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2014 高考英语完形填空预演复习训练(13)及答案 【陕西省咸阳市 2014 高考英语模拟试题】
完形填空(共 20 小题:每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文。从短文后各题的 A、 B、 C、 D 四个选项中,选出适合填入 对应空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该选项涂黑。 Once again the old couple walked into the lawyer's office. The lawyer was still very 26 after having a chat with them. He had a 28 27 time getting to know their

aff airs. This couple had been They didn't get divorced children's nothing to of 31 32

for 40 years. Nothing ever seemed to go right. 29 they were afraid that it might_30_ their

. Now all their children had already graduated and left. There was .All they wanted was to lead their own life free from all these years 34 on a divorce. 36 together. 37 for the old lady.

33 from their marriage, so they Having 35

the papers, they had a

When dishes were served, immediately the old man took “Take this, it's your favorite.” But the wife yourself, 39 38

, “This is always the problem. You always think so highly of

thinking about how I feel. Don't you know that I hate chicken?” 40 forty years, her husband had been trying all ways to

Little did she know that, 41

her.Little did she know that chicken was her husband's favorite. Deep into the night they couldn't sleep, knowing they still 42

each other. The

old man dialed her number. However, she refused to answer it, thinking “I have asked for divorce,and now I have to keep it this way, remembered he had a 41 problem. 43 I will lose fa ce.” Later she

The old man suddenly felt painful. H e was about to phone the doctor when the doorbell rang. He opened the door. There stood the old lady, his former wife, holding the 45 .

26—30 DABCB 36—40 DBCBC 31—35 CBADA 41—45 DADAC


The one thing I can __1__ from surfing and not any other sport is endless challenge[挑战]. You can never be the "best suffer" because the ocean __2__ an uncountable variety of waves that nobody can ever master. The variations of surfing styles are wonderful. Some suffers are free and flowing; others are very aggressive[活 跃有力的]and __3__. All of these things attract me to surfing and make it __4__ from

any other sport. I've __5__ to tell every girl I know to do som ething that people don't think girls can do. It's part of being human to advance to new __6__, so shouldn't it be expected that girls should step up and start __7__ the limits of things boys and men used to dominate[主宰]? There're women __8__ side by side with the President of our country, so why not side by side with the boy s __9__ the football team or out in the water surfing? Give girls a chance to __10__, and they will.

(B)1. A. take (C)2. A. catches (A)3. A. sharp (D)4. A. known (B)5. A. chosen (A)6. A. levels (C)7. A. reaching (D)8. A. sitting (C)9. A. of (B)10. A. think

B. get B. includes B. great B. right B. tried B. points

C. make C. offers C. hard C. far C. learned C. steps

D. keep D. collects D. calm D. different D. promised D. parts D. setting

B. accepting B. walking B. from B. succeed

C. pushing C. fighting

D. working D. with D. feel

C. on C. perform

1. 【解析】B 作者不是从其他运动,而是从冲浪运动中获得[get]了无止境的挑战的 体会。再则,前文 The feeling I get when I'm surfing across that water,becoming one with the ocean 也有暗示。take from 减少,降低;get from 从……得到;make from 由……制造; keep from 阻止,隐瞒,抑制。 2. 【解析】C 你永远也不会是最好的冲浪手,因为大洋呈现、提供[offer]的是任何 人都控制不了的、数不尽的、各种各样的海浪。catch 抓住,捕获;include 包括, 包含;offer 提供;collect 收集,聚集。 3. 【解析】A 有些冲浪手自由自在、娴熟流畅,有些冲浪手则活跃有力、生机勃勃。 注意这两个句子的并列关系,应该特别注意 free 和 flowing 之间词义的顺承和协

