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【2014届高三一轮复习英语精品资料 写作强化练习1(新课标专用)Word版含解析

Test 1
Ⅰ.完形填空 Money,or the lack of it,changes everything,and that includes how people will be working out in 2014. In these belttightening __1__,costconscious workouts(锻炼) at home and at

the gym topped the list of fitness trends for this year in a survey,__2__ by shorter,more timeefficient regimens,__3__ boot camp(强力集中训练) and circuit training. “People are __4__ for ways to accomplish as much as possible with as __5__ time and money as necessary,” said Cedric X.Bryant,chief science officer of the American Council on Exercise (ACE),which conducted the online poll of fitness professionals. “Last year money was on the list but __6__ year the majority of the respondents __7__ it as one of the top,” he added. Bryant said some 600 ACEcertified __8__ professionals responded to the annual __9__, which the nonprofit organization has been conducting for a decade. Other moneysaving __10__,such as the shift from personal training sessions to small group __11__ classes and inhome __12__ using smaller,more portable equipment,also made the list. “Personal trainers are seeing they’ve got to respond to market __13__.Working with two to four clients at __14__ time they can charge __15__ but still get their hourly fee, ” Bryant said. Bootcamp workouts and circuit training,both of which __16__ calories while building strength and endurance( 持 久 性 ) , will be among the most popular trends in 2014 , as timeconstrained(受压制的) __17__ seek shorter,more intense activities. One bright spot is the rise of exergamingtype systems, like Nintendo’s Wii Sports, Wii Fit and the PCbased Dancetown.Bryant says the fitnessbased video games are __18__ in health clubs and senior centers. Functional training workouts, which are geared to improving the quality of life and the ability to perform everyday tasks,will remain __19__,and the use of computerized tracking and online training and scheduling tools will __20__ in the coming year. 1. A.times 答案 A 解析 联系上下文的语境及日常生活中的常识, 我们容易推理出这一句的语境是: 在当 B.years C.centuries D.societies

下需要勒紧裤腰带过日子的时期, 人们将在家和健身房用省钱的方法健身列为首选, 紧 接着是如强力训练和循环训练这种更省时间的强化锻炼方式。 我们容易判断出此处应该 填上表示时期时代之意的名词,这四个词中只有 A 项(times:时代)有这样的意思。 2. A.caught C.covered 答案 B 解析 由上一题的分析我们不难看出此处应该填上表示紧接着之意的动词的过去分词, 用它来和 by 搭配,构成表示“由……紧跟着,由……紧接着”等这样的意思,也即是 B 项(follow:跟在,跟着)。 3. A.such like C.such as 答案 C 解析 由第一题的分析我们很容易确定此处应该填上表示例如之意的介词短语, 也即是 C 项(such as :例如)。 4. A.taking C.opening 答案 D 解析 经过分析,语意是:人们一直在寻找能尽量少花时间、少花钱,达到最好的效果 的方法。我们容易推理出此处应该填上表示寻找之意的动词的现在分词,故选 D 项。 5. A.little C.many 答案 A 解析 由上一题的分析我们不难发现此处应该填上表示少之意的形容词来修饰 time,D 项具有很大的迷惑性,但是它用来修饰可数名词,而 time(时间)是不可数名词,故用 A 项来修饰。 6. A.that C.this 答案 C 解析 this year 今年,符合句意。 B.next D.previous B.much D.few B.developing D.looking B.in other words D.that is to say B.followed D.conducted

7. A.manage C.try 答案 B

B.put D.organize

解析 由上一题的分析我们不难看出此处应该填上的词应和后面的 as 一起构成动词短 语,并且表示“把……归为……,把……列为……”之意,这四个词中只有 B 项(put: 放,搁置)有这样的意思。 8. A.medicine C.economy 答案 D 解析 联系上下文的语境, 我们容易推理出这一句的语境是: 约 600 名经美国锻炼协会 认证的保健专业人士参与了这一年度调查。 之所以是保健专业人士, 是因为全文论述的 都是人们花钱来锻炼, 当然是为了保持身体健康, 对从事这样专业的人士进行调查更具 有意义。 9. A.poll C.observation 答案 A 解析 由上一题的分析我们不难看出此处应该填上表示调查之意的名词,即是 A 项。 10.A.measures C.policies 答案 A 解析 联系上下文的语境,及日常生活中的常识(当人们没有钱来进行高级而昂贵的锻 B.procedures D.systems B.conference D.reception B.train D.fitness

炼时,自然要转向花费较少的锻炼方式),我们容易推理出这一句的语境是:其他省钱 办法包括从个人课程转为集体课, 以及使用更小更便携的器材在家锻炼等也在调查的列 表里。不难看出此处应该填上表示“方式,办法”之意的名词,也即是 A 项。 11.A.speaking C.exercising 答案 B 解析 由上一题的分析我们不难看出前面有私人培训课程, 那么此处应该填上表示小组 培训课程(training:培训)之意的动名词,也即是 B 项。 B.training D.processing

