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人教版英语必修四 unit 4 body language

Unit 4 Body Language 牛刀小试
一、过关斩将 ----夯实基础 1.1 At the meeting they discussed three different ______ to the study of mathematics. A.approaches B.means C.methods D.ways 1.2 A proper approach to ______ your learning efficiency is of great significance to every student. A. improving B. improve C.be improving D.having improved 1.3 In some cases, different approaches______ the same scientific problem lead to conflicting theories. A. to B.in C.of D.For 2.1 Parents ,of course,will do everything they could to ______ their children from harm. A.defend B.convince C.overcome D.reduce 2.2 He has employed one of the top lawyers in the UK to ______ him. A.protect B.prevent C.guard D.defend 3.1 It is said that the girl will have a chance to ______ her country to take part in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro's Olympic Games. A.support B.lead C.represent D.guide 3.2 There are some specialized words in this passage, and he doesn't know what they ______. A. lead to B.make up C.consist of D.stand for 用 represent, representation 和 representative 填空 3.3 The Foreign Minister ______ the country at the conference. 3.4 The committee is made up of ______ from every state. 3.5 There is negative ______ of single mothers in the media. 句型转换 I would like to express a warm welcome to all of you for my school. 3.6 I would like to express a warm welcome to all of you ______ ______ ______ my school. 3.7 I ______ ______ ______ to express a warm welcome to all of you. 4.1 The girl was so nervous in front of so many strangers and we did all we could do to make her feel more ______. A. with joy B. at ease C.with ease D.for fun 4.2 If the host is too enthusiastic to the guests, he might not put them ________. A. at ease B. out of work C. as usual D. out of reach 4.3 She arranged a party to help put the strangers at their ________. A. pleasure B. ease C. delight D. comfort 5.1 This company was the first ______ portable radios as well as cassette recorders in the world. A.producing B.to produce C.having produced D.produced 5.2 Have you checked all the machines ______ to Vietnam next week? A.sent B.to be sent C.be sent D.being sent 5.3 The next train ______ was from New York. A.to arrive B. arrives C.arrived D.arriving 6.1 The boy will make a lot of trouble when ______ alone. A. leaving B. leave C.left D.being left

6.2 He is only too ready to help others, seldom, ______ , refusing them when they turn to him. A. if never B. if ever C.if not D.if any 6.3 No matter how frequently ______, the works of Beethoven still attract people all over the world. A.performed B.performing C.to be performed D.being performed 6.4 Eliza remembers everything exactly as if it ______ yesterday. A.was happening B.happens C.has happened D.happened 7.1. I've always been very ________ about giving my address and QQ number to strangers. A. curious B. concerned C. cautious D.confused 7.2. The children were warned of not being too________about things they are not supposed to know. A.strange B.amusing C.curious D.satisfied 8.1. I'm cautious about what I say because careless remarks are more ____ to hurt others' feelings. A. likely B. possible C. probable D. sure 8.2 —Would she mind playing against her former teammates? —________She is willing to play against any tough players. A.I think so. B.I'm not surprised. C.Of course. D.Not likely! 8.3— Have the peace talks broken down? — Yes. Armed conflict is ________ to break out between the two countries. A. likely B. possibly C. probably D. Gradually 8.4 He is not________to be the kind of man who could have done such a rude thing to a lady.You must have been mistaken. A. likely B.possible C.probable D.maybe 9. A house may serve many purposes, but its main ________ is to provide shelter. A. rank B. approach C. function D. theme 10. ________ her work has been good,but this essay is rather disappointing. A. Above all B.In general C.After all D.In particular 11. The teacher came into the classroom ,________his students. A.followed B.followed by C.follow D.to follow 12. Although the couple didn't choose to sleep in the wild instead of in the hotel, it________unexpectedly beautiful. A.turned up B.turned out C.turned down D.turned around 13.The results of the sports meeting will be ________ on Sunday morning. A.put away B.put off C.put up D.put down 14. —Tommy, why is the baby crying? —En... I only kissed________on________head. A.he; the B.him; the C.him; his D.he; his 15.1 I agree with most of what you said, but I don't agree with________ A.everything B. anything C.something D.Nothing 15.2 ________are in the classroom. In fact many students were late for school ________me because of the heavy rain. A.No students; except B.Not every student; besides C.Not all the students; except D.No every student; except 16.1 —I would never come to this restaurant again. The food is terrible! —________. A. Nor am I B.Neither would I C.Same with me D.So do I

