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【广东专用】2014届高考英语一轮复习课时作业(十五) [必修3 Unit 5 Canada—“The True North”]


[必修 3 Unit 5

Canada—“The True North”]

(限时:30 分钟)

Ⅰ.完形填空 I am a straight?A student and have been my whole life. When you come from a family

of educators, it just seems __1__. With high academic standards and a __2__ spirit, I don't just dislike losing. I can't __3__ it. I need to beat the top students, preferably in everything. I've even got so far as to define myself by my __4__, saying that how __5__ I am. If I don't get the grade I __6__, then I am lost. Today I was sitting in class trying to make use of the last minutes to study for a test I had to get full marks. When the girl behind me started talking to me, I tried to listen __7__ while still glancing at my study sheet now and then. When I thought the __8__ required it, I smiled, __9__ and agreed. And then I found myself wishing she would be __10__ so I could study. After a while, she said, “You know, you're a really good listener. You're so easy to talk to.” I froze. I replayed the __11__ in my head before smiling and accepting it gladly. But inside, I knew it wasn't true. She'd made every effort to have a conversation and I wasn't even trying to __12__. I passed the test excellently despite my worry of lost study time, but the one thing I needed to learn most wasn't on that test. I had __13__ being the best student so that I had failed at just being normal. So what matters to me most? What I have is all about my personal __14__ and about me being too self?centered. There can only be so many scholars, but there is never __15__ sympathy. I want that to be what matters to me—sympathy. 1.A.awesome C.unfortunate 2.A.competitive C.primitive 3.A.swear C.tease 4.A.parents C.appearance 5.A.handsome C.outstanding 6.A.steal C.deserve B.natural D.compulsory B.conservative D.subjective B.recommend B.grades D.standards B.interesting D.modest


B.expect D.allocate

7.A.attentively B.bitterly C.politely D.deliberately 8.A.conversation C.test D.sheet B.shook D.wandered 9.A.nodded C.glanced B.studying

10.A.quiet 11.A.praise C.rudeness C.participate C.carried on

B.gentle B.blame D.flattery D.shout B.depended on D.focused on B.anxiety

C.noisy D.sleepy

12.A.alarm B.gather 13.A.brought on 14.A.appetite C.success


15.A.few B.significant C.low D.enough Ⅱ.阅读理解 A Do you know Australia? Australia is the largest island in the world. It is a little smaller than China. It is in the south of the earth. Australia is big, but its population is not large. The population of Australia is nearly as large as that of Shanghai. The government has made enough laws to fight pollution. The cities in Australia have got little air or water pollution. The sky is blue and the water is clean. You can clearly see fish swimming in the rivers. Plants grow very well. Last month we visited Perth, the biggest city in Western Australia, and went to a wild flowers' exhibition. There we saw a large number of wild flowers we had never seen before. We had a wonderful time. Perth is famous for its beautiful wild flowers. In spring every year Perth has the wild flowers' exhibition. After visiting Perth, we spent the day in the countryside. We sat down and had a rest near a path at the foot of a hill. It was quiet and we enjoyed ourselves. Suddenly we heard bells ringing at the top of the hill. What we saw made us pick up all our things and run back to the car as quickly as we could. There were about three hundred sheep coming towards us down the path. Australia is famous for its sheep and kangaroos. After a short drive from any town, you will find yourself in the middle of white sheep. Sheep, sheep, everywhere are sheep. 16.Australia is ________. A.the largest country in the world B.as large as Shanghai C.not as large as China D.the largest island in the north of the earth 17. The government has made ________. A.few laws to fight pollution B.so many laws that can fight pollution C.enough laws that can hardly fight pollution D.enough laws because the pollution is very serious 18. Which of the following is NOT true? A.Perth is famous for its beautiful wild flowers. B.Perth is bigger than any other city in Western Australia. C.Perth lies in the west of Australia. D.No other city is larger than Perth in Australia.

