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一、改变下列各句中划线单词的一个字母,构成一个新词,然后填入句中空白处,使句子意 思完整、正确。 (每空 1 分) 1. Please catch the Jenny. 2. Don’t talk with the boy.

3. They often wear skirts in the hot days of the______. 4. Is there a ______ on the ship? I want to buy something. 5. On the way to school the students often ______ hello to each other. 6. Look at the ______ in a white cap, please. 7. “Meet” and “______”have the same sound. 8. If he works hard, he will study English______. 9. Can you ______ this English song? 10. There is a horse in front of the ______ in the picture. 11. There are ten ______ and fifteen women in the room. 12.Can you spell the word “ ”?

13. “______” and “would” are both mood verbs. 14. The ______is very bright at night. 15. I ______some model planes and you can take one of them. 16.George has two brothers,______. 17. Don’t______, Emma. Your father will say sorry to your teacher. 18. Mike and David ______ singing very much. 19. Kate’s ______ like to eat fish and meat. 20. Don’t ______ the plate. There is some bread on it.

二、根据题意选择恰当的答案。 (每题 1.5 分) ( ) 21. Which letter comes next? A C F J ________. A. H B. M C. O D. Q ( ) 22. From what number can you take half and leave nothing? A. 1 B. 9 C.8 D. 5 ( ) 23. What dog never barks? A. big dog B. hot dog C. small dog D. red dog ( ) 24. What is the end of everything? A. The letter G B. Dead C. Finish D. Have a rest ( ) 25. What three letters make a man of a boy? A. old B. age C. boy D. mum ( ) 26. In what month do women talk the least? A. February B. September C. January D. June ( ) 27. A thief is often afraid when he hears “OICU”. Do you know what “OICU” means in English? A. OK, I seek you. B. Oh, I see you. C. Oh, I come you. D. Oh, I love you. ( ) 28. Where is Eiffel Tower (埃菲尔铁塔) located? A. England B. Germany C. France D. Russia ( ) 29. What do you call your grandfather’s mother? A. grand mother B. great mother C. great grand mother D. great dear ( ) 30. What season is the Dragon Boat Festival in? A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter ( ) 31. They tell interesting stories. You can see them clearly in the dark. But you can't see them so clearly when it's bright. What are they? A. Books. B. Photos. C. Films. D. Paper. ( ) 32. I am something that can run but can’t walk. What am I? A. Water B. Dog C. Bike D. Foot ( ) 33. I have many leaves. But I am not a bloom and not a tree. You can see me every day. What am I? A. Flower. B. Bird. C. Grass. D. Book. ( ) 34. Why can the world never come to the end? Because it is___________. A. big B. round C. long D. wide ( ) 35. Today is the 24th of October. Wei Fang is leaving Shanghai. She says: I shall not be back until this day three weeks. When will she be back? A. The 7th of November. B. The 15th of November. C. The 14th of November. D. The 30th of October. ( ) 36. Look at the following formulas(方程式)! The missing number is _________. (4) (5)=27 ; (5) (3)=24; (1) (3)=? A. 21 B. 32 C. 23 D.12 ( ) 37. Mr. White has two sons, and each of them has a sister. How many children does he have? A. one B. two C. three D. four

( ( (

) 38. An English woman will not be glad when you ask her about ______. A. her name B. her age C her home D her child ) 39. What always speaks the truth but doesn’t say a word? A. A phone B. A photo C. A camera D. A mirror ) 40. What is useful at mealtime? A. china B. China C. England D. France

三、选出下列句子中划线部分的正确解释。 (每题 2 分) ( ) 41. The words he gives on the computer is above my head . A. 一目了然 B. 终于醒悟 C. 无法理解 ( ) 42. I don't like going after the dog. A. 在人背后 B. 无事生非 C. 滔滔不绝 ( ) 43. He is going after the dog. A. 拦截 B. 玩 C. 追逐 ( ) 44.You can play with Bill. He is not in the same class . A.他与你不是同班 B.他是个生手 C.他棒极了 ( ) 45.He’ll succeed because he’s always at his books.. A.学识渊博 B.博览群书 C.刻苦学习 ( ) 46. He is the out fish of water. A.离开水的鱼 B.不和群 C.需要水的鱼 ( ) 47.The little boy runs and runs until he blue in the face . A.浑身发热 B.筋疲力尽 C.鼻青脸肿 ( ) 48.Ten to ten the train will be late. A.很可能 B.十分之一 C.十二点五十 ( ) 49.I don’t like Mr. Chan. He is an old woman. A.老太婆 B.喜欢啰嗦的人 C.没妻子的老头 ( ) 50. If I go to see my uncle , I can read his books .It’s in two twos. A.一分为二 B.一文不名 C.三心二意 四、请根据每小题的描述,将正确答案写在横线上。 (每题 3 分) 51. I meet three men on a bus. A speaks English . C only talks with B. B can speak Chinese and English. What does C speak? C speaks .

D. 头脑发昏 D. 当着她面 D. 戏弄 D.他不是你的对手 D.意志坚强 D.水中鱼 D.精神焕发 D.十比一 D.女人气的男人 D.一举两得

52. There are a few birds in the sky. They are flying in line. There are two birds in front of two birds, two birds behind two birds and two between two birds. How many birds are there in the sky? There are birds. 53. A clock gains (快)five seconds every hour. Twenty-four hours later, it is 5:58. If we want to adjust (调整) it, the correct time is ________.

54. Three years ago, Helen was 156 cm, and Nancy was 4 cm shorter than her. Now Helen is 3 cm taller than three years ago, but Nancy is 2 cm taller than her. Nancy is ______cm tall now. She is cm taller than three years ago. 55. Aunt Mary has a box of cakes at the party. She’ll give the cakes to some children. If each child gets one, she’ll have one left. If each child gets two, she’ll need three more. How many children are there at the party and how many cakes does Aunt Mary have? There are children and cakes. 56. There are five bottles—a red bottle, a white bottle, a blue bottle, a brown bottle, and a green bottle. The red bottle is bigger than the white bottle. The blue bottle is bigger than the brown bottle, but smaller than the green one. The brown bottle is bigger than the white bottle. The green bottle is smaller than the red bottle. Please write the colors of the five bottles from the biggest to the smallest. > > > > 57. Mrs. Black has three sons. They are Mike, Tom and David. Mike is 10 kilos heavier than Tom. David is 5 kilos lighter than Tom. Tom is 4 centimeters shorter than Mike. David is 3 centimeters taller than Mike. Now Mike is 45 kilos and 155 centimeters. Tom is kg and cm;David is kg and cm. 58. Lucy, Sail and Betty had a running race. Sail was three seconds faster than Betty. Lucy was five seconds faster than Sail. Lucy ran two hundred meters in thirty-two seconds. How much time did Sail and Betty spend? Sail spent seconds. Betty spent seconds. 59. Tom has a brother. His brother is five years older than him. Tom was seven years old five years ago. How old will Tom and his brother be twenty years later? Tom will be years old. His brother will be years old. 60. A snail falls into a deep well (井). It wants to climb out. It climbs up the well two meters every day, but slides(滑) back one meter. If the well is four meters, how long does it take the snail to get out? It will take days.



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