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全国 I(1997-2012 年)高考题卷短文改错汇编
NMET 1997 Dear Bob, Hello. I learn about you from my English teacher, Miss Fang. I’d like to your pen-friend, and get to know more about your country. First,

let me tell you something more about myself. My name is Li Hua. I live in Beijing, where is the capital of China. I go to Hongqi Middle School. We study quite a few subject, such as maths , Chinese, English and physics. I use to play ping-pong a lot in my spare time, but now I am interesting in football. Do you play any ball games? What your favourite sport ? I look forward to hear from you soon. NMET 1998 My Favourite Sport My favourite sport is football. I was a member of our school football team. We practise for three times every week and often watch football match on TV together. Play football not only makes us grow up tall and strong but also give us a sense of fair play and team spirit. We must keep in mind that we play for the team instead ourselves. Also, the sport teaches us the important of obedience (服从).Each player must obey captain, who is the leader of the team. And they must not break the rules too often if we want to win the game. NMET 1999 The Problem with Television Now I can’t watch much television but a few years ago I was used to watch it every night. I was often a little tired after a day’s work and watch TV demands very little effort. Unfortunate, there are too many people among my family. Some wanted to see the programme while others preferred

86___________ 87___________

88___________ 89___________ 90___________ 91___________ 92___________ 93___________ 94___________ 95___________

86___________ 87___________ 88___________ 89___________ 90___________ 91___________ 92___________ 93___________ 94___________ 95___________

86___________ 87___________ 88___________ 89___________ 90___________ 91___________

another. I am happy with any programme but the others spent a lot time arguing and there was no way of settling the matter except by selling the set. Now someone at home reads instead. NMET 2000 The day before the speech contest English teacher talked to me. She said that she and my schoolmate all wished me success, but it didn’t matter that I would win or not. When I was on the stage the next day, I felt so nervous as I shook like a leaf. There were so many people present! Suddenly, I caught a sight of my English teacher in the crowd. She was smiling but nodding at me. I remembered her words and calm down. I did a good job and won the first prize. Now my picture and the prize is hanging in the library. Whenever I see them I will often think of my English teacher NMET 2001 Like most of my schoolmates, I have neither brothers nor sisters----- in any other words, I am an only child. My parents love me dearly of course and will do all they can make sure that I get a good education. They did not want me to do any work at family; they want me to devote all my time to my studies so that I’ll get gook marks in all my subject. We may be one family and live under a same roof, but we do not seem to get much time to talk about together. It looks as if my parents treat me as a visitor and a guest. Do they really understand their daughter? What things are in other homes, I wonder. NMET 2002 Last week my parents and I took a two-day trip to Emei Mountain in Sichuan. As everyone knows, it’s famous mountain with all kinds of plants and animals. The weather was fine. It was about noon we arrived at the foot of the mountain. The three of them were very excited. As we climbed the mountain. We fed monkeys, visiting temples and told stories. On the way up I was busy taking picture

92___________ 93___________ 94___________ 95___________

86___________ 87___________ 88___________ 89___________ 90___________ 91___________ 92___________ 93___________ 94___________ 95___________

76___________ 77___________ 78___________ 79___________ 80___________ 81___________ 82___________ 83___________ 84___________ 85___________

76___________ 77___________ 78___________ 79___________ 80___________ 81___________

since the scenery was so beautiful. The time passes quickly. Evening came down. We spent the night in a hotel at the top of the mountain. The food was expensive and the service was good. I was so tired that I fell asleep at the moment my head touched the pillow. NMET 2003 When I first learned to write in English ,I ran into many difficulties .The main problem was in that I always thought in Chinese and tried to translate anything into English. My teacher advised me to keep my diary .I followed her advice and should put down 100 words or so each day. Soon I began to enjoy talk to myself on paper as I was learning to express me in simple English .One day I wrote a little story and showed to my teacher .She liked it very much and reads it to the class .All said the story was a good one .Their word were a great encouragement to me . NMET 2004 You can find all kinds information in just a few minute on the Internet. It’s like going to a huge library without have to walk around to find your books. Recently even though, many people have been discussing the dangers of the Internet. They have been reports in America about people trying to steal person information for bad purposes. Finding information on the Net is easily. But not all information are good to society. For example, you can find such information like how to kill people. The problem will become more serious in the future. NMET 2005 There are advantage for students to work while studying at school. One of them was that they can earn money. For the most part, students working to earn money for their own use. Earning their own money allow them to spend on anything as if they please.

