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Reading (II)

Teaching goals
1. Get to know more about Canada: Toronto and Montreal. 2. Learn some words and ex

pressions in the reading passage.

I. Find the correct word for each of the following meanings. 1. ___________ a plant with many thin bush branches growing up from the ground 2. ___________ to show that something is confirm definitely true, especially by providing more proof wealthy 3. ___________ rich; having a lot of money, possessions, etc

I. Find the correct word for each of the
following meanings.

4. _________ downtown to or in the centre or main business area of a town or city approximately 5. _______________ close to a particular number or time although not exactly that number or time 6. __________ distance the amount of space between two places or things

II. Find the phrases in the reading passage. 1. 游览这个城市_____________________ go on a tour of the city in the distance 2. 在远处 ________________________ 3. 加顶的大型运动场 _________________ the covered stadium chat with/have a chat with 4. 与……聊天_______________________ at dawn the next morning 5. 第二天黎明时分___________________ go downtown 6. 去市区___________________________




Step I Warming up

ouver Calgary Vancouver Calgary

Thunder Bay


maple trees

CN Tower

Toronto from the CN Tower.

Niagara Falls


Montreal 蒙特利尔是加拿大第二大城市和世界

Olympic stadium

Old Montreal

St. Lawrence River

Step II Fast reading Fill in the blanks according to the A order things happened.
the next morning they saw ________ beautiful maple trees and realized that fall had come. the train left.

around noon ____ they arrived in Toronto. late that night

at ______ dawn the next morning the afternoon

they arrived in_________. Montreal in the lovely ______ shops and visiting the artists ______ in their workplaces beside the water.

the night

the train was speeding down to the__________. east coast

--- thebiggest _____ most wealthy __________ city

CN Tower Scenery 1 ____________
Niagara Fall Scenery2 _____________ covered stadium Scenery 3_____________ Chinatown Scenery4 _____________ French Language ____________

They spent the afternoon in _______________ Montreal --- lovely shops, visiting artists ________________ Lawrence River a city with Scenery St ________ wonderful restaurants French Culture&tradition __________ clubs and _____

The next morning the maple _______and ______ bushes trees outside their windows were red, gold and orange, frost and there was _____ on the ground, confirming ________ that fall had arrived in Canada.

2. How do we know it is fall in Canada?
We know it is fall in Canada because the maple trees are red and gold and orange, and there is frost on the ground.

Toronto is

biggest and most the ______ _______ wealthy city in Canada.

2.What can sometimes be seen from the CN Tower in Toronto?
The misty _________that cloud ____ rose from the great Niagara Falls.

the CN Tower.

Niagara Falls

3. Where does the water from the lake go?

The water from the lake goes into ____________ the Niagara
the falls the sea River and over ________on ______ its way to_______.

4.Why is there good Cantonese food in Toronto? Chinatown Because most of the Chinese people there come from the South China, especially Hong Kong.

Cantonese food

1. At the station, people everywhere were French speaking ________. signs and ____ ads in French, There are ______ but some of them had English words in smaller letters. ____ 2. Why did the girls go to the Old Montreal? They went to see the lovely shops and the artists./Because it is close to the water.

3.What three things show us that Montreal is a French city? Good _______, coffee good bread and music Good _______; Also ______________ the signs and ads are in French.

Draw out their whole route across Canada.

7.Which direction is the train going from Toronto?
The train is going east (northeast) from Toronto.

Rocky Mts. Montreal Vancouver Calgary


Step IV Retelling of the text
They knew fall had arrived in Canada, for they saw maple _____ trees and frost the red _____ ____ on the ground. In CN Tower Toronto, they went up the tall ___ _____. On top of it they saw the misty cloud that rose from the great _____ Niagara _______Falls ____ . As they walked north from the harbour, Li Daiyu phoned one of her mother’s friends from a telephone booth It was a pity that they couldn’t go ________ _____. as arrived ____ in Montreal __far __ as __ Ottawa. The train _______ at __ dawn _____the next morning. They found Montreal is a French-speaking _______________ country because there were signs and ads in French.

Step V Language Study
1. The families who have lived in Canada for a long time are usually all mixed up. (P37,L27) 住在加拿大很长时间的家庭经常混淆。 【品句悟意】 (1) I always mix him (up) with his brother. They look so much alike. (2) Shake the bottle well so that the oil mixes with the vinegar.

