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高考英语复习课件:选修7Unit1《Living well》(新人教版)

选修7 Unit 1 Living well
短文填空 On the morning of April 18,1906,a terrible earthquake hit San

Francisco, destroying almost the whole city and causing a fire that

lasted for three days.The author writes about the human drama. Following (follow) more than 100 different characters over several

days,he shows some of the extreme courage in those days,such as
the tired firefighters who fought the fires.This new book,appearing exactly 95 years after the disaster,should be very popular with

people who like reading about disasters,particularly those who
enjoy the thrill of reading about danger from the safety of their favourite reading chair.


The same flower has different fate when put in different situations. When there is protection,the flower blooms beautifully.However,when exposed directly to rain and storm, the flower quickly withers.

Greenhouse flowers cannot withst and rain and storm.The same is true with our

children.The more protection they get from their parents,
the less ability they acquire. 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词左右的小短文?


1.It seems that nothing can stop him from achieving his D to
make his mark in the world. A.conclusion B.challenge C.dignity D.Ambition

2.His A from home for such a long period of time might have
contributed to his son’s addiction to the Internet. A.absence B.conduct C.occupation D.Tradition

3.I was very D with John because he promised to help me,
and then he did not. A.suspected B.exposed C.admired D.annoyed

4.The survey B last week is aimed at finding out how many

people prefer western food.
A.committed C.guaranteed be C . A.resigned B.abused C.abolished D.attempted B.conducted D.transformed

5.There are many bad customs and laws that I think ought to

6.Many people consider a dog to be a very pleasant C for
their old age. A.certificate B.fellow C.companion D.community

7.Despite his cries,no one came to his D .
A.service B.approval C.survival D.assistance

8.There is more than A rain this year,so some parts of the
country have been flooded. A.adequate B.absolute C.desperate D.Awkward 9.Frank put the medicine in the top drawer to make sure it would not be A to the kids. A.accessible sale. A.access B.profit C.entry D.benefit B.clumsy C.steady D.Sensitive 10.He sold his house last week and made a B of $3,000 on the


in other words;out of breath;in particular;have access to;
have trouble;sit around;meet with;bump into;at a time; in comfort

1.By the roadside several young girls were sitting around
looking bored. 2.No matter what difficulty you meet with ,you must carry

out your plan.
3.The little boy tossed the peanuts into his mouth one at a time . 4.The bus bumped into the back of the car.Luckily nobody was hurt.

5.I like to travel in comfort ,so I always go first class on the ship.

6.Many divorced fathers only have access to their children
at weekends. 7.They asked him to leave—in other words ,he was fired.

8.Is there anything in particular you’d like for dinner?
9.He’s been having trouble making himself understood in English.

10.We were out of breath halfway up the mountain.

1. As well as going to the movies and football matches (除了 去看电影和足球比赛之外) with my friends,I spend a lot of time with my pets.(well) 2.Just accept them for who they are and give them encouragement to live as rich and full a life (过丰富充 实的生活) as you do.(live) 3.For disabled customers it would be more convenient to place the toilets near the entrance to the cinema (把卫生 间放在影院入口处附近).(entrance)

1.In fact,I used to dream about D professional football and possibly representing my country in the World Cup.


B.would play C.to play D.Playing

2.Even after all that,no one could give my disease a name and it is difficult to know B the future holds. A.how for myself. A.to feel B.felt C.feeling D.feel 4.To look after my pets properly takes a lot of time but I find A worthwhile. A.it B.them C.myself D.what B.what C.that D.when 3.I have a very busy life with no time to sit around C sorry

5.I’d like to suggest that the seat at the back C higher than

those at the front.
A.was placed C.be placed B.would be placed D.is placed

1.adapt v. 使适应;使适合;改编 搭配adapt (oneself) to.../be adapted to...适应……;适合……

be adapted for被改编成 The children are finding it hard to adapt to their new school.孩子


It took him a while to adapt himself to his new surroundings.他

This book is adapted to children.这书适合儿童。

Three of her novels have been adapted for television.她的长篇
小说中有三部已改编成电视节目。 链接adjust (oneself) to适应 be suited to适应,适合

2.annoy vt. 使……不悦;惹恼 The way Tina orders us around really annoys me. 蒂娜把我们差来遣去的做法真让我恼火。 It annoyed him that the model didn’t fit together properly. 使他懊恼的是这个样品安装不上。 拓展 annoyed adj. 略感烦恼的;生气的 annoying adj. 令人略感心烦的;烦人的 She was annoyed with Duncan for forgetting to phone. 邓肯忘了打电话让她很生气。 It’s annoying that we didn’t know about this before. 令人恼火的是,我们事先并不知道。

3.access n. 接近;进入;接近的方法;利用的权利或机会 提示 access 通常与介词 to 搭配。 The only access to the farmhouse is across the fields. 去那农舍的惟一通路是穿过田野。 Access to the papers is restricted to Defense Department personnel only. 只有国防部人员可以接触这些文件。 搭配 have/get/gain access to 进入;接近;利用 You need a password to get access to the computer system. 使用这个计算机系统需要口令。 Many divorced fathers only have access to their children at weekends. 很多离婚的父亲只有在周末才有权见到自己的孩子。

4.congratulate vt. 祝贺;庆贺

搭配 congratulate sb.on/upon sth. 祝贺某人……
She congratulated me warmly on my exam results. 她热烈祝贺我考试取得好成绩。