16.2 If you don’t join ,_______. A.Nor do I B.Neither won’t I 二、完型填空

C.I won’t either

D.Neither I will

Reading body language correctly is important not only at work but also in private life. John had made a date and was__1__excited about it that he told all his friends.__2__ , the date did not turn up because he hadn't read the body language__3__when he made the date. He was__4__,especially because everyone had known about it. He felt everyone was__5__at him. Have you ever__6__the body language of others? If you have, then you will have a deep understanding of how John__7__. Then wouldn't it be wonderful to know how to__8__embarrassment in the future or__9__still, become the confident person you want to be? In the past I always__10__on my intuition(直觉)to tell me if things did not seem right.__11__is wrong with using intutition, and it helps, too. But to have a recognized system where you can__12__people's thoughts and actions is more brilliant. It will make your life much__13__once you know how to read body language in all areas of your life. You'll find yourself make better__14__about people or work and__15__better at what you choose to do. You will learn what to pay__16__to and how to__17__to the given signs. Of course, it will__18__a lot of practice to be able to recognise the moves and__19__. Sometimes you even need to__20__in front of the bathroom mirror. But that's all what you need to do.
1.A.very B.quite C.so D.much 2.A. But B. However C.Besides D.So 3.A.truly B.really C.properly D.hardl 4.A.amusing B. amused C.embarrassing D.embarrassed 5.A. laughing B.smiling C.shouting D.looking 6.A.misunderstood B.understood C.explained D.considered 7.A.considered B.thought C.commented D.felt 8.A.refuse B. admit C.avoid D.accept 9.A.better B.good C.worse D.bad 10.A. looked B.depended C.lived D.fed 11. A.Anything B. Everything C.Something D.Nothing 12.A.seize B.take C.avoid D.read 13.A.easy B. easier C.hard D.harder 14.A.decisions B.plans C.designs D.promises 15.A.explore B.solve C.perform D.approach 16.A.attention B. anger C.expression D.association 17.A.answer B.react C.reply D.whisper 18.A.do B.make C.take D.put 19.A.messes B.technology C.realities D.gestures 20.A.practice B.stand C.sit D.Smile


To become more aware about body language, watch TV with the voice off, every night, for three weeks in row. By guessing what's going on just from body language, you'll improve your ability to read it. Keep in mind that each person has their own unique body language called baseline behaviors. Pay special attention to changes in body language rather than the body language itself. It's easy to spot a confident person: they will make prolonged eye contact and have a strong posture. They may also sit or stand very correct. Long eye contact can also be found in lovers' or families eyes. Watch your own body language, see what message you're giving off. For some people it's only hard to look people in the eye during a discussion because of shyness. Don't immediately take it personally. When someone licks their lips it can be a sign of interest or excitement because subconsciously when someone is aroused their lips tend to dry. But be careful it could just be that their lips are dry or that it is a habit. Be aware of the persons’ mouth. Constant twitching usually means they are agitated or annoyed. Watch the face - it will usually give off a quick involuntary and sometimes subconscious twitch when something happens that irritates, excites, or amuses them. If they lean forward, they're interested in listening to you. When a person closes his/her eyes longer than the time it takes to blink, that usually means that he/she is feeling stress, alarm, or despair. When observing others, be subtle about it. When a person often tap their fingers on something it's usually a sign of excitement or impatience. 1. What does the passage mainly talk about? A Watch others closely. B Different country has different body language. C Different person has different body language. D Tips of body language. 2. Long eye contact may mean the person is . A shy B serious C confident D honest 3. What body language may means he or she is interested or excited? A licking their tips. B twitching their mouths C leaning forward D taping their fingers. 4. If a person is fond of what you are saying, he may . A close his eyes B observe others C lean forward D fell stress B Jonny Jones was a nice and popular boy, who everyone loved. He was so much fun, so good and so kind to everyone that they treated him wonderfully. But as everything he needed was given to him without asking, Jonny became a weed. He was so spoiled by everyone that he couldn't stand any hardship. One day Johnny heard a mother saying to her son “Come on, my boy, get up and stop crying. You are behaving like Johnny Jones. ” That made Johnny feel very ashamed. But he was sure that he would prefer to be known as a good boy rather than a fool. Worried, he spoke to his father

