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我为词狂 2015 版 章节 1 单词记忆方法篇 章节 2 A /?/ ? am an at cat bat fat glad dad map mat lamp hat bag 1. jam cap mat mad pat sad tap van ant as jacket rat can ? panda fan ham gas apple and animal any 1. a

bsent answer athlete atmosphere ? astronaut actor adult activity accident 章节 3 A /?/ 1. action angry add adverb ? advertise act actor apply 1. application active

中考核心词汇 ? ago amazing




album actress

章节 6 B [b] ? back bathroom bedroom behind blanket ? building ball banana basketball biscuit ? blackboard bookcase bottle bread box ? brother buy by backache bad beautiful ? bee beauty begin better British brush ? busy butterfly ball pen balloon bear ? bike blue bookmark breakfast brown bus 章节 7 B [b] ? but bye because best both bookshop ? beach before beside bird birthday blow ? badminton born beef between boring ? boot bowl borrow baby balcony bank ? barbecue bark basket bath bathroom ? beach beside belong bicycle bite blanket ? bone bottom brave bridge bright bring

章节 4 A [? ] 1. about along address American America ? again away advice advise appear ? arrive attack alive agree absorb ? allow announce arrest attend attract ? awake available around aloud accept ? achieve achievement arrival abroad ? advantage asleep affect afford among 章节 5 A [? ] ? arrange attract ? attraction afraid

arrangement attention ability above across

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章节 8 B [b] ? brush build dd building burn bush bald blind 1. blindness break business by the way battery ? bend border bamboo baseball 南区:白雪电器对面 瑞丽医院对面 82358640

我为词狂 2015 版 beak bear 1. become beginning believe birdwatcher ? birth block body bomb brick ? broad buddy background balance ballet 章节 9 B [b] ? base behaviour beyond bleed ? blood blonde bookworm breathe ? breath broadcast bull butterfly


blame boss

中考核心词汇 conference ? connect contact control countryside ? course create cultural cure curtain ? cute carbon dioxide cave certain ? coin commander compare complain ? complaint conduct consist contribution


章节 10 C [k] ? calm cancer career cause characteristic ? clone climate college comedy coming ? communication concert confident ? confirm consider cooking courage ? cover cowboy crab creative crime 章节 11 C [k] ? criminal cruel curious caller calm ? camping cause clear climber climbing ? cloud coach comfortably common ? competition condition continue correct ? correctly crash camera carry case castle 章节 12 C [k] ? clap

章节 13 C [k] ? contribute copy couple crowd crowded ? culture currency cage calendar call camel ? camp campfire can capital cardboard ? care careful careless cashier catch ? close coffee collect corner cook count 章节 14 C [k] ? country crazy cross crossroads cupboard ? cabbage calorie candle candy card carrot ? Coke clip clever cold colourful cough comfortable cost cool costume cotton ? couch court cry cut club character cartoon 章节 15 C [t? ] ? change chat cheap chocolate choose ? chairman chalk chase cheer cheerful ? child chip channel charity 南区:白雪电器对面 瑞丽医院对面 82358640

conclusion 七颗星英语北区:黄河路 18 号 82358957 转 801


我为词狂 2015 版 ? check chess charge charm choice charming cheese

中考核心词汇 development ? dictionary disabled dolphin donation ? download dump duty daylight daytime 章节 20 D [d] ? degree delicious destroy direction disaster ? discuss dishonest diving dollar dove drama drop dare deal decision ? deep detective devote diamond diary ? dairy difference direct director disappear 章节 21 D [d] ? disagree disturb disturbing disturbed ? documentary doorway doubt 章节 22 E [e] ? effort elegant end ending enemy energetic engineer enter envy evidence ? extra editor everyone everywhere education educate elderly endless ? ever excellent exhibition emperor 章节 23 E [e] ? engineer engineering entertainment ? everyday exploration edge elephant ? empty entrance everybody everything ? exit exercise


章节 16 C [s] ? center centimeter city cycling certificate ? century cinema cycle certain celebrate ? 章节 17 D [d] ? dear dinner doctor dentist dance day drive ? diamond door duck different dragonfly ? desk do does dog doll draw dress drink ? danger dangerous date December delicious ? diary did doorbell dumpling dancer 章节 18 D [d] ? dark design diet difficult difficulty discount ? dislike disagree district donate dragon ? drawing decide determine die dead dining ? dinosaur dirty dirt dish down dream ? during desert develop digital disadvantage 章节 19 D [d] ? discussion discuss dried dry drug dustbin ? dynasty daily deaf delight describe designer dessert detail 七颗星英语北区:黄河路 18 号 82358957 转 801