12.A.work C.rest 答案 B

B.workouts D.race

解析 由第 10 题的分析我们不难看出此处应该填上表示锻炼之意的名词,这四个词中 只有 B 项有这样的意思。 13.A.changes C.needs 答案 C 解析 联系上下文的语境及日常生活中的常识(私人培训者因为少了培训对象也得考虑 B.prices D.habits

市场的需求),我们容易推理出这一句的语境是:私人教练觉得必须针对市场需求形势 做出相应的回应,进行调整。我们容易确定此处应该填上表示需求之意的名词,只有 C 项(need:需求)有这样的意思。 14.A.some C.any 答案 D 解析 联系上下文的语境,由上一题的分析,我们容易推理出这一句的语境是:他们可 以一次同时辅导两到四个客户,这样可以收较少的收费,但仍可以保证收入。显然,此 处应该和 time 一起构成短语并且表示一次之意,这四个词中只有 D 项有这样的意思。 15.A.less C.more 答案 A 解析 由上一题的分析我们不难看出此处应该填上表示较少的之意的形容词的比较级, 并且代指钱,也即是 A 项。 16.A.produce C.cut 答案 B 解析 经过分析,语意是:由于人们时间紧迫,耗时少、强度大的健身活动更受青睐, 2014 年最受欢迎的健身项目将是强力瘦身训练和循环训练,这两种方式既可以燃烧脂 肪,又可以增强力量和耐力。我们容易推理出此处应该填上表示燃烧之意的动词,也即 B.burn D.add B.fewer D.much B.no D .a

是 B 项。 17.A.professionals C.consumers 答案 C 解析 由上一题的分析我们不难看出此处应该填上表示进行锻炼的人们的词, 其实就是 这些锻炼活动的消费者(consumers)。 18.A.turning up C.turning around 答案 A 解析 我们容易推理出这一句的语境是: 健身类视频游戏越来越多地出现在健康俱乐部 和老人中心,不难看出此处应该填上表示出现之意的动词词组,只有 A 项有这样的意 思。 19.A.weak C.strong 答案 C 解析 联系上下文的语境及日常生活中的常识, 我们容易推理出这一句的语境是: 以功 能性训练为目的的健身将继续保持强劲势头, 此处应该填上表示强劲之意的形容词, 这 四个词中只有 C 项有这样的意思。 20.A.decrease C.increase 答案 C 解析 联系上下文的语境,我们容易推理出这一句的语境是:此外,计算机跟踪、在线 训练和排程工具的使用在来年也会增加。这四个词中只有 C 项是增加之意。 Ⅱ.阅读理解 As you move around your home,take a good look at the things you have.It is likely that your living room will have a television set and a video,and your kitchen a washing machine and a microwave oven.Your bedroom drawers will be filled with almost three times as many clothes as you need.You almost certainly own a car and possibly a home computer,holiday abroad at least once a year and eat out at least once a week. Now, perhaps, more than ever before, people are wondering what life is all about, and what it is for.Seeking material success is beginning to trouble large numbers of people around the B.appear D.want B.useful D.possible B.turning down D.turning out B.students D.trainers

world.They feel that the long hours work culture to make more money is eating up their lives, leaving them very little time or energy for family or pastimes.Many are turning to other ways of living and downshifting is one of them.Six percent of workers in Britain took the decision to downshift last year. One couple who downshifted is Daniel and Liz.They used to work in central London.He was a newspaper reporter and she used to work for an international bank.They would go to work by train every day from their large house in the suburbs, leaving their two children with a nanny.Most evenings Daniel wouldn’t get home until eight or nine o’clock and nearly twice a month he would have to fly to New York for meetings.They both earned a large amount of money but began to feel that life was passing them by. Nowadays,they run a farm in the mountains of Wales.“I always wanted to have a farm then,” says Daniel,“and we took almost a year to make the decision to downshift.It’s taken some getting used to,but it’s been worth it.We have to think twice now about spending money on car repairs and we no longer have any holidays.However,I think it’s made us stronger as a family,and the children are a lot happier.” Liz,however,is not quite sure.“I used to enjoy my job,even though it was hard work and long hours.I’m not really a country girl,but I suppose I’m gradually getting used to looking after the animals.One thing I do like,though,is being able to see more of my children.My advice for other people wanting to do the same is not to think about it too much or you might not do it at all.” 1. The passage tells us that ________. A.people seldom work long hours to make money B.people hardly buy more things than necessary C.people are sure everything they own is in the right place D.people realize there is more to life than just making money 答案 D 解析 由文中主人公的经历可知, 人们已经意识到对于生活来说, 挣钱以外还有好多事 情的。 2. When Daniel was a reporter he ________. A.lived in central London C.missed his children 答案 D 解析 由第三段“They both earned a large amount of money 可知 Daniel 当记者时可以赚 到很多钱。 B.disliked his job D.was well paid

