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株洲市 2014 高考英语阅读理解、短文改错训练(9)及答案
(第 篇) Only three local students won Chinese Blog(博客) Competition. And 15 of the 18 awards went to students from China. 170 students’ task: to get a fully?designed blog up and running, complete with many postings based on a theme of choice — all written in Chinese. Themes ranged from local opinions — such as the usage of Singlish, education and whether Singapore can be a cultural centre — to food blogs. The entries were judged on language proficiency(熟练程度) and the quality of writing, as well as the design and level of exchanging ideas with readers. Academics from the National University of Singapore and the SIM University, IT experts, and a journalist from Chinese newspaper Lianhe Zaobao in Singapore made up the judges. In the end, only three Singaporean students made it to the award list — the rest of the awards were swept up by students from China. “No surprise, ”said Mr. Chow Yaw Long, 37, teacherin?charge from Innova Junior College, which organized the event. “Although the topics were local subjects, the foreign students were generally better in terms of the content of the posts and their grasp of the Chinese language.” One of the three local students winning the first prize in the Best Language Award was blogger Christina Gao, 19, from the Saint Andrew’s Junior College, who spared no effort in researching for and writing her blog. Each entry took her between five and seven days to produce, complete with pictures and even podcasts (播客). Her advice for bloggers is: Be responsible. “Some bloggers out there only seek to bla me the authorities and other bloggers,” said Miss Gao. “I think they lack responsibilities and there is no value to their posts.” [语篇解读] 新加坡举行一次国内外学生用汉语写博客的大赛,结果只有 3 个本土学生 得奖,其余的被中国学生包揽。 1.The competition was organized by ________. A. the National University of Singapore B. Chinese newspaper Lianhe Zaobao C. Innova Junior College


D. the Saint Andrew’ s Junior College [解析] 细节理解题。依据文章第七段中的“teacher?in?charge from Innova Junior College,which organized the event”可知,这里的 which 指代 Innova Junior College, 也就是这次活动的组织者。 [答案] C 2.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. Chinese students won most of the awards. B. Not all the themes were about local subjects C. The blogs could be written in Chinese or Singlish. D. The judges were from uni versities in Singapore and China. [解析] 正误判断题。依据文章第一段可知,A 项正确,这次大赛中国学生获得了绝大多 数奖。 [答案] A 3.What Miss Gao said suggests that ________. A. she likes to blame the authorities B. she has a sense of responsibility C. she thinks highly of the others’ blogs D. she loves to read valuable posts [解析] 推理判断题。依据文章最后三段可知她很有责任感。 [答案] B 4.The passage is mainly about________. A. how Chinese students won the awards in the competition B. why bloggers should take responsibility for their blogs C. how Miss Gao won the first prize in the competition D. what the result of the competition was [解析] 主旨大意题。本文主要介绍新加坡举行一次国内外学生用汉语写博客的大赛,

叙述了比赛的结果,所以可以得出答案为 D。 [答案] D ***************************************************结束

(2011·江西卷)C The garden city was largely the invention of Ebenezer Howard (1850-1928). After immigrating form England to the USA, and an unsuccessful attempt to make a living

as a farmer, he moved to Chicago, where he saw the reconstruction of the city after the disastrous fire of 1871. In those days, it was nicknamed “the Garden Cit y”, almost certainly the source of Howard’s name for his later building plan of towns. Returning to London, Howard developed his design in the 1880s and 1890s, drawing on ideas that were popular at the time, but creating a unique combination of designs. The nineteenth-century poor city was in many ways a terrible place, dirty and crowded; but it offered economic and social opportunities. At the same time, the British countryside was in fact equally unattractive: though it promised fresh air and nature, it suffered from agricultural depression(萧条) and it offered neither enough work and wages, nor much social life. Howard’s idea was to combine the best of town and country in a new kind of settlement, the garden city. Howard’s idea was that a group of people should set up a company, borrowing money to establish a garden city in the depressed countryside; far enough from existing cities to make sure that the land was bought at the bottom price. Garden cities would provide a central public open space, radial avenues and connecting industries. They would be surrounded by a much larger area of green belt, also owned by the company, containing not merely farms but also some industrial institutions. As more and more people moved in, the garden city would reach its planned limit-Howard suggested 32,000 people; then, another would be started a short distance away. Thus, over time, there would develop a vast planned house collection, extending almost without limit; within it, each garden city would offer a wide rang of jobs and services, but each would also be connected to the others by a rapid transportation system, thus giving all the economic and social opportunities of a big city. 66. How did Howard get the name for his building plan of garden cities? A. Through his observation of the country life. B. Through the combination of different ideas. C. By taking other people’s advice. D. By using the nickname of the reconstructed Chicago. 67. The underlined phrase“drawing on ”in Paragraph 1 probably means______. A. making use of B. making comments on

