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2012 常州 50. It is said that some people __________ (send) to Mars in a few years. 2013 常州 50. I believe that an important moment like this should __________ ( not forget). 2014 常州 50. —Guo Ta

o’s new book about his stories with his son __________ (come) out. —Really? Why not go to the bookshop and buy one right now? 2013 连云港 60. Last week, winners of the music awards __________ through online voting. (choose) 2014 无锡 五 1. __________ (compare) with the older model, the new robot costs less but lasts longer. 2012 镇江 39. This city is __________ (build) a new library for the blind now. 2015 常州 53. I don't know the competition of model planes____________(cancel) the other day. 2015 连云港 63. Plenty of trees _____________ and wild animals’ living areas become smaller and smaller. (cut down) 2013 常州 1. Have you got any books on English grammar? I want to borrow _____. ---Yes, here you are. But you must return it by Friday. A one A. it A. none A. nothing imagination. A. this B. that C. one D. those 2012 泰州 6. —Have you heard of _____ about Jeremy Lin (林书豪)? —Yes. He did quite well in the last NBA basketball match. A. anything exciting C. anything humorous B. something interesting D. something important B it B. this B. little B. none C some C. that C. nothing C. few D that D. one D. anything D. a few 2014 连云港 3. — This book on idioms is interesting. I’d like _____, where did you buy it, Simon?—In the Amazon Bookstore. 2014 无锡 10.---Do you drink much coffee as before? ---No, _____ at all. My sleeping problem is getting worse. 2015 宿迁 3.--- I'd like some more apple juice. --- Sorry, there's _____ left. 2013 镇江 6. I hear that kindergarten(幼儿园) is searching for a man teacher, especially __________ with creation and

2012 常州 51. Tom was seen __________ (jump) into the river and help the child out. 2014 常州 48. —Why did you shout? —I felt something __________ (击中) me on the head. 2012 镇江 9. Some parents prefer ______ the wall blue for their children _____ them a feeling of harmony 。 A. to paint: to give A. too talented to B. painting; giving B. talented enough to C. to paint; giving C. so talented that D. painting; to give D. such a talented girl that 2013 镇江 7. —Helen is a thoughtful girl. —Yes. I think she is _____ plan everything well. 2014 宿迁 50. Daniel’s dream is __________ a famous directo r in the future.(be) 2014 南通首字母填空 Since stress can make us sick, we have to learn how to d__________ (69) with it. However ,if you worry about your English and don’t k__________ (72) what to do ,you can get help from English TV programs. It is also helpful to s__________ (73) your worries with your friends. 2015 泰州 70.---Could you tell me how_______(success)in making a speech in front of people? ---Be confident. That’s the point. 2015 淮安 64.打开电视好吗?Would you please _________ the TV? 2015 盐城 64. Internet users now use the character "duang" to ____________ any kind of special effect. ( 描述) 2013 常州 8, Many social workers went to Ya’an to _____ clean water and food to local people to reduce their pain from the earthquake. A. put out A. none B. come out B. no one C. work out C. nothing D. give out D. nobody 2014 江苏泰州 3.---The cakes are quite delicious! Can I have one more? ---Sorry, there is _____ left. What about some biscuits?

2012 盐城 63. The naughty boy ran into the garden and __________ (吓唬) the little cat away. 2013 盐城 After the whole day’s voluntary work, I felt fine __________(除之外) for being a little tired. 2013 宿迁 10.At present, lots of people would rather A. live; more B. to live; less _____ in the country because there is _____ D. to live; more pollution in the city. C. live; less

2014 盐城 68. Scientists are working hard to make the dream __________(come) true. 2014 盐城 69. The person who is the earliest will get what he or she __________(want). 2015 常州 50 .--Have you handed in your project? --No. I ___________(check)it again right away. 56.In autumn,the days are shorter and the temperature ___________. (drop) 59.He ___________ his hand into the air to get my attention and so on I noticed him.(lift) park here! Look at the sign, it says “No parking”. — Sorry, I didn’t notice that sign just now. B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. couldn’t 2015 苏州 5. — You _____ A. won’t

