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名 词 性 从 句
种 类 主语从句 subject clause 宾语从句 object clause 表语从句 predicative clause 同位语从句 appositive clause 请判断出下列的句子属于哪种从句 What I want to do is taking a bath. The news that they won the game spread the whole school. I don’t think he is an honest boy. The fact is that he stole the car. Do you know the fact that he stole the car? Do you know the man who is standing over there? It is said that they won the game.

从属连词: that(无意义,不可省,不充当任何成分) whether, if(均表示―是否‖表明从句内容的不确定性) as if ,as though(均表示―好像‖,―似乎‖) 以上在从句中均不充当任何成分 连接代词:what, whatever, who, whoever, whom, whomever, whose, which, whichever 连接副词:when, where, how, why, whenever, wherever, however 连接代词和连接副词在句中既保留自己的疑问含义、又起连接作用,在从句中充当从句 的成分 不可省略的连词: 1. 介词后的连词 2. 引导主语从句和同位语从句的连词不可省略。 That she was chosen made us very happy. We heard the news that our team had won. 在 复合 句中 作主语 的从 句 . 引 导词有 连 词 that (that 不 可省 ),whether; what ,which;副词 when ,where, how, why 等.如: 1.That he is a famous singer is known to us.=(It is known to us that he is a famous singer.)
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代 词 有 who,

2.When he will go to America is not yet fixed.=(It is not yet fixed when he will go to America.) 一、主语从句 1.It + be + 形容词 + that 从句 It is necessary / important/ obvious that… 2.It + be + -ed 分词 + that 从句 It is believed that… It is known to us all that …. It has been decided that…… 3.It + be + 名词 + that 从句 It is common knowledge that… It is a surprise that …. It is a fact that…… 4.It + 不及物动词 + that 从句 It appears that… It happens that …. It occurred to me that…… 主语从句中的“主谓一致”: 1.主语从句通常被看作一个整体,主句的谓语动词用单数形式. That they will come _______certain. 2. What 引导主语从句时,主句谓语动词的单复数由表语的单复数决定. What he wants ______these books. What he wants ______some water. 1.____in the regulations that you should not tell other people the pass word of your e-mail account. .(2005 上海) A. What is required C It is required (2006 北京) A. This space.(2004 上海) A .where B .what C .that
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人们相信… 众所周知… 已经决定…… …是常识 令人惊奇的是… 事实是…… 似乎… 碰巧… 我突然想起……

B .What requires D. It requires

2. The Foreign Minister said, ―_______ our hope that the two sides will work towards peace.‖ B. There is C .That is D. It is

3.After Yang Liwei succeeded in circling the earth,_____our astronauts desire to do is walk in D. how

二、宾语从句 宾语从句就是在复合句中作宾语的名词性从句, 通常放在主句谓语动词 (及物动词) 或介 词之后。 1.She did not know what had happened. 2. Our success depends upon how well we can cooperate with one another. 3. I am afraid (that) I’ve made a mistake. (作动词的宾语) (作介词的宾语) (作形容词的宾语) 宾语从句中的―时态呼应‖与―否定转移‖ 若主句谓语动词为 think, consider, suppose, believe, expect, fancy, guess, imagine 等, 其后的 宾语从句若含有否定意义,一般要把否定词转移到主句谓语上,从句谓语用肯定式。例 如: He told me that he ____________ his job. (已经完成了工作) I think he won’t come here. I don’t think he will come here. 宾语从句中用 it 作形式宾语 We think it our duty that we should help others. 注意:如果主句中有形容词或名词作宾语补足语时,一般用 it 来作形式宾语,把从句放 在宾补后面。 我发现他两天之内完成工作是不可能的. I find it impossible that he can finish the work in two days. 1.I hate ____ when people talk with their mouths full. A. it A. / A.while A. we B. that B. it C. these C. that D. them D. how D.for D. them 代 词 有 who, 2. I feel ____ strange that he should be so careless. 3. It worried her a bit ____ her hair was turning grey. B. that C.if B. yourself C. it 4. Will you see to ____ that the luggage is brought back? 在 复合 句中 作主句 的表 语 . 引 导词有 连 词 that (that 不 可省 ),whether; what ,which;副词 when ,where, how, why 等.如:
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( (

) )

三、表语从句 1.问题是我们和他已失去联系. 2.这就是亨利怎么解决这个问题的. 3.天看起来要下雨了. The problem is_________________________________ This is____________________________. It looks____________________________. 试区分以下句子 Is this museum _______you visited? Is this the museum _______ you visited? Is this museum _____ 四、同位语从句 在句中起同位语的作用.一般放在名词 fact , news , idea , promise, thought , suggestion, belief, truth 等之后,用以说明或解释前面的名词.引导词有连词 that(不能省) ;少数情况下 也可用连接副词等.如 : 1.The thought that we might succeed excited us. 2.The idea that they should try a second time is worth considering. 3.The suggestion that the plan (should) be delayed will be discussed tomorrow. Exercises 1.Doris’ success lies in the fact ________ she is co -operative and eager to learn from others.(2006 上海春季) A. which A. that A. that into universities. A. while 考点归纳 I. 语序问题在名词性从句中,除了关联词在从句之首外,其它部分应用________的语
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_____ you visited?