C. giving an explanation of

D. giving a description of

68. According to Howard, garden cities should be built______. A. as far as possible from existing cities B. in the countryside where the land was cheap C. in the countryside where agriculture was developed D. near cities where employment opportunities already existed 69. What can we learn about garden cities from the last paragraph? A. Their number would continue to rise B. Each one would continue to become larger C. People would live and work in the same place D. Each one would contain a certain type of business 70. What could be the best title for the passage? A. City and Countryside C.A New City in Chicago 66 题: 答案:D 考点:细节理解题 解析:通过文章第一段的第三句得出:芝加哥的花园城市几乎成为了 Howard 后来命名的来 源。选项选择 D, 选项 A,B,C 未体现 B. The Invention of the Garden City D. A Famous Garden City in England

67 题 答案:A 考点:词义理解题 解析:通过文章第一段叙述可知Howard 在到达芝加哥后有了创建“花园城市“的灵感,回到 伦敦后,他运用当时所流行的观点把各种设计进行了结合,形成了他自己的独特设计。选项 选择 A

68 题 答案:B 考点:细节理解题

解析:根据文章第二段的最后一句话可知:要远离现有的城市带以保证土地可以以最低的价 位买到。解题关键在:to make sure 表示目的是,重点在后面。Bottom price 指最低价格, 对应文章选项的土地便宜。答案选择 B. 选项 A,C,D 都不是建造花园城市的关键要求。

69 题 答案:A 考点:细节理解题 解析:根据文章第三句可知:当越来越多的人搬入花园城市,花园城市就会达到它的预期极 限,然后,在不远的地方又会建造另外一个花园城市。答案选择:A. 选项 B, 每一个花园城市并不会一直扩大,到了一定程度,就会到达极限,另一个花园城市会 再建造起来,该选项错误 选项 C. 不同的花园城市建造起来,人们不会在同一个地点生活和上班。该选项错误 选项 D 每一个花园城市都有带有农业和一些工业企业,并不只带有一种特定的经济。从最后 一段的第二句可以得出该选项错误。 70 题 答案:B 考点:主旨大意题 解析:从文章通篇可知,文章讲到的是由芝加哥花园城市的建立到伦敦花园城市的建立,再 到文章二段,三段讲到的花园城市建立需要的一些条件和建立的模式可知道文章重点是围绕 花园城市的创立来展开的。A 选项与文章本身不符合,C 选项芝加哥新城只是文章开头的引入, 后面通篇围绕的都是花园城市展开,与文章本身不符合,D 选项的英格兰花园城市只是花园城 市的一个典型代表,选项并没有进行通篇描述这一个花园城市,而是转入花园城市的总体建 立条件和模式展开。故答案选择 B. **********************************************************结束