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我为词狂 2015 版 章节 24 E [i:] ? each easy eat east even eastern either ? evil easily equal equally easy-going 章节 25 E [i] ? effect emergency experienced explain ? expression encourage eraser exam ? exciting experience especially event ? excitement electronic enjoy enjoyable ? exchange explore explorer example ? enough excited expensive 章节 26 F [f] ? face fashion fast February feel festival ? film finally finish firework first fish fit ? fly food free Friday fruit fun fact fail ? far farewell feather feed few field ? fifth fight fire flat follow following 章节 27 F [f] ? footbridge forget fork forward fourth ? friendly frighten frightened frog full ? fur fashionable fill fix flag flight float ? force forecast Frenchman furniture factory ? fan fantastic feeling file 七颗星英语北区:黄河路 18 号 82358957 转 801

中考核心词汇 first-aid 章节 28 F [f] ? fitness fountain fresh free function ? fund fund-raising further fact fall famous ? fare farm farmland farmer fat fear female final finish fireman flood fog foggy foreign forest form fox frosty future 章节 29 F [f] ? fair familiar far farther farthest film ? fingerprint firstly fitting room forgive ? formal free friendship 章节 30 G [g] ? game show growth guilty gun gunshot ? good-looking greeting greet group guidebook guy gift goal goods grammar ? grandchild gather gravity greatness ? guitar garden gate glad golden fish


章节 31 G [g] ? grade ground grow guide ghost glasses ? goal grandparent great gray 章节 32 G [d? ] ? geography giraffe gentleman ? general generous



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我为词狂 2015 版 章节 33 H [h] ? habit habitat hairdresser handbag hardly ? harmony heat heavily honor horror humorous humanitarian half-time hall ? handsome health healthy hearing hectare ? height hero hide-and-seek highway hiking 章节 34 H [h] ? hit hobby home page honest hooked ? humour hunter hurry handwriting hang ? harm harmful harmless headache helpless ? hike hill homeless hopeless host husband ? healthily heavenly helmet helper highlight 章节 35 H [h] ? hire hopefully huge human ham happen ? happily hard-working hear herself hey ? hide himself history hold hometown ? hospital hotel housework hunt hurt ? Halloween hamburger hard hate health 章节 36 H [h] ? heavy helpful high hobby holiday homework hope hot hour however ? hungry 七颗星英语北区:黄河路 18 号 82358957 转 801

中考核心词汇 章节 37 I [ai] ? ice cream idea iron icon ideal ? ice skating bike like hike time site ? mice dice hi Chinese China dime 章节 38 I [i] ? impolite importance important impossible ? including incorrect inside instead interest ? Internet irregular itself if imaginative ? imagination immediately impatient ? inactive import industry influence


章节 39 I [i] ? informal insist involved improve improvement in all in fact include indeed ? international interview interviewer introduce invent invention itchy image ? imagine in addition Indian into introduction 章节 40 I [i] ? its in front of interesting ? invite invitation


章节 41 J [d? ] ? January jeans juice July June just ? join journey jump jungle job jealous 南区:白雪电器对面 瑞丽医院对面 82358640

6 我为词狂 2015 版 中考核心词汇 ? jewelry jogging joke joy ? lazy leather lemon lesson joyful letter library ? lifestyle like lion list little 章节 42 location K [k] ? long look forward to lots of ? kidnap kidnapper kidnapping luck kangaroo ? lunchtime ? kill kilometer keyboard kid 章节 47 Korean ? kung fu king ring kick M [m] kilogram kind ? mail mango March mask ? keep kilo kitchen master match ? material Maths May maybe 章节 43 meal meat KN [n] ? meeting meet member ? know knife knowledge knock Mid-autumn knee ? midnight milk minute model modern 章节 44 ? Monday money Monkey King L [l] moon cake ? lady language last leaf least 章节 48 length lift ? lightning litter loss loud M [m] loudly low luckily ? more much music must madam ? lucky laboratory latest law market lawyer lead ? mean memory memorize ? leader lemonade lifetime live meter middle lively lamb leaflet lend level ? might million miss monitor line lonely lost month ? moon more than most move 章节 45 museum L [l] ? mainly manage mankind ? look down on land landscape man-made laser laundry 章节 49 ? leap licence lie lifespan light bulb M [m] ? literature ladder lake lap ? mathematics mention mess last later mile ? laugh lay learn leave left leg ? mirror mission magic march less life mark marriage married Mars ? likely loaf local lose meaning meaningful medical lantern large medicine menu ? microphone mobile mostly 章节 46 motorcycle L [l] 七颗星英语北区:黄河路 18 号 82358957 转 801 南区:白雪电器对面 瑞丽医院对面 82358640