about all this, though he was afraid that maybe he would be laughed at for having such worries. His father, far from laughing at Johnny, told him that a teacher had taught him a secret trick to turn him into the toughest boy off all. “Eat a candy less, study a minute more, and count to five before crying. ” Johnny asked, “Just that?” “Yes, just that, ” said his father, “It's very simple, but I warn you that it won't be easy. ” Johnny was happy like a bird, ready to follow the advice. He went to see his mother, and she noticed how happy he was when she offered him candies. “One candy less ” , thought Johnny, so he only took one. That afternoon he had another chance to put it into practice by studying one minute more. The result was that he missed the first minute of his favourite program! But having achieved this gave him a great feeling of satisfaction. The same happened when he ran up against the corner of the kitchen table. He only managed to count to four before crying, but that was left deeply in his mother's memory. Over the following days Johnny kept using the motto in his life as his father told him. And the more he put this into practice, the easier it got. Before long he realized that he could also do things that would seem impossible before. 5.The underlined word “weed” in the first paragraph refers to “________” . A. a person with a strong will B. a person with a weak character C. a person who isn't popular with everyone D. a person who changes his behavior according to the situation 6.What made Johnny Jones decide to change himself? A. A mother's words. B. Others' attitude to him. C. His father's advice. D. His teacher's warning. 7.What is the key point of the advice from Johnny's father? A. Eat fewer candies than before. B. Count to five before crying. C. Talk with parents and follow their advice. D. Learn to control oneself and keep using the motto in life. 8.What message does the writer want to convey through the story? A. One should be brave to face his mistakes. B. Nothing is difficult as long as you set your mind on it. C. Spoiling a child too much may result in his selfish behaviors. D. A strong will can be developed by small but consistent efforts. C According to body language expert Robert Phipps ,the way people sleep at night actually determines a lot about the type of personality they have.Phipps has identified four sleeping positions that affect personality. Phipps found that worriers ,those who stress the most,tend to sleep in the fetal (胎儿的) position. He found that this is the most common bedtime position , with nearly 58 percent of people sleeping on their side with knees up and head down.The more we curl up(蜷曲), the more comfort we are seeking,according to Phipps. The second most common position is the log.Sleeping with a straight body , with arms at each side,as if they are standing guard at Buckingham Palace,indicates stubbornness ,and these people(the 28 percent who sleep this way) often wake up stiffer than when they went to sleep. “The longer you sleep like this ,the more rigid your thinking is and you can become

inflexible,which means you make things harder for yourself , ”according to Phipps. Yearner (向往型) sleepers are next on the list.About 25 percent of people sleep in this style—on their side with arms stretched out in front ,looking as if they are either chasing a dream or perhaps being chased themselves.Yearners are typically their own worst critics , always expecting the best results ,explained Phipps.These people often wake up refreshed and eager to face the challenges of the day ahead. Perhaps the most peculiar (奇怪的) of sleep styles is the freefaller position.This sleep style makes up 17 percent of the population.They sleep face down with arms stretched out.These people, according to Phipps ,feel like they have little control over their life.Not only is this the strangest of sleep styles , but also the least comfortable, and people may wake up feeling tired and have no energy. In conclusion, Phipps has only one more thing to add: “A good night’s sleep sets you up for the following day and our sleeping positions can determine how we feel when we wake. ” 9.Which of the following pictures is the fetal position?

10.The underlined word“rigid”is closest in meaning to“________” . A.stubborn B.flexible C.comfortable D.strange 11.Which sleeping position indicates that the sleeper tends to seek perfection? A.The fetal position. B.The log position. C.The yearner position. D.The freefaller position. 12.Which of the following shows the structure of the passage?