82___________ 83___________ 84___________ 85___________

76.__________ 77.__________ 78.__________ 79.__________ 80.__________ 81.__________ 82.__________ 83.__________ 84.__________ 85.__________

76. __________ 77. __________ 78. __________ 79. __________ 80. __________ 81. __________ 82. __________ 83. __________ 84. __________ 85. __________

76. __________ 77. __________ 78. __________ 79. __________ 80. __________ 81. __________

They would have to ask their parents for money or for permission to do things by the money. Some students may also to save up for our college or future use. NMET 2006 We had guests last night who have not stayed in a B&B hotel ago. They did not want breakfast because that they were going out early in the morning. They came back lately and had some tea. I came into the living room and saw one of them just go through the kitchen door but turn on the light. He was looking for a glass the cupboard. He had no ideas that the kitchen was not for guests. I just smiled to me and thought, “What can I do? We are guests after all.” NMET 2007 I was only about six that he held his hand out to me. I took it in me and we walked. Then I ask him, “Grandpa, how come you have so much lines on your hand?” he laughed and said, “Well, that’s a big question!” He was silent for a moment. So he answered slowly: “Each these lines stands for a trouble in my life.” I looked at his other hands. “But Grandpa, what do you have more lines on that one?” “Because there are more the honors and joys in my life.” NMET 2008 Dear Alice, I have just got some good mews to tell to you. I win a national prize for painting last week. My father was so pleasing that he suggested I go to England for a holiday. I’d like to staying there for half a month, visiting place of interest or practicing my English as well. We’ve been

82. __________ 83. __________ 84. __________ 85. __________

76. __________ 77. __________ 78. __________ 79. __________ 80. __________ 81. __________ 82. __________ 83. __________ 84. __________ 85. __________

76. __________ 77. __________ 78. __________ 79. __________ 80. __________ 81. __________ 82. __________ 83. __________ 84. __________ 85. __________

76. ___________ 77. ___________ 78. ___________ 79. ___________ 80. ___________ 81. ___________

writing to each for nearly a year now. I have often dreamed of talk face to with you. I imagine you’ll be at vacation yourself by that time. Perhaps we could go out to do some sightseeing together. Best, Lily NMET 2009 After five years away in my hometown, I find that the neighborhood which I used to living in has changed a lot. The Sichuan Restaurant and the older fish shop across the street from our middle school were gone. There exist now a park that has a small river running through. The factory at the comer of Friendship Street and Zhongshan Road has been moved out of the city, and sports center has been built in their place. The market at the corner of Friendship Street and Xinhua Road has been given way to a supermarket. Besides the bookstore next to our middle school is still there. NMET 2010 It was a chance of a lifetime to win the first 76_______ prize on the Story Writing Show. All I had to do 77_______ was to write a story or present it. My teachers 78_______ have been telling me how great my writing was. 79___ So if they had said was true, I would have a chance 80____ of winning the prize . What were better , I had useful 81. help . There was Uncle Chen , gentleman living 82. near my house , who was a very much famous writer 83 He agreed to reading my story and give me some 84 advices on how to write like a real writer 85

82. ___________ 83. ___________ 84. ___________ 85. ___________

76. ___________ 77.___________ 78.___________ 79.___________ 80.___________ 81. __________ 82. __________ 83. __________ 84. __________ 85. __________

____ ____ ____ ____ ___

NMET 2011 One of my unforgettable memory of my school in Xinjiang is that of lunches we brought from our homes. I hold my lunch-box in my hand when I was going to school. The smell from it was very good. Since the lunch

76_______________ 77_______________ 78_______________ 79_______________

bell finally rang,my friends and I met under a tall tree and had our lunches. My best friend Aigulie Was used to share her Nang with me. Nang is a specially kind of cake in Xinjiang. I like them very much. Now Aigulie and I study at different colleges or we can only see each other during the summer vacation. I think over her a lot and I miss the food and the good time we had together. NMET 2012 Every one of us can make a great efforts to cut off the use of energy in our country. To begin with, all of us can start reducing to the use of oil by driving oily when we have a real need. That won't be easy ,I know. but we have to start anywhere. What's more, we can go to work by bike once and twice a week, and we can also buy smaller cars that bum less oil. Other way is to watch our everyday use of water and electric at home. For example, how many times have you walked out of a room and leave the lights or television when no one else was there?

80_______________ 81_______________ 82_______________ 83. ______________ 84. ______________ 85. ______________

76. ____________________ 77. ____________________ 78. ____________________ 79. ____________________ 80_____________________ 81_____________________ 82_____________________ 83_____________________ 84_____________________ 85_____________________




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