B. that B. what B. which

C. when c. as c. of which

D. why D. which D. what

2.Do you have any idea_______ is actually going on in the classroom?(2005 辽宁) 3. There is a feeling in me ______ we’ll never know what a UFO is– not ever.(2002 上海) 4.Information has been put forward_______ more middle school graduates will be admitted B. that C. when D. as

序。 (1) They want to know _____ do to help us. A. what can they C. how they can A. where Alice had put C. where Alice has put A.who is he II.用 if 或 whether 填空 1. I don’t know _______ I’ll be free tomorrow. 2. I don’t know _______ or not I’ll be free tomorrow. 3. The question is ______ this book is worth writing. 4. It depends on ______ we will have enough money. 5. ______ they can do it matters little to us. 6._______ you are not free tomorrow , I’ll go without you III. that 与 whether / if 的选择: a.主语从句、表语从句、同位语从句、介词后面的宾语从句只能用________,不能用 if ; b.后面紧跟 or not 时, 用___________. (1) _____ knowledge comes from practice is known to all. What B. Where A. that C. If D. That (2) It makes no difference _____ our sports meet will be held this week or next week. B. either C. whether D. when (3) I doubt _____________ he will come soon. (4) I do not doubt _____________ he will come soon. (5) Do you doubt ____________ he will come soon? 表示是否时用__________,表示肯定时用_______ Ⅳ . that, what 引导名词性从句的区别 1._________ I can’t understand is why he has changed his mind. 2.___________ the earth is round is known to us all. 3. ______ he won the race was ______ we expected. _______只起连接作用,在从句中不充当任何成分,没有词义 _______起连接作用,且在 从句中充当主语,宾语或表语, 表示―所……的‖。
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B. what they can D. how can they B. where had Alice put D. where has Alice put B. who he is C. who is it D. who it is

(2) Can you make sure _____ the gold ring?

(3) Someone is ringing Mary. Go and see _____.

Ⅴ . what & whatever 、who & whoever、which & whichever 引导名词性从句的区别 1.___________ is worth doing is worth doing well. 2. __________we need is more time. 3.___________ made the long distance call to him is not important. 4.___________ breaks the law will be punished. ___________________等引导的名词性从句不含有疑问意义,相当于名词后加一个定语从 句,而___________________等引导的名词性从句都含有疑问意义。 1. It's generally considered unwise to give a child _______ he A.which A.which A.Anyone B. that B. that C. whatever C. whatever C. Those who or she wants. D. all what D. all what D. Those

2. These wild flowers are so special that I would do _______ I can to save them. 3. _____ kills, sells or eats wild animals or birds, is to blame. B. Anyone who Ⅵ . 名词性从句中的虚拟语气: He suggested that a meeting (should) be held immediately. It was suggested that a meeting (should) be held immediately. His suggestion was that a meeting (should) be held immediately. He made a suggestion that a meeting (should) be held immediately. 表示建议, 请求, 命令, 要求,坚持等的名词性从句中谓语动词用虚拟语气. 2.在主语从句中用来表示惊奇, 不相信,惋惜,理应如此等, 谓语动词用虚拟语气( should ) + do,常用句型有 1)It is necessary( important, natural, strange, etc) …… that…… 2) It is a pity( a shame, no wonder etc,) ……that…… e.g.It is strange that she (should) think so. 试区分以下句子 Do you know the fact that he stole the car? Do you know the fact that they were talking about? 注意:1. 如果是定语从句,它的从句肯定是不完整的,关系词肯定在句中充当成分的; 而同位语从句中的 that 只起连接作用。 2. 定语从句是对先行词起修饰作用,而同位语从句则解释说明前面名词的具体内 容。

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随堂练习 1.The question is ____the film is worth seeing. A. if A .which A .why; why C. why ; that A. What; why C. That; why A. That A. which B. where B. what B. when C. whether C. / B. why; because D. that; because B. Which; how D. What; because B. Whether C. what C. If D. that D. Even if D. how D .that 2.They received orders _____ the work be done at once. 3.The reason ____ I have to go is ____ my mother is ill in bed.