CP:Central Point



C: Conclusion

D Many people think of the brain as a mystery.They don’t know much about intelligence and how it works.When they do think about what intelligence is ,many people believe that a person is born smart,average,or dumb-and stays that way in the whole life. But new research shows that the brain is more like a muscle-it changes and gets stronger when you use it.And scientists have been able to show just how the brain grows and gets stronger when you learn. Everyone knows that when you lift weights ,your muscles get bigger and you get stronger.A person who can’t lift 20 pounds when he/she starts exercising can get strong enough to lift 100 pounds after working out for a long time.That’s because the muscles become larger and strong er

with exercise.And when you stop exercising ,the muscles shrink and you get weaker.That ’s why people say “Use it or lose it!” But most people don’t know that when they practice and learn new things , parts of their brain change and get larger a lot like muscles do when they exercise.Inside the cortex(皮层) of the brain are billions of tiny nerve cells ,called neurons.The nerve cells have branches connecting them to other cells in a complicated network.Communication between these brain cells is what allows us to think and solve problems.When you learn new things ,these tiny connections in the brain actually multiply and get stronger.The more you challenge your mind to learn, the more your brain cells grow.Then,things that you once found very hard or even impossible to do-like speaking a foreign language or doing algebra( 代数)-seem to become easy after learning them for a period of time.The result is a stronger ,smarter brain. Scientists started thinking that the human brain could develop and change when they studied animals ’ brains.They found out that animals that lived in a challenging environment were more “perspicacious ”-they were better at solving problems and learning new things. 13.According to the first paragraph,________. A.the function of our brain is like that of the muscle B.until now it’s impossible to explain the brain’s mystery C.many people believe one’s intelligence is naturally determined D.one’s brain grows stronger as the age increases 14.Training muscles is compared to________. A.using the brain B.connecting things in your brain C.lifting weights D.doing research about the brain 15.What is Paragraph 3 mainly about? A.The complex structure of the brain. B.How changes in the muscles affect the brain. C.The importance of the brain. D.How the brain becomes stronger by learning new things. 16.What does the underlined word“perspicacious ”in the last paragraph probably mean? A.Strong. B.Smart. C.Popular. D.Active. 四、任务型读写 (共 10小题;每小题 1分,满分 10分 ) 认真阅读下列短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入一个最恰当的单词。 注意:每个空格只填 1个单词,请将答案写在答题卡上相应题号的横线上。 You can't avoid a conflict at work. If you can avoid a conflict, it means you will win what you want regardless of what the other person wants. Since the potential issue has not been removed, it will simply reappear later. Here are the necessary steps to effectively get rid of conflicts at work. ★ Realize that some conflicts are unavoidable at work. On numerous occasions, conflict and disagreement are likely to happen. But when a conflict happens it's not the end of the world. On the contrary, it can be the beginning of an interesting learning process. Conflicts mean that people care enough to disagree strongly. The trick is not to allow the conflict to go on forever. ★ Handle conflicts sooner rather than later. Solve a conflict when it starts, as it only gets worse with time going by. Conflicts at work arise not from something that was said, but from something that wasn't said! Everyone's waiting for the other to admit he's wrong and gets more unpleasant after the conflict has lasted a while. It's essential to interrupt the "waiting game" before it gets to that point. ★ Ask nicely. If somebody has done something that made you angry, or if you don't understand their viewpoint or actions, simply asking nicely about it can make a world of difference. Never assume that people do what they do to annoy or hurt you. Sometimes there's a good reason why that person does what he or she does, and a potential conflict disappear right there. Do remember to make an inquiry, not an accusation of any sort. ★ Appreciate. Praise the other part in the conflict. Tell them why it's worth it to you to solve the conflict. This can be difficult as few people find it easy to praise and appreciate a person

they disagree strongly with, but it's a great way to move forward. Topic Reason How to 76. ______ conflicts at work Conflicts won't 77. ______ if not dealt with ● Don't be afraid of conflicts which can happen in many 79. ______ and try to resolve a conflict soon or it will get 80. ______ ●Interrupt the "waiting game" and try to admit your 78. _____ on handling conflicts 81. ______ actively. ● Don’t imagine people do something to make you 82. ______ on purpose. ● Remember not to 83. ______ others, but ask them nicely about what they do, which may make a difference. ● Try to appreciate the other part in the conflict although it is 84. ______ to do so. 85.__________ As long as you learn to do with conflicts, you'll work in joy.