I warmly congratulated her on this great discovery.
我热烈祝贺她的这一伟大发现。 句型 congratulate sb.on doing/having done sth. 祝贺某人做了某事 congratulate oneself on doing/having done sth. 庆幸自己做了某事 The authors are to be congratulated on producing such a clear and authoritative work. 向创作出这样一部具有权威性又清晰易懂的作品的作者 们表示祝贺。

I congratulated myself on having escaped being hurt. 我庆幸自己没有受伤。 congratulation n. 祝贺;祝词;恭喜 提示 congratulation 一般用复数形式。

You have passed the test? Congratulations!
你通过测试啦?祝贺你! Please accept my sincere congratulations on your marriage. 谨以至诚祝贺你们喜结良缘。 链接 celebrate 庆祝,歌颂

1.in other words 换言之;换句话说

In other words,they were surprisingly good humoured.
换言之,他们特别幽默。 I soon found that the work I was doing had already been done by someone else—in other words,I was wasting my time.我很快发现我正在做的工作已有人做过了,也就是 说,我在浪费时间。 拓展 in words 用语言 in a/one word 总之 with these words 说完这些话后就……

She couldn’t express her feelings in words.
她无法用语言表达她的情感。 In a word,I think he is innocent.

With these words,he left the room hurriedly. 说完这些话后,他就匆忙离开了房间。 2.make fun of 取笑 It’s cruel to make fun of people who stammer. 嘲笑口吃的人未免不近人情. People make fun of her because she always speaks foolishly. 人们嘲笑她,因为她常说傻话。

3.cut out 切去;省略;停止(做某事)
Go over it and cut out the paragraph unnecessary for the essay.读一遍,把论文中不必要的段落删掉。

If you cut out the drink you’d feel much healthier.
如果你戒酒,就会觉得身体好得多。 The plane was coming onto land when one of its engines

suddenly cut out.
飞机降落时,突然一只引擎停了。 4.sit around 闲坐;无所事事

We used to just sit around for hours talking about the
meaning of life. 我们过去常常一坐几个小时,讨论生活的意义。

It is lucky for some people,who can sit around with

nothing to do,while I do all the work.
有些人很幸运,他们可以坐在那儿没事干,而我却什 么都得干。

5.meet with 遇到;经历;会晤
The senator’s suggestions met with widespread disapproval. 参议员的建议遭到了普遍反对。

They’re meeting with Russian leaders to try to end the
crisis. 他们正在会晤俄罗斯领导人,试图解决这场危机。

1.I am happy to have found many things I can do,like writing and computer programming.我很高兴我能做 许多事情,比如写作和电脑编程。 【要点指南】 be happy to have done sth.意为“很高兴 做了某事”。形容词后接动词不定式的完成式是很常 见的语法现象,表示动作已经完成。 I am so happy to have found such a quiet place to settle in. 找到这么一个安静的地方居住我真是高兴。 The boy was proud to have behaved so well at the party. 这男孩因在晚会上表现很出色而感自豪。

I’m sorry to have woken you up last night.

It was kind of him to have given us so much help. 非常感谢他给予我们这么多的帮助。

2.Earphones for people who have trouble hearing.给有听
力障碍的人提供耳机。 【要点指南】 have trouble (in) doing sth.和 have trouble with sth. 是两个固定句式,意为“做某事 有困难”。 Do you have any trouble in writing these letters? 你写这些信有什么困难吗? So we had no trouble in finding his house. 因此我们毫不费劲地找到了他的家。

Whenever we have trouble with our studies,our teachers

help us patiently.
每逢我们在学习上遇到困难,老师总是耐心辅导。 链接 have difficulty (in) doing 做……有困难 have a hard time (in) doing 做……很艰难 there is difficulty in doing 做……有困难

It is difficult to do 做……很困难
find it difficult to do 发现做……有困难

【方法技巧】 主题句在文章的开头。此后,作者用摆事实、罗列数据 等方式来论证主题。据说,有60%多的英文文章的主题句 在开头处。所以我们在阅读时要特别注意开头处的一两句

【实例验证】 Television is addictive.For example,when a set breaks,

most families rush to have it repaired,often renting one if
the repair process takes longer than a day or two.When

on TV”,people experience boredom with their lives,not
knowing what to do with themselves.Perhaps the best example of television addiction was an experiment in Germany,where 184 volunteers did well,reporting that they were spending more time with their children,reading and visiting friends.Then,within a month,tension, restlessness and quarrelling increased.Not one volunteer lasted more than five months without a television set.Once

the sets were on again,people lost their anxieties and
returned to normal.

◆The main idea of this passage is that ________. A.many people have fallen victims to television addiction

B.most families can not go without a TV set even for a
couple of days C.without exciting TV programs to entertain them,

people will feel bored
D.none of the 184 volunteers could last more than 5 months without TV sets 答案:A

【实践应用】 There is a simple economic rule used to determine prices. It is called the law of supply and demand.Supply means the amount of

certain goods.Demand stands for the number of people who want
those goods.If there are more goods than wanted,the prices of them fall. On the other hand,if the demand for those goods is much greater

than the supply,then the prices rise.
◆Which title can best express the main idea of the passage? A.Economic rules B.Law of supply and demand C.More goods,lower prices D.Fewer goods,higher prices 答案:A


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