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Inversion (2)


Sentences completing
1. (任何别处你不可能看到)so many grand bridges as in Wu han. ( nowhere) 2. Luckily, the accident didn’t cause any death, _______ (也没有造成)any injuries. (nor)

3. At no time happening. (aware)

(他意识到)what was

4. No sooner ________________ (我离开房子)it began to rain .(leave) 5.Not until the motorbike looked almost new

(他才停止)repairing and cleaning
it. (stop)

6. Not only (要帮助)the disabled to find jobs, but also medical treatment will be provided for those who need it.(give) 7. Only when I left my parents for Italy 意识到)how much I loved them. (realize)
8. Only


(这位医生能救)his life.(save)

9. So _____(他如此沉醉于)in the novel that he didn’t notice my coming. (absorb)

10. Jack studies at the No.5 Middle School, 也一样). (so)
11. (尽管他努力尝试), Carolina couldn’t get the door open. (as)


12. Look! Here (come) 13. In the dark forests 多湖). (lie) 14. There by the river. (stand)

(公汽来了). (有许 (有一个大工厂)

1.当具有否定意义的词(never, neither, nor, little, seldom, rarely, not only, in no way, at no time, not, no, not until, by no means, in no case, on no condition, under no circumstances, hardly/scarcely(……when, ) no sooner(……than)位于句首时

注意:① Hardly/Scarcely had sb/sth done sth when sb/sth did……
No sooner had sb/sth done sth than sb/sth did…… ② 当not until 引导主从复合句时,主句倒装, 从句不倒装 ③ 只有当not only……but also连接两个分 句时,才在第一个分句用倒装结构.如果置于 句首的not only……but also仅连接两个并列 词语,不可用倒装结构.

2. only 修饰副词、介词短语或状语从句时, 要用部分倒装. 注意:only修饰状语从句时,主句倒装,从 句不倒装;only修饰的不是状语时,则不用 倒装语序. 3. ⑴“so……that……”结构中的so+ adj /adv 位于句首时,构成部分倒装. ⑵表示“……也一样……”,用so+助动词/ 情态动词/be动词+主语 前句含不同的谓语动词或既有肯定也有否定 So it is/was with + 主语 “的确如此”用so不倒装结构

4. 当as引导让步状语从句时,可出现“名 词/形容词/副词/分词+as+主语+动词”或 “动词+as +主语+助动词/情态动词”的倒 装形式.当表语是名词时,名词前不加任何 冠词.句首是实义动词,其他助动词放在主 语后.如果实义动词有宾语和状语,随实义 动词一起放在主语之前.
Try hard as he will, he never seems to be able to do the work satisfactorily.

5. 当however, no matter how引导让步状语 从句时,常把however/ no matter how + adj / adv 放在句首,此时主谓不倒装.
6.虚拟条件句的倒装 虚拟条件句的从句部分如果含有were, should 或had, 可把if 省略,再把were, should或had移 到从句句首,实行倒装. Were they here now, they could help us.

7.在频度状语often, always, many a time 等开头的句子中
Often did we warn them not to do so. Many a time has she helped me with my English. 8.表示祝愿的句子中 May you succeed!

1.当here, there, now, then, out, in, up, down等副词放在句首时, 句子需全倒装: There goes the bell! 铃响了! There lived an old man. Here comes the bus. 注意: ①在这种情况下倒装仅限于不及物动词或 be动词, 像go, come, arrive等。 ②主语如果是代词时不需倒装如Away he went. 他走远了。

2.表示方位意义的介词短语或副词短语位于句 首作状语,谓语动词为be,表示“位于、存 在”的动词或“位置移动”的单个不及物动 词时.

3. 作表语的形容词、分词+be+主语 Gone are the days when they could do what they liked .

4.There be 结构.另外,在此结构中可以用 来代替be 动词的动词有:exist, seem, happen, appear, live, lie, stand等. There are three wells in our village.

倒装分为部分倒装和全部倒装 1.部分倒装:将谓语的一部分即助动词、情态 动词或be动词等置于主语之前(do, did, does, will, have, has, had, would, must, may, can, is, was, were, etc.),如果句中没 有助动词、情态动词或be动词,谓语只是一 个实义动词,要在主语前加助动词do, does 或did,主语后的实义动词用原型. 2.全部倒装:将谓语动词全部置于主 语之前.

1.Little did I know (我知道) that she had already left. (know) 2. After that we never saw her again ,nor did we hear from(我们收到来信)her. (hear) 3. Scarcelyhad I entered the room when (我 进入房间)the phone rang. (enter)


1. 根据上下文明确时态,用正常的语序写 出空白部分; 2. 确定倒装的标志,明确是部分倒装还是 全部倒装;
3. 如果是部分倒装,则把谓语部分的助动 词或情态动词或be动词提到主语前面.其中, 如果谓语是实义动词,应把do,does(一般 现在时) 或did(一般过去时)提前,主语 后面动词是原型.

Practice makes perfect
1.Seldom (他们玩) video games ever since they entered college. ( play )
2. So loudly (他说话) that every one of the class could hear him. (speak) 3.—John won the first prize in the contest. — (的确如此).(so) 4. Society has changed and (人们也 一样)in it .(so) 5. Not until I began to work (我才意 识到) how much time I had wasted. (realize)

6.Only an hour ago (老师 才查明)why he was absent. (find) 7.Hardly (他们刚一到车站) when the bus suddenly pulled away. (get) 8. (尽管他是个英雄),he is modest and feet-on-the ground. (as) 9.Then (这个时刻来了)we had been looking forward to . (hour) 10. Before George (警察站着) who had arrested him three times for carrying drugs.(stand



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