五、笔下生花 [写作素材] 1.一般说来,不同文化的人们有着不同的打招呼方式。 2.有的拥抱,有的握手。 3.有时有可能引起误会。 4.当我们身处异国,我们要记得我们代表着自己的国家,不要给国家丢脸。 5.在国内时,要尽可能让异国他乡的人感觉舒适。 提示:黑体部分用本单元词汇表达。 [连句成篇](将以上句子连成一篇 100 词左右的英语短文。) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


Unit 4 Body Language 牛刀小试参考答案
一、夯实基础—过关斩将 二、完型填空 1-5 CBCDA 6-10 ADCAB 11-15 DDBAC 16-20 ABCDA 1.答案: C 题意: 约翰要约会了, 他很兴奋, 所以就告诉了所有的朋友。 so...that... “如此??以至于” ,为固定用法。 2.答案:B 其后句意为转折关系。其后用逗号与主句隔开,故用 however,而 but 后 通常不跟逗号。 3. 答案:C 根据这句话的因果关系“因为约翰没有正确地理解手势语而导致约会的 流产”故选 properly“正确地” 。truly“真实地” ;really“真地” ;hardly“几乎不” 。 4 . 答 案: D 根 据下 一段 中的 “ Then wouldn't it be wonderful to know how to__8__embarrassment in the future”的提示,可知选 D 项“窘迫的” 。 5. 答案:A 题意:大家都知道约翰要约会了,结果却没有,所以他觉得大家都在嘲 笑他。laugh at“嘲笑” ,符合语境。smile at“对??笑” ;shout at“对??大叫” ;look at“看” 。 6. 答案:A 根据上一个例子可知,约翰是被“误解”的,misunderstand“误解,误 会” 。 7. 答案:D 根据上文最后一句“He felt everyone was__5__at him”可以断定是了 解约翰的“感觉” 。consider“考虑” ;think“思考” ;comment“评论” 。 8. 答案:C 前文中提到约翰很尴尬,所以此处应为“懂得以后如何‘避免’尴尬不 是更好吗?”refuse“拒绝” ;admit“承认” ;accept“接受” 。 9. 答案:A become the confident person you want to be“变为想成为的自信的 人”是比避免尴尬更好的事,暗含比较。 10. 答案:B 题意:过去如果发现有什么不对,我总是“依赖”直觉来判断。depend on“依赖” ,符合句意。look on“旁观,观看” ;live on“靠??生活” ;feed on“以?? 为食” 。 11. 答案:D 根据下一句 and it helps, too“这也会有帮助”可知,使用直觉是没 有什么不对的。 12. 答案:D 题意:如果你具备系统的手势语知识会更棒,因为手势语可以使你“弄 懂”人们的想法和行为。read 在此处为“理解” 。 13. 答案:B 根据后文“You'll find yourself make better__14__about people or work and...”可排除 C 和 D 项;根据其前的 much,不能修饰形容词,却可以修饰形容词比 较级,故选 B。 14. 答案:A 根据上文可知,如果一个人对手势语很熟悉的话,就会对人或工作看得 更透,所以会做出更好的“决定” 。decision“决定” ,符合语境。plan“计划” ;design“设 计” ;promise“诺言” 。 15. 答案: C 题意: 对你所做的选择会 “表现” 更好。 perform “表演, 表现” ; explore “探索” ;solve“解决” ;approach“接近” 。 16. 答案: A pay attention to “注意??” , 为固定搭配。 anger “怒气” ; expression “表达” ;association“联想” ,则均不能与介词 to 搭配。 17. 答案:B 题意:如何对特定的手势语作出反应。react to“对??作出反应” , 符合句意。reply to“答复??” ;whisper to“对??耳语” ;answer 不需接 to。 18. 答案:C 要辨认这些手势语则“需要”大量的练习。 19. 答案:D move and gesture“动作和手势” 。mess“脏或乱的状态” ;technology “技术” ;reality“现实” ,均与上文不搭。 20. 答案:A 根据上一句的“it will__18__a lot of practice”可知,在镜子前“练 习” 。 三、阅读理解 四、A 篇 1-4 DCAC 1. D 主旨大意题。本文从和多方面介绍了关于肢体语言的细节。 2. C 细节理解题。 从 It's easy to spot a confident person: they will make

