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高中英语全程复习方略 素能提升演练(七)必修2 Unit 2(新人教版)

素能提升演练(七) 必修 2 Unit 2 Ⅰ. 单词拼写 1. We will all have a course in _______ (古代的) history this term. 2. Can I have a _______ (自愿者) to wash the dishes? 3. Electric lights have ________(取代)candles. 4

. They?ve been very ______ (迅速的)to deny these rumors. 5. We attended a dinner party _______(做东,招待)by the president of the company. 6. If you want to sell your product, you must ________(做广告) it. 7. He made a ______(定期的)visit to his parents. 8. The _______(基本的) theme of these stories never varies. 9. My sister bought this T-shirt at such a low price. She was really good at _______ (讨价还价). 10. He _________ (应受) to lose the game because he never trained hard. Ⅱ. 单项填空 1. Pausanias, a Greek writer who lived in ______ you call “Ancient Greece”, used to write about the Olympic Games a long time ago. A. where B. what C. which D. that 2. There are two main sets of Games—the Winter and the Summer Olympics, and both are held every four years _____ . A. on the contrary B. on a regular basis C. on the scene D. on the average 3. It?s in the Summer Olympics _______ you have the running races, together with swimming, sailing and all the team sports. A. because B. which C. that D. where 4. During the final, Helena was in front in her race when another competitor pushed her ________ so that she fell down,making her lose the chance of a medal. A. on schedule B. on purpose C. on board D. on guard 5. She thinks women have to do more than men do when they _____ for jobs or honors. A. select B. compete C. store D. charge 6. [2012 龙岩模拟]—How is the result, doctor? —Well, your health is ______ good, but you do have a few minor problems. A. normally B. frequently C. generally D. regularly 7. [2012 合肥模拟]He made a(n) ______ with his wife “You take care of the children and I?ll cook. ” A. bargain B. apology C. promise D. experiment 8. That design of a magpie(喜鹊) on a plum tree branch ______ luck and happiness. A. brings about B. takes in C. brings in D. stands for 9. —What do you think of the house? —The small window _______ very little light. A. permits B. enters

C. admits D. allows 10. [2012 临沂模拟]Congratulations on your promotion. You really _____ it. A.preserve B.observe C.deserve D.reserve 11. If someone has an accident and can no longer walk, scientists might be able to use stem cells to ______ the damaged cells and allow that person to walk again. A. rescue B. remove C. reserve D. replace 12. [2012 芜湖模拟]The stranger isn?t like a worker, nor ______ a salesman. A. he is like B. he looks like C. does he like D. is he like 13. [2012 郑州模拟]As a matter of fact,getting rid of a bad habit is _______ forming a good one. A. an effort much as B. much an effort as C. as an effort much as D. as much an effort as 14. It looks as if they are going to _______ us a lot of money for the concert hall. A. demand B. cost C. charge D. ask 15. Would you like to ______ us? We are going to ______ the school?s 20th anniversary celebration. A. join in; take part in B. join in; join C. take part in; join D. join; take part in Ⅲ. 阅读理解 (A) When most people turn 21, they spend too much time partying and having fun. But when Adele turned 21, she did something completely different. After going through a tough breakup(分手), the British singer turned her pain into glory and recorded one of the most moving albums of the year. The album, 21, which was released in January, has already hit the charts in 14 countries, according to the Billboard magazine. It also noted that Adele made history as the first artist since the Beatles to have two top five singles and two top five albums in the charts at the same time (Adele?s first album, 19, was released in 2008. Each album is named for her age when she wrote it). Now, after touring around the world for almost a year, the DVD of her live concert, released on November 29, is Adele?s latest work. Having topped the pre-order list of Amazon. com for over a month already, this one seems set to stay on top for a while. Born in north London, Adele sang her way up honestly: In 2006, she was signed by England?s XL Recordings on the strength of (基于)a three-song demo(样本唱片) a friend of hers had posted on MySpace; within two years she had won the BRIT Awards ?Critics? Choice prize and been tipped by the BBC as the “Sound of 2008”. In 2009 she got the best new artist Grammy Award, and went on a world tour in support of the album 19 with a sold-out show in Los Angeles. According to Adele herself, much of the inspiration of her music comes from one single breakup.

