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写作句型仿写 长句难句分析

类型: 记叙事件经过或过程 典例: 参观清华大学(日记或游记) 模板:(注意:以时间先后为顺序记叙经过) [总述]Today we visited Tsinghua University. [过程] Early in the mo

rning we arrived at the gate of Tsinghua University, where we were warmly welcomed by an old professor, who then showed us around the campus.

In the library,we saw some university students reading attentively in the reading rooms. After that,we came to the lab building. At the end of the visit,the old professor gave us a lecture on science in the afternoon,which interested us very much. Time passed so quickly that before we knew it,it was time that we had to say goodbye to the professor. [影响] Since then,I have worked harder at my lessons than usual and made up my mind to be a student of Tsinghua University.

province 1. ___________ n. 省

information n. 信息 2. ___________
method 3. ___________ n. 方法 attitude 4. ___________ n. 态度

teenager n. 少年 5. __________
impress vt. 使印象深刻 6. __________ 7. __________ assistant n. 助手 cover 8. __________ vt. 包含

9. academic adj. 学术的 ________ 10. website n. ________ 网站

11. previous adj. 以前的;从前的 _______________

12. fluency n. ___________ 流利,流畅

, 领悟 13. comprehension n. 理解 ___________

14. technology n. 15. correction n.
16. diploma n.

___________ 技术
改正;纠正 ___________ ___________ 文凭

enjoy 1. ___________ v. 享受; 乐趣
enjoyable adj. 快乐的; 令人 →___________ 愉快的 enjoyment n.享受;乐趣 →___________

bore vt. 使烦扰 2. ________
→________ bored adj. 厌烦的; 厌倦的

boring adj. 令人厌烦的; 无聊的 →________

3. _____________ embarrass vt. 使尴尬; 使困窘 embarrassing adj. 使人尴尬的; →________________ 令人为难的 →_______________ embarrassed adj. 尴尬的; 难堪的; 困窘的 →__________________ embarrassment n. 尴尬; 难堪

4. ________ behave vt. 使表现得好 表现 →_________ behavior n. 行为;举动 5. __________ describe vt. 描述; 描绘; 形容
description n. 记述; 描述 →___________

understand vt. 理解; 谅解; 明白 6. ___________
understanding n. 理解; 谅解 →_______________

misunderstand vt. 误解; 误会 →_______________
misunderstanding n.误会; 误解 →__________________

disappoint vt. 使失望 7. ___________
disappointing adj. 令人失望的 →_____________

disappointed →_____________ adj. 感到失望的
disappointment →________________ n. 失望

appear 8. _________ vi. 出现; 似乎 appearance n. 出现; 外貌 →____________ disappear vi. 消失 →___________

(B) 用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。 1. Everyone has an experience they would rather forget. Some are ______________ embarrassing (embarrass), some are moving, and some teach us lessons. 作表语用形容词。

2. Firstly, they should be polite and friendly to the athletes and visitors from all over the world, and avoid improper ________ behavior (behave). 形容词修饰名词。

3. We sometimes seem to be misunderstood by our teachers, parents or classmates. Facing this, we can find a proper time to have a heart-to-heart talk with them, trying misunderstanding to remove the ________________________ (misunderstand). 作宾语用名词

4. Can you give me a _________ description (describe) of the person who came to see me when I was out?


5. I took part in the program in order to improve my English but to my _______________ disappointment (disappoint), there were too many students in a class, in which students were not able to practice a lot.
固定搭配:to one’s disappointment 让 某人失望的是。

6. Most of the time, we can use adjectives to describe people’s appearance (appear). ___________

7. Some of you may enjoy doing crossword puzzles, and perhaps doing crossword puzzles a couple enjoyable (enjoy). hours a day is _________


1. _______________ in other words 换句话说
2. _______________ look forward to 期待; 盼望 3. _______________ at the start of 在…开始的时候

4. _______________ 在…结束的时候 at the end of
5. _______________ 上大学 go to college

6. _______________ be divided into 被(划)分成

7. _______________ 参加 take part in
8. _______________ introduce…to… 把?介绍给? 9. _______________ 单独地; 独自地 by oneself

10._______________ 离?远; 远离 far from

11. ______________________ be happy with/about… 对……感到高兴/满意 12. _________________ 与……相似 be similar to… be different from… 与……不同 13. _________________ 14. ________________ make progress in… 在…….方面取得进步 15. ____________________ be impressed by/with…对…… 有深刻印象

Dear Li Kang, How’s it going? I thought I’d write to tell American you about the 1. _________(America) school systems. Secondary school in the US usually 2. ________ covers (cover) seven years, grades six to Ninth twelve. 3. _________(nine) to twelfth grades are high school. 4. ______ At the end of twelfth grade, American students receive the high school diploma.