19. In Perth you may visit a wild flowers' show in ________. A.December B.January C.May D.September 20. Which of the following is TRUE? A.Australia is famous for its sheep, kangaroos and wild flowers. B.We ran back to the car because we were in the middle of white sheep. C.Three hundred sheep came towards us because they saw us. D.If you go to the countryside in Australia, you will see a large number of white sheep. B One of our biggest fears nowadays is that our kids might some day get lost in a “sea_of_technology” rather than experiencing the natural world. Fear?producing TV and computer games are leading to a serious disconnect between kids and the great outdoors, which will change the wild places of the world, its creatures and human health for the worse, unless adults get working on child's play. Each of us has a place in nature we go sometimes, even if it was torn down. We cannot be the last generation to have that place. At this rate, kids who miss the sense of wonder outdoors will not grow up to be protectors of natural landscapes. “If the decline in parks use continues across North America, who will defend parks against encroachment (蚕食)?” asks Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods. Without having a nature experience, kids can turn out just fine, but they are missing out a huge enrichment of their lives. That applies to everything from their physical health and mental health, to stress levels, creativity and cognitive (认知的) skills. Experts predict modern kids will have poorer health than their parents—and they say a lack of outside play is surely part of it; research suggests that kids do better academically in schools with a nature component and that play in nature fosters (培养) leadership by the smartest, not by the toughest. Even a tiny outdoor experience can create wonder in a child. The threeyear- turning over his first rock realizes he is not alone in the world. A clump of old trees on the roadside can be the whole universe in his eyes. We really need to value that more. Kids are not to blame. They are over?protected and frightened. It is dangerous out there from time to time, but repetitive stress from computers is replacing breaking an arm as a childhood rite (仪式) of passage. Everyone, from developers to schools and outdoorsy citizens, should help regain for our kids some of the freedom and joy of exploring, taking friendship in fields and woods that cement (增强) love, respect and need for landscape. As parents, we should devote some of our energies to taking our kids into nature. This could yet be our greatest cause. 21.The main idea of Paragraph 2 is that ________. A.kids are missing the sense of wonder outdoors B.parks are in danger of being gradually encroached C.Richard Louv is the author of Last Child in the Woods D.children are expected to develop into protectors of nature 22.According to the passage, children without experiencing nature will ________. A.keep a high sense of wonder B.be over?protected by their parents C.be less healthy both physically and mentally D.change wild places and creatures for the better

23.According to the author, children's breaking an arm is ________. A.the fault on the part of their parents B.the natural experience in their growing up C.the result of their own carelessness in play D.the effect of their repetitive stress from computers 24.What does “sea of technology” mean in the first paragraph? A.The technology of TV and computer games. B.The technology of food. C.The technology of sea food. D.The technology of catching animals in the sea. 25.In writing this passage, the author mainly intends to ________. A.blame children for getting lost in computer games B.encourage children to protect parks from encroachment C.show his concern about children's lack of experience in nature D.inspire children to keep the sense of wonder about things around