4. ___ I can’t understand is ___ she wants to change her mind.

5. ____ his dream of going to college will come true is uncertain. 6. It is known to us ___ where there is pollution, there is harm. 7. I have the information ____. A. of what he’ll come soon C. of that he’ll come soon --- ____ it made me nearly mad. A. That he broke C. He broke A. how B. that B. What he broke D. His break C. when D. what B. that he’ll come soon D. his coming soon

8. --- I saw your neighbor break your window with a basketball.

9.It remains a question ____ we can get so much money in such a short time. 10.--- Can I help you? --- Yes, do you know ____? A. when comes the bus C. when does the bus come A. that A. what; that C. what; when B. when will come the bus D. when the bus comes B. if B. it; that D. which; what
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11. He made a promise ___ anyone set him free he would make him very rich. C. what D. that if 12. They lost their way in the forest and ____ made matters worse was ___ night began to fall.

13.I hate ____ when people talk with their mouths full. A. it A. / A.while B. That B. it B. that C. these C. that C.if D. them D. how D.for 14. I feel ____ strange that he should be so careless. 15. It worried her a bit ____ her hair was turning grey.(MET92)

名词性从句专练 ①(绵阳诊断)It doesn't matter to me ________ I miss my train ,because there's another one later. A.that B.if C.unless D.when ②(北京东城区)________ Obama was elected president of the USA is a big success for the blacks in America. A./ B.That C.What D.As ③(北京)At first he hated the new job but decided to give himself a few months to see ________ it got any better. A.when B.How C.why D.if ④(2010·厦门双十中学)—Dad,I've finished my assignment. —Good,and ________ you play or watch TV,you mustn't disturb me. A.no matter B.whenever C.whatever D.whether ⑤(2006·江苏)We haven't settled the question of________it is necessary for him to study abroad. A.if B.where C.whether D.that ⑥Imagine you are in the situation,and discuss____ you should do something at once. A.that B.what C.if D.whether ⑦________ it is necessary to study the proposals for several more months before making a decision is to be debated. A.Whether B.If C.What D.That ⑧(北京西城区)—Hi,Peter.You seem to have gained a lot of weight. —Well,good food,not enough exercise.That's ________ I got fat. A.how B.when C.what D.whether ⑨(邢台模拟)________ student you are,you can't work out the problem in such a short time. A.Whatever clever B.However clever C.However clever a D.Whatever clever a
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⑩(湖南)She is very dear to us.We have been prepared to do ________ it takes to save her life. A.whichever B.however C.whatever D.whoever ?(2006· 山东)________ team wins on Saturday will go through to the national championships. A.No matter what B.No matter which C.Whatever D.Whichever ?(2010· 潍坊测试)________,you'll never be able to persuade him. A.No matter how good advice you give B.However good advice do you give C.No matter what good you give advice D.Whatever good advice you give ?(2010· 浙江三校联考)I'm stuck with this problem;you may ask _______knows better than I. A.anyone B.no matter who C.who D.whoever ?(北京宣武区)________ annoyed him most was that he had received no apology. A.How B.Why C.What D.Which ?(2006· 浙江)________ is our belief that improvements in health care will lead to a stronger , more prosperous economy. A.As B.That C.This D.It ?(北京崇文区)________ really makes me angry when I see people dropping litter. A.That B.As C.What D.It ?(2008· 成都)Albert Einstein is said ________to play the violin in order to relax himself when tired. A.to have learnt B.to be learning C.to learn D.learning ?(2010· 抚顺六校二模拟)________ was known to us all that Johnson had broken his promise ________ he would give each of us a small gift. A.As; which B.What; that C.It; that D.It; which ?(湖南浏阳一中)The data shows ________ successful people have in common is ________ they have perseverance. A.that that; that B.that what; that C.what that; what D.all that; because ?(2007· 湖南)Having checked the doors were closed,and ________all the lights were off,the boy opened the door to his bedroom. A.why B.that C.when D.where 21、 (桂平模拟) — Fangfang seems lost in thought over there. —Yes,she is thinking ________ she will work in Beijing or in her hometown after graduation. A.that B.whether C.which D.how 22、 (成都检测)While traveling in Sichuan, you can't miss ________ people call “The National Treasure”—Giant Panda. A.that B.it C.what D.which 23、 (2006·全国)Please remind me________ he said he was going.I may be in time to see him off.