Students need a high school diploma if they to go (go) to college. want 5. _______ is divided (divide) The school year 6. __________ into two semesters, the first of 7. _______ which is September through December, and the second January through May. We have 8. _____ a LONG summer vacation! We start school at 7:50 am and we finish at 3 pm.

I take part in all kinds of after-school 9. activities ____________ (activity) — I play football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and I go to theater club. Will you tell me something about your 10. ________(you) summer vacation and the Chinese school system in your next letter? Rob Marshall

这是美国一位中学生的来信,信中介绍了 美国的中小学制度。同中国的学制比较一下, 有什么异同呢? 1. American 名词school前缺少定语,故用形容 词。 2. covers 客观地介绍美国的现在学制,用一般 现在时,下文的时态也是有用的提示。 3. Ninth 由twelfth提示,想到要用其序数词, nine的序数词要去掉e再加th。 4. At 得到文凭应是在12年级结束时,表示 “在……末尾/结束时”是at the end of。

5. to go 因want后要接不定式作宾语。 6. is divided 因The school year与divide是被动 关系,又是一般现在时,故填is divided。 7. which 引导非限制性定语从句,先行词是 two semesters。 8. a 指“一段”很长时间的假期。 9. activities 因all kinds of…指“各种各样的”, 故用名词复数。 10. your 指告诉我有关“你们的”暑期和中国 的中小学学制的一些情况。

Our English class is really interested. The interesting teacher is a very enthusiastic woman calling Ms called Shen. Her method of teaching is nothing as that of like the teachers at my former school. She thinks that reading is great importance. And we have fun and of I don’t think I will be bored in his class! her

Today we introduce ourselves to each other. introduced Some students were embarrassed at the first but everyone was very friendly and nice. She gave us instructions but then we worked by ourselves. and then

Ms Shen wants to help us improve our spelling and handwriting. We do this in a fun way, with spelling games and other activity. I like her very much, and activities the behaviour of the other students show that they shows like her, too.

1. interested→ interesting 指英语课堂 “非常有趣”,故用interesting。 2. calling→ called 过去分词做后置定语, 修饰woman=woman who is called。 3. as→ like 后面是短语用介词like,因as 作“像”解是连词。be nothing like 一点 儿不像。 4. 在is与great之间加of 因of great importance= very important。 5. his→ her 要与前文Ms Shen一致。

6. introduce→ introduced 下文有提示。 7. 去掉first前的the 因at first(一开始,在 开始时)是固定短语。 8. but then→ and then 前后为并列递进 关系,故用and。 9. activity→ activities 前有games提示, 不止一次活动,用activities。 10. show→ shows 主语the behaviour是单 数,应用单数谓语。

1. enthusiastic adj. 狂热的, 热烈的, 热心的
原句: The teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly and the classrooms are amazing. 老师们很热情、很友好, 而且教室很棒。(B1 M1 P2)

用法自测 用适当的介词与所给词的适当 形式填空或完成句子。 (1) An ideal teacher must be enthusiastic ________ (enthusiasm) and brilliant.
(2) Our class teacher ______________ is enthusiastic ___________ about life (对生活充满热情) and has a great influence on/over us.

(3) From my point of view, an excellent teacher is supposed to ________________ arouse his students’ enthusiasm in learning (调动学生的学习热情) ___________________ rather than simply pour knowledge into their heads.
(4) At the suggestion of a picnic, the pupils were bursting _____ with enthusiasm.

be enthusiastic about 热衷于; 对?? 充满热情 show enthusiasm for 热爱 arouse one’s enthusiasm/the enthusiasm of sb.调动某人的积极性 with enthusiasm 热情洋溢地; 狂热地

2. description n. 描述;描写 原句: For our homework tonight, we have to write a description of the street where we live. 今晚的家庭作业是描写 我们居住的街道。(B1 M1 P3)

用法自测 用适当的介词填空或完成句子。 (1) In other words, his amazing enthusiasm beyond description. for his work is simply ________
(2) Only when you give a clear description of _____ your problem will we be expected to offer you a workable solution.

(3) I just couldn’t believe that someone described me ___ as beautiful.
described everything to me (向我描 (4) She ________________________ 述了一切) with great excitement/ enthusiasm. (5) According to the rules, students are required to finish describing the story ____ with five sentences.