课时作业(十五) Ⅰ.来自教师家庭的“我”,一直以来在学习上出类拔萃,遥遥领先,并引以为豪,专心学 习、打败所有的对手一直是“我”的目标,考试前的几分钟“我”都在拼命地学习,和坐在后 排的那位女孩的一次谈话经历使“我”的心态有所改变。 1.B 的。 2.A 对应前面的 high academic standards,结合下文的 dislike losing,可以看出,这里指 的是:作者在学习上水平较高,竞争(competitive)精神较强,所以,他不仅仅不喜欢失败,而且 也无法忍受失败。conservative 保守的,守旧的;primitive 原始的;subjective 主观的。 3.D 4.B 语境见上一题。作者无法忍受(stand)这个情况。swear 咒骂,诅咒;recommend 推 语境为:“我”的学习达到如此优秀的水平,以至于通过我的考试成绩(grade)就能 荐;tease 取笑,戏弄。 看出“我”是多么优秀。第 6 空前有原词复现,下文的 full marks 中也有暗示。 5.C outstanding 杰出的,优秀的。语境见上一题。handsome 英俊的;interesting 有趣的; modest 谦虚的,谦逊的。 6.B 前文告诉我们,作者一直要做最好的学生(I am a straight- student and have been my A whole life),一直在打败最好的学生(need to beat the top students),并且无法忍受(考试中的)失 败,所以这里的意思是:如果“我”考试的分数没达到所期待(expect)的分数,“我”就输了。 steal 偷盗;deserve 值得,应得;allocate 拨给,分配??给。 7.C 由下文对作者在谈话中的表现 I smiled,?and agreed 可以看出,作者在整个过程中 是很有礼貌的。attentively 注意地,专心地;bitterly 悲痛地;politely 礼貌地;deliberately 故意, 蓄意,存心。 8.A 9.A 10.A 11.A 这里指的是两个人在进行的谈话,所以选 conversation。句意为:当“我”认为在谈 这里有三个并列的动作:smile,agree 还有空格,四个选项中只有选 nod“点头”, 语境为:作者希望他同学安静下来(quiet),他能好好学习。 上一段对方对自己在这次谈话中的表现的评价,从 good,以及 so easy to talk to 来 话过程中需要“我”作出反应的时候,我就会(不失时机地)微笑、点头、表示同意?? 表示作者同意他同学的看法。 语境为:当你出生自父母都是老师的家庭,这一切都会很自然(natural)。awesome 令 人敬畏的,可怕的,极好的;unfortunate 不幸的,令人遗憾的;compulsory 强制的,必须做

看,很显然是“表扬”,所以选 praise。blame 责备; rudeness 粗鲁;flattery 奉承。D 项有很大 的干扰性,但是下文的 But inside, I knew it wasn't true.告诉我们,对方是发自内心的赞扬。 12.C 语境为:作者的同学努力在和他谈话,而他却只是在应付,期待对方安静下来, 试图不参与(participate)。 13.D focus on 关注,专注。前文告诉我们,“我”一直致力于成为学习上最棒的学生, 所以这里表达的意思是:“我”太专注于成为优秀学生以至于“我”都变得不正常了。bring on 引起,导致;depend on 依靠,相信,信赖;carry on 继续下去, 继续开展。 14.C 和女同学比较了一下,作者终于发现了,他所拥有的不过是学习上的成功(success) 和自我(即自己在交谈的过程中所表现出来的自私)。appetite 食欲,胃口;anxiety 担忧,焦虑; feeling 感受。 15.D 作者认为他没有足够的(enough)同情心,即和女孩相比,女孩所具有的同情心。 Ⅱ.A 本文主要介绍了澳大利亚的一些情况。 16.C 细节理解题。根据第一段的第三句 It is a little smaller than China.可知答案为 C。

17.B 18.D 19.D D。 20.D

细节理解题。根据第二段的 The government has made enough laws to fight pollution. 细节理解题。由第三段的第一句?the biggest city in?可以推测出它是澳大利亚西 细节理解题。根据第三段中的 In spring every year Perth?可知,野花展在每年春

可知答案为 B。 部最大的城市,而选项 D 则说它是澳大利亚最大的城市,所以 D 项错误。 季,因为澳大利亚在南半球,所以春季应该和北半球相反,再根据答案中的各选项可知答案为 细节理解题。从最后一段的 After a short drive from any town, you will find yourself B 本文主要讲述作者担心现在的孩子因缺少室外活动,缺乏接触大自然的机会,从而对身心 发展造成不利影响。 21.D 23.B 24.A 段落大意题。由第二段第一句可知选 D。 细节理解题。从文章倒数第二段可知作者认为“孩子胳膊弄断了只是他们在成长 细节理解题。根据第一段的内容可知应选 A。 22.C 细节理解题。根据第三段第一、二句可知应选 C。 中的自然经历”。 25.C 主旨大意题。纵观全文可知作者表达了对孩子缺少自然体验的忧虑。

in the middle of white sheep.可以判断出选项 D 正确。


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