2015 苏州 47. Mr. Green often __________ (惩罚) his children by not letting them play games. 2015 无锡 5.The governments should _____ the use of new types of energy to make a greener world. A. push in A. fell B. push for B. has fallen C. put out C. was D. put up D. has been 2015 常州 8. Mike used to be a top student, but he _____ behind since he lost himself in computer games. 2015 无锡 7.Red lanterns are often __________ (hang) along the streets before Spring Festival. 2015 无锡五 1.Trust me. I __________ (keep) it between you and me, I promise. Talk now. 2015 无锡五 8.—Is the little baby in this photo me, Dad? —It is. And now you ___________(grow) into a young man. Where does the time go, huh? 2015 宿迁 5.--- Excuse me, is this the way to No.10 Middle School? --- Oh, sorry. I'm not sure. But it ________be. A. must B. should C. need D. may 2015 宿迁 57. They can’t go with us now. They ___________ (not finish) the work yet. 2015 镇江 42.Many people have got a cold because the temperature________(下降)a lot several days ago. 2015 南京 4. Pukou Railway Station ______ in 1911 and it has become a filming location for films and TV plays in recent years. A. build A. needn’t in learning. 2015 泰州 7. — How long can I _____ this novel Gulliver's Travels? — Only two weeks. A. borrow A. mustn't B. lend B. needn’t C. return C. couldn’t D. keep D. wouldn’t 2015 泰州 9. People _____ drive after drinking alcohol(酒). It's against the law. 2015 泰州 63. We should not __________(忘记)those who were killed by Nazis during the World War II. 2015 泰州 69. Usually, books for children __________ (write) in simple languages. 2015 扬州 10. --Did you and your sister go to Miss Brown’s party yesterday?. ---No. Neither of us A. invites B. invited C. is invited D. was invited 2015 扬州 52. In 1969, Armstrong __________ the spacecraft Apollo 11 on the moon.(着陆) 2013 常州 53.The project they had devoted up to two years to __________ (choose) as the best one at the conference. 2012 南通 9. Since you have finished your homework, how about _____? A. go to run B. go running C. going to run D. going running ______. B. is built B. can’t C. built C. should’t D. was built D. mustn’t 2015 南京 10. — Mom, must I go shopping with you? — No, you ______. You can watch the film Big Hero 6 with your friends. 2015 南京 4. Dad always tells me not to study only for tests. If that’s all I’m doing, he says, I will soon _______ (失去) interest

2014 盐城 57. As times goes, my grandmother can’t see as __________ (清楚) as she used to. 2014 常州 46. The cat is lying __________ (舒适) under the tree with her eyes half closed. 2012 连云港 50. Daniel did the exercises too_________(粗心), and it made his teacher very angry.

2013 无锡 6. “Will it be possible to get me another ticket?” he asked __________ (hopeful). 2014 无锡 3.You can get a better view of the lake if you go ____________( 楼上). 2012 宿迁 55. Our Maths teacher asked you to go to his office __________ (立即). He is waiting for you. 2012 扬州 54. You can’t imagine how terrible the earthquake is __________ (simple). 2014 扬州 6. - It's said that Mo Yan's speech was wonderful. - That's true. We clapped our hands _____ many times during his speech yesterday. A. excited B. excitedly C. exciting D. excitingly He talked __________(兴奋地) to the reporters about his hopes of winning the race. 2014 连云港 2. –_____ will the fog and haze last? –I’ve no idea. There is no sign of an end. A. How soon B. How far C. How long D. How often

5. 2014 常州 2. Why is _____ honest leader like him supported by _____ few workers? A. an; so B. an; such C. a; so D. a; such 29. 2014 无锡 6. ---What do you think of Frank? --- He’s __________ boy and he shows great interest in anything new. A. the creative B. a creative C. the curious D. a curious 37. 2013 扬州 1.---Excuse me, is there _____ book by Mo Yan? ---Yes. It’s on _____ bookshelf over there. A. a; / World. A. a; / B. a; the C. the; the D. the; / B. a; the C. /; the D. the; a 13. 2015 连云港 1.Tong Liya is _____ famous actress who acted as a countrywoman in _____ 1970s in the TV show Ordinary