我为词狂 2015 版 章节 50 M [m] ? mountain mouse mad medium mental ? message millionaire million mistake ? modest mood mourn murder murderer ? mystery magazine main male manners ? math medal medicine metal mice mind 章节 51 M [m] ? miss mixed mobile phone model mom ? moment monkey mop more movement ? movie musical myself 章节 52 N [n] ? natural nature nearly neat nervous ? nicely noisy noon northern nothing ? nowhere necklace nomination normally ? notice novel news national naval navy ? net nod network normal need neighbour

中考核心词汇 章节 54 O [? u] ? open over owner overall ocean ? only overcoat



章节 55 O [? ] ? off online object obviously occupation ? offer oil officer operate operation ? opposite oxygen October often 章节 56 O ? [? :] order organize organization organized ? [? ] other otherwise ? [? ] opinion object ? [au] outdoor outside outgoing out 章节 57 P [p] ? painting palace paper parrot path ? paw pea personality pet piano picnic ? piece pity pizza plant plate play poisonous police pollution pool postcard ? pour practise prepare printer problem

章节 53 N [n] 章节 58 ? never Never mind. newspaper next P [p] ? noodle note notebook ? pull push packet paint pair November pardon part ? name nearby necessary neck ? partner pay peanut person nineteen pink place ? ninety ninth nobody noise ? plan player point polite poor none north popular ? north-east north-west ? pork poster potato power 七颗星英语北区:黄河路 18 号 82358957 转 801 南区:白雪电器对面 瑞丽医院对面 82358640

我为词狂 2015 版 ? practice pretty pack price principal pumpkin

章节 59 P [p] ? pagoda paper cut particular percentage ? physics pill pilot planet polluted population post pride professor package ? pancake paragraph pass patient perfect ? perform performer phone pie pocket 章节 60 P [p] ? pocket money point poison pollute ? pop postman present primary princess ? print process produce producer profile ? program programme properly proud ? public punish purple purpose pale 章节 61 P [p] ? peace peacefully perhaps personal ? photography physical ping-pong ? pink pleasure plenty popcorn powerful ? practical prefer present prison prize ? probably progress project promise 章节 62 P [p] ? protect

中考核心词汇 punctuation ? purity pack paper clip parade per ? percent performance pleasant pleasure ? polar possible post practice presentation ? president prevent printer provide pyramid 章节 63 QU [kw] ? quietly quality quarrel queue question ? questionnaire quite quiet quick quickly


章节 64 R [r] ? rabbit racket railway rain recommend ? remember repeat report reporter ? result rhyme ride right ring river ? road robber round route row rubbish bin ? rude rush raise reading ready really 章节 65 R [r] ? reason red packet restaurant rice ? roller skating rubber run radium raise ? region religion rice cooker robot ? rock and roll rubbish ruler radio rainy ? reach realize recent recently record 章节 66 R [r]
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prove 七颗星英语北区:黄河路 18 号 82358957 转 801


? ? ? ? ?

reduce control research restart rich ride rise role roller coaster race rainbow rather realistic refuse regularly relationship relaxed remind reply represent require

我为词狂 2015 版 regards relax remote

中考核心词汇 squirrel ? stomach storm stripe subject summertime


章节 70 S [s] ? sunset survive ? swallow

support swan


章节 67 R [r] ? review revise reward right risk rob ? robber robbery romantic rub rain forest ? rainstorm rare reader real receive remove report reserve rest return ? roast rock roll round runner 章节 68 S [s] ? sad sadly sandstorm science scream ? seagull secondary secret sell senior ? sense serious sew shake shaking ? shelter signal simply since sincerely ? singer situation skiing sky slight 章节 69 S [s] ? slim smart smell smiling snail snake ? snowball snowman snowstorm soccer ? social softball softly soldier solve song ? space sparrow special square 七颗星英语北区:黄河路 18 号 82358957 转 801

