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2013届高考英语一轮练习 Unit 4语法填空 新人教版选修8(广东专版)

阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的 词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空。 On Tuesday,President Obama nominated Ben Bernanke for__1__second term as chairman of the Federal Reserve(or the Fed:美联储)

.He is an expert on the causes of the Great Depression.Yet critics say he failed to do his part to prevent the crisis.He has critics in__2__parties.Democrat Chris Dodd, chairman of Senate Banking Committee, says Ben Bernanke did not act fast enough at the start.And many Republicans criticize the Fed chief —himself a Republican—for__3__they see as too much spending.But the president's decision to denominate Ben Bernanke__4__ (consider)a safe one.In his second term,he will have to consider how and when__5__(withdraw)heavy intervention in the financial industry and raise interest rates.The Fed has reduced short?term rates to almost zero. Heavy government spending could cause inflation__6__officials find just the right time to act.But if they act too soon and raise interest rates too much,the economy could crash again. The White House budget office on Tuesday__7__ (low)its estimate for this year's federal deficit(赤字).The government will probably spend less than it thought__8__ the financial system.The estimate for the next ten years, __9__,is higher because the recession was deeper than expected.But even after the economy recovers,the deficit is around four percent of the economy.And that,__10__the report notes, is “higher than desirable.” 二、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选 项。 One day,a poor boy who sold goods from door to door found that he had only one quarter left.He was hungry so he decided to__1__for a meal at the next house. __2__,he lost his nerve when a lovely young woman opened the door.Instead of a meal he asked for a drink of water.She thought he looked__3__so she brought him a large glass of milk.Having drunk it,he asked,“How much do I owe you?” “You don't owe me anything,” she __4__,“Mother has taught me never to accept pay for a__5__.” Years later the young woman became seriously ill.The local doctors were__6__.They finally sent her to the hospital in the big city.Dr.Howard Kelly, now __7__,was called in for the consultation.When he heard the name of the town she came from,a strange light__8__his eyes. __9__in his doctor's gown he went in to see her.He__10__her at once.He went back to the consultation room and__11__ to do his best to save her life.From that day on,he gave__12__attention to her case. The battle was won at last.Dr.Kelly__13__the business office to pass the final bill to him for approval.Later the bill was sent to the woman's room.She was afraid to open it because she was__14__that it would take the rest of her life to pay it off.Finally she looked,and the note on the side of the bill caught her__15__.She read these words: “Paid in full with a glass of milk.” (Signed)Dr.Howard Kelly Tears of joy flooded her eyes as she prayed silently.“Thank you,God.Your love has spread through human hearts and hands.” 1.A.call B.make C.beg D.prepare 2.A.Otherwise B.Nevertheless
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C.Therefore 3.A.thirsty C.tired 4.A.stated C.replied 5.A.reward C.hand 6.A.satisfied C.disappointed 7.A.rich C.elegant 8.A.fixed C.filled 9.A.Wearing C.Putting 10.A.recognized C.realized 11.A.desired C.determined 12.A.special C.normal 13.A.ordered C.commanded 14.A.positive C.uncertain 15.A.dream C.attention 三、阅读理解 专题训练(十)

D.Furthermore B.lazy D.hungry B.declared D.announced B.kindness D.repay B.excited D.puzzled B.famous D.vivid B.focused D.concentrated B.Having D.Dressed B.knew D.regained B.declared D.declined B.ordinary D.no B.requested D.suggested B.negative D.obvious B.preference D.memory