调"自由而流畅",后句的 aggres sive and__3__也应该是这样一种意义联系,故选择 A,sharp 可以表示"精明敏捷的,迅速活泼,有力有为"意思,其它三项在意义上与 aggressive 的顺承和协调相距甚远。 4. 【解析】D 所有的这些都在吸引着我去冲浪,并使之不同于[different]其他运动。 注意此段第一句 The one thing I can get from surfing and not any other sport is endless challenge.也有所暗示。[be]different from 和……不同。[be]far from 远离,远 非;known 和 right 通常不与 from 搭配。 5. 【解析】B 我尽力[try]地劝我所认识的每一个女孩去做人们认为女孩不能做的事 情 。choose 选择、挑选;try 试图、努力;learn 学习;promise 答应、许诺。 6. 【解析】A 朝着新的水平[level]不断前进是人类活动的组成部分。level 水平,水 准,标准,级别;point 点,尖端;step 步调,步伐,步骤,措施;part 部分,局 部。 7. 【解析】C 所以女孩子们难 道不应当拾级而上,开始冲破[push]男人们过去主宰 的事物的极限吗?reach 到达,伸出;accept 接受,认可;push 突出,突破攻击; set 放置,树立,调整。 8. 【解析】D 在我们国家有女性和总统不仅仅一起坐[sit],步行[walk],战斗[fight], 而且并肩工作[work]着。 同时注意句子的一般现在时意义特征, 表示经常 性的行为。 9. 【解析】C 所以为什么女孩子不能够肩并肩地与男孩子一起踢足球,外出一起冲 浪呢?介词 on 表示"在……供职"、"[是]……的成员",on the football team 的意思是" 是/成为足球队队员"。

10. 【解析】 B 给女孩子一个获得成功[succeed]的机会, 让她们思考[think], 感觉[feel] 表演[perform],她们就都会有所成就。

综合技能完形训练---------【2012 上海】 People on a college campus were more likely to give money to the March of Dimes if they were asked for a donation by a disab led woman i n a wheelchair than if asked by a nondisabled woman. In another 50 , subway riders in New York saw a man carrying

a stick stumble(绊脚) and fall to the floor. Sometimes the victim had a large red birthmark on his likely to In 53 52 51 ; sometimes he did not. In this situation, the victim was more aid if his face was spotless than if he had an unattractive birthmark. 54 55 : we are more assistance.

these and other research findings, two themes are

willing to help people we like for some reason and people we think

In some situations, those who are physically attractive are more likely to rec eive aid. 56 , in a field study researchers placed a completed application to graduate 57 ,

school in a telephone box at the airport. The application was ready to be

but had apparently been "lost" . The photo attached to the application was sometimes that of a very 58 person and sometimes that of a less attractive person. The

measure of helping was whether the individual who found the envelope actually mailed it or not. Results showed that people were more likely to if the person in the photo was physically attractive. The degree of importa nt. For example, people are more likely to help a stranger who is from the same country rather than a foreigner. In one study, shoppers on a busy street in Scotland were more likely to help a person wearing a(n) T-shirt printed with offensive words. Whether a person receives help depends in part on the "worth" of the case. For example, shoppers in a supermarket were more likely to give someone. 62 to buy 61 T-shirt than a person wearing a 60 between the potential helper and the person in need is also 59 the application

milk rather than to buy cookies, probably because milk is thought more essential for 63 than cookies. Passengers on a New York subway were more likely to help a man who fell to the ground if he appeared to be 50. A. study 51. A. hand 52. A. refuse 53. A. challenging 54. A. important B. way B. arm B. beg B. recording B. possible 64 rather than drunk. D. college D. back D. receive

C. word C. face C. lose

C. understanding C. amusing

D. publishing D. missing

55. A. seek 56. A. At first 57. A. printed 58. A. talented 59. A. send in 60. A. similarity 61. A. expensive 62. A. time 63. A. shoppers 64. A. talkative