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A.where B.when C.how D.what 24、 (2005·重庆)The old lady's hand shook frequently.She explained to her doctor________ this shaking had begun half a year before,and________,only because of this,she had been forced to give up her job. A.when; how B.how; when C.how; how D.why; why 25、 (湖南湘潭中学)When she was awake,she found that she was standing on ________ seemed to be a piece of stone. A.that B.which C.what D.it 26、 (2010·湖南师大附中)Getting good marks is about ________ to prepare for and to write exams but not just about ________ facts you know. A.what; what B.how; that C.how; what D.what; which 27、 (福州八中)The suit fitted him well ________ the color was a little brighter. A.except for B.except that C.except when D.besides that 28、Advertising is distinguished from other forms of communication ________ the advertiser pays for the message to be delivered. A.in that B.in which C.in order that D.in the way 29、 (柳州模拟)After ________ seemed an endless wait,it was his turn to have the interview. A.what B.that C.when D.which 30、 (2006· 湖南)With his work completed, the businessman stepped back to his seat, feeling pleased________ he was a man of action. A.which B.that C.what D.whether 31、 ( 浙江台州中学 )The reason ________ Sun Haiping explained ________ Liu Xiang's quitting the competition was ________ Liu's leg hurt badly. A.why; to; that B.why; for; that C.that; for; because D.that; for; that 32、 (2008 ·桂林十八中 )Great changes have taken place in that factory.It is no longer ________ it was 20 years ago,________ it was so poorly equipped. A.what; when B.that; which C.what; which D.which; that 33、 (启东中学)—You see,I'm poor in maths;you are not good at English,and... —That's ________ we should help each other. A.when B.where C.how D.what 34、 (南通调研)A warm thought suddenly came to me ________ I might substitute the hero to buy some flowers for his mother's 60th birthday. A.if B.when C.That D.which 35、 (浙江)—Is there any possibility ________ you could pick me up at the airport? —No problem. A.when B.that C.whether D.what
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36、 (江西)The fact has worried many scientists ________ the earth is becoming warmer and warmer these years. A.what B.which C.that D.though 37、 (四川)News came from the school office ________ Wang Lin had been admitted to Bejing University. A.which B.what C.that D.where 38 、 ( 江西名 校信息 卷 )The moment ________ Leo will never forget is ________ Mr.Green gave him a lot of valuable advice on how to improve his writing. A./; when B.that; that C.when; that D.when; where 39、(晋江联考)The news came,as expected,________ my cousin was chosen to be a foreign aid doctor to go to Africa where people are suffering a lot from AIDS. A.it B.that C.what D.which 40、 (陕西质检)Our suggestion is that the central bank ________ the interest rate for a second time. A.not raise B.doesn't raise C.won't raise D.shan't raise Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—His parents try to do everything for him. —That's ________ they are mistaken. A.where B.when C.how D.wherever 2.________ I know about this competition is that it is held every two years. A.That B.What C.As D.How 3.Word has gone around ________ more university graduates will be employed by the company. A.what B.which C.that D.whether 4.After months of voyage,Columbus arrived in_______later proved a new continent. A.where B.what C.which D.that 5.The book will be given to ________ wins the first prize. A.anyone B.who C.whoever D.whomever 6.In his letter was his promise ________ he would spend the Christmas Eve with me. A.that B.what C.which D.whether 7.Confidence and efforts are ________ the international community needs now to counter the on?going financial crisis. A.why B.that C.what D.when 8.Many people agree that ________ there is a wall,there is a door. A.in which B.where C.which D.that
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9. California police discovered five people died in ________ they said appeared to be a murder. A.that B.what C.where D.which 10. My consideration is ________ the financial crisis(危机)in the USA will heavily influence China. A.which B.if C.what D.why 11.(2010·长春调研)________ you have picked up,you must give it back to ________ it belongs to. A.Whatever; whoever B.What; no matter who C.No matter what; no matter who D.Whatever; no matter who 12.A strange thing suddenly occurred to me in my childhood.It was ______I was ten. A.while B.when C.as D.until 13.America was ________ was first called“India”by Columbus. A.that B.where C.what D.the place 14.The professor in the end decided to give the prize to ________ he believed had a good command of English. A.who B.anyone C.whoever D.whomever 15.Nowadays teachers tend to be more dependent on ________ is thought to be a great teaching aid——the computer. A.that B.which C.what D.as 16.She has been in ________ doctors describe as a vegetative(植物的)state for six years. A.what B.which C.that D.how 17.Determination is a kind of basic quality and is ________ it takes to do jobs well. A.what B.that C.which D.why 18.—It's thirty years since we last met. —But I still remember the story,believe it or not,______we got lost on a rainy night. A.which B.that C.what D.when 19.A man who purchased ________ he thought was an expensive dog was shocked to learn recently that this pet was actually an arctic fox. A.that B.which C.it D.what

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