have different characters. A characteristic of this species is the blue stripes.

Lesson 1 一.句法与词法 1.多个词一起修饰一个名词,其顺序通常为:限定描绘大长高,形状年龄和新老,颜色国籍 出材料,作用类别往后靠。 The old lady wants to buy a beautiful red Chinese silk dress for her daughter as a present. In the middle of the room stands a beautiful round wooden table. 2.choose from:从??中挑选 choose…as…:挑选??作为?? 3.separate v.(使)分离; (使)分开;分手 adj.单独的;独立的 词汇辨析: separate:表示“将??与??分开” ,指把原来连在一起或靠近的分隔开来 separate…from…把??和??分开 It’s impossible to separate belief from emotion.信仰和感情是分不开的。 divide:往往指把某个整体划分为若干部分

divide…into…把??分成?? The world is divided into seven continents andfour oceans.世界分成七大洲和上大洋。 4.because of…由于??,因为?? 后面常跟名词、代词、动名词。because 是连词,引导从句 He failed the final game because his carelessness. =He failed the final game because he was careless. I come back because of the rain. 5.Yang Liwei had several tasks to complete during the flight and only slept in the spaceship for about 3 hours. 本句中不定式 to comlete 作后置定语修饰 tasks,由于 tasks 作其宾语,不定式动词又和该句 主语构成逻辑上的主谓关系, 所以不定式用主动形式表示被动意义。 如果没有这种主谓关系, 则不定式需要用被动形式。 I have got a letter to write. The manager has a letter to be typed. 当不定式作表语形容词的状语, 又和句中的主语构成动宾关系时, 这时用不定式的主动形式 表被动意义。常可以样用的形容词一般有:easy, difficult, hard, pleasant, nice, interesting 等。 The grammar book is difficult to understand. The task is necessary to finish in time. 6.Yang Liwei showed the flags of China and the United Nations, expressing the wishes of the Chinese people to explore and use space peacefully. Expressing the wished of the …….为现在分词短语用作伴随状语,与句子主语之间构成上的 主动关系。 They came into the classroom, following the little boy. 现在分词除了可作伴随状语,还可作方式、条件、原因、让步、结果、时间状语。 Her mother died, leaving her with four younger brothers and sister. (表结果) Being too old, he couldn’t walk that far. (原因状语) 7.let out 释放,放开;泄露(秘密、消息等) ;发出(叫喊等) ;放宽,放大(衣服等) They were let out of prison last month. let alone 更不用说 let down 使某人失望 The baby can’t ever walk, let alone run. I’m afraid she let us down. 8.millions of 当 hundred, thousand, million, dozen 等以单数形式存在时,其前常用表示具体数量的词或 several, some, many 等修饰。 当 hundred, thousand, million, dozen 等以复数形式存在时,其后要加 of,但前面不能用表示 数量的词修饰。 9.wave v.挥手致意,招手;起伏 n.波浪,挥手

wave at/to sb.向某人挥手/摆手 wave sth. at sb.向某人挥动某物 wave goodbye to sb.= wave sb. goodbye.向某人挥手告别 10.too…to…太??而不能?? 在此结构中,too 后面跟形容词或副词,to 后面跟动词原形 该结构还可以拓展为 too…for sb. to… (1)当 too 后的形容词是表示心情的形容词时,如 glad, pleased, surpised, happy, eager, anxious 等,此时,too 相当于 very 或 very much. I’m too glad to meet you.见到你我非常高兴。 (2)too…to…与 never, not 等连用时,也表示肯定意义。 It is never too late to mend.亡羊补牢未为晚也。 (3)a little, a bit, rather, a lot, all, much 等都可以修饰 too,表示不同的程度。Very, fairly, quite, pretty 等词不能用来修饰 too. Joan tried on the skirt. It was a bit too big for her.

二.重点语法 1.一般过去时 构成和句式: 构成:主语+动词过去式或 be(was, were) 句式:否定句 not 加在 did 或 be 后,疑问句把 did 或 be 提到主语前。 用法: (1) 表过去某一时刻发生的动作或存在的状态,常与表示过去的时间状语连用。 I visited the Water Cube a month ago. (2)表示过去一段时间内经常性、习惯性的动作或存在的状态。 We sometimes went to swim last summer. (3)表示过去相继发生的一系列的连续动作。 He got up, washed his face, and went to school by bus. (4)在时间、条件、让步、方式等从句中表示过去将来的动作。 Tom said he would come if I promised to wait for him. (5)used to do 或 would do 表示过去经常或反复发生的动作。 I used to leave for work a 7:30. (6)在虚拟证据中表示现在或将来的情况,常和 could, would 等连用。 If I had time, I would go and visit you. (7) 和一般过去时连用的时间状语有 two weeks ago, yesterday, last week, the other day, during the night, in ancient times, once upon a time, in those days, earlier this month 等。 Mr Smith came to see you just now. 2.过去进行时 构成和句式: 构成:be(was, were)+doing 句式:否定句 not 加在 be,疑问句把 be 提到主语前 用法:

(1) 表示过去某一时或过去某一阶段内正在进行的动作。 I was watching the football match at this time yesterday. (2)表示另外一个动作发生的时间背景。 It was snowing when they got to the top of the mountain. (3)可与 always, forever, continually, constantly 等副词连用,表示过去反复出现的或习惯性 的动作,带有感情色彩。 She was always ringing me up when I was in London. (表示厌烦) (4)go, come, leave, start, arrive 等位移动词可用过去进行时表示过去将来的含义。 Nobody knew whether she was coming. (5)和过去进行时连用的时间状语有 at that time, at this time last Sunday, at 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon, all morning, the whole night, last year 等。 What were you doing at this time last night? 过去进行时与一般过去时的区别: 一般过去时常表示在过去某时发生的动作或存在的状态(包括过去习惯性动作) ;过去进行 时表示过去某一段时间或某一时刻正在进行的动作。


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