(3) I don't like to mix business with pleasure (=combine business and social activities at the same time) . (4) I had mixed feelings about meeting Laura again. (5) The city was a mixture of old and new buildings. 把……与混淆 【归纳】(1) mix … (up) with_____________ (2) mix A with B _____________ 把A与B混淆 (3) mixed _______________ 混合的;复杂的 混合(物);混合状态 (4) mixture ____________

【即学即用】 (1) Books on Scottish history were mixed _______ up with______ books on volcanoes.(填 介词) mixture of (2) She felt a strange ________ excitement and fear. (用mix的适当形式 填空) mixed (3) The weather has been very ________ recently. (用mix的适当形式填空)

2. In the distance, they could see the misty cloud that rose from the great Niagara Falls. (P38, L7) 远处,她们可以看到尼亚加拉大瀑布上方 升腾着的雾霭。 【品句悟意】 (1) He hid himself in a tree, from where he could see the enemy in the distance. (2) The painting looks better at a distance.

(3) Does she live within walking distance of her parents? (4) The President hopes to visit Ireland in the not too distant future (=quite soon) . 在远处 【归纳】(1) in the distance ____________ (2) at a distance _______________ 隔开一段距离 distant adj. ____________ 远的;遥远的

【即学即用】 (1) Another hour and I see the sun starting to come up/rise in the distance _________________________________ (太阳开始从远方升起). (2) What’s the distance between Linyi and _________________________________ _______________________( Jinan/from Linyi to Jinan? 临沂到济 南的距离是多少)?

3. Over dinner at a restaurant called The Pink Pearl, the cousins chatted with Lin Fei. (P38, L14)在一个名叫“海珠酒楼”的餐馆用餐 时,表姐妹和林菲闲聊了起来。 【品句悟意】 (1) Will you be home over the summer vacation? (2) Over a period of ten years he stole a million pounds from the company. 【归纳】over=____________ during

【即学即用】 (1) We had a pleasant chat ____________________( 一边喝茶). over a cup of tea Over the next few days 在随后的几 (2) ____________________( 天里) they got to know the town well.

4. They were not leaving for Montreal until later, so they went on a tour of the city.(P38, L4) 她们要晚些时候才动身去蒙特利尔,因 此就在多伦多市内游览了一番。 【释疑】They were not leaving for...属于过去 进行时表示将来的动作。表示位置转移的 瞬间动词。如: come, go, arrive, leave, start, return, stay, meet, get等可用进行时表示将来 的动作;用现在进行时表示一般将来时;用过 去进行时表示过去将来时。

until/till 意为“直到……为止”。until常与否定句连用, not…until 意为“直到……才”。例如:He didn’t finish the work until yesterday. Don’t get off the bus until it has stopped. 【即学即用】 was not arriving until (1) Later I learned that she _________________________ ____________( 直到4月12日才会到). April 12 (2) I didn’t realize how much time I had wasted until I begun to work did.(句型转换) It was not until I begun to work that I realized __________________________________________________ how much time I had wasted . 强调结构) ___________________________( Not until I begun to work did I realized how much __________________________________________________ time I had wasted . __________________________( 倒装句)

5. It’s too bad you can’t go as far as Ottawa. (P38, L18) 很可惜,你们不能 一直走到加拿大的首都渥太华。 【释疑】as far as是一个习语,意为to the place mentioned, but not further,即“ 直到所提到之处为止”。I walked as far as the foot of the mountain. 我走到了 山脚那么远。 Sarah has read as far as the fourth volume. 萨拉已经读到了第四 卷。

【联想】as far as I can see = as far as I know = as far as I’m concerned 据我所知

【即学即用】 (1) I'll walk with you _________________ as far as the bus stop/ __________(到公共汽车站). station As far as I know/… (2) _______________________( 据我所知 ), he will be away for three months.

【当堂达标】 I. Fill in the blanks with a proper preposition or adverb. 1. into; over; on; to 2. at/around; in 3. in; in 4. in; in; beside 5. in/at; over; with 6. on; across 7. along; toward; down; to; of

II. Write out the word according to the meaning of each sentence.

1. mixture 2. confirmed 3. wealthy
4. distance 5. schoolmate 6. downtown

7. approximately 8. broad
9. tradition 10. impressive

III. Choose the correct answer.



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