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第一部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节:单项选择(共 20 小题,每小题 0.5 分,满分 10 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,把答案写在答题卷上。 1. It’s quite _________ honor to be ________ chairman of the conference. A. ///; the 2. B. an; /// C. a; /// D. the; the

Every means _________, but none proved __________. A. have tried; a success C. has tried; to be successful B. have been tried; successful D. has been tried; successful


The weather of this year is not so good as _________ of last year. A. one B. the one C. that D. those


It was in the small house _________ was destroyed by the flood ________ he spent his childhood. A. which; that B. that; where C. which; which D. that; which


All those second-hand goods are sold at ___________ before. A. 30% as lower price as C. 30% as low a price as B. as 30% low price as D. 30% lower price than


Most of the audience wondered what idea a man who is deaf from birth can have __________music. A. with B. in C. of D. to


I’m putting on weight. The doctor has warned me to ____________ sugar. A. keep up B. keep back C. keep off D. keep away


For the big house, the price is fairly cheap, but you’ve got to take into _________ the money you’ll spend on home improvement. A. consideration B. thoughtfulness C. responsibility D. measures


I tried to explain the problem to Mary, but she was so angry that she _______ listen. A. couldn’t B. shouldn’t C. wouldn’t D. might not

10. I heard several quarrels within our home, ____________ I had never before noticed. A. that 11. –We are all ready, sir. –Ok, John ____________ here; the rest of you ___________ where you are. A. come; stay C. will come; will stay B. comes; stay D. comes; will stay

B. them

C. one

D. ones

12. Sometimes proper answers are not far to seek ___________ food safety problems. A. in B. with C. after D. to

13. Every morning they meet in the same café. They ___________ there for years. A. have gone C. go B. are going D. have been going

14. The researchers who study jokes want to know __________ people from different nations and cultures find funny. A. why B. that C. what D. whether

15. –Pity you missed the lecture on nuclear pollution. –I ___________it, but I was busy preparing for a job interview. A. had attended C. would attend B. didn’t attend D. would have attended

16. I had just finished doing my examination pa pers ___________ the bell rang. A. when B. while C. before D. after

17. Alex is said ___________ by heart 2000 Chinese characters up to now. A. that he has learned C. to learn 18. –John failed in the English test this time. --_____________ A. Of course. C. Because he is too lazy. B. Sure. D. What a surprise! B. to have learned D. having learned

19. What’s the __________, in your opinion, of helping him if he doesn’t make an effort to help himself. A. sympathy B. point C. object D. theme

20. At times the balance in nature is _________, resulting in a number of possibly unforeseen effects. A. troubled B. confused C. disturbed D. puzzled

第二节:完型填空(共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) In 1956, Phoenix, Arizona, was a city with boundless blue skies. One day as I walked around the house with m y 21 Kathy’s new parakeet (小鹦鹉)on my finger, I wanted to show Perky 23 to my horror, Perky flew off. The enormous, blue sky swallowed up my sister’s blue suddenly he had gone, clipped wings and all. Kathy managed to would find a new 25 me. With fake optimism, she even tried to reassure (安慰) that Perky me 27 that such a thing was possible. Decades 22 the

sky looked like. Maybe he could make a little bird friend out there. I took him into the backyard, and then, 24 and

26 . But I was far too clever to

later, I watched my own 28 chairs with the 29

growing. We shared their activities, spending soccer Saturdays in folding

of the kids’ friends, the Kissells. The two families went camping around Arizona 30 of friends. One evening, the game was to tell Great Pet stories. One 32 Barry, the

together. We became the person claimed to 31

the oldest living goldfish. Someone else had a psychic dog.

father of the other family, took the floor(发言) and 33 parakeet, Sweetie Pie. "The best thing

that the Greatest Pet of All Time was his blue

34 Sweetie Pie," he said, "was the


we got him. One day, when I was 36 on my finger."

about eight, out of the clear, blue sky, a little blue parakeet just dived down and

When I was 37 able to speak, we examined the amazing evidence. The dates and the locations and the pictures of the bird all 38 . It seems our two families had been 40 39 long before we ever

met. Forty years later, I ran to my sister and said, "You were 21. A. niece 22. A. what 23. A. many 24. A. pleasure 25. A. forgive 26. A. parent 27. A. imagine 28. A. birds 29. A. parents 30. A. first 31. A. catch 32. A. But 33. A. announced 34. A. in B. sister B. which B. much B. sadness B. comfort B. home B. suppose B. happiness B. birds B. best B. find B. Fortunately B. argued B. about C. friend C. how C. great C. treasure C. help C. house C. doubt C. worries C. interests C. last C. buy C. Then C. told C. from