章节 71 T [t] ? table tennis taste tasty teenager ? temperature tennis terrible test ? themselves therefore thick thin thirsty ? thunder ticket timetable tonight tourist ? traffic train true tusk typhoon 章节 72 T [t] ? take part in take place team spirit ? telephone television theme three-D ? throw tie till times title toothbrush ? topic total tough tour tower trail ? train training transport traveller 章节 73 T [t] ? treasure treat treatment trunk turn ? type take tale talent talented task ? teen teenage text therapy though 南区:白雪电器对面 瑞丽医院对面 82358640

? ?

我为词狂 2015 版 中考核心词汇 thought throughout tight ? up-to-date ugly umbrella toothache unhealthy truth tank tent tiring truly ? unlucky unpleasant upstairs tail take unable 章节 78 U [? ] ? uncomfortable uncommon unfriendly ? unimportant unnecessary unpopular ? unwelcome upright unhelpful 章节 79 U [ju:] ? use useful useless usual used usage ? unique university UFO usually uniform


章节 74 T [t] ? take care of teach term terrible than ? theater third thoughtful thousand ? throne through tidy tin tiptoe ? toilet tomorrow tortoise towards ? town traffic travel trouble try tunnel 章节 75 T [t] ? turning TV set twelfth twentieth twin ? talk taxi taxi rank tea Teachers' Day ? team teddy bear Thanksgiving Day ? then through Thursday tie time tired ? together tomato tooth top traditional 章节 76 T [t] ? train trainer Tuesday ? turkey turn

章节 80 V [v] ? valley various variety vehicle virus vegetable visit visitor vitamin volleyball ? van video valuable value victim viewer ? verse vest vet vine violin vocabulary ? voice voluntary volunteer vacation

章节 81 V [v] W [w] twice ? victim view village vote ? warning wash wear weather 章节 77 wet wetland U [? ] ? while whole wild wildlife ? understand underground wildly willing ungrateful ? wind windy winner wolf ? unhappy unkind until unusual wonder worm unknown ? worse worst writer wand ? unless untidy unfair war waste unhappiness ? wave weekday whale widely 七颗星英语北区:黄河路 18 号 82358957 转 801 南区:白雪电器对面 瑞丽医院对面 82358640 treat trick trip

我为词狂 2015 版 ? wife wine wise witch worksheet within without

中考核心词汇 sincerely ? yesterday youths faithfully yourself ? yourselves youth yet yummy


章节 82 W [w] ? wanted warmth website wedding ? weekly well-known well-paid western ? whether wisdom witness worried ? worth would rather waiter wake up ? warm way weak weigh weight 章节 83 W [w] ? western while whisper whole wide will ? win window ledge wing wooden word ? work work of art worry write waterfall ? whatever wheel wherever wait wake ? walk walking Walkman wallet water 章节 84 W [w] ? way wear Wednesday week weekend ? well west when why what who whom ? which will winter wish wonderful ? wool world would wow writing paper

章节 86 X Z [z] ? zoo zip zookeeper zebra zero ? zebra crossing ? X-ray 名词后缀 Suffix Meaning Example -acy state or quality privacy -al act or process of refusal -ance, -ence state or quality of maintenance, eminence -dom place or state of being freedom, kingdom -er, -or one who trainer, protector -ism doctrine, belief communism -ist one who chemist -ity, -ty quality of veracity -ment condition of argument -ness state of being heaviness -ship position held fellowship -sion, -tion state of being concession, transition 动词后缀-ate become eradicate -en become enlighten -ify, -fy make or become terrify -ize, -ise become civilize 形容词后缀 -able, -ible capable of being edible, presentable -al pertaining to regional -esque reminiscent of picturesque -ful notable for fanciful -ic, -ical pertaining to musical, mythic -ious, -ous characterized by nutritious, portentous -ish having the quality of fiendish -ive having the nature of creative -less without endless -y healthy wealthy
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章节 85 Y [j] ? year

young yours 七颗星英语北区:黄河路 18 号 82358957 转 801




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