2012 常州 2. We will build another new Great Green Wall _____ the northern part of China. A. among B. across C. through D. between 2014 常州 6. —When will the railway that connects the two cities open? —_____ next year. Only two thirds _____ been built. A. Until; has B. Until; have C. Not until; has D. Not until; have 2012 连云港 10.---Why did you vote for Maggie? ---Because she is very _____. She always shares things with others. A. practical B. active C. generous D. energetic 2012 连云港 47.Pop star White Houston was found __________ ( 死亡)on the eve of the Grammy Awards. 2013 连云港 50. You look __________ (苗条的) and more fashionable in so charming a dress. 2013 南通市 4. I walk _____ the square after supper every day, so I know very well every small shop there. A. around A. with B. into B. for C. across C. to D. through D. By 2013 宿迁 11. It’s reported that the Chinese government provides free milk powder ( 奶粉) _____ children in poor areas. 2014 宿迁 44. When we walk __________ (穿过) the road, we should follow the traffic rules. 2012 徐州 2. The 30th London Olympic Games will begin _____ 27th July 2012. A. in A. In B. on B. After C. at C. Since D. for D. Before 2013 扬州 2.---How long have you lived in the new flat? ---_____ 2010. 2015 连云港 2. ---When is your birthday? ---I was born __________ December 17. This year I’ll hold a birthday party for it at home. A. on A. to B. at B. with C. in C. of D. by D. for 2015 连云港 13. It is great _____ us to get so many favourite books on International Children’s Book Day.

2015 苏州 2. In cold winter, the temperature in Harbin remains _____ zero all day. A. above B. below C. over D. under

2014 泰州- I'd like a pet, but I am busy all day. - Goldfish are a good choice. You _____ feed them every day. A. mustn't B. can't C. shouldn't D. needn't 2014 无锡--Your father never watches the drama series on TV, _____? ---_____. He thinks theses drama series are boring and dull. A. does he; Yes, he does. B. does he; No, he doesn’t C. doesn’t he; Yes, he does. D. doesn’t he ; No, he doesn’t . 2014 南通 Stephen had a very exciting trip last month.(改为感叹句) __________ __________exciting trip Stephen had last month ! 2012 盐城_____ children Simon and Jim are! They help Mrs. Li clean the house every day. A. How nice A. What A. doesn’t rain ________ B. How brave B. What a B. rains C. What nice C. How C. will rain D. What brave D. How a D. won’t rain 2014 盐城 _____ good time we have had in the junior middle school! 2015 连云港 12. You will see many aunts dancing together on the square if it _____ in the evening. 62.Everything will be all right in a few days. (对划线部分提问) _________ will everything be all right?

2015 无锡 11.I think you should complain, _____, of course, you are happy with the situation. A. unless B. however C. until D. though 2015 南通市 50.__________ people can’t hear,so they always use their hands to communicate. 7. 2013 盐城 The show I’m a singer helps audience rediscover many good __________(嗓音). 2. 2012 常州 41. He was not brave enough to tell his mother the __________ (lose) of his mobile phone. 4. 2012 常州 47. He is tall and strong now, but you can’t imagine he __________ ( 重) only 2 kilos at birth. 11. 2015 常州 Qtan Xuesen is one of the greatest_________(开拓者) of China's space technology. 3. 2012 南京 50. Nanjing, I love you is a beautiful song which represents the feelings and __________(精神) of Nanjing people. 7. 2013 南京 49. Where are you going to put your __________ (自行车)? It’s so crowded here. 6. 2013 南通市 55. Think carefully while reading. Then we’ll have a __________ about the topic. 8. 2014 南通市 54.Her __________ (diary) have recorded all her experiences in her study of English. 2. 2012 苏州 46. The Olympic team were given a __________ (英雄般的)welcome on their return home. 5. 2013 苏州 41.The local clubs are making every __________ (努力)to interest more young people. 7. 2013 苏州 44.UNICEF is one of the best-known __________ (慈善机 构)that help poor children around the world. 1. 2012 泰州 Our modern times need more and more __________ (hero) for us to learn from. 18. 2015 宿迁 The President is very tired every day because he has to make many important d_________. 20. 2015 宿迁 Could you tell me the __________(director) telephone number? I want to talk to him. 4.2013 徐州 50. Amy looks smart with a pair of __________ (glass) on her nose. 1. 2012 扬州 4. -Wish you a pleasant journey! -Thanks! I’ll give you a _____ as soon as I arrive in Paris. A. ring B. hand C. ride D. present 6. 2013 扬州 52.Sandy collected pictures of all kinds of __________ .(butterfly) 8. 2014 扬州 49. We are pleased with the good __________ in Yangzhou restaurants. (服务) 9. 2014 扬州 51. The books on the shelf are that __________. (visit) 15. 2015 镇江 The athlete Su Bingtian came third with a run of 9.99 seconds in the men's 100-metre race He has become the ________ (proud) of us Chinese.