归纳总结 beyond description 无法形容;难以形容 give a description of 描写;描述 describe…as… 认为;把……描述成… describe…with… 用……描述…… describe…to sb. 向某人描述……

3. attitude n. 态度;看法 原句: I like her attitude very much, and the behaviour of the other students shows that they like her, too. 我非常喜 欢她的教态, 其他同学的的行为表明他 们也喜欢沈老师。(B1 M1 P3)

用法自测 用适当的介词填空或完成句子。 (1) It is out of envy that he shows a dissatisfied attitude __________ to/towards you.

(2) He prefers to be scolded rather than takes/adopts a negative admit that he ____________________ attitude (采取消极的态度) to/towards ________ learning.
takes an optimistic (3) My mother ___________________ attitude to treat life (以乐观的态度对 __________________ 待生活) all along.

归纳总结 attitude to/towards… 对……的态度 take/adopt a positive attitude 采取积极 态度 take/adopt a negative attitude 采取消极 态度 take a(n)…attitude to do 以……态度去 做某事

4. in other words 换句话说;也就是说

原句:In other words, there are three times as many girls as boys. 换句话说, 女生人数是男生的三倍。(B1 M1 P3)

用法自测 用适当的介词填空或完成句子。

(1) ___ In other words, he is an ambitious young man full of enthusiasm and curiosity.

So in other words/to put it differently (2) ______________________________ (那么换句话说), he knows this dimension inside out? (3) __________ In a word (总而言之), you don’t intend to shoulder any responsibility, do you?

意思相同或相近的表达还有: that is to say, that is, namely, to put it differently等。 联想:in a word 一句话说;总而 言之

5. looking forward to (doing) sth. 期望; 期待; 期盼
原句: I’m looking forward to doing it! 我正盼望着作家庭作业 呢!(B1 M1 P3)

用法自测 用所给词的适当形式填空或完 成句子。 (1) I _______________________________ look forward to hearing from you (期待收到你的来信) in the near future.

(2) As is known to all, greenhouse gas may ___________________( contribute to/lead to 导致) the rise of temperature.

(3) To make matters worse, some adolescents are so addicted to ________ playing (play) online games that too much time and energy are wasted.
(4) For the time being, people have really plastic bags 使用塑料袋) got used to using _______________( and they do give us lots of convenience.

联想:to 为介词的短语还有be/get/become used to 习惯于, be addicted to 沉溺于/ 对……上瘾, be opposed to 反对, be devoted to 致力于/忠诚于, pay attention to 注意, lead to 导致, stick to 坚持, contribute to 有助于/导致, turn to转向/求助于, belong to 属于, refer to 谈到/参考/查阅等。

1.Every room has a computer with a special screen, almost as big as a cinema screen.每间教室都配备了一 台电脑,并带有一个与电影院屏幕 大小差不多的特殊显示屏。(B1 M1 P2) 句型 as…as… 和??一样

仿写 根据中文完成下列英文句子。
⑴ 我的书和你的一样有趣。 My book is ______________ as interesting as yours.

⑵ 一旦你掌握了得当的学习方法,英 语并不会如你想象中的那么难。 Once you have got the knack, English is not _______________ as difficult as you think.

2. In other words, there are three times as many girls as boys. 换句话说, 女生人 数是男生人数的三倍。(B1 M1 P3)

句型 A+倍数+as...as B A是B的多少倍

仿写 根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴我的书是你的两倍多。 twice as many as My books are _________________yours.

⑵说到城市面积, 广州是惠州的三倍大。 Speaking of the city area, Guangzhou is three times as large as ________________________Huizhou.

1. We’re using a new textbook and Ms Shen’s method of teaching is nothing like that of the teachers at my Junior High school. 由于我们使 用的是新课本, 沈老师的教学方法和 初中老师完全不一样。(B1 M1 P3)

分析 全句是由and连接的并列句。 后一分句中,like为______ 介词 ,that为 替代词 ,代替前面的method of _______ teaching。

2. I don’t think I will be bored in Ms Shen’s class! 我认为上沈老师的课我是不会感到厌 倦的!(B1 M1 P3)
分析 此句是个否定转移句型。主语是第 一人称,谓语动词是think, believe, expect, guess, imagine, suppose等的一 般现在时,如果需要否定宾语从句时,通常 否定主句,而不否定从句。但是如果从句中 的否定词不是not, 而是never, hardly, seldom等时,则不适用于这个原则。



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