议论文的阅读(4) 阅读下列文章,按要求完成读写任务 In America,seldom do you go anywhere without hearing a principle called WIN?WIN.It sounds strange to me at first because throughout my childhood,I have always been taught to try everything possible to win an upper?hand,rather than to help other people win.However,as time goes by,I have gradually comprehended the essence(真谛)of WIN?WIN principle it is the attitude of seeking mutual benefit. When I was little,I used to play Chinese checkers(跳棋)which include two basic tactics(战术): One is to create paths for yourself; the other is to block the passages of your rival.Players may apply these two totally different approaches in the game, but the key for the player to win is to continuously create paths for him even if his opponent may take advantage of it.Finally he can always reach the destination(目 的地)a few steps ahead of the other player.Meanwhile,some player may take another approach to prevent his opponent from moving forward at_all_costs.By this he may get a short?term benefit,but couldn't fix attention on the final goal,thus he would never truly develop further. In the 1990s,a strategy called WIN?WIN became widespread in the western world.Its core is to achieve your objective while giving other people some benefits, so there is no real loser.One example of applying the WIN-WIN principle is the voluntary system in US.Most Americans advocate(提倡)the spirit of social service and voluntary contribution.In US,schools and children organizations usually encourage and support kids to be engaged in community service so that the voluntary spirit can be enrooted in their minds from childhood.Moreover,a crucial(决定性
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的)standard for universities to judge new students is whether they have worked for the community or not. In China,it is quite usual that some people are too selfish and never take other people's interests into consideration,while someone who really has courage to do something for the public is often called “foolish” or “stupid”.Actually helping other people can be of great delights for the helper,for he can also learn something crucial for his life such as sympathy,care,devotion,etc.So only if you take other people's interests into earnest consideration can you assure your own gain. Ⅰ.根据短文,写一篇 30 词左右的摘要 _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Ⅱ.根据所读短文,选择最佳选项 1.The purpose of the author in writing the passage is ______. A.to tell us the cultural differences between China and USA B.to tell us the different educational systems both in US and China C.to tell us the importance and meaning of WIN?WIN D.to show that WIN?WIN is popular in US and China 2.Which of the following can be the best example of carrying out the Win?Win principles? A.Volunteers B.Chinese C.Service workers D.Children 3.What is the author's attitude towards Win?Win? A.criticism B.encouragement C.disagreement D.doubt 4.Which of the following statements is NOT true for WIN?WIN principle? A.to take others' interests seriously B.to learn something useful for our life C.to gain mutual benefit D.to try to get some benefits from others 5 . The underlined words “at all costs” in the second paragraph means “________” in Chinese. A.代价高 B.不惜任何代价 C.完全失败 D.以全部费用


一、 1.解析:不定冠词用在序数词前表示 “再, 又”, 这里指连任。 答案:a 2.解析:他遭到来自两大党的批评(民主党和自由党)。 答案:both 3.解析:what 引导宾语从句。
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答案:what 4.解析:总统作出的提名决定 “被认为”是安全的选择。 答案:is considered 5.解析:“wh~+ to do”结构作宾语, 考虑何时撤销、如何撤销政府对财经的干预。 答案:to withdraw 6.解析:如果政府没有找到合适的时机作出反应,就有可能引发通货膨胀。 答案:unless 7.解析:降低财政赤字的预期, 用过去时态。 答案:lowered 8.解析:关于 答案:on 9.解析:这里表示转折。 答案:however 10.解析:正如报告所指出的那样。 答案:as 二、 1.解析:beg for a meal:讨碗饭吃。 答案:C 2.解析:nevertheless 的意思是“然而”。 答案:B 3.解析:女孩觉得他似乎饿了。 答案:D 4.解析:女孩回答说,“妈妈告诉我不要因做了好事索取报酬”。 答案:C 5.解析:参看第 4 题解析。 答案:B 6.解析:be puzzled.此处意思是当地的医生对女孩的病因迷惑不解,找不到病因。 答案:D 7.解析:当年的男孩 Dr.Howard Kelly,现在已是 “著名的”医学博士。 答案:B 8.解析:fill....with:充满 答案:C 9.解析:dressed in 表示穿着的状态,他穿上医生的大褂,走进病房去看她。 答案:D 10.解析:他认出了这个病人就是当年给他牛奶的女孩。 答案:A 11.解析:决定尽可能挽救她的生命。 答案:C 12.解析:他 “特别” 关照她。 答案:A 13.解析:他请求医院把她的住院费账单拿到他这儿。 答案:B 14.解析:她肯定自己需用下半辈子才能还清所有的医疗费。 答案:A 15.解析:catch one's attention:引起某人的注意。 答案:C 三、 Ⅰ The writer means to tell us what the principle called WIN?WIN is and the attitude of seeking mutual benefit is the essence of WIN?WIN principle by giving some examples.
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Ⅱ 1.解析:主旨题。文章主要讲双赢的意义和重要性。 答案:C 2.解析:文章第三段 “Its core is to achieve your objective while giving other people some benefits,so there is no real loser.One example of applying the WIN?WIN principle is the voluntary system in US.” 解释了 WIN?WIN 原则,并举例说明了这一 原则的应用。 答案:A 3.解析:推理题.根据全文可推测作者的态度。 答案:B 4. 解析: 了解双赢的原则: Its core is to achieve your objective while giving other people some benefits,so there is no real loser.(其核心是达到自己目标的同时给别 人以利益) 我们可判断 D 项不符合 WIN?WIN 原则。 答案:D 5.解析:猜词义。 at all costs 的意思是 “不惜任何代价”。 答案:B

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