2012 盐城 15.—Are you going to take part in the speech competition? —_____. It’s too good a chance to miss. A. No problem A. experiment A. couldn't A. buy A. My pleasure parents? A. Why don't you A. mustn’t A. none B. How about B. can’t B. no one C. why not C. shouldn’t C. nothing D. Would you like D. needn’t D. nobody 2014 泰州 4. –I’d like a pet, but I am busy all day. –Goldfish are a good choice. You _____ feed them every day. 2014 泰州 3. –The cakes are quite delicious! Can I have one more? –Sorry, there is _____ left. What about some biscuits? B. Thanks a lot B. agreement B. shouldn't B. buying B. With pleasure C. Never mind C. development C. mustn't C. to buy C. Never mind D. That’s for sure D. environment D. needn't D. buys D. It’s nice of you 2014 南通 3. ─Listen, they’re talking about their _____ again! ─Well,they hope it’ll prove their answer right. 2012 南通 12. —Can I walk across the road now, mum? — No, you _____. You have to wait until the light turns green. 2012 徐州 8. ---Why not _____ John a toy car for his birthday? ---Good idea! He is crazy about cars. 2012 泰州 3. —Thanks for listening to my problem and giving me your advise, Amy. —_____. That’s what friends are for. 2013 泰州 12. — I feel stressed from time to time. Could you give me some advice? — _____ sharing your worries with your

2012 盐城 12.—Have you ever been to Singapore? —Yes. I _____ there last year with my parents. A. go B. went C. have been D. was going 2013 盐城—Is your father at home?—No, I’m afraid he __________(go) out. 2012 常州 48. I’m sorry to hear that the dog you once played a trick on __________ (咬) you on the hand. 2012 常州 53. My father __________ (work) in a factory for five years. But now he is a teacher. 2013 常州 7. ---Why are you worried? ---I’m expecting a call from my daughter. She _____ New York for three years. A. has gone to B. has been to C. has been in D. has come in 2013 常州 51. ---Turn off the radio, dear. Baby is sleeping. ---There is no need. He __________(wake) up. 2014 常州 52. I can still speak some French now, for I __________ (teach) Chinese in France for several years. 2014 淮安 9. Andy, you’d better not eat meat only. You should know milk and fruit _____ good for you. A. is B. are C. was D. were. 2012 连云港 49. Unluckily , the recent floods __________ (摧毁)many farm-houses in the south. 2013 南京 13. It’s said that an Asian Culture Village _____ inside the AYG Village in Nanjing in the coming Asian Youth Games period. A. builds B. is building C. will be built D. was built 2013 南通 50. We usually __________ to show agreement and shake our heads to show disagreement. 2013 南通 56. I believe you __________ (enjoy) the party when you meet so many humorous guys there. 2013 南通 60. — Andy’s bike looks the same as yours. — That’s mine. I __________(lend) it to him on my way home. 2014 南通 6. ─That’s to say, sandstorms seldo m hit that area, _____ they? ─No,but things are different now. A. do B. don’t C. did D. didn’t 2014 南通 56. The two travellers __________ (chat) about the weather in a traditional English way when they met. 2014 南通 59. We __________(choose) Canada for the coming holiday, and the next step is to plan our route carefully. 2014 南通 60. ─I heard lots of noise from your group, Suzy. ─Oh, sorry to have disturbed you. We __________ the history project.(discuss) 2013 泰州 11. — ―Frog‖, Mo Yan's latest novel, please! — Sorry, it _____ just now. But it will come out again soon. A. sold out B. is sold out C. has sold out D. was sold out 2015 宿迁 57. They can’t go with us now. They ____________ (not finish) the work yet. 2015 南通 60. ─Why are you in such a hurry? ─My father’s car _________ down on the way. I have to go to help him. 2015 常州 50. --Have you handed in your project? --No. I ___________ (check) it again right away.