【例题解析】 一.错词 1.动词错误: (1) 时态和语态、主谓一致的错误。


【1】整体时态: *Then I ask him “Grandma, how come you have so much lines on your hand” 全文为故事,故 ask 改为 asked。 *High over the water, they disc over a hole in the balloon.The hole became bigger and bigger. 全篇使用过去时态,故改 discover- -discovered 【2】主谓一致 *Having fun with their friends make them happy. 动名词短语做主语,谓语动词用单数形式 makes。 *But the most wonderful thing about jack were his musical ability。 主语为 the most wonderful thing 故此,系词为 was *But not all information are good to society. 主语不可数,所以动词用 is。 (2.)动词错误: *In American big cities, thousands sell tickets to watch football or basketball games.(buy) 根据句子意思,数千人买票去看比赛。故 sell 改为 buy。 (3)非谓语动词 【1】动名词错误 *I am looking forward to see all of you again in the near future.(seeing) 解析:to 为介词,故此 see 改为 seeing * Not only play football makes us grow up tall and strong but also gives us a sense of fair play and team spirit. 解析:主语应为动名词,故 play football 改为 playing football 【2】现在分词 *The air keeps the balloon up was escaping quickly and the balloon was coming down. 解析:分词做定语,故 keeps 改为 keeping *I found a small house standing in a field with a light shone from the sitting room. 解析:with a light shone 改为 with a light shining。a light 和 shining 为主动关系。 【3】不定式

*I just want to thank you for helping me becoming a different person.(become) 解析:help sb do sth 故改 becoming 为 become *He did not want share things with others. 解析:want to share sth. want 后可跟不定式做宾语。 【4】过去分词 *I have some records giving to me as birthday gifts. 解析:have sth done, some records 和 give 是被动关系,故改为 given。 2.连词错误: *I came into the living room and saw one of them just go through the kitchen door but turn on the light. 解析:根据句意, “我看到他们中的一个人走进厨房,并且打开灯。 ”两个分句子之间是并列 关系。故改 but 为 and *We would return at night to hear that he`d picked up from the radio in the day. 解析:考查宾语从句,pick up 缺宾语,故改 that 为 what *The classes helped me understand what the world works 解析:根据句子意思, “这些课程有助于我了解世界是怎么运转的 ”故改 what 为 how。 *He was silent for a moment. So he answered slowly: “Each of these lines stands for a trouble” 解析:根据句子意 思,So 改为 Then/And 3.形容词/副词错用: *You always gave me specially attention. 解析:名词应该被形容词 special 修饰。 *It is real a good chance to have met all of you here. 解析:副词 really 修饰系词,故改 real 为 really。 *My hometown has taken on a new look.How great it has changed ! 解析:great 修饰动词,故改为:greatly 4.冠词错误: *This is my first visit to a American family.(an) 解析:American 第一个音标的音素是元音,故用 an. *Each player must obey captain, who is the leader of the team.

解析:有定语修饰,the 特指 captain. *Suddenly, I caught a sight of my English teacher in the crowd. 解析:固定搭配 catch sight of.故此去掉冠词 a。 5.代词错误: 【1】反身代词 *I just smiled to me and thought, ? 解析:主语和宾语相同,故此 me—myself 。 【2】形容词性物主代词 *Besides, the foreign teachers here work hard and try his best to make the activities lively and interesting.(his --their) 解析:主语是第三人称复数,因此 try one`s best 【3】it/that/them /us *I thought that was dull to watch a game in which players kicked a ball to each other. 解析:that 不可以做形式主语,故改为 it。 *It was about noon when we arrived at the foot of the mountain.The three of them were very excited.前后人称错误。故此改 them 为 us. 6.名词单复数和名词的所有 格的错误 *She marked strictly on student`s performance.(students`) 解析:根据句意,学生们的表演,故改为 students` performance *Physics is one of the most difficult subject for us (subjects ) 解析:one of 说明后面为复数形式。 *We practice three times every week and often watch football match on TV together. 解析:常常看比赛,故此 match 改为 matches. * I have no papers to write on. 解析:纸不可数,所以改为 paper 7.介词错误 *He left Shanghai at a cold night. 解析:一天的部分被修饰时,介词用 on, *I am a new comer of a small town. 解析:根据句子意思,来自一个小镇 come from a small town.

* I was caught by the rain last night 解析:固定短语 be caught in the rain 遇上雨。 8.语意错误 *Thousands sell tickets to watch football or basketball games. 解析:句子意思:数千人卖掉票去看足球或者篮球比赛。故此错误,sell—buy *Not all people like to work and everyone like to play. 解析:句子意思:并非所有的人都喜欢工作,并且所有的人喜欢玩。语意错误,应该为转折 关系,and—but 。 ****************************************************************结束




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