B. deserve B. Above all B. mailed B. good-looking B. throw away B. friendship B. plain
[来源:学§科§网] [来源:学§科§网]

C. obtain


D. accept D. For example D. signed

C. In addition C. rewritten C. helpful C. fill out C. cooperation C. cheap C. money C. children C. calm

D. hard-working D. turn down D. contact D. strange D. chances D. health D. sick

B. instructions B. research B. handsome

参考答案:-----------完形填空 50-54 ACDCA 55-59BDBBA 60-64ABDDD

记叙文型完形填空] ( 一) Yesterday I was returning from Boston by bus.My wife was planning to leave the work to __1__ me up from the bus station.I called her to say not to bother.I would just take the local bus to see her. While I was sitting on the bus a young woman with a dog __2__.She was carrying several bags of heavy books.I noticed the dog was an emergency dog,one that was trained to __3__ the owner of a possible seizure. had two miles

I heard the young woman mention to someone else that she still to walk with the __4__

books after she got off the bus.I thought maybe I should ask

if sh e wanted a ride but I wasn't sure at which __5__ she was getting off so I hesitated and didn't ask. I got off the bus at the stop where my wife was __6__.As we were driving

home,all of a sudden I saw the same young lady with her dog.


I asked my wife to pull over and I asked the young lady if she would like a __7__.She said she would love a ride but she was __8__ about the dog who was quite big. I asked if the dog could get in the __9__.He tried to do it by himself but in the end I had to lift him in.By the way,the dog's name was Sam. The young lady got in and I loo ked back.There was Sam,sitting very proudly in the back seat with his __10__.It was quite a sight!

We took them both home and the lady was very appreciative. When reflecting on this __11__,I was a little sad that I didn't act the first time on the bus.But I was very happy to have had the second __12__ to do what I should have done the first time. 1. A.cut B.pick

C.turn D.bring 2. A.relied on C.got on B.put on

D.go t in B.guess

3. A.impress

C.cure D.warn 4. A.interesting B.heavy C.useful 5. A.door C.stop D.important B.stand


6. A.waiting B.building C.working D.repairing 7. A.solution B.helper

C.ride D.reminder 8. A.embarrassed B.relaxed C.puzzled D.concerned 9. A.horse B.train

C.bus D.car 10. A.friend B.owner C.mother D.bags 11. A.mi rror B.experience C.event D.trip

12. A.method B.approach C.luck D.chance (一) 【要点综述】 本文是一篇记叙文,讲述了作者一次乘车的经历。通过自己的 这次经历,作者旨在告诉我们:要抓住机会做自己应该做的事情。 1.B 由第一段最后一句可知, “我”打电话跟她说不要麻烦,可推知“我” 的妻子正计划来汽车站接“我” 。pick sb up 接某人;cut up 切碎;turn up 出现, 到来,开大;bring up 提出,教育,养育。 2. C 由第三段 “?she got off the bus.” 可知, 一位带着狗的年轻女士上了车,

“上公共汽车”用 get on the bus。rely on 依赖,依靠;put on 穿上。 3.D 根据上文的 an emergency dog 可知,这条狗 是用来警告、提醒主人的。 4.B 根据上文的“She was carrying several bags of h eavy books.”可知 ,是很 重的书。 5.C 原词复现。 6. A 根据下文的 “As we were driving home?” 和第一段可知, 妻子在等 “我” 。 7.C 要搭车。 8.D 根据下文可知,这位女士担心她的狗。be concerned about 担心,挂念。 9.D 根据上文可知,妻子是开车来接“我”的,故选择 D 项。get in the car 上车。 10.B 因为 Sam 是狗,所以应是与主人(owner)坐在一起。 11.B 总结上文可知,这是作者的一次经历(experience)。 12. D 从上文可知, 作者在公共汽车上时没问那位年轻的女士是否要搭便车, 根据下文的“She said she would love a ride?”可知, “我”问她是否需 此处指“我”不知道她要在哪一站下车。s top 车站。第四段开头也有

而当再次看到那位女士时,有了第二次机会(chance)去做第一次他应该做而没做的 事。



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