That?s probably what has made the singer?s success-that emotional certitude( 确 信 ), according to Dickins. “The key to great singers is believing every single word they sing, ” he said. “And I think you believe every word that comes out of Adele?s mouth. You can feel her life force through her voice. ” 1. How many awards did Adele get? A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four. 2. The underlined word“released”can be best replaced by ______ . A. recorded B. came out C. sold D. wrote 3. In Adele?s opinion, where does her inspiration of music mainly come from? A. Emotional certitude. B. One single breakup. C. A three-song demo. D. A world tour. 4. What can we infer from the passage? A. Adele went smooth in her career. B. 21 was the most moving album of the year. C. Her DVD topped the pre-order list of Amazon. com for only a month. D. She went on a world tour in support of the album 21. (B) In a moment of personal crisis, how much help can you expect from a New York taxi driver? I began studying this question and found the answers interesting. One morning I got into three different taxis and announced: “Well, it?s my first day back in New York in seven years. I?ve been in prison. ” Not a single driver replied, so I tried again. “Yeah, I shot a man in Reno, ” I explained, hoping the driver would ask me why, but nobody asked. The only response came from a Ghanaian driver: “Reno? That is in Nevada? ” Taxi drivers were uniformly sympathetic when I said I?d just been fired. “This is America, ” a Haitian driver said. “One door is closed. Another is open. ” He argued against my plan to burn down my boss?s house: “If you do something silly and they put you away, you cannot look for another job. ” A Pakistani driver even turned down a chance to profit from my loss of hope: he refused to take me to the middle of the George Washington Bridge, a $20 trip. “Why do you want to go there? Go home and relax. Don?t worry. Take a new job. ” One very hot weekday in July, while wearing a red ski mask and holding a stuffed pillowcase with the word “BANK” on it, I tried hailing a taxi five times outside different banks. The driver picked me up every time. My ride with a Haitian driver was typical of the superb assistance I received. “Is anyone following us? ” “No, ” said the driver, looking in his rearview mirror at traffic and me. “Let?s go across the park, ” I said. “I just robbed the bank there. I got $25, 000. ” “$25, 000? ” he asked. “Yeah, you think it was wrong to take it? ” “No, man, I work 8 hours and I don?t make almost $70. If I can do that, I do it too. ” As we approached 86th and Lexington, I pointed to the Chemical Bank. “Hey, there?s another bank, ” I said, “Could you wait here a minute while I go inside? ” “No, I can?t wait. Pay me now. ” His reluctance may have had something to do with money— taxi drivers think the rate for waiting time is too low — but I think he wanted me to learn that

even a bank robber can?t expect unconditional support. 5. Why did the Pakistani driver refuse to take the author to the middle of the George Washington Bridge? A. Because he didn?t want to help the author get over his career crisis. B. Because he wanted to go home and relax. C. Because it was far away from his home. D. Because he suspected that the author was going to commit suicide(自杀). 6. What is author?s interpretation of the driver?s unwillingness to wait outside the Chemical Bank? A. The driver thought that the rate for waiting time was too low. B. The driver thought it wrong to support a taxi rider unconditionally. C. The driver was frightened and wanted to leave him as soon as possible. D. The driver did not want to help a suspect to escape from a bank robbery. 7. Which of the following statements is TRUE about New York taxi drivers? A. They are ready to help you do whatever you want to. B. They refuse to pick up those who would kill themselves. C. They are sympathetic with those who are out of work. D. They work only for money. 8. What does the passage mainly discuss? A. How to make taxi riders comfortable. B. How to deal with taxi riders. C. The attitudes of taxi drivers towards the taxi riders having personal trouble. D. The attitudes of taxi drivers towards troublesome taxi riders.