3. Daniel and Liz both agree that the move to the farm ________. A.was easy to organize B.has improved family life C.was extremely expensive D.has been a total success 答案 B 解析 根据第四、五段,Daniel 和 Liz 都认为现在的生活提升了他们的家庭生活质量。 4. What does the author mean by saying “the long hours work culture to make more money is eating up their lives” in the second paragraph? A.People work long hours to earn their living. B.To make more money through hard work is the aim of people’s life. C.Long hours of hard work occupy too much of people’s life. D.People spent too much time and money eating meals. 答案 C 解析 由全文叙述内容和 Daniel 的经历可知,“挣钱意味着吞噬生命”是作者想表达 的观点。 5. The underlined word “downshifting” in the second paragraph refers to ________. A.repairing your car by yourself B.spending money carefully C.moving out to the countryside to live a simpler and better life D.living in a big house in the suburbs and dining out once a week 答案 C 解析 由最后三段的叙述可知,downshift 指去乡下过简朴的生活。 Ⅲ.微写作 【写作素材】 1.刚才在网上看到了你们的夏令营广告。 2.我很想参加。 3.十年来我一直在学英语,并且能很流畅地用英语交流。 4.如果能成为你们的一员,我将不胜感激。 (素材来源于 2012· 新课标全国· 书面表达) 提示:尽量使用高级表达:because 引导的原因状语从句;I’ll appreciate it if...等。 【连句成篇】(将以上句子连成一篇 50 词左右的英语短文) I’ve just read the advertisement of your summer camp on the Internet.I’d like to take part

in it very much because I have been learning English for ten years and I can communicate in English fluently.I’ll appreciate it if I’ll be accepted as a member of your summer camp.

1. workout n.锻炼;训练 英语中有许多类似的合成词,如: threelegged (数词+名词ed); lighthearted (形容词+名词ed); manmade(名词+过去分 词);deepset(形容词+过去分词);wellknown (副词+过去分词);funnylooking (形容 词+现在分词);worldfamous (名词+形容词)。 2. respondent n.答卷人;调查对象 respond v.回答 to 回答;为……辩护 3. at least 至少 at most 至多 not in the least 决不 least of all 尤其;更不用说 4. They feel that the long hours work culture to make more money is eating up their lives, leaving them very little time or energy for family or pastimes. 句中 that 引导宾语从句,从句的主语是 the_long_hours_work_culture_to_make_more money, 谓语部分是 is_eating_up_their_lives;_leaving them...为现在分词短语作结果状语。 5. My advice for other people wanting to do the same is not to think about it too much or you might not do it at all. 本句为并列连词 or 连接的并列句;前一单句中 wanting to do the same 为现在分词短语 作定语,修饰 other_people;not to think about it too much 为不定式作表语。学会一种单 词记忆法 1.逻辑记忆:通过词的本身的内部逻辑关系,词与词之间的外部逻辑关系记忆单词。(1)把 几个字母看作一个来记 如:“ight” light,right,fight,night,might,sight,tight。(2) 外旧内新,如:bridge “桥”看成 b+ridge,ridge “山脊”;sharp 看成 s+harp,harp “竖琴”。(3)外新内旧,如:cleave “劈开”看成 c+leave,tact “机智”看成 t+act。 response n.回答;辩护 in response

如何做完形填空题? 一、纵观全文,掌握大意 准确理解全文是做好完形填空的关键。 题中的大部分答案都须在透彻理解文章内容和选 项的词语意义的基础上来确定,只有少数答案是可以单纯地通过语法知识来确定的。因此, 在理解时不要看到题就马上一个空格接一个空格地填入答案,而要认真仔细地把全文读一 遍,了解整篇的大意,从文中的主线来建立解题思路。 二、利用首句,预测主题

要掌握全文的大意,抓住短文的首句是十分重要的,完形填空的首句一般不留空格,以 交代背景让学生对句子进行推理。因此,抓住首句有助于预测主题,理顺思路,有利于顺利 地理解和解题。如本节完形填空中的第一句话 Money,or the lack of it,changes everything, and that includes how people will be working out in 2014.交代了钱会改变一切,包括人们锻炼 的方式。这就为下文分析钱怎样影响人们的锻炼作好了铺垫。 三、瞻前顾后,各个击破 要选出题目答案,就要反复阅读文章,瞻前顾后,善于从字里行间寻找内容上的逻辑关 系,理清文理脉络。要结合上下句,了解相互的关系,形成整体的观念,透彻地理解空格中 所要求的词。如果我们仅从个别句子本身考虑,在语法意思上正确的答案可能有几个。只有 结合前后句子,分析判断,区别选项,排除干扰项,才能选出正确的或是最佳的答案。如本 节完形填空中的第 6 题答案选 C,联系上下文的语境,我们容易推理出这一句的语境是:去 年,钱被列为需要考虑的因素,但今年大部分受访者将其列为最重要的考虑因素之一,我们 不难看出此处应该填上表示这之意的代词,和 year 一起表示今年这样的意思,也即是 C 项。 四、重读全文,核对答案 在填完全部空格后,应该将全文仔细阅读一遍,从全篇的高度来审视一切,看全文的意 思是否能融会贯通,各段之间和前后之间的内在逻辑关系是否一致。也可以从语法、词义、 习惯用法、固定搭配、背景知识等方面进一步验证和修改答案。


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