! Perky lived!" D. aunt D. where D. very D. sense D. delight D. life D. believe D. children D. games D. happiest D. have
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D. However D. hoped D. on

35. A. day 36. A. fell 37. A. firstly 38. A. came up 39. A. known 40. A. right

B. place B. flew B. finally B. turned up B. joined B. wrong

C. way C. landed C. exactly C. turned out C. connected C. silly

D. story D. went D. even D. matched up D. introduced D. mad

第二部分:阅读理解(第一节 20 小题,第二节 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 50 分) 第一节:阅读下面短文,从每题所给的四个选项中,选出最佳选项,把答案写在答题卷上。 A How I Turned to Be Optimistic I began to grow up that winter night when my parents and I were returning from my aunt's house, and my mother said that we might soon be leaving for America. We were on the bus then. I was crying, and some people on the bus were turning around to look at me. I remember that I could not bear the thought of never hearing again the radio program for school children to which I listened every morning. I do not remember myself crying for this reason again. In fact, I think I cried very little when I was saying goodbye to my friends and relatives. When we were leaving I thought about all the places I was going to see—the strange and magical places I had known only from books and pictures. The country I was leaving never to come back was hardly in my head then. The four years that followed taught me the importance of optimism, but the idea did not come to me at once. For the first two years in New York I was really lost—having to study in three schools as a result of family moves. I did not quite know what I was or what I should be. Mother remarried, and things became even more complex for me. Some time passed before my stepfather and I got used to each other. I was often sad, and saw no end to "the hard times." My responsibilities in the family increased a lot since I knew English better than everyone else at home. I wrote letters, filled out forms, translated at interviews with Immigration officers, took my grandparents to the doctor and translated there, and even discussed telephone bills with company representatives. From my experiences I have learned one important rule: almost all common troubles eventually go away! Something good is certain to happen in the end when you do not give up, and just wait a little! I believe that my life will turn out all right, even though it will not be that easy.

42. Upon leaving for America the author felt_______. A. confused A. often lost her way C. studied in three different schools A. She worked as a translator. B. excited C. worried D. amazed 43. For the first two years in New York, the author _________. B. did not think about her future D. got on well with her stepfather

44. What can we learn about the author from Paragraph 4?

B. She attended a lot of job interviews. C. She paid telephone bills for her family. D. She helped her family with her English. 45. The author believes that______. A. her future will be free from troubles B. it is difficult to learn to become patient C. there are more good things than bad things D. good things will happen if one keeps trying B Beldon and Canfield are two seashore towns, not far apart. Both towns have many hotels, and in summer the hotels are full of holiday-makers and other tourists. Last August there was a fire at the Seabreeze Hotel in Beldon. The next day this news appeared on Page Two of the town’s newspaper, The Beldon Post. FIRE AT SEABREEZE Late last night firemen hurried to the Seabreeze Hotel and quickly put out a small fire in a bedroom. The hotel manager said that a cigarette started the fire. We say again to all our visitors, "Please don’t smoke cigarettes in bed." This was Beldon’s first hotel fire for five years. The canfield times gave the news in these words on Page One: ANOTHER BELDON HOTEL CATCHES FIRE Last night Beldon firemen arrived just too late to save clothing, bedclothes and some furniture at the Seabreeze Hotel. An angry holiday-maker said, “ An electric lamp probably started the fire. The bedroom lamps are very old at some of these hotels. When I turned the bedside light on, I heard a funny noise from the lamp.” We are glad to tell our readers that this sort of adventure does not happen in Canfield. Wh at are the facts, then? It is never easy to find out the exact truth about an accident. There was a fire at the Seabreeze Hotel 1st August: that is one fact. Do we know anything else? Yes, we know that firemen went to the hotel. 46. The Canfield Times used the headline like this in order to make its readers think _______. A. this was the second fire at the Seabreeze Hotel B. hotels in Beldon often catch fire C. hotels in Beldon don’t often catch fire D. Beldon was a good place except that hotels there are not quite safe 47. The Canfield newspaper gave a rep ort just opposite to The Beldon Post by saying that ______. A. the bedroom lamps were very old at some of the Seabreeze’s hotels B. the bedroom lights made funny noise when the fire took place C. the firemen failed to save clothing, bedclothes and other things D. such accidents never happened in Canfield for the past five years 48. The ―angry holiday-maker‖ ______.