答案解析 Ⅰ. 1. ancient 2. volunteer 3. replaced 4. swift 5.hosted 6. advertise 7. regular 8. basic 9. bargaining 10. deserved Ⅱ. 1.【解析】选 B。考查名词性从句。what you call “Ancient Greece”在句中为名词性从句, 充当介词 in 的宾语,同时 what 为宾语从句中动词 call 的宾语。 2. 【解析】选 B。考查介词短语。从前面的 every four years 可知,奥运会每四年举办一次, 定期举办,故 on a regular basis 符合句意。on the contrary 恰恰相反; on the scene 在现场;on the average 平均。 3. 【解析】选 C。考查强调句结构。句子中强调了地点状语,that 用于构成强调句形式。 4. 【解析】选 B。考查短语辨析。根据 so that she fell down 可知,句意为“在决赛中另外一 个运动员故意推了她一下, 结果她摔倒了, 从而使她失去了夺取奖牌的机会。 schedule 按 ”on 照预定时间;on purpose 故意地;on board 在(车、船、飞机等)上;on guard 站岗;值班; 警戒。 5. 【解析】选 B。句意:她认为在为竞争工作或荣誉时女人比男人需做的更多。select 挑选; compete 竞争;store 储存;charge 收费。

6. 【解析】选 C。考查副词辨析。答语句意:你的健康状况总体来说是好的,但的确有些 小问题。 normally 正常地;frequently 经常地,频繁地;generally 一般地;大概地;总体 上地;regularly 经常地; 有规律地。 【变式备选】 Keeping _______ hours does good to your ______ . A. common; health B. regular; health C. familiar; healthy D. usual; healthy 【解析】 B。 选 考查形容词和名词的用法。 句意: 有规律的生活对健康有利。 good to. . . 中 do to 为介词,后应接名词,排除 C、D 两项;common 表示常见的,regular 表示有规律的,根 据题干内容可知 regular 符合题意。keep regular hours 意思是有规律的生活,按时作息。 7. 【解析】选 A。make a bargain(经过协商)达成协议。由后面的“你看好孩子,我做饭”可以 看出这是一种协议,选 A 最合适。 8. 【解析】 D。 选 后面提到的“运气和幸福”是对“喜鹊登梅”图案的解释。 所以选 stand for (代 表;象征;表示)。bring about 导致,引起;take in 包括,吸收,欺骗;bring in 引进,引来, 都不符合句意。 9. 【解析】选 C。admit 容许,承认,接纳。答语句意:那扇小窗户只能透进一点儿光线。 10. 【解析】选 C。句意:祝贺你晋升了。这是你应得的。preserve 保护,保存;observe 观 察;deserve 应得,值得;reserve 保留,预订。 【变式备选】 He was very careless in his work,so he really ________ to be fired. A. disagreed B. deserved C. hated D. agreed 【解析】选 B。由前面提到的他工作极不小心可知,他被解雇是应该的。deserve 应受,值 得。 11.【解析】选 D。句意:如果一个人因为事故而不能行走,科学家或许可以利用干细胞替 换受损细胞而使他重新行走。replace 替换,取代,符合句意。rescue 营救,解救;remove 移动;reserve 储备,保留,均不符合句意。 12. 【解析】选 D。句意:这个陌生人看起来不像一个工人也不像一个推销员。nor 放在句 首,句子要部分倒装,即提前系动词/情态动词/助动词。 13. 【解析】选 D。句意:事实上,摆脱坏习惯和养成好习惯一样费劲。as much +不可数名 词/a(an)+单数名词+as. . . 意为“和……(程度上)是一样的 (much 表示程度) 该句型是 as. . . ”, as. . . 句型的变式。 【变式备选】 [2012 西安模拟]Chinese people spend ________ money on education per person today as they did in 1960. A. more than twice B. as twice as much C. twice as much as D. more than twice as much 【解析】选 D。句意:如今中国人在每个人的教育上花的钱是 1960 年的两倍还要多。倍数 的表达方式为:倍数+as . . . as. . . . 因题中已包含 as, 故不可选 C 项。A、B 两项均形式不 对,故选 D。more than 为修饰词,表程度。 14. 【解析】 C。句意: 选 看起来他们打算为这个音乐厅收取我们很多钱。demand 要求;cost 花费(主语为物); charge 收费,要价;ask 询问。 15. 【解析】选 D。join 表示加入某个团体或组织,join sb. 表示加入某人,和某人一起干 某事;take part in 指参加群众性的活动。第一个表示加入我们,应用 join; 第二个空表示参

