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Module6 The Three Gorges Dam语言知识导学案

Module6 The Three Gorges Dam 语言知识导学案
编写人:蔡庆杰 . 学习目标:1.Master the usage of 2words, 3 phrases and 1 sentence pattern. 2.Improve the ability of self-study, discussion and analysis. 3.Be cra

zy and full of desire for knowledge to enjoy the pleasure of study. 重点与难点:词汇的记忆与定语从句的基本用法 使用说明:自学::30 分钟课前自学,独立、认真完成导学案题目,并上交。 正课:2 分钟浏览整理导学案,找出疑点和错处。 8 分钟小组内热烈讨论,集思广益,对学群学。 25 分钟积极展示,大胆质疑,公正点评。 8 分钟疯狂背诵,组内互查,老师抽查。 2 分钟总结发言,评出最佳小组和最佳个人。

2. provide v.提供
【寓词于境】阅读下列句子,注意 provide 的用法。 1). They often provide food and clothing for the poor. 2). The hotel provides guests with good service. 【自我归纳】 “为某人提供某物” :句 1)provide sth sb 句 2)provide sb sth 【拓展】 “为某人提供某物”的短语有: provide sth for sb = provide sb with sth supply sth to/for sb = supply sb with sth offer sb sth = offer sth to sb 【即学即练】太阳为我们提供能量(energy). (汉译英)

3. 牢 记 provide 的意 思及用法。

Step1. Phrases
1 过着一个幸福的生活. 3 发电. 5 等于、胜任的. 2 在历史上. 4 为某人提供某物. 6 梦想做某事. (写汉语)
1. 这 些 词 组 都是本课课 文中出现的 重点词组, 找出来并把 它们记住。


Step3. Phrases 1. dream of 向往,梦想 相当于 dream about
【寓词于境】阅读下列句子,注意 dream of 的用法。

Step2. Key words phrases 1. suggest v. ;

n. (写英语) 【寓词于境】阅读下列句子,注意 suggest 的用法。 1) The doctor suggested a good rest. 2) He suggested making a trip to Beijing instead of staying at home. 3) He suggested that we (should) clean the classroom. 4) The look on his face suggested that he was happy. 【自我归纳】suggest 当“建议”讲时,根据句 1)后接

2. 掌 握 suggest 的意 ; 思即在不同 根据句 2) 后接 ;根据句 3)后接 ; 意思下的不 suggest 当“暗示或表明”讲时,根据句 4)后接真实语气 —即不接虚 同用法。

1). She dreams of becoming famous one day 2). His dream of being a doctor has come true. 【自我归纳】dream,作动词时常与介词 / 连用, 后面 4. 掌 握 并 牢 记 dream of 接名词,代词或__ ___形式. 的意思及用 【即学即练】 法。 Little Tom dream of to the Great wall one day. 小汤姆梦想着有朝一日去长城。

2. hold back
【寓词于境】阅读下列句子,写出 hold back 在句中的意思。 1).We tried to hold back our laughter. 2).Tell me the truth—don’t hold anything back. 3). They have built the dams to hold back the flood. 【即学即练】No one can the wheel of history. A. hold back B. held back C. be held back D. hold on 3. come true(愿望、梦想等)变成现实 【讲解】come true 相当于不及物动词短语,无被动语态。 realize 当“实现”的意思时,是及物动词,有被动语态。

拟语气。 【即学即练】 1) She suggested that we 她建议我们应该乘公共汽车旅行 2) He suggested 他建议出去散步。 3).His work suggests that he 他的工作表明他是一个细心的人 a careful man.

by bus. .

5. 牢记 hold back 的 意 思,并会灵 活运用

My dream has come true. = My dream has been realized 【即学即练】His dream of becoming a teacher at last A. was come true B. came true C. was become true D. became true

Step4. Sentence pattern 通过下列例句, 比较非限制性定语从句和限制性定语从句在 形式上、意义上及翻译上的区别。
1. Sun yat-sen, who was the leader of the 1911 Revolution , first suggested the idea of a dam across the Yangtze River in 1919 英译汉:

6. 牢 记 come true, realize 的区 别及用法。

A. which B. that C. this D. it (A 类)4. I’m saving my money, so my dream of traveling to Europe will . A. be come true B. come true C. realize D. realized (B 类)5. Mary’s face suggested that she ill, and her parents suggested that she a medical examination. A. was, has B. was, have C. should be, had D. be, should be (A 类)6. I think he should have further study abroad, but his mother suggests in a big company. A. him work B. he works C. his working D. to work (B 类)7. ----What did you suggest , Joan? ----I suggested her father for his opinion. A. her doing; to ask B. she did; asking C. her to do; to ask D. she do; asking

7 掌握非限 制性定语从 2. More than a million people who lived in the region have moved from 句和限制性 their homes 定语从句在 英译汉: . 形式、意义 【自我归纳】句 1 是 定语从句,句 2 是 定语从句 及翻译上的 【要点剖析】在形式上:非限制性定语从句用 和主句隔开, 区别。

8 当堂检测 是对本课知 识的巩固, 一定要认真 去做,独立 完成。 类 (A 较容易,每 个同学都必 须掌握,B 类较难,A 层同学必须 掌握。 )

而限制性定语从句不用其和主句隔开。 在意义上:非限制性定语从句是对 的补充说明,删除后 意义仍完整,而限制性定语从句是其不可缺少的定语,不能删除。 译法上:非限制性定语从句通常翻译成主句的并列句,而限制性定语 从句翻译成先行词的定语, “?的?” 。 【即学即练】 用关系代词 who, which, that 填空. 1. She has a son is a doctor. 2. I want to buy the house, has a garden. 3. I want to buy the house has a garden.


(A 类)1. The police the crowd in case anything happened. A. held back B. held up C. kept down D. kept from (B 类)2. After working hard for many years, . A. his dream was realized B. his dream came true C. he came true his dream D. he realized his dream (A 类)3. Jim passed the driving test, surprised everybody in the office.


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