A. lived in the room which had caught fire B. was talking about the lamps in seabreeze Hotel C. caused the fire when he turned on a lamp D. did not actually tell what had caused the fire

C Many people will remember the flight of the space shuttle (航天飞机)C hallenger, in June, 1983. The achievement of Sally Ride, America’s first woman astronaut to fly into space, made this flight especially memorable. Stude nts from two Camden, New Jersey, high schools, however, are probably to remember Norma rather than Sally whenever they think about the flight. Norma didn’t travel alone. She brought about 100 companions along with her. Norma was an ant, a queen ant who, with her subject, made up the first ant colony(群体) to travel into space. The ants were part of a science experiment designed by students to test the effects of weightlessness on insects. The equipment designed by the students for their colony functioned perfectly throughout the long space trip. The young scientists and their teachers were very sad to find that their insect astronauts had all died at some point before the container was returned to the school and opened. The problem didn’t occur in space, but on the ground after challenger had landed. The container remained in the desert for nearly a week before the ant colony was moved. The hot, dry desert air dried out the colony’s container and the ants died from lack of moisture(水分). The project was tested success because it did provide useful information. Students will continue their efforts to pinpoint (精确找到)what went wrong. They will try to prevent the same difficulties from recurring on future missions. They don’t want to be discouraged either by the demise of the ants or by the $10,000 shuttle fare they will have to pay to send the next colony of ants into space. 50. What does the passage mainly tell us? A. Sally Ride, America’s first woman astronaut. B. How to keep ants alive in space. C. How to make equipment for insects in space. D. An experiment with ants in space. 51. According to the passage, we know that the underlined word “demise” is another word for “__________”. A. death B. colony C. insect D. moisture

52. We don’t think the project was a failure. This is because ___________. A. everything went as smoothly as expected

B. the students had pinpointed exactly the reason C. something important had been learned D. the students had succeeded in the experiment 53. The ants were not able to live because __________. A. no one fed them in space C. weightlessness damaged them B. they dried out in the desert D. space caused too much pain

54. We can conclude that ants __________ on the next space trip. A. will have to be kept alive in a container full of water B. will have to be sent into space with the first woman astronaut C. should be put into a container where there is enough food D. should be put into a container which is not too dry D The opening scene of The King’s Speech was, in a word, terrifying. The moment King George VI—wonderfully played by Colin Firth—stepped up to the microphone at Wembley Stadium, a rush of nervousness came over me. It took me back to my school days, standing at my desk, having to read aloud to the class. I whispered to my wife, Jill, ―A stutterer(口吃者) wrote this screenplay(剧本).‖ I grew up with a stutter, really afraid of trying to get through simple sentences—knowing that I would then, or later, be laughed at. I still remember the reading when I was in 7th grade at St. Helena’s: ―Sir Walter Raleigh was a gentleman…‖ I remember reciting, ―Sir Walter Raleigh was a gentleman.‖ The school teacher said, ―Master B-B-B-Biden! What’s that word?‖ She wanted me to say gentleman. But by then, I had learned to put my sentences into bite-size pieces and I was read ing it: ―gentle‖|breath| ―man‖. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the teachers were great. I never had professional treatment but a couple of teachers taught me to put a regular rise and fall in my tone of speaking, and that’s why I spent so much time reading poetry. But even in my small, boys’ prep school, I got nailed in my class with the nickname Joe Stutterer. You get so desperate, you’re so embarrassed. I actually went and stood by the side of my house once, with a small round stone in my mouth, and tried to talk. Jill always thought I was kidding until she saw the movie and saw King George did the same thing.

King George relied on the support his wife and the help of Lionel Longue, who, in describing working with other stutterers, said, ―My job was to give them confidence in their voices and let them know that a friend was listening.‖ I was lucky enough to have more than a couple of Lionels in my life. Nobody in my family ever—ever—made fun of me or tried to finish my sentences. My mother would say, ―Joey, you cannot let stuttering define you.‖ And because of her and others, I made sure it didn’t. Through hard work and determination, I beat my stutter in high school. I even spoke briefly at my graduation ceremony in 1961—the most difficult speech of my life. My fight against shyness and embarrassment at my early age has developed my ability to understand others’ feelings as Vice

President of the country in public life. I still mark up all of my speeches the same way Firth’s character does in the movie, pencil-marking every line to remind myself to stop, to breathe, to pause—to beat back my stuttering as best as I can. I don’t stutter anymore, and most people who know me only late in my life are shocked that I ever did. By capturing exactly how a stutter feels, The King’s Speech has shown millions of people how much courage it takes for a stutterer to stand up and speak. Equally important, it has shown millions who suffer from the pain that it can be overcome, we are not alone, and with the support of those around us, our deepest fears can be conquered.