加周年庆典,应用 take part in 。 Ⅲ. 【文章大意】大多数人 21 岁时可能还在整日找乐,虚度光阴(frig around)。而英国歌手 阿黛尔 21 岁时却做了完全不同的事情。她几乎是在一年之内便横扫了全球各大音乐榜单并 斩获多项大奖,下面让我们一同走近这个用灵魂歌唱的歌手。 1. 【解析】选 C。细节理解题。根据文章第七、八段可知,英国歌手阿黛尔获得了 the BRIT Awards ?Critics? Choice prize 全英音乐大奖中的“乐评人奖”、 “Sound of 2008” (2008 年度之 音)、 the best new artist Grammy Award 格莱美最佳新人奖。 2. 【解析】选 B。词义猜测题。根据文章第三段可知 release 意为“发行”。come out 出版, 发行;record 录制;sell 卖,销售;write 写。故选 B。 3.【解析】选 B。细节理解题。根据文章倒数第三段 According to Adele herself, much of the inspiration of her music comes from one single breakup. “据阿黛尔本人表示,她的音乐灵感大 多来自于一次分手事件。”可知 B 为正确选项。 4. 【解析】选 A。根据文章第七段 Born in north London, Adele sang her way up honestly“出生 在伦敦北部的阿黛尔的确一路高歌猛进”可知 A 正确。根据第二段 recorded one of the most moving albums of the year. 可知 B 错误。根据第六段“这张 DVD 在亚马逊网站预定榜单上高 居榜首超过一个月之久,似乎短时间内它还不会让位。”可知 C 错误。根据文章第八段“2009 年,她获得了格莱美最佳新人奖,并进行全球巡演宣传她的专辑《19》 ,其中洛杉矶站的演 唱会门票销售一空。”可知 D 错误。 5. 【解析】选 D。推理判断题。本题的解题关键在于了解在美国, 高耸的大桥通常是人们自 杀的场所。根据这个背景知识(失业), 再结合第三段中的“a chance to profit from my loss of hope”和这位巴基斯坦司机说的话可推断出司机以为作者要到华盛顿桥去自杀。 6. 【解析】选 B。细节理解题。本题考查对复杂句的理解。答案可以在文章的最后一句话 中找到, 第二个破折号后面 but 引出的内容才是作者对司机不愿等人的理解, 即甚至抢银行 的人也不能指望得到无条件的支持。 7.【解析】选 C。细节理解题。答案可从第三段第一句话中找到,C 项是该句的同义替换。 A 项中的“do whatever you want to”过于绝对;B 项不符合逻辑, 因为司机不可能先问乘客是 否要自杀再决定是否让这个乘客坐车; 巴基斯坦司机的例子表明司机不都是为了钱, 因此 D 项不正确。 8.【解析】选 C。主旨大意题。文章开篇第一句话就是整篇文章的主题句, 接下来的各段内 容都是围绕此主题展开的, 只有 C 项最能概括文章大意。 本题最具干扰性的是 D, 事实上, 该 选项中的 troublesome 意为“烦人的”,而不是“陷入麻烦的”。因此不能用该词形容文中的乘 客, 故排除 D。


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