2015 镇江 12. ---Hi. I didn't see you at the party in the company yesterday evening. ---Oh, all my family _____ my son's birthday at home. A. celebrated A. waited for B. have celebrated B. was waiting for C. was celebrating C. am waiting for D. were celebrating D. will wait for 2015 扬州--You look worried. What’s wrong? --- I went for a job interview yesterday and I _____ the result. 2015 无锡五 2.I'm so sorry that I __________ (not understand) you, but I do now. 2015 无锡五 8.—Is the little baby in this photo me, Dad? —It is. And now you _________ (grow) into a young man. Where does the time go, huh? 2015 连云港 9. In the past few years, great changes _____ in Lianyungang. A. take place B. took place C. have taken place D. have been taken place (worry about) D. were 2015 连云港 61. –What happens to Mrs. White? --She ___________ her son who is separated now for MERS( 中东呼吸综合症). A. is B. are C. was 2012 泰州 5. –Why are you late, Jim? –Because there _____ a lot of traffic when I came here. 2012 连云港 46.It’s said the game Angry Birds has been downloaded __________( 百万) of times. 2013 扬州 50.Jim’s parents will celebrate their __________ year s of marriage this Sunday.(四十) 2012 苏州 8. The chairperson received about three _____ applications to join the Bird watching Club. A. hundred B. hundreds of C. hundred of D. hundreds 2012 苏州 47. My grandma is in her __________ (八十多岁), but she can still take care of herself. 2014 盐城 59. We are happy that we take part in __________ (各种各样的) after-class activities. 2014 盐城 61. Millie tries her best but did __________ (bad) among all the members in the team. 2012 常州 42. The background music sounds __________ (noise). Please turn it down. 2014 常州 5. —The apple pies here taste _____ than those from anywhere else. —Yes. But it will be better if they are _____. A. more delicious; more expensive C. more delicious; less expensive B. less delicious; more expensive D. less delicious; less expensive

2013 南京 46. The school library is __________ (开放的) Monday through Friday, 9 a.m to 6 p.m. 2014 南京 42. Stephen was __________ (忙碌的) with the report on giant pandas last week. 2014 南京 50. Many students are __________ (happy) with too much homework. They need more time for their hobbies. 2012 南通 13. Bob often says that swimming is _____ than hiking in reducing weight, but he always spends more time on swimming. A. less useful B. less interesting C. more useful D. more interesting 2012 南通 46. We shouldn't run away from the problems, but face them __________ (勇敢的) and try to solve them. 2012 南通 52. The villagers are fighting against the __________ flood that they have ever had in the past fifty years.(heavy) 2012 泰州 6. —Have you heard of _____ about Jeremy Lin (林书豪)? —Yes. He did quite well in the last NBA basketball match. A. anything exciting B. something interesting C. anything humorous D. something important 2012 无锡 1. Audrey Hepburn was __________(活跃的) in the film industry for nearly 40 years. 2013 无锡 It’s said that Chinese parents are __________ (strict) with their children than American parents. 2014 无锡 2.The old man looked a bit __________ (苍白的) than usual after the operation. 2015 连云港 11. ---The Internet service fees are too high, and the speed is too slow. --- That’s why Premier Li Keqiang asks operators(运营商) to provide _______Internet. A. many cheaper and quicker C. more cheaper and quicker B. very cheaper and quicker D. much cheaper and quicker

2015 连云港 49. As a ______________(传统的) festival, Dragon Boat festival is becoming more and more popular. 2015 常州 45. The girl tried her best, but she got _________(少) progress. 2015 徐州 8. — This dress is too expensive. Do you have others? — Sorry, but that’s the _____ one.

A. biggest

B. smallest

C. cheapest

D. longest

2014 盐城 12.-Could you tell me _____? -Sure. Walk straight along this street and you’ll find it. A. how can I get to the post office C. which is the way to the post office A. when shall I ask the boss for leave C. weather I would go by train or by plane B. where is the post office D. how far the post office is B. where I will go to spend the holiday D. who could invite me to go

2013 常州 9. ---How soon will you start your journey? ---I’m not sure. I haven’t decided _____.

2012 泰州 1. If you __________ (not be) careful enough in the exam, you will not get a good grade. 2013 无锡 7.I didn’t realize I __________ (leave) the key at home until I got to my car. So I had to go back.



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