55. The writer whispered to his wife, ―A stutterer wrote this screenplay‖, because ______. A. he desired to release his secret to his wife B. he was reminded how it was as a stutterer on such occasions C. he thought Colin Firth had a wonderful performance in the film D. he wanted to make his wife realize why the film was so popular 56. What can we learn from the example in Paragraph 2? A. Kids with a stutter could be made fun of at schools. B. ―Gentleman‖ was very difficult for a 7th grader to pronounce. C. It was impossible for a stutterer to pronounce even very simple words. D. The teacher had a clever way to teach how to pronounce the word. 57. Which word can best replace ―nailed‖ in Paragraph 3? A. attached B. uncovered C. hammered D. tricked

58. What does the underlined sentence in Paragraph 4 imply? A. The writer would have a good fortune to get help from many people. B. The writer should realize he had to stand up from his pain and defeat it. C. The writer could get enough confidence under his mother’s help. D. The writer must be happy that everyone in his family did not laugh at him. 59. To give a speech as well as he can, the writer reveals the fact that __________. A. he tried to talk with a small round stone in his mouth B. his wife keeps encouraging him to practice C. he still marks up all his speeches

D. his teacher helps him to put a rise and fall in his tone 60. What message is conveyed in the passage? A. Whatever pain and fear we have, we can defeat them if we try hard. B. The similar stories of the writer and King George VI gains great admiration.

C. The suffer we had at our early age will have a heavy influence on our future life. D. Stuttering is such a pain for children that we should give help and encourage them. 第二节: (共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。选项中 有两项为多余选项。 How to Make Friends Friendship is a very important human relationship and everyone needs good friends. Good

friendship has many benefits. It offers companionship, improves self-worth and promotes good health. There are times in our lives such as when we have recently moved into a new town, or changed our jobs or schools. Such changes often leaves us without a friend. 61 . But for many of us the process

is difficult and requires courage. Below are some helpful suggestions on how to make and keep friends. 1. Associate with others.

The first step to making friends is associating with other people. You can go to public places to meet new people. Besides, you will need to make yourself known by becoming an active member of such places. 2. Start a conversation Starting a conversation is the second most important step in making new friends. 62 You

can always start the conversation. Being able to make small talk is a very useful skill in relating with other people. 3. 63

Choosing friends with common interests is important in building friendship as these interests would always bring you and your friend together. Hanging out will always be a pleasant experience . 4. Let it grow. It is a good thing to stay in tou ch. However, try not to press your new friend with calls, messages or visits as this would likely wear him or her out and finally you may lose your friend. friendships are the ones that grow naturally. 5. Enjoy your friendship The best way to enjoy your friendship is to allow your friends to be themselves. 65 Try not 64 . The best

to change them from who they are to what you want them to be. Become the kind of friend you will want your friend to be to you. A. Be cheerful. B. Do things together.

C. Do not wait to be spoken to. D. Try not to find fault with your friends. E. Making new friends comes easy for some people. F. For a friendship to develop you need to stay in touch. G. So you will need to give your friend time to react to you.

非选择题部分(共 40 分)
第三部分: 写作(共两节, 满分 40 分) 第一节: 短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)

Dear Ralph, I’m a college student and I’ll graduating in half a year. I’m very confused about my future, because find an ideal job is so difficult. At the moment, my parents want me to be a teacher, and I don’t like that idea. During my holiday break, I work part-time as a tour guide in my hometown. I liked a job very much. But my parents didn’t agree to me. They thought the work was difficulty, even though one could make a lot of money. That is the most important to me is that being a tour guide won’t take me far from home. I always consider what your parents say, but it’s hard for me to make a decision. Could you give me some advices? John 第二节:书面表达(满分 30 分)

请根据上面两幅图写一篇短文,写作时要注意以下几点: 1. 第一段把漫画中的内容描述清楚; 2. 第二段写你自己对此幅漫画的感受和观点;适当地发挥,使语言连贯。 词数:100~120 参考词汇:扶起瓶子 straighten the bottle up ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

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