prolonged eye contact and have a strong posture. They may also sit or stand very correct.可知答案。 3. A 细节理解题。从 When someone licks their lips it can be a sign of interest or excitement because subconsciously when someone is aroused their lips tend to dry. 可知答案。 4. C 细节理解题。从 If they lean forward, they're interested in listening to you. 可知答案。 B篇 5-8 BADD 5.答案 B。根据画线词“weed”的下面一句, “He was so spoiled by everyone that he couldn't stand any hardship.” ,人们把他宠坏了,他什么苦都吃不了。a person with a weak character 是对 a weed 的解释。 6.答案 A。根据第二段一位母亲批评她儿子的那句话“You are behaving like Johnny Jones.”听到这样的话,小约翰尼·琼斯感到羞愧,决心改变自己。 7.答案 D。根据第二段爸爸的建议要点和最后一段可以推断出 D 项内容,要学会控制自 己,并且在生活中一直把它作为座右铭。 8.答案 D。通读全文可知,从小事做起,不懈努力,就能培养出坚强的意志。 C篇 9-12 DACA 【文章大意】 本文为说明文。肢体语言专家发现,人们睡觉的姿势实际上揭示了很 多个性类型的信息。 9.解析:选 D。细节理解题。根据第二段中的“with nearly 58 percent of people sleeping on their side with knees up and head down”可知, “胎儿睡姿”的姿势是“侧 躺,头朝下、膝盖往上蜷成一团” ,故选 D 项。 10. 解析:选 A。词义猜测题。根据第三段中的“indicates stubbornness”和第四段中 的“you can become inflexible”可推知,该词与 A 项意思最接近。 11.解析:选 C。细节理解题。根据第五段第三句中的“Yearners are typically their own worst critics,always expecting the best results”可知, “向往型睡姿”的人对 自己要求严格,追求完美。 12.解析:选 A。篇章结构题。第一段是文章的主题段落,点出主题;第二段到第六段分 别介绍了“胎儿睡姿” 、 “树干睡姿” 、 “向往型睡姿”和“自由落体睡姿”等四种不同的睡姿 及其对应的个性类型;最后一段得出结论。由此可见 A 项表明了该篇文章的结构。 D 篇 13-16 CADB 【文章大意】 科学研究发现,经常学习能促进大脑的发育,正如经常锻炼能使肌肉更 强健一样。 13. 解析:选 C。推理判断题。根据第一段中的“many people believe that a person is born smart,average,or dumb-and stays that way in the whole life”可知 C 项 正确。 14. 解析: 选 A。 细节理解题。 根据第一段中的 “But new research shows that the brain is more like a muscle-it changes and gets stronger when you use it.”可知答案。 15.解析:选 D。段落大意题。本段详细描述了大脑如何通过练习和学习新事物而发生 变化,从而变得更敏捷。 16.解析: 选 B。 词义猜测题。 根据破折号后面的 “they were better at solving problems and learning new things”可知,该词应为“敏锐的”之意。 五、任务型读写 76. handle/ solve/ remove 77. disappear 78. Tips/ Suggest ions/ Advice 79. cases/ circumstances 80.worse 81. mistake(s) /fault (s) 82. annoyed/ hurt/ angry 83. accuse/blame 84. hard/ difficult 85. Conclusion 笔下生花 One possible version : In general,people from different cultures have different ways to greet each other.Some hug and some shake hands.They are likely to have misunderstanding.So when we abroad we should know we are representing our country and try not to lose face ;while at home,we should try to put foreigners at ease.



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